Tips For Fresh Electrical Engineering Graduates

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Electrical engineering is a lucrative career as it opens new doors of opportunities for engineering students. It is a subject that deals with the designing electrical system and tests equipment. Getting the degree is just the first step towards making a sustainable career for the freshly passed out electrical engineers.

In this article today we are going to share some tips for fresh electrical engineering graduates that can help them walk their career paths.

Great Tips For Fresh Electrical Engineering Graduates

  1. In the United States a student does not have to have a license to pursue a career in electrical engineering. But in case a student wants to become a professional engineer with a certified degree he needs to qualify the FE examination or Fundamentals of Engineering examination. After he qualifies the FE exam he needs to sit for the PE exam which is the principles and practice of engineering examination.

After he qualifies the exam he is eligible to work as an intern and accumulate the much-needed work experience. The PE examination helps a student to become a licensed engineer which becomes an escalator for his career growth as it allows him to work on bigger projects.

Students who wish to qualify these examinations can take help from engineering assignment writer who give expert guidance to them. They make sure students are well prepared before their examinations.

  1. Network building is essential for engineering students for bigger job opportunities.

Students can either contact their service departments, sign up for an internship program, or seek online assignment help from ArabEssay to get expert guidance and knowledge about the latest job opportunities in the field of electrical engineering.

  1. According to the latest survey report from the department of labor’ bureau of labor statistics of the United States of America there would be an increase in growth in job opportunities for electrical engineers by 2 percent between 2008 to 2028. The statistical report suggests that more than 8000 jobs will be available for the freshly passed electrical engineers by 2028. Since the growth rate is much lesser than the other sectors engineers need to keep themselves updated and reach up to the places where the demand is maximum.


  1. The fresher should pursue a specialization in electrical engineering after they get their engineering degrees considering their career goals.

There are certificate courses and individual programs to help students develop their core engineering skills. Additional skills in c++ programming language, MATLAB and simulation programs that emphasize integrated circuits act as an added advantage for electrical engineers.

Students pursuing these courses can take professional help from certified engineers of ArabEssay to complete their electrical engineering assignments on time. Therefore it can be said that electrical engineers have a bright future and can build a long-lasting sustainable career provided they keep the following points in mind.

Points Of Action

  1. Students intending to build a career in Electrical engineering should sit for the FE and PE entrance examination which enables them to become a certified practicing electrical engineering.
  2. They should make sure to enroll in a reputed college and build a strong network that will help them open new doors of opportunities.
  3. According to the survey reports more than 8000 jobs would be available for the freshers which are considerably less than other sectors so students should keep themselves updated and apply in places where there are maximum demands for electrical engineers.
  4. Students should polish their interpersonal skills by taking up extra courses on C++ programming languages and MATLAB to increase their chances of employability.
  5. They should take expert guidance from professionals to write high-profile assignments in electrical engineering because assignments not only help students create a positive image but also teach them the right techniques of presenting their skills and knowledge. Therefore to impress professors it is a must to submit high-quality assignments.
  6. Students should cash on any opportunity that comes in front to participate in an internship program or take up a part-time job during the tenure of their course. It helps them put their theoretical knowledge into action. Technical implementation of their knowledge and skills not only helps them gather work experience but it also helps them build interest. Once the knowledge is implemented it tends to stay in the memory for a longer time. For getting real time experiences could make it easier to understand the complexity of the electrical engineering subjects.

Engineering is more of a technical subject. Be it mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering. The classes can help students gather knowledge but no matter how well a student understands the concepts working on the ground makes a lot of differences. There are a lot of ifs and buts that a student gets to know when he steps into the professional world.  It is not only about inventing a technology that can serve the human race better or repairing a damaged appliance. When a student is working on a project he is also dealing with humans who are in some way or the other affected by his work.

Therefore a students who wishes to become a successful electrical engineer should have excellent writing and interpersonal skills along with a strong base in Mathematics.

Students who wish to become a successful electrical engineer should have excellent writing and interpersonal skills along with a strong base in Mathematics.

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Is It Possible To Have Cheap Computer Architecture Homework Help

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When we think of architecture the one thing that comes in our mind is construction. Any sort of construction starting from roads to buildings involves architecture.Computer architecture is mainly a science defining the joining of hardware and software parts of a computer through a set of rules to make a computer work.

In technical terms it can be defined as “a set of specifications describing the interaction of the hardware and software technologies, combining to create a platform for the computer.” The complexities of the subject might seem difficult for students, who do not have a technical bent of mind.

They might require external help from professional assignment writer to understand the subject and efficiently complete assignments provided to them. However, there is one question that crops up in the minds of students whenever they think of seeking help.

That is, can they afford it?

In this article, we would be discussing the areas of computer architecture that most students struggle with and tell them where to find professional people within their budget.

Barriers In Computer Architecture

Computer architecture can be broadly broken down into three different segments namely-

1. System designs,

2. Architecture related to the instruction set and

3. Micro architecture. All three segments are interconnected to each other. They need to work together in a definite pattern to make the computer function properly.

  1. System Designs– This architecture is related to the hardware parts which include the Central Processing Unit, Data, and Multi Processors, along with memory controllers and memory access controllers. These are the main components of a computer.
  2. Architecture related to Instruction-. The programming language of the central processing unit along with its capabilities and functions including data formats, types of processor register, and types of instructions used by the computer programs are all included in the set of Instructions of architecture.
  3. Micro architecture– This segment of architecture is related to the process in which data paths or storage elements along with data processing are implemented into the set of instructions in architecture.

