Cultural Diversity And Its Impact On Employees Satisfaction And Commitment

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With the advantages of various technologies and globalization, it is easier for an organization to reach various nations and build a presence in not just some nations but across the globe. This might seem something that can be said easily but it is a humongous task. And to achieve this task, it is important to understand what cultural diversity is and use it to one’s advantage.

As the name indicates, cultural diversity can be defined as the quality of different cultures or the quality of diversity. This concept and reality of cultural diversity are in contrast with the concepts of monoculture, homogenization of culture, a global monoculture, or cultural decay. There are also many experts who define cultural diversity as the practice of having different cultures respect one another culture and their differences. Apart from that, there are also many experts who use the phrase ‘cultural diversity’ to refer to different human societies and cultures which might exist in a specific region or in the world as a whole.

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Significance of Cultural diversity

There are many academic professionals who believe that globalization has impacted cultural diversity in a negative manner. However, it cannot be denied that cultural diversity is a beautiful and interesting thing. Thankfully, people and organizations alike are trying to understand the importance of cultural diversity day by day. There are many academic professionals trying to learn how cultural diversity is related to the satisfaction and commitment levels of employees in an organization.

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The Ways in Which Cultural Diversity Impact the Satisfaction and Commitment Levels of Employees

Within an organization, there are often thousands of people working together. This means that people are bound to come from different cultures or backgrounds. This is especially true in the case of international or multinational companies. Hence, cultural diversity holds a special place in those organizations as it allows the employees to experience a proper level of satisfaction and commitment towards the organization. This increases the productivity of the employees and provides benefits to not just the employees but also to the organization. Hence, it is safe to say that there are different ways in which cultural diversity can impact the satisfaction and commitment levels of an employee who might be working in an organization.

  1. The Studies Showing Greater Productivity

Employees are the backbone of any organization or even the business world. It is important for an organization that the productivity level of its employees and the overall organization should never go down. And if cultural diversity is present in an organization then that helps in increasing the overall productivity levels. For example, a company can try to learn about the experiences and knowledge of all employees. This can help the company in knowing about the specific roles which would suitable for their employees and this will also make the employees feel valued.

  1. The Increase in the Level of Creativity

When people belong to different cultures within the same organization then one can expect to get better and different ideas. This increases the overall level of creativity which exists in an organization.

  1. The Increase in the Amount of Profits

According to various studies, it has been found that organizations with better diversity generate a lot more profits compared to other organizations. This is not surprising considering the fact that cultural diversity generates better productivity and a level of creativity.

  1. Improving the Overall Level of Employee Engagement

Best ways in which the employees of an organization engages is through learning about their background, skills, and life experiences. This would motivate the employees to work harder and further feel more committed to the organization.

  1. Reducing Employee Turnover

It can cost an organization a certain amount of effort and money when they have to replace employees. However, if a company values cultural diversity then greater number of potential candidates would apply for an opening. This allows the company to make the best possible choice in regards to employees growth.

  1. The Reflection on the Reputation of the Company

Cultural diversity improves the overall reputation of the company and works in the benefit of every party involved. Cultural diversity can have an impact on the satisfaction and commitment of employees. If a student is facing difficulty in completing assignments then he or she should hire professional assignment help . This assignment help from the best assignment writer would help the student in getting the best possible marks or grades.

The Conclusion

Cultural diversity is a concept define in a number of different ways by many academic experts.  Most commonly used definition refers to the acceptance and appreciation showed to different cultures and practices related to that culture. This is of high importance in international and multi-national organizations. Cultural diversity can have an impact on the satisfaction and commitment levels of an employee.

Some of those ways include better levels of productivity, higher levels of creativity, increase in the amount of profits, the overall engagement level of employees, reduction in employee turnover, and a better reflection of the reputation of the company.

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