Do Customer Pay Attention To Product Labels?

Product Labels


The longstanding debate has renewed since the European Union made a provision over the nutritional labels of food items as the highest population of the member countries is either obese or dealing with digestive problems. But when it is asked during an engagement poll by Michigan State University Experts, the majority of Americans accepted food labels influence their purchasing behaviour. During the survey, 2048 Americans polled for a variety of food, 71% respondents having monthly income more than $75000 have found to pay close attention to food labels. But income is not the only category influencing purchasing power of a consumer; education appears to be a vital factor affecting attention to product labels as well.  In the same study, 60% of the Americans said, they look for label naturally whenever they shop for food items (Shanggun. Mozaffarian. 2019). It is notable most of the times consumer searches for product labels are also ambiguous. For instance, natural doesn’t mean we are eating healthy, even it could be unhealthier, like arsenic found in nature but we can’t consume as said Sheril Kirshenbaum, co-founder of MSU engagement poll. 

In the current business scenario, marketers are using labels to produce an impactful brand image and bringing identification. Labelling helps the consumer to set out differences against rest in shelves of markets.  But to what extent product labelling can influence consumer purchase power yet needed to be quantified. This study will determine centrally located nutrition facts viewing as eye-tracking devices.


In countries like Denmark, the UK, Germany, USA more than 50% of young adults are obese. Under the European directive on nutritional labelling (90/46/ ECC) nutritional labelling is an option until a claim is made. Nowadays EU is thinking to make it an essential part as they want to save their citizens from growing diseases. Similarly, in contrast to the EU, nutritional labelling is mandatory in the USA. In 2004 Nutritional Labelling and Education Act (NLEA) made it a mandatory provision to label product on almost all the food packages. The majority of advertising firms and marketers pay close attention to this substitution to enhance marketing strategies. However, in a study essay writer figured out nutritional labelling came to light only when consumers were willing to pay for it. On the same note, nutritional labelling will be useful to what extent, the consumer prefers to recommend healthier food.

Kim, 2000 revealed in a study, the effect of nutritional labelling somewhat reduces the individual calories intake from total saturated fats such as cholesterol, in the end, he concluded consumer labelling marks to enhance the brand value when they make a food purchase.

Many studies also analyzed the mandatory nutritional labelling impact on purchasing power. Results indicated, mandate labelling benefitting the market of food and packaging industry as it will load the consumer with the nutritional information. Crutchfield, 2001 estimated the minimal profits companies will incur with the mandate labelling system somewhat lies in between $160 million to $120 million since the actual costing will be lesser than margins.  However, the benefits will be ranges from milk to meat industries, pharma to diet supplements.

Types Of Labelling In The Market

As we have already discussed labelling is the main concern of marketers, let’s understand what kind of labelling is applied to a particular firm

Branded product labels- Branded product labels have to be secure very carefully with the products since they are permanent labels. They may be difficult to remove and resistant to several factors’

Eco or information labels- Eco and information labels are usually clipped to target the consumer emphasis on getting information on calories. They used to impart the information of the food items to the consumers.

Grade Level- it describes the main feature and aspects of the product. It is marking off a commodity itself or a symbol or even phrases itself implying qualitative judgment relative inferiority or superiority (Dan, 2019). From a consumer perspective, grading labelling is much more useful than information labelling because grade notation itself in selecting sold by the same seller. 

Why Product Labelling To Be On the First

The visual design of the product labelling has a significant impact on brand value as well as influence consumer purchasing power. Evidence from various studies revealed design features increase the contrast of labelling, therefore, enhances the noticeability likelihood to be progressed as well as message acceptance. In a broader sense, labelling featuring distinguish the product from the surrounding information are more likely to be attracted if it overcomes the warning signs. 

With increasing consumer awareness, labelling marketing size increases exponentially. The global labelling marketing size valued up to USD 5.7 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annually at 7.0% between 2019-2025. 

Source-, 2020

Since consumers are demanding greater productivity amongst the diverse products, This, in turn, has increased the pressure on marketers and labelling marketing contribution to product complexity. In order to meet the demand, producers are looking for versatile labelling units that can accommodate numerous technologies.

Rising demand, accurate measurement and simple labelling solutions fueled up the market demand. In addition to this labelling marketing dispense barcodes and various cartoons packages in the sector.

In terms of end-use, label marketing is characterized by personal care, chemicals, food beverages, and others. As per the grand view, 2019 report, the beverage industry dominated the whole industry as a result of growing disposable income rising trends of healthy drinks. This further boosted the beverage industry fueling the labelling marketing at the end. To know about the beverage industry, take instant assignment help from ArabEssay

Following this food Industry accounted for the second-largest share of Label marketing in 2018. The growth of organic food coupled with the increasing demand of ready to eat mode anticipated favour the growth. Over the forecast period, the Pharmaceutical industry is the third-largest industry has seen investing millions of bucks in informing consumers through labelling. Increased growing population and rising awareness of diseases fueled up even more demand for significant and informative products (Bialkova, and van Trijp, 2010). Various labelling is done with an intention to produce infirmity in the pharmaceutical products Standards including the Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Classification, regulation, and Hazard Communication Standard are likely to influence the positive role.