Steps to Become a Computer Architect

Computer architecture is also called network architecture. Due to the global world, this subject is in high demand for students. It is one of the best-paid jobs for an individual. Many students aspire to become computer architect but they are unaware of the basic requirements. Below mentioned are some key qualities a student should have to become a computer architect.

  • The minimum requirement to become a computer architect is a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • The student can also have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or information systems if he does not hold a computer science degree.
  • The best programs that can help a student equip himself for this course are computer-based programs. They not only act as an added advantage for the students but also give them ample experience in dealing with computers.
  • Students can seek essay writing help from expert computer professionals who guide students and show them the shortest route to their destination to become a computer architect.

Common Challenges Faced By Students Pursuing Computer Architecture

There are various modules of computer architecture that often confuse students and leave them stressed. The main reason is that computer architecture is more of a technical subject which requires proper computer skills to do the assignments properly.

The most common modules where students get stuck while doing their assignments are-

  • Basics of computer architecture which includes micro programming, memory hierarchy, systems of input and output and their functions,
  • Micro architecture which includes modules on ARM architecture and Nona Architecture, along with data processing instructions.
  • The instruction set of computers includes a reduced instruction set of computers.

Students require updated knowledge on these modules because technology is constantly changing and improving in leaps and bounds. Computer architecture is not a subject that can be mugged up. It is a subject that is needed to be understood. And the only way a student can gain experience in this subject is through expert guidance and practice.

Therefore, Students require online essay help from professionals to achieve the quality parameters of the University.

Now comes the most important question”Is it affordable for students?” And the answer is yes.

Calls To Action

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As long as computers exist there will be a rise in demand for computer architects. As per a recent survey report from the central bureau of labor,it can be seen that there would be an increase in the employment sector by 6% between 2016 to 2026 for computer architects. Therefore, students who are having second thoughts of taking up computer architecture with the fear of difficult assignments can step forward and reap the results. This is the best time to make a career in the field of computer architecture.

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8 Excellent Examples Of Pestle Analysis That Everyone Should Know

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The external environment of a business firm is affected by both micro and macro factors. Factors including suppliers, sellers, customers, competition, and the general public’s are micro factors.Whereas, the macro environment factors include demographic, economic, technological factors accompanying with political and legal, and social and cultural forces. These factors and forces are not in direct control of the business firm but it can be analyzed using a tool called pestle analysis. Business firms use pestle analysis to understand and monitor the macro environment factors. The full form of PESTLE is Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental.

Previously it was called PEST analysis which stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological. The Legal and Environmental factors were included later on.

Marketing students often need to give examples on pestle analysis.

In this article we would be sharing eight pestle analysis examples that would help students score well in their marketing assignments.

Factors Influencing PESTLE Analysis

  1. Political Factor– Factors determining the impact of government on the economy of the country, forming the laws, policies of taxation and monitory policies fall under the political factors. Some of the factors that are often taken into consideration are- ideology of the government, the stability in the political scenario of the country, taxation policies, government bodies and their regulatory practices, laid down terms of government along with expected changes to be taken place in the future, and the ideas of the political leaders influencing public. Students can take online assignment help to get a deeper insight on these political factors.
  2. Economic Factors– The factors that are to be kept in mind while monitoring economic factors are-economic conditions of the country, determining whether the current trade cycle is going through expansion or depression, rates of inflation and unemployment, existing interest rates prevailing in the economy, industrial factors leading to its growth,and the potential of customers to spend.
  3. Social Factors– Whatever goes on in the society also has its impacts on the business. The social factors influencing business growth are- market demography, buying patterns of the consumer, religious and cultural factors influencing the business, Influence of media on the state, and current lifestyle trends followed by people. It might be difficult for students to understand the social implications. Therefore it is better for them to take professional guidance from essay writing help for a better understanding.
  4. Technological factors- The changing technology has its positive and negative effects on the business. The technological factors influencing business are – New production of technology, manufacturing technology in order to increase output and lower the production costs, new innovations taking place in the field of technology, patents and intellectual properties, technical maturity.
  5. Legal Factors– Government has made certain laws that are obligatory for companies to follow. These laws refer to the legal factors like- Laws on business and trade, guides and laws on environment to ensure minimizing ecological hazards, guidelines to ensure health and safety of people working for the benefit of the organization, international level agreements on trade and treaties and circulars on regional and local news.
  6. Environmental factors- Environmental factors like issues on environment, energy and power consumption, policies on safe waste disposal ,insurance and dealing with hazardous material help in the smooth functioning of the industry.

8 Examples of Pestle Analysis that Everyone Should Know

  • States and countries often go through risk and civil turmoil due to the changing political scenario of the world. But, they keep up with the change by making amendments in the political policies of the companies. Political issues like war and terrorism cost time and money for stabilization. Changes in taxation policies make a big difference for the business houses. It impacts the brand, and the global presence of the organization is largely dependent on the rules of taxation and manufacturing set in the country.

Not following the political guidelines may prevent organizations from preventing distribution of their products. For example the quality of Coca Cola is tested by FDA to ensure it is safe for its consumers.

