Cultural Diversity And Its Impact On Employees Satisfaction And Commitment

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With the advantages of various technologies and globalization, it is easier for an organization to reach various nations and build a presence in not just some nations but across the globe. This might seem something that can be said easily but it is a humongous task. And to achieve this task, it is important to understand what cultural diversity is and use it to one’s advantage.

As the name indicates, cultural diversity can be defined as the quality of different cultures or the quality of diversity. This concept and reality of cultural diversity are in contrast with the concepts of monoculture, homogenization of culture, a global monoculture, or cultural decay. There are also many experts who define cultural diversity as the practice of having different cultures respect one another culture and their differences. Apart from that, there are also many experts who use the phrase ‘cultural diversity’ to refer to different human societies and cultures which might exist in a specific region or in the world as a whole.

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Significance of Cultural diversity

There are many academic professionals who believe that globalization has impacted cultural diversity in a negative manner. However, it cannot be denied that cultural diversity is a beautiful and interesting thing. Thankfully, people and organizations alike are trying to understand the importance of cultural diversity day by day. There are many academic professionals trying to learn how cultural diversity is related to the satisfaction and commitment levels of employees in an organization.

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The Ways in Which Cultural Diversity Impact the Satisfaction and Commitment Levels of Employees

Within an organization, there are often thousands of people working together. This means that people are bound to come from different cultures or backgrounds. This is especially true in the case of international or multinational companies. Hence, cultural diversity holds a special place in those organizations as it allows the employees to experience a proper level of satisfaction and commitment towards the organization. This increases the productivity of the employees and provides benefits to not just the employees but also to the organization. Hence, it is safe to say that there are different ways in which cultural diversity can impact the satisfaction and commitment levels of an employee who might be working in an organization.

  1. The Studies Showing Greater Productivity

Employees are the backbone of any organization or even the business world. It is important for an organization that the productivity level of its employees and the overall organization should never go down. And if cultural diversity is present in an organization then that helps in increasing the overall productivity levels. For example, a company can try to learn about the experiences and knowledge of all employees. This can help the company in knowing about the specific roles which would suitable for their employees and this will also make the employees feel valued.

  1. The Increase in the Level of Creativity

When people belong to different cultures within the same organization then one can expect to get better and different ideas. This increases the overall level of creativity which exists in an organization.

  1. The Increase in the Amount of Profits

According to various studies, it has been found that organizations with better diversity generate a lot more profits compared to other organizations. This is not surprising considering the fact that cultural diversity generates better productivity and a level of creativity.

  1. Improving the Overall Level of Employee Engagement

Best ways in which the employees of an organization engages is through learning about their background, skills, and life experiences. This would motivate the employees to work harder and further feel more committed to the organization.

  1. Reducing Employee Turnover

It can cost an organization a certain amount of effort and money when they have to replace employees. However, if a company values cultural diversity then greater number of potential candidates would apply for an opening. This allows the company to make the best possible choice in regards to employees growth.

  1. The Reflection on the Reputation of the Company

Cultural diversity improves the overall reputation of the company and works in the benefit of every party involved. Cultural diversity can have an impact on the satisfaction and commitment of employees. If a student is facing difficulty in completing assignments then he or she should hire professional assignment help . This assignment help from the best assignment writer would help the student in getting the best possible marks or grades.

The Conclusion

Cultural diversity is a concept define in a number of different ways by many academic experts.  Most commonly used definition refers to the acceptance and appreciation showed to different cultures and practices related to that culture. This is of high importance in international and multi-national organizations. Cultural diversity can have an impact on the satisfaction and commitment levels of an employee.

Some of those ways include better levels of productivity, higher levels of creativity, increase in the amount of profits, the overall engagement level of employees, reduction in employee turnover, and a better reflection of the reputation of the company.

Why fostering creativity in a Classroom is important ?

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Creativity can be defined as the procedure through which an individual comes up with some sort of new or novel idea. This novel idea is of certain importance. It is important for a student to understand that creativity can either include the creation of something intangible like a musical composition, joke, scientific theory, or an idea. It can also include the creation of some sort of physical objects like an invention, literary work, or a painting. There are many subjects or fields of study in which professionals are interested in the professional study of creativity. Some of those fields of study include psychology, cognitive science, business studies, engineering, education, technology etc.

