Essay on Gender Equality

gender equlaity

Gender equality is the common problem of the modern society. Most of the females are lagging behind when compared to the men. This is where gender equality plays the most prominent role in making people feel the essence of societal existence. Girls of the present era feel the necessity of getting well equipped to stand the test of time. The issue has to be addressed in the real time for the best development and respect of the womanhood. If the females are not working hard, this can hamper the pace of the global development. There are more females these days working on the note of equality and sorority.

Question of Gender Equality
Gender equality and the issue of women empowerment are on the seat these days. Women are not given importance in the genre of decision making. Survey reveals that women occupy not more than one third position in the field of government. Gender equality calls for women to occupy the managerial position with the best of intention. The sense of equality implies equality of the rights and responsibilities and the options for the women, girls and men and the boys. In the present day, the section of the women and the girls are not able to recognize their potential. For the reason, they are not able to contribute in the genre of societal development and progress.

Equality in Rights and Responsibilities
Equality concentrates not on the physical aspect of men and women. It talks about the equality in rights and power. Gender equality speaks about the equality in opportunities and responsibilities. It does not matter whether you are born male or female. The fact is that you need to have the right social power to make yourself stand erect with all the legal sense. Gender equality is the implication to help you feel safe and equally paced in the society.

Girls should be Equal in all Genres
Women are not still given the right position in the genre of decision making. They suffer from the aspect of gender equality. Girls and women should get the equal access in the field of education and health services. They should be involved with decent work and they should participate in matters of political and professional decision making. In fact, the sort of gender equality will help women attain economic stability, and this in turn will benefit the world and the total cause of humanitarian. As a woman you have all rights to enjoy the social and the financial power with the best sense of equality and character perfection.

Equality from when you are Born
Still in several sections of the society girls are not considered equal from the social perspective. They are suffering every moment with the sort of social stigma. You are born as a girl means you are not equal to men. This is against the concept of gender equality. No matter what you are born, you are entitled to life a comfortable life from all perspectives. You should vote for the cause of gender equality and gain pace in the field of social and economical development.

Equality is an Incentive
For instance, in Sweden most of the parliamentary positions are given to women, and men are entitled to get maternity leaves. This is what gender equality is all about. There are international organizations to understand the importance of gender equality, and it is known as the sort of incentive in the solving of several economic and demographic problems. The issue of equality is extremely important. It sets the standard of the individual from the time of birth. You are born as a human and that is most important.

Working on the Equality Factor
There has been certain improvement in the genre of gender equality in the recent years. Attempts are made to give equal primary education to both the boys and the girls. In all parts of the world, women are suffering from social problems. They have to faces issues in the process of discrimination and social inequality. Some women have to face violence. Thus, there is the necessity to strengthen the cause of gender equality by making right the regulatory and the legal framework. This is how one can combat the in-depth practice of gender discrimination.

Addressing the Issue
There is the necessity to conclude the issue of gender equality. In fact, the issue should be rightly addressed for the betterment of the society. The world is progressing on the positive front. The question of gender equality is widely discussed from the philosophical point of view. The same is discussed in the context of the mass media sources. In the democratic society gender equality plays the most vital role in making the members of the society understand the prime problem social egalitarianism. Once you go through the ethical theories it is important to apply the vital principles in case of the specific theories in matters of racial and birth equality.

Solving the Problem Rightly
It is perfect to provide with the best ethical solution in the solving of the problem of gender equality. There are preferred ethical theories that you can use in answering the issue in matters of equal gender issue. There are three theories in the context and these are virtue ethics, utilitarianism, and the sort of feminine theory. Once you consider the three principles in the context of the ethical theories it is possible to make an identification of the most potent theory that is capable of handling the issue of gender equality.

Perfect Feminine Theory
The feminine theory comes with the basic moral insight in relation to the issue of gender equality. This helps in highlighting the basic necessities in order to address the rights of the women. This will provide with the morality insights, and this helps in highlighting the specific female rights and responsibilities. The sort of gender equality can address issues of morality and moral uniformity. This is the most satisfactory theory and it is the perfect moral answer to the issue of gender equableness.


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