  • Factors like inflation, unemployment and taxation has greatly influenced the economic conditions in various countries. Instability in stock market has resulted in decreasing growth rates of the world economy, as a result prices of goods and services have gone down.

Big companies like Adidas do not use restricted products. They use sustainable products and closely monitor volatile and organic compound emissions because of which the product quality increases.

  • The economy of US, UK and other countries are closely monitored by giant organizations in order to stabilize the world economy to increase profit percentage in the sales of products. Organizations emphasize on making environmental friendly products depending on the tastes and preferences of the consumers.


  • Organizations use new technologies to make the products easily accessible to users. Various companies have launched high-end mobile phones with the latest technology at cheaper costs for individuals like Samsung.


  • More and more people are becoming health conscious and changing their food habits for a better future. People have started understanding the long lasting implications of health hazards and are bent upon towards staying fit. This has given open arms opportunities to companies like Nike to produce sports equipment’s and wares for their customers. User-friendly products are manufactured by these organizations for their consumers.


  • Organizations use social media platforms to make their products accessible to more and more people. Marketing strategies are used by them to emphasize on the positive aspects of the products. For example apple uses social media platforms to promote its products and despite its higher cost it has managed to develop a brand and is very popular among a particular set of consumers who are more prone towards buying quality and branded products.


  • Big organizations like Coca Cola take care of the legal factors as well before they plan to expand their business. For example Coca Cola has already taken all legal manufacturing rights to manufacture their new products. Big organizations often keep an eye on the involvement of child labor and employment rules of the countries in which they are planning to do business.


  • Environmental change is a global issue, so sustainable organizations keep a check to minimize environmental hazards by making environmental friendly goods with the help of biodegradable products.


Therefore we can say that pestle analysis helps to monitor the macro economic factors of an organization in a big way.

Organizations like Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, Adidas and Uber use pestle analysis for their organizational growth and sustenance.

It is equally important for marketing students to understand the impact of pestle analysis on giant organizations in order to gain clarity on how it works. Therefore ArabEssay offers online essay writers who write assignments on pestle analysis for students and give them expert guidance.

Marketing Assignment Help : Overcome All Issues To Write Marketing Papers Easily

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Marketing assignments can be very strenuous for students who do not have a clear understanding on the subject. Students who are unable to cope with assignment stress can seek professional assistance. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of seeking marketing assignment help for students who are struggling with their assignments

The student who is intending to write a quality marketing assignment should keep the following points in mind-

  • Information gathering is the first step to write a marketing assignment. The student should gather sufficient information in order to build the foundation of his assignment. The extensivity of research will decide how enriched the assignments are . Shallow research may lead to poor-quality assignments.
  • In order to generate a quality content a student needs to invent new or lesser known ideas and facts related to the topic of the assignment. This makes the content unique.
  • The assignment should be a reflection of the in-depth knowledge of the students acquired during the period of study.
  • Every marketing assignment comes with specific sets of instructions which are mandate. A good quality marketing assignment adheres to the set of instructions given by the university.

A student may find it difficult to meet all the requirements and create a high-quality marketing assignment on his own. This is where it is best to seek professional guidance for students who want to leave a mark in their academic careers. This is exactly where essay writing help comes into the picture.

Benefits Of Marketing Assignment Help

  • Online services like assignment help have a team of marketing experts who write assignments for students. They are highly qualified PhD holders who have extensive knowledge on marketing and are well-averse with the techniques of writing quality assignments. The experts spare the students from getting into the complexities of the subject and analyze the assigned work themselves by collecting the information required through sources that are reliable. They have years of experience in writing assignments. They make sure every assignment is unique and non-plagiarized.
  • The assignments are further customized according to the student’s requirements. The essay writers are aware of the financial upheavals that a student goes through in his academic life. So, the payment structure is made flexible based on the student’s requirements to save money.
  • There are a team of expert editors and proof readers who cross check every assignment after they are completed in order to make sure the assignments do not contain any flaws, discrepancies or errors and are free from plagiarism.

Therefore, if a student is stuck in the middle of a marketing assignment the safest option is to avail professional help rather than wasting time in taking the hit and trial method.

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  • They have a team of more than 600 assignment writers who write assignments on more than 50 different subjects along with marketing. Their extensive reach has helped thousands of students to build their career over the years.
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So, we can say that assignment writers help students overcome their barriers and assist them in writing their marketing papers easily through online marketing assignment help. Thousands of students are getting benefitted by this service. The main reasons of ArabEssay to gain popularity among students are-

  • They have an extensive reach with their team of writers who write assignments for students.
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  • The rates are highly affordable and pocket friendly which fits easily in the budget of the students.
  • They provide multiple revisions to ensure student satisfaction.
  • They give round the clock customer support to students.

Marketing assignment help is not only helping to achieve their goals but are also helping them lead a stress-free fruitful life. Students are now being able to maintain a work-life balance and dedicate time to inculcate hobbies and extra-curricular activities which is helping them grow into better individuals.

Do Smartphones Increase Or Decrease Workplace Productivity?

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Telephones were initially invented to speak to a person sitting miles away. They were wired, and kept at one place. After a few years mobiles were invented which could be carried easily.

With time and the growing requirements of people mobiles underwent a lot of changes and  have become smarter. Today mobiles are used not just to get in touch and speak to people but also to send mails, transfer money, online bill payments, make reservations etc. These are merely some of the functions that can be done through mobiles. The invention of internet has made mobiles even smarter and enable them to perform any kind of electronic activities. This is precisely why mobiles are called smart phones today.

