An Analysis Of The Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Exchange Rates

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Macroeconomic is a field of study which comes under the branch of economics. This field of study deals with various aspects of the economy like behavior, decision-making, performance, structure, and various other factors. Macroeconomic also includes national, regional, and global economies.  On the other hand, the exchange rate is a concept that comes under the field of finance. Exchange rate can be defined as the rate at which one currency belonging to one country can be exchanged for another currency belonging to some other country.

There are also many experts which consider the exchange rate as the value of the currency of a nation in comparison to the value of some other currency belonging to some other nation. Both of these concepts are connected to one another as there are various macroeconomic factors influencing exchange rate. It is important for a student to be aware of all of these factors. However, that task can be rather daunting. Hence, if a student finds it difficult to complete assignments at the right time then it is important for that student to hire online assignment help from the best assignment writer.

An Introduction to Understanding Macroeconomic

There are various areas in this field that are constantly chosen to be the focus of many studies. However, out of all those areas the two prime focuses of this field are on understanding the consequences and causes of any short-term fluctuations which might happen on the national income. The second main focus is on attempting to understand all the determinants of economic growths used in long-run.

There are many applications of this field of study. One such application is in terms of macroeconomic models and their forecasts used by government to get proper help in the evaluation and development of various economic policies. There are many other topics of macroeconomic including unemployment rates, GDP, price indices, and national income.

Macroeconomics is a complex field. And if a student wishes to learn more then he or she would have to spend a lot of time and effort. This would mean that the student does not get enough time to work on assignments. This is obviously not desirable. Therefore students should hire online assignment help from the best assignment writer. Best assignment writer would ensure that the student gets the best possible marks or grades.

What is Exchange Rate?

Exchange rate is also known as official rate at which one currency can be exchanged with some other currency. Many experts who consider exchange rates in terms of the value of one currency in comparison to the value of some of other currency. For instance  the current exchange rates of the Indian Rupee to the United States Dollar are 71.75 Indian Rupee. This means that if one exchanges 71.75 Indian Rupee with the United States Dollar then he or she will get 1 United States Dollar.

It is important for an individual to remember that government of a nation or country has the authority to change the exchange rates of any currency. The exchange rates of different currencies determined foreign exchange rate of market. There are many potential buyers and sellers in the foreign exchange market. The trading which takes place in the foreign exchange market is continuous except on the weekends.

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The Macroeconomic Factors Influencing Exchange Rate

There are various macroeconomics factors that can have an effect on the exchange rates of various currencies.

  1. Inflation

If the inflation rates of a market change then that also causes changes in the exchange rates. If a country has a low inflation rate then it will experience an appreciation of the value of its country’s currency. The price of all goods and services will only increase slowly. And if a country shows low inflation for a longer period then its currency value rises.

  1. Interest Rates

If there are any changes in the interest rates then that won’t just affect the value of the currency but will also have an effect on the dollar exchange rate. Interest rates and inflation are apposite to one another. When interest rates increase then, which further increases the exchange rates.

  1. Speculation

Speculation basically the rates of currency that become higher as per expectation. If speculators believe that any currency will rise in the future then its demand higher automatically. This further increases the exchange rates of that currency.

  1. Changes in Competitiveness

This factor is more related to the goods, products, and services of a particular country. For example, if the products and services of a country rise in terms of its popularity then its exchange rate must be higher.

  1. The Strength of Other Currencies

If the market becomes wary of any currency then a lot of attention is paid to other currencies which then rise in popularity. An example to understand this could be what happened in the market in 2010 and 2011. People were so worried about the US and EU that more attention was paid to Yen.

  1. Balancing the Payments

If there is an account deficit in a country and it fails to attract possible capital inflows towards it then the exchange rate for that currency will decline.

These are all the major factors that can have an effect on the exchange rates of currencies. If a student wishes to learn about all these factors then it is important for him or her to give his or her best efforts. However, that means that the student might not able to complete assignments at the right time. But this is nothing to worry as students should simply opt for assignment help from the best assignment writer.

The Conclusion

Macroeconomics is an important field of study which falls under the domain of economic. On the other hand, exchange rates are defined at the rates on which one currency can be exchanged from another. There are various macroeconomic factors that can influence exchange rates. And some of those factors are inflation, interest rates, speculation, competitiveness, balancing the payments, and strength of other currencies. If a student faces difficulties in completing an assignment then he or she should hire assignment help from the best assignment writer. This helps in easing the trouble of all students.