Because of the study in these fields, there are many theories that correlate creativity with various mental processes, personality types, general intelligence, artificial intelligence, and many other topics. There are also many theories that focus on creativity exercises for students and the role which a guardian or teacher can play in fostering that creativity. It is important for an educator to be aware of all those methods so that students can receive the best possible education. This can also mean that the student might not get enough time to work on assignments. If that is the case then students should hire online assignment help.

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Why is Creativity Important in Life and Within a Classroom?

As it was mentioned above, creativity can be defined as the procedure through which an individual comes up with novel and valuable ideas. Creativity holds a lot of importance in not just various fields of study but it is also important for students. It is important for the success of a student that he or she should be creative. One student can differ from another student in terms of the extent of creative capabilities. There are many reasons why it is important for a student to be creative. And some of those reasons are mentioned below.

  • Ensures Lifelong Learning

It is often considered that students do not need to learn when their period of academic learning ends. However, that is far from the truth as it is important for a student to know that learning should never stop. One must always continue to learn about anything and everything new that one encounters in his or her life. One way to ensure that this happens is by fostering creativity in students at a very young age. This will allow the student to develop a drive for learning.

  • Creates an Innovative Mindset

One cannot be creative without having an innovative mindset. And an innovative mindset is not necessarily something that one is born with but is rather something that a student can develop. There are many exercises which students can practice to have an innovative mindset. Sadly, sometimes this leaves no time for a student to work on assignments. Hence, it is important for students to get online assignment help from the best assignment writer in those cases. This assignment help from the best assignment writer will ensure that the student gets the best possible marks.

  • Provides and Creates Future Opportunities

A creative student won’t just be able to grasp future opportunities for himself or herself successfully but will also ensure that one is able to create those future opportunities. This will allow the student to not just wait around for success but have the mindfulness to ahead and grab that success. This further ensures that students are able to develop independent personalities from a very young age. This also allows the student to know when to take extra help and when not to. If a student is facing academic difficulties then he or she should hire assignment help from the best assignment writer.

How Teacher’s Shocking Behavior Helps in Fostering Creativity through Education in Students?

There are various methods through which teacher’s behavior can foster creativity in students.

  • Allowing Students to Question Every Single Time

There are many educators who believe that the only way through which creativity can be fostered is by allowing the student to always ask questions. This habit of asking the question would ensure that the students are always able to understand the world completely. It is important for the teachers to reward and promote that kind of open and friendly environment for students. And if a student is facing difficulties then it is important for the student to get professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

  • Encouraging Students to Form Ideas Constantly

There are many experts who encourage teachers to dedicate a fixed hour or some sort of period of time to specifically encouraging students to form new or novel ideas. It is important for teachers to consider creativity to be some sort of muscle that can only grow if one constantly practices and works that muscle. This would ensure that the student is able to grow and develop more holistically. If a student faces any difficulty in working on assignments then it is important for students to hire professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

  • Asking Students to Constantly Develop New Skills

One major aspect of creativity is of developing important skills. These skills would ensure that the student would be able to turn those creative ideas into something more productive. This would also allow the student to develop a better and unique perspective. This is something that can keep a student very occupied. And this can mean that the student would become extremely busy. This means that the student would not be able to finish assignments at the right time. In such cases, it is important for students to hire proper assignment help from the best assignment writer. This would allow the student to get the best possible marks or grades.

  • Applying the Jigsaw Classroom Method

The jigsaw classroom method simply dictates that the teacher applies all sorts of different activities within the classroom. These activities primarily work on improving the creative skills of a student. These activities can be very time-consuming. And this means that the student would not be able to always complete assignments at the right time. In this case, it is important for a student to hire professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

Creativity Exercises for Students Which Teachers Can Practice in Class

There are many exercises which a student can practice to improve his or her creative skills. Some of those creativity exercises include the incomplete figure test, the test in which one looks away from what one is creating, looking at things from an upside-down perspective, focusing on quantity test, and making treasure from trash exercises.