In this article we are going to discuss both the positive and negative aspects of a smart phone in the workplace.

Students can avail online assignment help from their smart phones sitting in their classrooms.

Smart phones were introduced in the work place due to various reasons and the most important reason was to stay in touch with the employees. The other reasons are listed below-

  • In order to increase productivity all, the big and small companies make use of technology. The companies developed different kinds of tools for internal communication. For example, micro-blogging platforms, wikis, internal social networks, and internal instant message service. These tools are private and secure which help to reach the employees of an organization without Hassel. These tools save on a lot of time and energy of the employees. Smartphones were allowed on the work-place because these tools work best on the platform of smart phones and can be utilized at its fullest because employees carry their smart phones everywhere.
  • In order to reduce costs and increase productivity companies started a policy called BYOD- Bring Your Own Device. Which allowed employees to carry their own devices to work. Smartphones is not just necessity but also a luxury that people have. Allowing people to show off their favorite smart phone to work inspired employees to work better in the work place. This program is called Individual Liable Device Program (ILD) This program has been utilized in more than 20 countries since 2009.
  • Smartphones helps to improve relationships with both peers and superiors. Because it acts as a common interest. Similarly, students can seek online essay help from smart phones and get in touch with experts any time for their assignments.
  • Smartphones helps people connect with each other all the time through internet.
  • It helps in expanding knowledge and encourages knowledge sharing in the workplace. Today even students access smart phones to get in touch with ein school.

But as we look at the positive angle of using a smart phone at a work place and talk about its advantages,there is also a negative side to it that we should not miss.

  • A new type of addiction has developed among employees due to excessive use of smart phones. This is known as mobile addition. Due to this addiction employees seem to be distracted all the time and have low productivity in the work place, simply because they can’t take their eyes off the phone.
  • Smartphones have become a part of people’s lives. Every year new smart phones are being invented with a lot of new features. At some places it has been observed that using smart phones have turned into an obsession for people. They spend a lot of money in buying accessories for their phones as well. This takes away a lot of time away from their productive hours.
  • People have become self-centered and spend most of their leisure time with their phones. Even in work place the one on one communication has considerably decreased due to the excessive usage of smart phones.
  • People are so involved in their smart phones that they have stopped socializing with people. Whether it’s a party or a work place. This irritates people on the other side who are trying to communicate.
  • Since smart phones allows people to work from anywhere. Most people land up wasting productive hours in the office and bring work home because of which they undergo unnecessary stress.
  • They fail to maintain work-life balance which hampers both their professional and personal lives.
  • People using smart phones for work often land up being over worked due to working extra hours on daily basis.
  • Similarly, they tend to bring their personal issues in their workplace which makes them less productive.
  • People using smart phones fail to follow business etiquettes as well.

Essay writing help enables students to seek assistance in writing their assignments on time sitting in their comfort zone just like smart phones.


Thus, we can say that smart phones have both negative and positive impacts on the work place. In order to increase the productivity of smart phones a lot of companies have taken different measures realizing the fact that if its usage is not kept under control it can be disastrous for the growth of any organization.

Some measures taken are listed below-

  • Companies have started instructing employees to create a to-do-list where the employees are supposed to write what they need to do on daily basis to keep a check on their productivity and help them remain focused during the office hours.
  • Organizations have started carving out breaks where they are allowed to use their smart phones for a very limited period of time. This has helped the organizations to keep a check on the mobile usage of the employees.
  • Employees are advised to switch off their cell phones and close social networking sites to avoid being distracted during working hours until their break times. This practice has reduced the usage of smart phones in the work place.

There are assignment writers available online to help professionals with their assignments while they are busy in other activities.

Smart phones act as a blessing for organizations if its usage can be controlled.

Digital Marketing- Career And Scope

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Digital Media is the platform that has given a new career opportunity to hundreds of working professionals in the 21st century. Digital marketing has the key to increasing the potential of any business. Whether the business is in demand or new in the market.

It has the capacity to make a company grow and it also has the potential to make a company fall if it is used in a negative way. The big business houses are concentrating to develop brands in which digital marketing plays an essential role. In this article, we would throw some light on the scope of digital marketing and how it impacts the life of the students.

Benefits Of Having A Career In Digital Marketing

  1. Since there are various ways of communicating through digital marketing and media platforms, you can get a variety of career choices. For example, you can choose to work with social media or televisions or newspapers etc. Today every platform is interconnected to each other through the internet. No matter whichever field you are opting you can always have a career change if you find your work boring.
  2. If you are academic by nature and love to teach then digital marketing training can be a career in itself for you. A lot of institutes are developing to cater to the needs of students who want to make a career in digital marketing.
  3. If you choose to stay at home and want to support your family at the same time this is the perfect choice of career for you. Digital marketing gives you that flexibility.
  4. You can also be a professional assignment writer and create content for digital marketing sitting at home.

Some Facts and Figures of Digital Marketing

Researches show that in the year 2017 digital marketing offered approximately jobs of around 81 lakhs worldwide. As per assignment help experts, the online job portal had advertised around 31000 jobs in the first quarter of 2018 in the field of digital marketing.