Leadership Assignment Help By Assignment Writer

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An assignment of leadership involves all the skills and strengths of many leadership aims and objectives. Leadership qualities are executed in an organization that helps the firm in attaining reputation and overall improvement. As the assignment of the leadership deals with all the theories and concepts about leadership skills that can enhance further issues of the organization or firm. Writing a leadership assignment is a big task for students. There are various concepts and theories one has to master before writing the leadership assignment. Students need to explore all the unexplored areas of the subject before writing the leadership assignment as the complexity of leadership assignments are much more comparatively in other academic areas. That is why most of the students seek leadership assignment help from assignment writers. Before knowing what the other complexities of assignments are let understand what leadership is.

What is leadership?

Leadership is a quality that one has to master in order to achieve all the success. It is a talent that calls for managing a group of people who are focused to achieve the desired outcome. All the industries and firms required this kind of talent around the world. Every industry or company looking for this talent. Various multinational companies who need this talent.  If you want more assignment help or information on insights about the concept of leadership assignment for students.

Career prospects in the field of leadership

If we talk about career prospects in the field of leadership then it is never-ending. There is no recession in the career of leadership. This career is evergreen and perennial. You can be the director, president, manager, general manager trainer, team manager, group head and many others if you pursue your career in the field of leadership. You will get the high designated job only if you pursue your career in this field. So think too much and trust your intuitions.

Merits and benefits of taking leadership assignment help

There are various benefits and advantages of obtaining leadership assignment help from experts. These are:

Convincing and engaging leadership assignment

The leadership assignment must contain engaging and convincing information that becomes easy to understand at one glance

Credible sources

There are innumerable resources available but finding a legitimate source is another big challenge for many students. Students should know all credible and reliable sources and carry out intensive research about leadership topics before writing the assignment. Students need to use only useful resources and appropriately draft the assignment. Hence, we can help you in finding a credible source.

Elaborative and informative assignment

Students make sure that the information provided by them to professors or teachers should be elaborative and informative. So that the professor or examiner will understand it easily and give you very good grades. Providing simplifies information is a big challenge for students because most of the students think that if they will make assignment full of difficult vocabulary then they will get good marks. But this is very annoying for the professor or teacher and students will end up getting low scores. hence experts help can aid you in getting informative assignments.

Representation of assignment

Representation of the assignment should be in such a way that students get all the information very clearly and understand the assignment deeply and if the teacher or examiner wants a presentation of that particular assignment then the student will not hesitate and be very confident in giving the presentation.

The introduction part needs much more attention and deep research so online assignment help draft or composes the introduction part in such a way that professor or examiner get a hold on it and get positive vibes from the introduction part only.

Strategies and techniques to write a flawless assignment

There are various strategies that assignment writer are aware of making the leadership assignment extremely effective.  Leadership assignment experts know some techniques for drafting an excellent assignment. Leadership assignment should include all the leadership concepts, skills implementation techniques and many more. Experts have an exposure to various industries or companies and they all are aware of kind of latest pattern and style of leadership assignment.

How assignment writers avail students while crafting assignments

–Students need to use authenticate and reliable sources and implement the entire main points of leadership in your assignment. Assignment writers have judiciously used all the legitimate sources and include information from all authentic information and make your assignment information-rich and effective.

–Students should fit themselves into the shoes of their professor and then write the assignment. This is the best strategy for getting high grades in the leadership assignment.

Assignment writers select the best topic from the leadership assignment topics. There are various important topics in the leadership, such as exhibiting leadership, leadership and theory practice, leadership change and people performance, cross-cultural leadership, leadership  and motivation practices, leadership research and report practices, transformational leadership style and practices, Leader-Member Exchange Theory, Lead and Manage a Team within a health and social care and many more

–Professional academic experts have complete knowledge regarding referencing patterns. It depends upon the universities to universities or colleges to colleges what type of referencing one needs. Types of referencing styles are MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver, Turabian, Chicago or many more.

–One needs to give multiple revision to your leadership assignment so that the assignment becomes flawless. Your assignment should go through various hands before submitting it to the professor or examiner. We have a different team on all the level. Such as, we have a team of writers who writes the assignment, we have a team of referencing stylists who write down the references according to the need of the topic; ArabEssay based expert’s team of proof-readers who are well experienced in proofreading who can extricate even minute grammatical error.