The Conclusion

Creativity is the procedure of coming up with new or novel ideas. There are many benefits that one can have by being creative and some of those benefits include ensures lifelong learning and having an innovative mindset. The shocking behavior of many educators has also been successful in fostering creativity amongst students. Some of those behaviors include promoting students to question everything, encouraging students to create new ideas, and implementing various creativity exercises within the classroom.

Things You Need To Know About Benefits Of Online Mock Tests For Students Today.

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E-learning or online learning has become one of the most powerful platforms to access education. The benefits of online learning is increasing day by day. E-learning is flexible and time-saving.  Mock tests provide a clear picture of the actual examination in the mind of students. This is the best way to train a student’s mind with all aspects of the actual examination.

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Time and management

Time management is the most difficult task for students if it comes to passing an entrance exam. Attempting all questions in the provided time is a complicated job for students if consider the time given and a number of the question given in the exam paper.

One has to practice a lot to attempt all questions within the stipulated time. So, the online mock test is the best possible solution for students to practice and to score high scores.

There are many students who are preparing for competitive examinations. As many of them are pursuing different courses or employed somewhere.

So, it is difficult for them to manage their schedules as per the offline mock test. But, online mock tests save time and trouble of commuting from one place to another. Students can schedule their test according to their free time. So, it is a convenient and easy way to access online mock tests at any time.

Instant result and feedback

In the offline tests, students have to wait for some days or weeks, but in an online mock test, candidate gets immediate result. Hence, it is an effective way of learning.

Students can analyze their performance on the basis of the first test only and can increase their productivity from the second test onwards. But in offline after giving the first test, students have to wait and it creates a breakage in their further preparation.

In online mock test, students immediately get feedback with an explanation of all the correct answers and incorrect answers. Students don’t have to open books and search answers of all incorrect questions. Hence, students save their precious time and can utilize this time in improving their mistakes.

In offline tests, students cannot retake one exam but in online mock tests, students can retake one already attempted test. This is a great help for students to improve the learning curve.

Online mock tests help in developing confidence as it gives result immediately and student don’t get divert from their goal. Immediate result and feedback accelerate students’ preparation.

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Answers can be changed easily

In traditional exam or in offline exam, student need to be very careful while marking the answers as it cannot change once the bubble of answer get filled. In online mock test, students don’t have to worry about changing the answer. The answer can be changed without leading any discrepancy. It save student’s time as well.

Accurately designed and legible evaluation

These mock tests are designed by highly qualified and successful assignment writers. These experts are very well aware about the pattern and syllabus of the main examination, and designed the mock test in the same way as main examination. These experts are the pioneers of this industry. Designing mock tests in not new for them as they are having years of experience in it.

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Online mock test can help you in getting good grades. It also helps students to track the progress. Tracking progress helps in finding the weak areas and one can work on it anytime as online mock test are easy to access. Online assignment help is available round the clock.



There is a great amount of mosque in the UAE, where Abu Dhabi itself hosts about 1500 mosques for the Islamic pilgrimage of the region. But there is one mosque which is the best among the eight greatest mosques in the world which is known as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which would be further discussed in this blog (CNN Travel 2019).

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is popularly known both for its magnitude as well as for its architectural layout. However the mosque has been described to be immensely beautiful because of its walls made up of white marbles, delicate stone work as well as great chandeliers made up of crystals which are considered to immensely beautiful.


The name of the grand mosque has been derived from the name of the very first king of UAE, known as Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The late ruler had a goal in his life to create a mosque and he also incorporated its foundation layout. The mosque is situated near the burial place of the late ruler making it a sentimental place for each and every people living in the UAE.

However the Sheikh Zayed Mosque marks the feeling of toleration as well as dignity. It is a place where a particular kind of culture will be able to understand another culture and also attain a great level of understanding about the religion of Islam ( 2019).

The key motive conveyed by the mosque is as pretty as its architecture, promoting toleration, calmness and lovingness.