  • There Is No Dearth Of Jobs– The job opportunity in this field is massive. Since the world is becoming a digital world today and people are moving more and more towards technology. Having a career in digital marketing sounds reliable.
  • Perks Are More– Since huge bucks are invested every year for digital marketing, therefore, people involved in this kind of job earn much more than other people in other fields. According to an essay writer, this is one of the high salaried jobs.
  • Certification In Digital Marketing– A lot of institutes are evolving who give certified training to students opting for digital marketing. Certification gives the employers a sense of assurance about the working capability of the person he is going to hire. This improves the chances of jobs for individuals.

Every country has a huge scope in the field of digital marketing. According to the reports from an online survey, it was found that almost 4.6 million out of the 5.83 million are actively using social media.

Based on the above statistics we can say that digital marketing has a large scope across the globe.

How much Can You Expect Out of A Career in Digital Marketing?

As discussed earlier these kinds of jobs are lucrative even for freshers. According to online job portals, the salaries of digital marketers can start from a minimum of 21000 and reach up to a hike of 69,858.

Choices Of Jobs You Can Opt For In The Field Of Digital Marketing

According to online assignment help experts, the best part in such kind of jobs is that it has a variety of options to choose from. This doesn’t let boredom get in. Some examples of types of jobs that one can opt for are- SEO Managers, Google Ads Specialists, Facebook Marketing Experts, YouTube Marketing Experts, Content Writing Expert, Marketing and Online Campaign Strategists etc.

There are a lot of different courses which can open your doors to such a lucrative career. One such example is the specialist diploma in digital marketing and analytics.


Life seems clueless without proper direction and it can be very frustrating at times. Digital marketing is a field that not only shapes your career but also develops your personality by nurturing your talents and makes you into an independent entity.

Digital marketing has space for people of all kinds. Even if they are not aware of their talents. It trains people in a way that people get to recognize themselves and find a place for themselves in the world.

Is Interstate Water Disputes Leading To Water War?

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Water is an important resource that no individual can live without. And according to experts, the majority part of our planet is covered with water. Currently, this majority part is estimated to be at a total of 71% but only a small 2.5% of that water is drinkable or can be consumed by living organisms without any sort of health issues or trouble. On top of that, the planet earth is also suffering a number of issues in the form of pollution, overpopulation, wastage of precious resources, and many other threatening issues in the natural world. All this has resulted in the balance of the world hanging on just a flimsy thread. Because of this, it is understandable that every party or major group would want to secure its part of natural resources. And this is what that has led to a number of water conflicts all across the globe.

It is important for every political leader and individual to ensure water conflicts major must resolve as soon as possible. And the first step for doing that consists of understanding the reasons behind these water disputes and trying to create more awareness around this major issue. It is not always easy for students to work on essays on topics like water disputes and conflicts. Because of this, it is suggested that a student should hire professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

Assignment Writer

Understanding The Meaning Of Interstate Water Conflicts

It is quite obvious from the words ‘water conflicts’  used to describe the conflict that exists between different states or countries over water accessibility. When this conflict over the water resource exists between two states this termed an interstate water conflict. There are many possible reasons why interstate water conflict might arise. According to the United Nations, the primary reasons for a water conflict consist of opposing interests in regards to conventional water uses.  Water conflicts are also not something that has emerged in the past few decades. Instead, water conflicts have existed throughout the history of mankind.

However, earlier the conflicts of the resources of water were more traditional which had some other factor as the main source. Traditional water conflicts were hardly ever about water alone. Some common causes of traditional water conflicts are fights over resources, territorial disputes, and various strategic advantages that any particular water source could provide to any country or nation. It is also interesting to note that a detailed database of water conflicts has been developed by the Pacific Institute. This database called Water Conflict Chronology. That database contains accounts of water conflicts that go back to almost 6,000 years!

From everything that has been discussed until now, it is quite obvious that it can be very difficult for a student to work on an essay assignment on a topic like water conflict without facing major difficulties. This can put a lot of stress and burden on the student. This is why it is suggested that all students should hire professional essay writing help from the best essay writer. This essay help will help in decreasing the burden that the student feels all the while also making sure that the student gets the best possible grades or marks.

The Reasons For Water Conflict All Across The Globe

If an individual goes over the history of mankind then it is very easy to trace the fact that water is an invaluable resource to mankind and almost all activities of human beings revolve around or are closely related to the availability, quality, and quantity of the water resource. This goes to show that water is an important resource that cannot be replaced by anything.

According to many experts, the main reason for water conflict is simply the exceeding demand-supply of potable and drinkable water. This will put a lot of pressure on the various governments to provide complete access to the required water supply. And all this again translated into more conflict. Another catalyst for water conflicts is only 783 million people have access to drinking water.  A large chunk of this population is present in various developing nations like India.

Causes Of Water Disputes Related To The Trade Or Economy

Apart from the causes mentioned above, there are many other possible reasons that can result in a water dispute. And some of those reasons mentioned below.

  • Livelihood

To fully understand the reason behind the cause of water disputes, it is also important to look over water resources. This commercial resource of water is directly related to the source of livelihood for many individuals and businesses like fishing, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, recreation, and even the extraction of other resources from the water bodies. Hence, it is rather easy to imagine that a shortage of water won’t just play a very important role in crippling a population of a country or nation but it would also cripple the economy and business sector of any particular country or nation.