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Original and unique assignment

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Free revisions

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The conclusion:

Drafting a high-quality leadership assignment is a very tough task. Students can take online assignment help from ArabEssay to make their assignment easy by explaining all the theories and concepts of the leading assignment. We at ArabEssay have established more than 1000 leadership assignment writers who can explore all the unexplored areas of the topic given by your professor or examiner. You can trust us. So hire assignment writers and relax your mind.

Assignment Writer Tips To Organize Time & Meet Academic Deadline

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The deadline is any time period or a type of limit specified by when any particular task or work should be completed. Deadlines are something that is not just assigned to working professionals but also to students in terms of when they should complete their assignments or by when certain quizzes should be prepared. There is always a debate regarding whether deadlines are a boon or a bane. No matter the side wins that debate, the fact remains that deadlines are here to stay and students would always have to keep those deadlines in mind. There are a number of reasons why having a good deadline is effective. And some of those reasons for setting deadlines in time management are:

  • Deadlines ensure that all tasks or different types of work get completed at the right time. This means that excessive delay is avoided and that one does not forget to complete a task
  • If one is working in a group then deadlines also help in ensuring that a smooth flow of work is followed from the start to the finish. Deadlines in a group also ensure that the complex tasks become simple and the entire project is kept on the right track
  • Because of deadlines, it becomes easier to communicate within a group. Students can easily understand the kind of work which is required by one to submit and when that work needs to be submitted to the teacher or professor. This helps in getting rid of confusion and gives the student more control over his or her assignments

These are some of the reasons why it is important for one to not just have meeting deadline skills but to also learn how to organize your time. If a student wishes to not get online assignment help at the last minute and learn different meeting deadline skills then, the student should follow certain tips given by the best assignment writers. Some of those tips given by the best assignment writers for learning meeting deadline skills and to learn how to organize your time are mentioned below.

  1. Setting the Priority and Making a List

According to the best assignment writer, one of the most common mistakes which students make is to start by working on a schedule. This is not correct as students must remember that the schedule does not contain any major errors. And to avoid that one would have to do some sort of preparation for that. This preparation begins with the student first making an entire list of all the tasks which the student has to complete. A deadline for all those tasks should also be mentioned on the side. After that, the student should begin by categorizing those tasks into clear categories that have different levels of priority. According to assignment writers, this is the first step which one should follow while learning how to organize your time. This is also something which assignment writers do when providing students with the best quality online assignment help.

  1. Learning to be Realistic

This particular point is especially valuable for students who have to work on a number of topics or tasks within a rather short deadline. It is important for a student to realize the extent to which one can work or push himself or herself. It is always important for a student to remember that constantly working hard and pushing oneself will harm the physical and mental health of a student. This is why it is important for a student to be realistic and learn to have an overall framework that would be the most efficient for a student without harming the overall health of the student. According to assignment writers, if a student has many assignments to work on and he or she is not able to do that within the specified timeline then it is best for him or her to get extra online assignment help from the most talented assignment writers.

  1. Working on a Clear Schedule

The next big step which the student needs to take is to start working on the schedule. It is important for a student to keep it in his or her mind that the schedule should be both efficient and fulfilling for the student. This means that while the student should try to put everything important in the schedule one should also ensure not to overburden himself or herself and relax every once in a while. Also, if a student finds it difficult to complete all the tasks within the specific time frame then the best thing would be to get some sort of assignment help from the best assignment writer so that the student does not losses his or her marks.

  1. Sitting Down for the Work

This is another major step that basically requires the student to follow a clear schedule and sitting down to work. It is suggested that if the student has any trouble concentrating then one should look for places that are rather quiet and would allow the student to work without any kind of distraction. Another important thing which the student should keep in mind is that if the student thinks that he or she would be unable to complete any assignment before the given deadline then he or she should get the best quality assignment help from qualified and experienced assignment writer.

  1. Relaxing and Taking Breaks

One thing which students often realize after sitting down to work or study is that it is easy to get into the zone of studying without any distraction if all the steps which were mentioned above were followed. This is obviously good but it is also important for a student to realize when to stop and take a break. It is suggested that the student should also plan for breaks while working on the schedule. Another important thing which students should keep in mind is that if one is facing difficulties in completing assignments at the right time then it would be best for the student to take some sort of high-quality assignment help from the best assignment writer.

