Steps to write an Article Review

Article writing

Review writing is something in specific. An article review is a literary piece where you can summarize a specific idea. This is where you can write about someone else’s article. The goal of the specific form of writing is to make the students familiar with the assignments of the notable specialists in the specific genre. Article review is not something easy. It is all about discussing the writing style of someone else. In the kind of writing, the specialist can review the articles of others on regular basis. There is the need, to summarize the article in the perfect manner. In the process, there is the need to comprehend the essence of the job.

Presenting with the Criticism
An article review is the apt way you can show your skill of criticism. In matters of review writing you need to deal with the argument and the main points. In fact, it is expected that you will assess the main theme, and you will also deal with the supporting arguments. Here are the perspectives for the kind of research work in the said direction. Just like any other written composition the review of the article needs the sort of thorough preparation. In fact, the writing method consists of two specific stages. It is all about preparation and writing.

Correct Definition of the Article
In the first step of the article review you need to define the article properly. Here, you are not writing for the general public. You are writing for the audience familiar with the concept. This is the review writing to help in summarizing the perfect essence of the article. You also have to deal with the arguments and the key findings. You can also spot the attitude of the author towards the subject matter. You can even assess the new knowledge that the author deals with absolute discipline along with the applicable potential.

Proper Evaluation is Needed
When you are writing an article review you are not just expressing your own opinions and ideas. It is the perfect evaluation of the ideas of the author expressed in the form of an article. Once you sit to analyze the article you sit to express your personal ideas and the sort of research experience. This way, you can get the overall conclusion of the article and this is based on your personal judgment supported by the on field experience. Review writing helps with overall conclusion of the article.

Apt Planning of the Review
Article review is the kind of research presented by the author of the article. In this case, you don’t have to do the research yourself. In the next step, you have to plan your work on the specific review. You should exactly know how to write the review in the planned way. Once you read the article you come to know which points in the article should be reviewed with the best of precision. There is the definite way you can move on with the review writing. It is important that you follow the norms correctly.

Stating the Main Points in the Review
It is important that you provide with the summary of the article when attempting the article review. Here, you should include the most vital points, the claims and the facts. The sort of review writing comes with the redeeming features. This way you can identify the strong points of the author and the insightful portions of the article. You can even point out the drawbacks of the article by pointing out the plausible gaps in data. In the review you can write about the logical inconsistencies of the article. You can even highlight the contradictory ideas, the set of answered questions and the rest. In the review you can express your judgment as to whether the provided facts are absolutely sufficient in order to support the main argument of the author.

Going through the Article in Details
In the process of the article review, one can get a quick glimpse of the whole article written by the author. You can browse through the title of the article along with the heading and the abstract. You can even go through the introduction and the conclusion. Make sure to go through the first sentence in each of the paragraph. These are the specific norms you should follow in the process of review writing.

Thorough Reading of the Article is Necessary
Before the article review you should go through the main points and the arguments put forward by the author. Once things are clear to you, it becomes easy to attempt the kind of review writing. In the process of reading and reviewing you can grab the argument and the main points provided by the author. Once things seem convincing you can sit to read the entire article. Thorough reading of the article will make things clear and then you can sit with the review.

Understanding the Article in Details
In case, the notions and the points in the article are not clear it is important to take the notes. You should also look for the unfamiliar terms in the article. Article review is not something easy. For this you need to have the best understanding of the parts and the portions of the article. You need to devote attention when reading the article. This will help you in matters of review writing. Before you sit to write the review you should go through the article several times. This will help you decide what to highlight and criticize.

Interpreting the Article in Your Own Style
In case you are reading the article on the screen you should make use of the highlighter. This will help in denoting the most meaningful portions in the article. In case, you are reading the printed version of the article you should sit with a pen to mark those parts in the article which seem unclear. This is something to help you sit with the article review. In the case of review writing if you have the knowledge then you can at best contradict or support the main ideas. This way, you can make the review stand with the test of time.

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