  • Pollution

Another form of dispute that can occur over water consists of pollution. Earlier, commercial interests used to overpower environmental concerns. However, those days have changed to some extent. And a large number of people are putting more focus on environmental concerns. But still, a large amount of waste dumped into water bodies. This results in water pollution. And when that polluted water travels to other countries and nations then it brings in the concept of human rights as that polluted water is detrimental to the health of every individual living in the country or nation where that water has ended up in.

How To Solve Interstate Water Disputes?

Solving water disputes is not an easy task. It can take a considerable amount of time and money. However, it is important to generate awareness regarding such issues. It is also important to not just pass government bills but also implement them. To know a brief description of measures of water dispute, you can also go for online assignment help services hosted by OmanEssay.

The Conclusion:

Water disputes defined as conflicts that can arise between two parties over any particular source of water. When these conflicts arise between two states termed as interstate water conflict. There are many potential reasons why interstate water conflicts can arise. However, it is important to ensure that these water conflicts must resolve as soon as possible. There are many solutions on which if we work, water conflicts can eradicate soon.

Role Of IT Management In An Organization

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Management plays an important role in the organization or company. It is all about managing the organization. Management of an organization or company is not an easy task. Information management is the study that deals with information technology operations and resources within an organization. It is the process of managing the organization with the help of information technology or with the use of the latest digital technologies. Information technology management is all about technologies and maintaining resources and the company’s associated employees. In this article, assignment writers provide you insights about IT management, functions of management, the role of management and the role of management in an organization. It helps the organization in getting success and achieve all goals and aims. One of the significant figures is it add value and importance to the organization. It makes the management system very effective.

Information Technology Management

Information management is the process in which the managers have to oversee all matters regarding information technology operations and all its resources in an information technology company or firm. Its management helps in utilizing all the resources and its employees utilized properly and in such a way that these values provide great value for the company. It is very necessary to use the IT management system effective.

Effective IT management makes the organization in order to get the optimum benefit from all the resources. It also helps in gaining maximum profit with the limited and optimum use of input resources. On the other side, it helps in organizing the staff and utilize them in a proper way. Its management helps in improving the business process and communication and impose the best practices. Employees working in It management firms must also demonstrate their abilities in management areas such as strategic planning, allocation of different resources and leadership. There are different Roles of management in an organization.

It is the duty of responsibility of IT managers to monitor and regulate the available functions reliably. The responsibility and task of the managers are:

  1. It helps in determining the business requirements for Information Technology systems.
  2. Avail in managing the IT budget and costs.
  3. Keep monitoring all the safety issues and compliances.
  4. Controlling the system and network security.
  5. Aids in implementing the software and hardware within the organization.
  6. It helps in providing the technical and helps desk support.

Functions of management

Management is an integral part of living in some form or another. If you want to achieve something then it is essential for you to apply some management rules in your life and achieve the desired objective. It is important in student’s lives. The basic parts of management are always at play, whether it is our personal life or any organization. Management means to have a set of principles. The principle has different functions such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, and the various other applications of management in order to exercise physical, financial, information resources and human inputs efficiently and effectively to achieve all the desired organizational aims. It is very necessary to have an organized life.

Management is essential in all humans’ lives in order to get an organized life and to run all essential kinds of businesses. Managing life means to get all things done in order to get all desired and achievements fulfilled by making some objectives and aims.  Management is all about managing the various tasks not only in businesses but also in the daily lives of humans. If you are still in confusion, then you must take assignment help on all related topics.

There are five functions of management. These are:

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Staffing
  4. Directing
  5. Controlling


Planning is very time taking and it is future-oriented and it helps in determining the direction of a business. It is also a rational and systematic strategy to make the decisions at the present time and that will affect the coming time of the business. Planning involves various things that help in predicting the coming time of the company and it also helps in attempting to get events done of the business. It is the continuous process in which one has to take correct and accurate decisions to get the best in the future. Also, it provides a  systematical approach and to apply all the possible knowledge for the future of the business. Effective planning is an approach to get the desired output from external and internal factors. The external factors can be anything including resources and the internal factors can be the growth opportunities of the business.


To organize a business, it also needs some formal structure by the authority. The authority has to give the directions and this authority has to make a flow of the work through sub-divisions, arranged all the work in a coordinated way. The authority helps in uniting the sub-divisions in a coherent manner to get the desired output. According to Henry Fayol, “To organize a business is to provide it with everything useful or its functioning i.e. raw material, tools, capital and personnel’s”. There are also some activities that have to be performed under organizing and to reach the organization’s goal. It is necessary to assign these activities to personnel. But the organization is mainly concerned with:

  1. Assign all the tasks to the employee also define their responsibility and duties to them.
  2. Make a connection between the authority and the responsibility performed by the employees.
  3. Coordinate the activities about the tasks.


Staffing means to hire the workforce for the organization. Not only hiring but also managing a suitable workforce in the organization at managerial level and non-managerial level both. There are also some processes that include in staffing are, recruiting, training, developing, compensating and evaluating employees and maintaining the personnel by giving them proper remuneration and incentives. Human management is an integral part of the organization. Hence, it is very necessary to recruit the right candidate with the right personnel. This function is very critical as people are different according to their intelligence, minds, skills, experience, and other physical conditions of the candidate. In order to organize the staff, both the factors are important, the sociological and psychological.