White Marble Walls

The walls of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque were created using the white color marbles which was brought from Macedonia. The texture of the mosque was selected by the late ruler itself signifying the feeling of pureness in the creation. However the selected color of the mosque is considered to be the most surprising aspect of the mosque. The walls of the mosque were decorated using stones made up of a great variety of colors in the style of a flower which added to the greater beauty of the mosque.

Moreover the different pillars as well as the different walls of the mosque starting from the entry gate of the mosque to the key hall meant for prayers, the details of the delicate flower decorations attracted the attention of the different visitors to the mosque. However its adds a sensation of colors to the walls of the grand mosque.

The Key Prayer Hall

The establishment of the prayer hall is a creation of art on itself. For every details of the designs made on the mosque ranging from the surface to the upper wall of the mosque, the beauty of every portion will leave the worshippers in a state of amazement.

However the world’s biggest size hand woven carpet covers the surface of the mosque. There were about 1200 artists needed to put the idea of the third generation carpet maker into action. The concerned carpet maker was known as the Dr. Ali Khaliqi.

The ceiling of the mosque was as much as beautiful as the carpeted portion of the mosque. The ceiling of the mosque has seven chandeliers made up of crystal, out of which the biggest of all was situated in the key prayer hall, which is weighted 12 tons. However the smaller kind of chandeliers situated in the hall weighted 8 tons. Each and every minute portion of the mosque has the power to impress the visitors with their Swarovski crystal.

Moreover the walls of the core hall for the prayers are created with the marbles with beautiful patterns incorporated on it and the same is also incorporated in the ceilings of the mosque. The core wall of the mosque which is turn towards the direction of Mecca, where the imam stands on a platform known as the Pulpit in the due course of conducting their prayers is beautified with the help of 99 names of Allah engraved in it in the Arabic language. This in turn signifies a great level of worshipping as well as dignity among the visitors of the mosque.

Domes and other external details

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi has a total of about 82 domes which is made of different sizes. Like the other portion of the mosque, even the domes are made up of the white marbles with a golden glass cover incorporated on each of the domes. There are also adequate windows which are situated below each of these domes, which enable the light to enter the prayer hall of the mosque. The biggest among all the 82 domes is situated above the core prayer hall of the grand mosque.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque has 22 light posts which have been incorporated outside the mosque which brightens up the external portion of the mosque in the evening time. However even the lighting of the mosque has a range of certain external ordinary features, which in turn portrays the different sights of the moon, beginning with the dark sight of the clouds to demonstrate the starting of a particular month, moving to the curved pattern of the moon, transforming slowly to a much brighter color as the complete vision of the moon comes closer (We Are Travel Girls 2019).

Some Significant Facts

The mosque occupies approximately 12 hectors of land that is 290 meters by 420 meters of land, which makes it the third greatest mosque in the world, ranked after the mosque in Mecca and Medina in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (We Are Travel Girls 2019).  However the mosque is considered to so large that it can withstand about 41,000 devotees at a single time in the grand mosque. The core hall of the mosque can manage 10,000 worshipers in total at a single span of time.

It has also been determined that the various different resources required to create the Sheikh Zayed Mosque was traded from various different countries in this world. Moreover the designers of the mosque obtained the various different resources for its creation from the countries of New Zealand, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Greece, Pakistan, Austria, Italy, Germany, India and China.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque contains a range of Minars which consists of range of designs for the architecture of the mosque which was obtained from Mamluk, Ottoman and Fatimid.However the core prayer hall of the mosque completed the process of its designing in a span of 8 months, the carpet was woven in a span of one year and it took another 2 months to assemble its entire portion and wove it all together. Moreover it required around 1200 labors to make the whole carpet which was about 5,700 meters long (We Are Travel Girls 2019).

The seven chandeliers made up of the crystals were made up by a Germany based company, which was manufactured from the stainless steel and brass, developed from 24 karats of gold.The building up of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque started in the year 1996 and was completed by the year 2007. The total creation of the mosque required more than 3000 labors and about 32 promoters who labored together to complete the overall construction process of the mosque. Finally it was in the year 2007 it was ready to be visited by the public or the tourist to the country.