  1. Keeping Track of the Progress

Another important that students should keep in mind is to keep constant track of progress which the student makes while following the set clear schedule. This will ensure that the student knows everything that has been completed and the tasks which the student is still required to start working on. If the student realizes that he or she would not be able to complete an assignment at the right time then one should get proper assignment help instead of taking the chance of losing marks.

The Conclusion:

Deadlines can be defined as the specific time frame or end date before which the student is required to submit the work or any type of assignment. Deadlines ensure that the student is continuously able to prosper and does not lose his or her progress. However, keeping up with deadlines is not an easy task. And if a student wishes to follow deadlines then there are certain tips that the student can follow. Some of those tips are being realistic, making a clear schedule, planning for breaks, working hard and smart, and learning when to take the right kind of help.

Pros And Cons Of Doing Homework In A Group

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Education is one word that can win even the mightiest of the battles. This common saying simply points to the fact that learning or education can help an individual achieve a number of his or her aims in life. Education ensures that an individual is always able to move forward and not just do well for oneself but also for the society at large. This is why students from a young age are encouraged to learn whenever and wherever they can. There are also different ways that students adopt to learn. And one of the most common methods for studying is learning in a group. However, there are many advantages and disadvantages which one can face when learning in a group. It is also advised that if students are unable to finish their assignments at the right time then one should opt for online assignment help from a talented assignment writer. This will ensure that the student does not lose his or her marks.


Pros of Doing Homework in a Group

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As it was mentioned above, there can be many pros of studying in a group. And some of those pros are:

  • Space for Brainstorming

This is something that students must have observed during class discussions. When there are a couple of students thinking about the same topic then there are bound to be many ideas. These ideas can show all the different ways in which a single problem can be approached. This is known as brainstorming and it is very beneficial for students as one gets to learn about different ideas at the same time. Sometimes brainstorming sessions can get so long that students are not able to work on their assignments at the right time. This is why students should get the best quality online assignment help from Qualified assignment writers in those situations. The student should only get a plagiarism-free assignment.

  • Clarification of Doubts

When a student is learning or studying then there will always be situations where the students might have doubts regarding any potential topic or a particular theory or something else. In these cases, it is always good to have other students nearby who might have understood that topic in a better manner. This allows the students to clarify their doubts right there at the spot. It is also important that if students are not able to work on their assignments then they should get a plagiarism-free assignment from the best-rated assignment writer.

  • Boosting Overall Level of Motivation

According to some studies, when students observe other students actively learning and studying then that can encourage the student to do the same. This allows the student to motivate himself or herself to perform better and always try his or her best to learn whatever it is that is being taught in the class. This means that the student can deal with the course material in a better manner. However, if even after so many efforts students are still unable to complete assignments then one should get the best quality online assignment help from the best assignment writers. This ensures that students do not lose their marks.

  • Avoiding Procrastination

Usually, most study groups have a set time frame for meeting other members for a group study session. This ensures that the student can have a pre-set routine of studying. This leaves almost no space for a student to procrastinate or put off learning until the last moment. It is also a good idea for study groups to distribute the burden of studies to all the students equally so that everyone does his or her job. This provides students with the opportunity to work on a plagiarism-free assignment.

  • Learning at a Quicker Pace

According to various assignment writers and studies, students tend to learn faster when they study in a group. However, a student needs to remember that the size of the study group should not be too large as it can make things very complicated for all the students involved in that study group. This also leads the student to manage time effectively and not seek assignment help from assignment writers all the time.

  • Exposure to Better Study Skills

Every student tends to follow different study techniques or skills which work for him or her. And when a student is present within a study group then he or she gets the exposure to such study skills. This allows the student to learn those new study skills and decide whether those study skills would work in an even more efficient manner for the student. Sometimes, when students do not have good study skills then that can make the student unable to work on assignments at the right time. This is why students should get the best quality assignment help from assignment writers to quickly deal with that situation.

Cons of Doing Homework in a Group

There are also different cons of doing homework in a group. And some of those disadvantages or cons are mentioned below.

  • The Easy Distractions

There are certainly many benefits to a study group but there are also many disadvantages. And one such disadvantage is that a student can get easily distracted. This is more common in study groups which are larger as that can lead a student to not pay attention and easy drift off while a topic might be discussed in some other corner of the study group. In that case, being a part of the study group is not productive and the student should also look for better assignment help options if he or she has difficulties in completing assignments at the right time.