There are various functions that are concerned with directing such as, leadership, communication, motivation, and supervision. With the help of these functions, the employees have to perform activities in the most efficient manner in order to achieve all desired aims, and objectives. The leadership function involves the instructions and guidelines given to subordinates by the authority. As communication is a very necessary part of the organization, one cannot get what the business aim without the process of communication. Communication helps in getting the information and sharing the information from one level to another. Motivation is an integral part of the organization. It helps in motivating the workforce and helps them in showing their excellent performance by following the directions of superiors.


Controlling means to control all the activities of the organization so that the events do not deviate from the pre-arranged plans. It means to set the standard of the company highest in the market. The controlling function involved various points. These are:

  1. Establishing a performance standard should be high.
  2. It helps in measuring the actual and accurate performance
  3. Determining the actual performance with the target standard of the organization.
  4. It helps in taking all the corrective measures to achieve the desired goals of the company.

The conclusion

Management is all about managing and controlling the various activities not only in businesses but also in the daily lives of humans. If you are still in confusion, then you must take the help of our assignment writers.  ArabEssay is the best service provider that can help you instantly and offer you the excellent quality of assignment at the best prices.

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An Investigation Of Emerging Risks Associated With Online Banking

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The internet changed the way of our thinking. The internet touched every aspect of our lives. Everyone uses various technology the moment they wake up till the moment they sleep. People are surrounded by different technologies. Human depends on technology for their day to day work. It is impossible for humans to complete their work without the use of technology. That’s why the lives of people are incomplete without the use of different techniques even small children are totally depending upon the technology. If you are doing shopping, paying bills of your apartment, if you want to learn to play a new instrument, getting food delivery at your step and anything else, the technology always provides us a solution and makes everything possible. Technology makes our work easy and offers us the best solution.

Banking is not separate from technology, all the processes and all the operations held in banking with the help of technology. Internet banking is the right word that helps in all the operations of banking and makes the lives of people very easy across the globe. Every people in this universe is depending on the internet. Especially in the most populous country where there are never-ending queues outside the bank, internet banking is a blessing for these kinds of people. Internet banking makes everything possible for people and helps people to carry out all simple tasks through the internet. People can check their accounts and can access their accounts with the help of internet banking. They can access their savings account, keep an eye on their account balance, pay bills, can do shopping, can transfer funds from one account to another, get all the e-statements and much more with the help of internet banking.

Internet banking

Internet banking is also known as net banking or e-banking. It is the facility provided by the banks to its customers to use banking services through the internet. There are various services like a money transfer from one account to another via the use of the internet, paying all bills whether it is electricity bill, phone bill or any other bill, keep the track of account, etc. are available to customers through the internet banking. Internet banking also helps banks in promoting their goods and services that it reaches to millions of customers. The only thing that you need to use internet banking is a device that is connected to the internet. Internet banking can also be accessed through mobile phones which have a 3G or 4G connection.

Scope of Internet Banking Services

There are various indispensable services of banks which made available to customers through internet banking. If you don’t have internet banking, you need to go to the bank for using any service. Customer can perform various financial services related to transactions such as transfer of funds, paying bills online, apply for different kinds of loans, opening any account, and many other services related t debit card and credit card. There are some non-financial activities like applying for a new checkbook, getting all account-related statements, updating contact number, updating address, if one wants to start and stop the payment from any card, to convert the account from savings to current and many more.

Emerging risks associated with Online Banking

Security Risks

The biggest dangerous risk in the field of internet banking is a security risk. Almost all bank makes sure that their bank website is secure but no bank is immune from attacks. These attacks can be of various types like cyberattacks, hacking the personal data, malware, threats and many more. Hackers generally search the bank’s website just to get the information about accounts of people. The bank website can access by any person. So hackers can also access the websites very easily as a normal person does. This is very easy for them to get information. So it is very necessary for all the people to proceed with your information carefully and with caution and especially if you are using banking services on your android mobile phone.


The other merging risk in internet banking is withdrawing money from ATM. Although the ATM is very secure and no one can access the information of another person. But, people cannot withdraw money from their mobile phones they have to visit the ATM to withdraw money. While many businesses accept credit cards or debit cards but still it is necessary for people to keep cash with them. Hence, people go to ATM to withdraw money. ATM is a bank’s physical location and ATMs are present in all places. This becomes very dangerous and challenging because any thief can come and forced to withdraw more money. Or they can also force you to tell them the PIN. Some hackers can note down your Pin and can also trace your card details.

Deposit Limitations

Most of the users have a smart or android phone, but not all. This is the other disadvantage for people, who does not have a smartphone. If you have a smartphone you can deposit the check through your android phone but if you don’t have a smartphone, you have to visit the bank for depositing money. Many banks have their apps to deposit money from paychecks. Their apps allow scanning the photo of a check for automatic deposit. This feature is very helpful for the ones who are having a smartphone. Those who don’t have an android phone must go to the bank to deposit checks.

Customer Service

Although all banks provide customer care service. But sometimes, it is very hard to connect to the executives of customer care service. If we compare the online customer service and offline customer service, then offline customer care service is better. Because many people cannot understand the things the executives explain on the phone. People are more comfortable and get all the points if they visit the bank and talk to the executives face to face. For example, if you are in a bank and asking your queries face to face on all important topics like financing, credit card rates and types of loans all in addition to standard banking. Then you understand these topics face to face more clearly.