Tips for visiting the mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque requires no entry fees for any of its visitors or the tourists and it is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9am to 10pm. It is only open for the tourists on Friday morning and tourists are only allowed beyond 4:30pm.

The visitors to the mosque are required to dress up in a dignified manner with a due amount of respect to the place of worship; the outfit should be long and should also be loosely fitted. However it is also recommended to wear a trouser up to the length of the ankle, both for the male as well as the female visitors to the mosque. The female visitors are also required to put on a scarf covering their hair (We Are Travel Girls 2019). Moreover it has also been determined that if the dress code of a female visitor is found to be improper, they would be ordered to wear an Abaya which is also available on hire.


Hence the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an art work of the architecture, which has been determined to be the prettiest mosque in the province of the UAE.  It is considered to be a must visit place for every tourist to the country.However this blog has taken into consideration the history, architecture of the grand mosque, which includes the white marble walls, the ceilings, the main hall for the prayers, the lighting, the chandeliers and the other important features. It has also taken into consideration certain important facts and tips about the mosque, which includes the timings as well as the dress code deemed to be suitable for the mosque.

Since the mosque is extremely it requires approximately three hours discovering every aspect of the mosque in a comprehensive manner.


We Are Travel Girls. (2019). 9 Tips For Visiting The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque | We Are Travel Girls. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Jul. 2019]. (2019). Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Jul. 2019].