  • Lacking Proper Efficiency

Group studies can get hampered if no clear direction of the group studying process is defined. This means that it is important for a group to decide on the exact topic which the group would like to discuss in the coming group study sessions. It is further important to avoid the urge for moving to other topics or discussions which might not be on the agenda. This usually happens in larger groups instead of smaller ones. Students should always get assignment help if they are unable to complete assignments at the right time.

  • Impersonal Learning

As it was mentioned above, every student has a different learning method. And sadly, not all those learning methods can be followed in a group study session. This is why it can make the entire process of learning rather impersonal and ineffective in the group. The chances for impersonal learning also increase as the size of the study group increases. It also makes it harder to address every single issue. However, if a student is facing an issue in terms of his or her assignment then he or she should get the best quality assignment help.

  • Choosing Conflicting Topics

Sometimes students might need help for one topic but not another. And if there is a larger study group then it can be hard for the members to choose topics which might be helpful for all the members.

  • Gossiping

There are also increased chances of gossiping in a study group if the members are far too familiar with each other.

The Conclusion:

There are many pros and cons of studying in a group. Some of those pros include the ability to brainstorm, being in contact with new ideas, and solving existing issues. And some cons of studying in a group including the proneness for gossiping, difficulty in choosing topics, and ineffective learning. If a student is facing issues in completing an assignment at the right time then he or she should get the best quality assignment help.

Awesome Tips For Writing A Thesis & Term Papers By Assignment Writer

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A thesis assignment can be defined as a type of long essay which requires an individual to conduct some sort of personal research. A thesis assignment can also be written to put forward a theory which needs to be proven or maintained. On the other hand, a term paper is a type of long essay that a student needs to write on the basis of what has been covered during the classes carried out in a college, university, or school. Working on either a thesis assignment or a term paper is usually very hard for a student since he or she would have many other things to do and there is a lot of space for errors when it comes to assignments like thesis and term papers. This is why it is suggested that a student should get some type of plagiarism free online assignment help from the best assignment writer to work on a thesis paper or term papers. However, if a student wishes to work on a plagiarism free thesis paper or term papers without any kind of online assignment help then we also have some awesome tips which those students can follow. Those amazing tips will be discussed in this academic article.

The Best Tips for Writing a Thesis Assignment

If getting online assignment help for writing a plagiarism free thesis paper or term papers is not something which a student wishes to do then he or she should buckle down for some serious work. This is because of the fact that working on a thesis paper or term papers is not an easy task. Even the best assignment writer can attest to the fact. However, there are some tips that one can follow when it comes to writing a thesis paper with some ease. And those tips are mentioned below.

  • Begin with Making a Schedule

One of the most common mistakes which students tend to make while working on a thesis assignment or term papers is planned far too many things within just a small amount of time. This is obviously not good. Hence, it is suggested by the best assignment writer that, if the student is working on a thesis assignment on his or her own then he or she should begin at least 2-3 months the date of submission. The student should plan different tasks for each week or day and then follow that schedule diligently.

For example, the student should set out 2-3 sessions for just brainstorming and research about some new topics. This will also allow the student to judge whether he or she has enough time to complete the thesis assignment on time or not. If the student doubts that he or she might not be able to complete the thesis assignment at the right time then according to the best assignment writer, one must consider getting plagiarism free assignment help from a qualified assignment writer.

  • Have a Basic Idea for Your  Thesis Paper 

One of the most important things which a student requires before working on a thesis assignment or different types of term papers is has some sort of basic idea of what he or she is going to do. However, the best assignment writer suggests going a step beyond that and trying to note down the major details of all the steps which one plans on taking while working on a thesis assignment. For example, if a student is writing a thesis on the current effectiveness of different research methodologies then one should exactly which methods one would like to test, how one would test, and any possible outcome which one thinks might come up. If a student is not able to do so much and gets confused then it is best to get the best plagiarism free assignment help from a dedicated assignment writer.

