The influence of internet on emotional maturity of student

influence of internet

In this technology driven society, the role of internal has influence the emotional maturity of students to an extent. It impacts on the mental state of students by accessing the information which changes their mindset. Students are learning new things everyday on internet by reading articles, videos and blogs which help in developing emotional maturity among the students.
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Elderly patients malnutrition causes and treatments

Elderly patients malnutrition



The main purpose of the assignment is to determine the causes of malnutrition among the elderly patients and also to determine the appropriate kind of treatment for the purpose of treating such kind of patients.

Causes of Malnutrition

  1. The most important reason for the malnutrition among the elderly patients is known as the anorexia which is considered to be the main reason for the lack of appetite which in turn is influenced by a great number of reasons. It has also been determined the loss of energy in an individual usually takes place with the rise in the age of that particular individual which in turn gives rise to the lack of micro nutrients in the body of that elderly patient (Hickson 2006).
  2. The loss of taste and smell is another reason causing malnutrition among the old age population, as it leads to the decline in the appetite of that particular individual because of the reduction in the taste of the food. Moreover the loss of taste and smell becomes more aggressive with the prevalence of any kind of an illness or by the intake of any particular kind of medication (Hickson 2006).
  3. The dental health of an individual especially that of the elderly patients influences the level of nutrition intake of that particular individual and it also worsens with the increase in the age of that person (Hickson 2006).
  4. Another important reason which gives rise to the process of malnutrition is known as the Dysphasia which in turn also reduces the level of nutrition intake of that particular individual. Moreover that elderly patient who has problem in swallowing their food suffers from a great level of malnutrition, in the case of those patients who was suffering from stroke (Hickson 2006).
  5. Low level of income is another reason for malnutrition as the elderly patients have a stable income which they spend on their medications and are unable to afford healthy foods for themselves.
  6. The elderly patient who is usually isolated and eats isolated loses interest in cooking and eating. However depression is another reason which leads to the loss of appetite of an elderly patient.
  7. Alcohol is another major cause for malnutrition as it decrease the level of appetite of the concerned patients.


  1. Healthy food habits should be promoted among the elderly patients such as fruits, vegetables, complete food grains and meats. Moreover an elderly patient are required to take a lesser amount of salt, sugar and fat in their diet to promote good health ( 2019).
  2. An elderly patient should take adequate snacks at regular interval of time as they often feels heavy after having their complete meals.
  3. An appropriate amount of taste should be added to the food intake of the elderly patients but the spices containing excessive salt should be avoided ( 2019).
  4. An appropriate supplement should be added to the diet of such elderly patients.
  5. An appropriate kind of an exercise should also be promoted among the elderly patients to make their bones and muscles strong ( 2019).


In this assignment main consideration has been given to the reasons for the malnutrition among the elderly patients and the appropriate treatment for the same has also been determined.


Hickson, M. (2006). Malnutrition and ageing. Postgraduate Medical Journal, 82(963), pp.2-8. (2019). Preventing Malnutrition in Older Adults – [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Jun. 2019].


Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing is defined as holistic approach which mainly focuses on the developing high quality of product and services. Ethical business mainly develops production process by considering manufacturing safely and development product by considering ethical practices. Ethical production helps to develop product with efficiency, safety, and considering health of the employees. Ethical business enables to ensure the development of product and services by developing safety procedure that care about the best interest of employees. An ethical business mainly considers the increase in production by considering the safety of workers. The employees are treated with fair practices, appropriate compensation, balance work hours, and protection against jury (Simangunsong, 2016).

Ethical business consider about energy efficiency and working environment in order to produce high quality product and services. The business consider about the basic legal restrictions in order to minimize the wastage and emission. It uses ethical practices by considering the environmental conditions with fuller utilization of resources. Ethical business works towards the development of environment friendly environment by working to reduce energy, wastage, and emission across sectors of the organization.

Ethical business develops safe products by considering all legal requirements for the development of product and services. Ethical business considers the health of target audience by developing testing procedure to eliminate harmful contaminates from product to provide high quality of products. Ethical business considers proactive approach in order to develop legal, safe, and appropriate quality product and services. When the customer buy any product and services from ethical practices business then the consumer feel secure and faith on the quality of product and services. The goal of ethical manufacturing is to develop effective production system in order to ensure the development of high quality of product and services which produce safe and legally approved.

The manufacturing companies face challenges due to unethical standards which harm customers as well as employees. There are legal requirement that needs to be fulfilled during implementation process in order to develop legally approved product. The manufacturing process requires the development of safe and ethical manufacturing environment which prioritize the safety at workplace (Khan, 2016). The presence of appropriate raw material and machines requires appropriate safety produce including both ethical and legal practices. The following of basic safety rules including refraining from indulging in risky behavior and warning protective gear it is important to apply rules related to the development of compliance problems while not considering safety issues. If the employees are involved in making of safety regulations then it leads to the implementation of regulations in an effective manner. The utilization of energy and product waste leads to increase organizational performance by improving the manufacturing process.  The organizations are working towards the determination of fuller utilization of resources and minimize the impact of manufacturing process on environment. The overall approach in manufacturing process is influenced by the ethical practices towards environmental degradation (Khan, 2015). Ethical and legal factors are taken into account which helps to reduce the use of energy by increasing energy efficiency and exploring technologies to find innovative manufacturing process. The waste reduction can be reduced by taking innovative initiatives in manufacturing process to improve ethical practices. It helps to develop brand image by developing high quality of product and services by considering all legal and ethical business practices. The ultimate aim of ethical business practices is to develop high quality of product and services by considering environmental impact of manufacturing process. It enable to develop secure workplace environment by making employees ethically and legally responsible to ensure that the employees are not subjected to sexual harassment or any other illegal treatment at workplace. The organization should be safe for all employees by treating them fair and equal. The manufacturing department of the organization is liable for the development of product and services. The safety of product is governed by ethical concern and legislations which means that the products are supplied only after testing. The use of shipping dangerous products even after knowing the effect is harmful and unintended (Dinc, 2016). The effective manufacturing process has clear expectations, fair pay, compliance audits, active support, and zero tolerance. There should be careful planning for the development of manufacturing process including appropriate packaging process, use of eco-friendly material, and sustainable business practices.

There are various standards to develop ethical manufacturing process which are adopted to ensure the development of high quality of product and services. It improves the morale of the company through adopting code of ethics in order to add competitive advantage to the company. These are mainly written code which helps to guide the employee for fair employee treatment and performing day to day operations by implementing ethical practices. Employee need to understand ethical business practices in order to develop positive brand image globally. Employee Buy-in is one of the manufacturing process code practices that help to understand the employee regarding ethical practices to maintain the quality of product and services which are delivered to the target audience (Garfinkel, 2017). The ethical sourcing standards are developed to set benchmark for managing the performance of manufacturing process by developing monitoring and management review, environment management, and social management. These help to manufacture high standard product and services as per the need and demand of target audience. It helps to satisfy the target audience with the delivery of high quality of product and services. It helps to develop brand identity which is beneficial for the organization as well as employees. It directly improves the profitability of the company in the specific timeline.

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