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Louvre Abu Dhabi

In the year 2015, Le Louvre Abu Dhabi was established as a museum of universal art project which is due to the innovative kind of the collaboration of the culture between two countries which is France and United Arab Emirates. The approval of the museum was given by the French Parliament on 9th October, 2007. The Louvre museum is a cultural and art museum which is located in the city of Abu Dhabi at United Arab Emirates. This museum was inaugurated in the year 2017, November 8, by the French President Emmanuel Macron and Vice President of United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and by Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. The artworks from all over the globe are showcased in this museum having a particular focus on establishing the bridge between the Western and Eastern art (Louvre Abu Dhabi 2019). The aim and objective was stated so as to establish a new national institution through the development of culture, tourism, art, education and the services. In the year 2007, March 6, this agreement was signed between France and United Arab Emirate. Hence, the new Louvre was made into franchise and had been brought to Abu Dhabi. There is a thirty year deal which is amount € 1 billion which includes the assistance from the French Louvre with the management of the exhibition, providing art works and advisory to the franchise of the Middle East. The architecture of this museum is very mesmerizing which is designed as a seemingly structure which has a dome kind of formation. The dome which is kind of a web patterned allows the rays of the sun to pass in. In the new museum, there is a permanent collection of six hundred artworks, including three hundred loans taken from twelve French institutions ( 2019). The French website of Le Louvre Museum, Le Louvre Abu Dhabi is shown as a worldwide project. The goal of the Le Louvre Abu Dhabi is shown as the formation of a new important museum with its very own collection and finally becoming a solo player in the platform of the world museum. Louvre will be an independent institution which will reflect the ages and the local traditions of the country as it is notified that the future museum that will not be a replica of the French Louvre. Hence, from the French part, it thrives on the creation of the new institution that is based on the expertise and French access. The other view point is that the dominating Western museums like the Louvre (1793) and the British (1753) portrays the civilized nation of Europe through the displaying of the canon of the Europe for its cultural benefits from Greece and Rome till date. The museum powers are related with the identity of the nationals and also to the desire of the proliferation of the museums that is due to the newly budding and developing countries (ArchDaily 2019). Now, if we take into account that the Emirates aims to create a national identity and again France which wants to franchise the museum as brand, so these statements become sensible. According to the architectural point of view, the museum is designed by Jean Nouvel, who is a French architect, Le Louvre Abu Dhabi is considered to be the architectural masterpiece which is designed as to offer the visitors on a high impact of the experience of the architecture and museum that forms dialogue among the cultures. Andrew McClellan in his article Museum Expansion in the Twenty-First Century: Abu Dhabi states the statement of Frank Gehry who is the designer of Guggenheim, Abu Dhabi that the approach that has been made to design the museum in the Abu Dhabi had made the possibility to design museum located in United Kingdom or United States. So, this approach can also be applicable for the Louvre too (ArchDaily 2019). In the year 2012, the Louvre started collecting photography paving its way to the work of Roger Fenton, Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey and George Wilson Bridges. In the year 2017, Louvre decided to display Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork Salvador Mundi, and other works by Claude Monet, Henri Matisee, etc. The chances for the designers help in building the museum with the lump sum amount of budget without any limit, in such a viewpoint that they might not get any chance to form anywhere in Europe or in United States of America. On the other hand, it can be said that the money and space have allowed them to do what any other city won’t do. To mention about the Bilbao effect of Le Louvre Abu Dhabi that is also recognized as a cultural hub in the area consisting of new museums that will generate the facility of the tourism, housing markets and local businesses. The museums also seek to establish or to expand the cities as the cultural destinations ( 2019). Obviously, we need to consider that Abu Dhabi is the tourist spot for the visitors and a point of attraction. The United Arab Emirates is considered to be one of the outgrowing industries of tourism across the globe. In the year 2008, the United Arab Emirates raked the highest among the countries in terms of the investment of the government in the framework of tourism. By the year 2020, the investment in the regional tourism is estimated to be at top with $ 3.6 million. And by the year 2030, Abu Dhabi is hoping to be one of the top five most visited cities all across the globe. In such a city, museums like Louvre function as a tourist attraction having the possibility of the higher attendance. On the other hand, for example France creates a separate unit in Abu Dhabi that will provide a variant number of audiences ( 2019). The local people of United Arab Emirates can be considered as a new audience excluding the tourists. This would be the objective of the French Louvre Museum to expand its own towards the formation of the worldwide space and to attain the diverse audience from all around the globe. France has already taken the inspiration through the export of the cultural heritage and started renting the national collections prior to Abu Dhabi. In the year 2006, the first branch of Le Louvre opened in Atlanta, Georgia in exchange for thirteen million euros which it had loaned from its artworks for a period of 3 years. It is very significant to note that the International Council of Museums Code of Ethics which states that museums are created without considering any sort of profit making business out from it, as the collections of the museum are created on the grounds of the society which cannot be treated as financial assets. It is very difficult to think that having seven million visitors a year; Le Louvre is not earning enough revenue to continue itself in the market ( 2019). The museum in Abu Dhabi is not a replica of the French Louvre, it is basically an individual institution which offers its own knowledge of interpretation of the global museum while having a reflection of its own age and the local traditions of the country where it is located in. The collection of the museum consists of the loan that is taken out from French institution which is done in the order of the rotation on the basis of ten year. The uniqueness of the Louvre, Abu Dhabi is based on the vision of the creation of art. Traditionally, the museum organizes their collections from through the school, elements and tactics.  We also need to think about the art of the economy of the market where the present domination is all by the contemporary art ( 2019). The French section is that the Abu Museum is possibly the main point to the long term strategy for the creation of the sustainable economy in shaping the economy, tourism and culture. The approach of French on the Louvre can be set as an example in creating the sense of the universal project through the embracing of the several and different cultures which is through the abandonment of the concept that a museum is tied to a specific area. Le Louvre museum shares its national to bridge the cultural gaps between two nations. It is very usual to think about the risks those can take place in the future so as to franchise the cultural institution of the nation. It is important to ask ourselves that whether it helps in the cultivation of the huge cultural understanding for the people or not. But it can be determined as the aim of profit rather than determining it for the benefit of the public. Jacques Chirac who is the president of the French Republic stated about Louvre, Abu Dhabi:

By choosing the Louvre, the emirate of Abu Dhabi not only sealed a partnership with the world’s most visited and well-known museum, but selected one which, from its very incept, had a vocation to reach out to the world, to the essence of mankind, through the contemplation of works of art.


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Changing marketing needs for the changing economic conditions

Marketing Strategies

The changing scenarios of the world economic conditions have increased the need to change the marketing strategies to deal with the new kind of situation. The emergence of internet and its effect on the society has been playing a big role to shape the economic scenario.
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