  • Skip the Introduction Section

When it comes to a thesis assignment or different types of term papers then, one of the trickiest parts of the paper can be to work on the introduction section. This is simply because of the fact that the introduction section would require a student to introduce the topic and further try to make the readers understand why the topic is important for not just exploring the depths of that subject but even for the researcher and the general public at large. This is also one of the things which can make it harder for a student to work on a thesis or term paper and complete it at the right time. This is why it is suggested that students should opt for plagiarism free assignment help if they believe that they are stuck and would want some extra help.

Also, if the student is working on the term paper or thesis assignment on his or her own then it is important for him or her to remember to come back to this introduction section once the main flesh of the assignment has been completed. This would allow the student to have a better understanding of what exactly has been done in the academic assignment and how that can contribute to a better understanding for the researcher and also for other people.

  • Take Breaks and Move Around

When an individual starts working on a thesis assignment or term paper then, it can be very easy to get completely caught up in all the work. This can put a lot of pressure and stress on the student. And this, in turn, affects the physical and mental health of a student in various negative ways. This is why it is always suggested to students that one should also schedule breaks and try to move around. This is also something that a student can do if he or she feels stuck while working on the thesis assignment or term paper. However, if the stress of working on a thesis assignment or term paper is getting too much for a student then the best thing to do is to take some sort of extra plagiarism free assignment help from a reputed academic writing service providing company.

  • Try to Get Feedback

Getting feedback is something that students do at the very end when they are done with their assignments and are only looking for minor changes that need to be made. However, according to many experts, a student should consider getting feedback even on the rough draft of the assignment. This ensures that if a student is doing something wrong then that can be recognized during the starting only and then the student wouldn’t have to waste his or her time coming back to that mistake at the end of the assignment or when the submission of the assignment is getting near.

  • Keep Up with the Reference List

Another important point which all students should remember is to never lose sight of the reference list. One must always keep the reference list with himself or herself and add whatever new material one is using to that list.

The Conclusion

A thesis assignment is a type of long which requires a student to do some kind of research. A term paper, on the other hand, is a type of essay which the student writes on the basis of what has been done in the class or in mentioned in the coursework. Working on these academic assignments is difficult and this is why students can follow some tips like to maintain the reference list, make a schedule, take breaks, and get constant feedback.

The influence of internet on emotional maturity of student

influence of internet

In this technology-driven society, the role of the internet has influenced the emotional maturity of students to an extent. It impacts on the mental state of students by accessing the information which changes their mindset. Students are learning new things every day on the internet by reading articles, videos, and blogs which help in developing emotional maturity among the students.
At the teenager stage, every student has a different point of view which needs emotional maturity to balance their life. The technology helps to revolutionize an individual in every sphere including physically, emotionally, and morally. Internet acts as the most powerful tool which helps to understand the role of emotions in their life. The study has revealed that the young generation is more influenced by the virtual world which helps them to understand the perspective of every situation. Emotional maturity is defined as the managing of personal life with external reality. Individual those are able to manage the emotional maturity that has the integrity to control their emotion. Emotional maturity among the students helps them to take decisions by understanding the perspective with deepest thought to take the right decision. The students who are emotionally mature, they have their career goals as they are able to understand their emotions and expectation from own self which may sound judgmental also. They are able to right decisions and also have the capability to build a healthy relationship with others.

In today’s era of social media trending every individual at a teenager has developed emotional maturity by interacting with others and the use of technology to develop an understanding regarding every situation faced by the students. It helps to develop understanding regarding the importance of education and their performance towards the achievement of their personal and professional goals. It is founded by the researchers that the students who are able to use different gadgets easily have more understanding and clarity rather than children who are not interested in using gadgets.  Students are able to join various online sessions and counseling to share the situations faced by them during the age of adolescence which makes them string emotionally. The students who are reading blogs and findings interesting stuff to resolve their day to day queries related to their personal and career are more emotionally mature. With the use of technology students are more knowledgeable and up to date rather than students who are only studying books provided by the schools.

The role of social media has increased which influences the individual to improve their physical appearance, remain updated, and improvement in the social behavior of students. At adolescence age, the students are facing different types of sudden emotions such as anxiety, confusion, and others. They started sharing on social media which helps to resolve anxiety issues by sharing their emotions with others. The emotional maturity has a direct influence on the performance of the students. The study has shown that students with emotional maturity are able to get more achievements than others. There is a positive correlation between emotional maturity and emotional intelligence which reflects that the student should focus on their studies in order to gain emotional intelligence. Internet helps the student to grow knowledge related to the different field which develop understanding and maturity for taking the right decision. Internet access helps the students to improve their concepts and knowledge related to their studies that directly increases the academic results. It enables to explore everything related to technology, day to day life, or any confusion in opting best option among all. Emotional maturity helps to achieve a contented and happy life by developing the route towards the achievement of the best options. In adolescence age, the students are facing mixed emotional feelings by accessing the internet it improves self-concept which enables them to develop emotional maturity among the students. By accessing internet the knowledge related to new technologies has developed which improves the standard of living as emotional maturity to deal with every situation.

