What is Customer relationship management (CRM)?


Customer relationship management (CRM), on behalf of an organization, is a way to deal with present and potential customers. The organization utilizes information investigation about customers’ history with an orderly channelizing to enhance business relationships with customers, particularly concentrating on customer maintenance and eventually driving the business growth.

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What is a PESTEL analysis?


Formerly known as PEST analysis, PESTEL is the short form for a macro-environmental tool used to identify and strategically analyze the external factors that impact a company. The acronym stands for ‘Political’, ‘Economic’, ‘Social’, ‘Technological’, ‘Environmental’, and ‘Legal’ factors. However, based on the company, it can be abridged to PEST or in some cases another letter is ‘I’ can be added to include International factors affecting the company.

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The impact of climate change on international business strategies


Here is the research paper topic concentrating on climate change and the impact of the same on business strategies. It is the demand of the era that businesses have to do their part in response to the threat of the climate change. Most of the large companies these days see to the managing of the greenhouse gas emissions.
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Differences between Academic writing and Technical writing

Difference between Technical & academic writing

In the field of professional writing, there are several styles of writings that can be seen. In which Academic writing and Technical writing can be considered as the widely followed and most practiced style of writing. By the names of these styles, the basic idea of the purpose of these styles can be assumed.

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Why is Academic writing Complex?

Complex writing

An academic writing may be expressed as a style of conveying thoughts, or message in a written and define way so that within the intellectual boundaries of their disciplines the expertise are able to express their ideas. In the learning process the pupils learns and note, many raw data regarding the subject that are conveyed to them. The full utilisation of those information or resources are dependent on the student whether they are able to convey the same message that is learned by them. Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the student.

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