Technology and Service Interruptions

Although all systems are very efficient and stable. But if we always use internet banking on the risk of computer stability and efficiency. If a system or computer interrupts in between then you have to wait until the system gets back to its position. Your ability to access the bank account online will surely depend on the internet speed if the speed of internet is good then your account will slowly proceed all the time. Sometimes, the bank’s server goes down on sometimes become unavailable completely because of some maintenance is going on.

These are some points and some risks associated with online banking. If you have any doubts or queries related to your online assignment help topic then you can ask for help at any time.

The conclusion

Every technology has advantages and disadvantages. The same is for internet banking. It has its merits and demerits. It is very helpful for almost all people. Anyone can use it as all the apps provided by banks are user-friendly. Any naïve user can understand the terms and conditions of internet banking apps. If you are still in confusion for any assignment help topic then you can contact the assignment writer. These writers are very professional and can guide throughout your academic career.

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An Analysis Of The Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Exchange Rates

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Macroeconomic is a field of study which comes under the branch of economics. This field of study deals with various aspects of the economy like behavior, decision-making, performance, structure, and various other factors. Macroeconomic also includes national, regional, and global economies.  On the other hand, the exchange rate is a concept that comes under the field of finance. Exchange rate can be defined as the rate at which one currency belonging to one country can be exchanged for another currency belonging to some other country.

There are also many experts which consider the exchange rate as the value of the currency of a nation in comparison to the value of some other currency belonging to some other nation. Both of these concepts are connected to one another as there are various macroeconomic factors influencing exchange rate. It is important for a student to be aware of all of these factors. However, that task can be rather daunting. Hence, if a student finds it difficult to complete assignments at the right time then it is important for that student to hire online assignment help from the best assignment writer.

An Introduction to Understanding Macroeconomic

There are various areas in this field that are constantly chosen to be the focus of many studies. However, out of all those areas the two prime focuses of this field are on understanding the consequences and causes of any short-term fluctuations which might happen on the national income. The second main focus is on attempting to understand all the determinants of economic growths used in long-run.

There are many applications of this field of study. One such application is in terms of macroeconomic models and their forecasts used by government to get proper help in the evaluation and development of various economic policies. There are many other topics of macroeconomic including unemployment rates, GDP, price indices, and national income.

Macroeconomics is a complex field. And if a student wishes to learn more then he or she would have to spend a lot of time and effort. This would mean that the student does not get enough time to work on assignments. This is obviously not desirable. Therefore students should hire online assignment help from the best assignment writer. Best assignment writer would ensure that the student gets the best possible marks or grades.

What is Exchange Rate?

Exchange rate is also known as official rate at which one currency can be exchanged with some other currency. Many experts who consider exchange rates in terms of the value of one currency in comparison to the value of some of other currency. For instance  the current exchange rates of the Indian Rupee to the United States Dollar are 71.75 Indian Rupee. This means that if one exchanges 71.75 Indian Rupee with the United States Dollar then he or she will get 1 United States Dollar.

It is important for an individual to remember that government of a nation or country has the authority to change the exchange rates of any currency. The exchange rates of different currencies determined foreign exchange rate of market. There are many potential buyers and sellers in the foreign exchange market. The trading which takes place in the foreign exchange market is continuous except on the weekends.

Learning about exchange rates is a difficult task. This is why it is important for students to get assignment help from the best assignment writer. It is important for a student to know that this assignment help from the best assignment writer will work in successful manner.

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The Macroeconomic Factors Influencing Exchange Rate

There are various macroeconomics factors that can have an effect on the exchange rates of various currencies.

  1. Inflation

If the inflation rates of a market change then that also causes changes in the exchange rates. If a country has a low inflation rate then it will experience an appreciation of the value of its country’s currency. The price of all goods and services will only increase slowly. And if a country shows low inflation for a longer period then its currency value rises.

  1. Interest Rates

If there are any changes in the interest rates then that won’t just affect the value of the currency but will also have an effect on the dollar exchange rate. Interest rates and inflation are apposite to one another. When interest rates increase then, which further increases the exchange rates.

  1. Speculation

Speculation basically the rates of currency that become higher as per expectation. If speculators believe that any currency will rise in the future then its demand higher automatically. This further increases the exchange rates of that currency.

  1. Changes in Competitiveness

This factor is more related to the goods, products, and services of a particular country. For example, if the products and services of a country rise in terms of its popularity then its exchange rate must be higher.

  1. The Strength of Other Currencies

If the market becomes wary of any currency then a lot of attention is paid to other currencies which then rise in popularity. An example to understand this could be what happened in the market in 2010 and 2011. People were so worried about the US and EU that more attention was paid to Yen.

  1. Balancing the Payments

If there is an account deficit in a country and it fails to attract possible capital inflows towards it then the exchange rate for that currency will decline.

These are all the major factors that can have an effect on the exchange rates of currencies. If a student wishes to learn about all these factors then it is important for him or her to give his or her best efforts. However, that means that the student might not able to complete assignments at the right time. But this is nothing to worry as students should simply opt for assignment help from the best assignment writer.

The Conclusion

Macroeconomics is an important field of study which falls under the domain of economic. On the other hand, exchange rates are defined at the rates on which one currency can be exchanged from another. There are various macroeconomic factors that can influence exchange rates. And some of those factors are inflation, interest rates, speculation, competitiveness, balancing the payments, and strength of other currencies. If a student faces difficulties in completing an assignment then he or she should hire assignment help from the best assignment writer. This helps in easing the trouble of all students.

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