Students are facing emotional pressure at adolescence age which requires support from family, friends, and guides to make them feel emotionally strong. Emotional personality should be developed by the students at the age of schooling which helps to balance their personality. Emotions are strongly attached to need, urge and interest. Emotional maturity is influenced by the home environment, social group, school environment, and to an extent interesting episodes watch by the students.  The role of the internet is important which highly influences the emotional maturity of the students. The study conduct at the University of California has shown that there is a significant difference in the emotional maturity of students who are accessing the internet and others are not. An emotionally matured individual has satisfaction in their life as they are able to understand different perspectives by considering the situation in which they are gone through. They have a positive attitude towards life which improves their academic results too. They are more applicable and understand the concepts faster than others.  It helps to select career goals as per the desires by internet surfing which motivates them to find an appropriate route to achieve specific objectives.

Thus the internet influence of the students helps to change the mindset in order to motivate them towards the achievement of a high standard of living. It enhances the capabilities of the students to achieve their career goals with the use of a selection of best opportunities.  It also helps to compare the options for the selection of appropriate career goals as per your own interest. There is huge differences between the emotional maturity of students who are living in urban areas as compared to the students living in rural areas. It reflects that the role of internet access is significant in developing emotional stability among the students.


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Elderly patients malnutrition causes and treatments

Elderly patients malnutrition



The main purpose of the assignment is to determine the causes of malnutrition among the elderly patients and also to determine the appropriate kind of treatment for the purpose of treating such kind of patients.

Causes of Malnutrition

  1. The most important reason for the malnutrition among the elderly patients is known as the anorexia which is considered to be the main reason for the lack of appetite which in turn is influenced by a great number of reasons. It has also been determined the loss of energy in an individual usually takes place with the rise in the age of that particular individual which in turn gives rise to the lack of micro nutrients in the body of that elderly patient (Hickson 2006).
  2. The loss of taste and smell is another reason causing malnutrition among the old age population, as it leads to the decline in the appetite of that particular individual because of the reduction in the taste of the food. Moreover the loss of taste and smell becomes more aggressive with the prevalence of any kind of an illness or by the intake of any particular kind of medication (Hickson 2006).
  3. The dental health of an individual especially that of the elderly patients influences the level of nutrition intake of that particular individual and it also worsens with the increase in the age of that person (Hickson 2006).
  4. Another important reason which gives rise to the process of malnutrition is known as the Dysphasia which in turn also reduces the level of nutrition intake of that particular individual. Moreover that elderly patient who has problem in swallowing their food suffers from a great level of malnutrition, in the case of those patients who was suffering from stroke (Hickson 2006).
  5. Low level of income is another reason for malnutrition as the elderly patients have a stable income which they spend on their medications and are unable to afford healthy foods for themselves.
  6. The elderly patient who is usually isolated and eats isolated loses interest in cooking and eating. However depression is another reason which leads to the loss of appetite of an elderly patient.
  7. Alcohol is another major cause for malnutrition as it decrease the level of appetite of the concerned patients.


  1. Healthy food habits should be promoted among the elderly patients such as fruits, vegetables, complete food grains and meats. Moreover an elderly patient are required to take a lesser amount of salt, sugar and fat in their diet to promote good health ( 2019).
  2. An elderly patient should take adequate snacks at regular interval of time as they often feels heavy after having their complete meals.
  3. An appropriate amount of taste should be added to the food intake of the elderly patients but the spices containing excessive salt should be avoided ( 2019).
  4. An appropriate supplement should be added to the diet of such elderly patients.
  5. An appropriate kind of an exercise should also be promoted among the elderly patients to make their bones and muscles strong ( 2019).


In this assignment main consideration has been given to the reasons for the malnutrition among the elderly patients and the appropriate treatment for the same has also been determined.


Hickson, M. (2006). Malnutrition and ageing. Postgraduate Medical Journal, 82(963), pp.2-8. (2019). Preventing Malnutrition in Older Adults – [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Jun. 2019].


Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing is defined as holistic approach which mainly focuses on the developing high quality of product and services. Ethical business mainly develops production process by considering manufacturing safely and development product by considering ethical practices. Ethical production helps to develop product with efficiency, safety, and considering health of the employees. Ethical business enables to ensure the development of product and services by developing safety procedure that care about the best interest of employees. An ethical business mainly considers the increase in production by considering the safety of workers. The employees are treated with fair practices, appropriate compensation, balance work hours, and protection against jury (Simangunsong, 2016).

Ethical business consider about energy efficiency and working environment in order to produce high quality product and services. The business consider about the basic legal restrictions in order to minimize the wastage and emission. It uses ethical practices by considering the environmental conditions with fuller utilization of resources. Ethical business works towards the development of environment friendly environment by working to reduce energy, wastage, and emission across sectors of the organization.

Ethical business develops safe products by considering all legal requirements for the development of product and services. Ethical business considers the health of target audience by developing testing procedure to eliminate harmful contaminates from product to provide high quality of products. Ethical business considers proactive approach in order to develop legal, safe, and appropriate quality product and services. When the customer buy any product and services from ethical practices business then the consumer feel secure and faith on the quality of product and services. The goal of ethical manufacturing is to develop effective production system in order to ensure the development of high quality of product and services which produce safe and legally approved.

The manufacturing companies face challenges due to unethical standards which harm customers as well as employees. There are legal requirement that needs to be fulfilled during implementation process in order to develop legally approved product. The manufacturing process requires the development of safe and ethical manufacturing environment which prioritize the safety at workplace (Khan, 2016). The presence of appropriate raw material and machines requires appropriate safety produce including both ethical and legal practices. The following of basic safety rules including refraining from indulging in risky behavior and warning protective gear it is important to apply rules related to the development of compliance problems while not considering safety issues. If the employees are involved in making of safety regulations then it leads to the implementation of regulations in an effective manner. The utilization of energy and product waste leads to increase organizational performance by improving the manufacturing process.  The organizations are working towards the determination of fuller utilization of resources and minimize the impact of manufacturing process on environment. The overall approach in manufacturing process is influenced by the ethical practices towards environmental degradation (Khan, 2015). Ethical and legal factors are taken into account which helps to reduce the use of energy by increasing energy efficiency and exploring technologies to find innovative manufacturing process. The waste reduction can be reduced by taking innovative initiatives in manufacturing process to improve ethical practices. It helps to develop brand image by developing high quality of product and services by considering all legal and ethical business practices. The ultimate aim of ethical business practices is to develop high quality of product and services by considering environmental impact of manufacturing process. It enable to develop secure workplace environment by making employees ethically and legally responsible to ensure that the employees are not subjected to sexual harassment or any other illegal treatment at workplace. The organization should be safe for all employees by treating them fair and equal. The manufacturing department of the organization is liable for the development of product and services. The safety of product is governed by ethical concern and legislations which means that the products are supplied only after testing. The use of shipping dangerous products even after knowing the effect is harmful and unintended (Dinc, 2016). The effective manufacturing process has clear expectations, fair pay, compliance audits, active support, and zero tolerance. There should be careful planning for the development of manufacturing process including appropriate packaging process, use of eco-friendly material, and sustainable business practices.

There are various standards to develop ethical manufacturing process which are adopted to ensure the development of high quality of product and services. It improves the morale of the company through adopting code of ethics in order to add competitive advantage to the company. These are mainly written code which helps to guide the employee for fair employee treatment and performing day to day operations by implementing ethical practices. Employee need to understand ethical business practices in order to develop positive brand image globally. Employee Buy-in is one of the manufacturing process code practices that help to understand the employee regarding ethical practices to maintain the quality of product and services which are delivered to the target audience (Garfinkel, 2017). The ethical sourcing standards are developed to set benchmark for managing the performance of manufacturing process by developing monitoring and management review, environment management, and social management. These help to manufacture high standard product and services as per the need and demand of target audience. It helps to satisfy the target audience with the delivery of high quality of product and services. It helps to develop brand identity which is beneficial for the organization as well as employees. It directly improves the profitability of the company in the specific timeline.

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