Formulation And Use Of Quality Standard

Walking down in the isles of grocery stores, when you pick up the product, somewhere on it, there would be nutrition, and ingredients labelling

A recent report of the American Journal of Preventive medicine identified ingredients labelling have influenced consumer choices. After concluding the observation of 2 million users from 11 countries, the report concluded, products manufactured have reduced the intake of calories by 6%, total trans fat by 10.2 % and increase sublimation of vegetables by 13%. Other than unhealthy choices among the respondents is noted 13%. However, there is very less evidence identified labelling choices implicated the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals intake. 

When a study was conducted to discover how many consumers were influenced after introducing changes in the products, it was identified; harmful fats in food are reduced by 64% ( Acton,, 2019). Yet overall observation concluded this would have very less effect on consumer choices alternatively don’t impact the calories intake. 

The consumer always tried to work best for themselves and in the simpler way they choose healthier food. The label also appeared on the nudge food companies as they want to reduce the major industrial addictive such as transfat and sodium but don’t affect the industry formulation. 

Few studies have shown available assessing the food label in adding sugars. On that notes food choices does affect the consumer choices who are either diabetes or dealing with pancreases problems. Food labelling also helped in reducing the intake of additional sugar, fat but it was quite clear increasing the total fat has very little impact on health benefits. 

Nutritional knowledge could be very important in many other ways for instance having a direct impact on food choices also impacting their belief to some extent. Also, many essay helpers believed nutrition knowledge and food labels act as a bridge. 

In the US, over 98% of FDA-regulated processed, or packed food has nutritional labels roughly 84% of the European countries labelled food products. Close to Two-third of respondents in the report have made their food choices after recognizing the NFPs. However Miller, 2015 found 78% of the consumer accurately identified the difference in the products, Yet 20% struggling to differentiate the products item list

Apart from that non-addictive food items are containing the most significant information aiding the assessment of food healthiness. Dietary guidelines, 2019 states, ingredients lists are useful to figure out whether the food is containing trans-fats, added sugars, refined or whole grains. FDA recommended the list helping the consumer to get informed. Consequently, health claims are intended to communicate proven health benefits concerning consumption power. For example, a reduction in Trans fibre may help in combating the risk of potential cancer. However claims have been made, the nutritional label has very little impact on product evaluation however comprehensive claim is relatively higher with greater education and experience (Loureiro,, 2010).

How Label Can Impact Marketing

Packaging and labelling design was the first thing that came to light when the consumer first interacted with products. Good labelling mixed with marketing increases brand recognition, productivity, even speaks what is your product about and what it stands for. A great example of it is the juice company nudies, which created their first drink with a unique and clean design. Nudie drink spread all over Australia in food and beverages stores.

Communicative Role of Labeling in Islam

As per the cue utilization theory, consumers use extrinsic factors as arrogance to product quality and consumers are likely to pay close attention to labelling design, packaging, product sustainability’s, health benefits etc. Therefore packaging referred to as extrinsic factors influence perception of taste, company image and in more sophisticated statement symbolizes the connotation.

In Islam, Halal logo certification is most likely to accept facts by Muslims. Many assignment writer said Halal logo  provides number of benefits to the Muslim consumers and marketers. Muslims in non-Muslim countries often seen relies on the Symbol V for vegetarianism that works as an extrinsic factor deem to be suitable products. In a survey, it was identified Arabian and middle east countries citizens spend a considerable amount of money or time seeking out packages having a halal logo or suitable for them to eat. Further, in the absence of a Halal log, respondents tend to go with the screening process through reading product labelling (Khan, 2017). One of the major cues reported from UK samples marked the V symbol as an integral part of labelling designing.

Another communicate role of labelling is it produces embarkation of warning or potential hazard associated with product consumption. Despite the fact that the majority of the respondents have shown a basic understanding of the table of contents, items lists, they would still require more accurate specifications as they search for additional information on the web many times. Thence there is no doubt product labelling largely impact their decision making power. To know more take online assignment help from ArabEssay today.


The purpose of this study is to negotiate the answer whether the product labelling affecting the consumer purchasing power or not. To the best authors knowledge and accounting secondary database, it was identified product labelling came to light only when consumers were willing to pay for it. On the same note, it will be useful to know to what extent, the consumer prefers to recommend products and services being delivered. During this study, it was explored packaging and visual designing plays a vital role in communicating the product benefits at first, but with research progression, study also revealed, labelling symbolize warning like if products contain any hazardous material or not. Since the demand for labelling food has been increased marketing, this study also accumulated data showing the reflection of labelling strategy on business growth.


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Analyzing Marketing Challenges In Family-Owned Enterprise

Marketing Challenges In Family-Owned Enterprise


A family-owned business is the best way to improve the productivity of the organization. It also reduces the employment rate of the country as it runs generation-wise. The family members of the organization also feel comfortable while performing their business in the organization. The capital of the business also comes from the family members as they invest in the business to increase their sales and to expand the business through which the profit margin of the organization also increases. In the case of family, owners enterprise the family members also face huge problems as competition arises among the members and this reduces the motivational power of the members and due to that the business collapses. There are many members in the family and they have different decisions so the company faces problems as they don’t identify the best decisions. In many cases, the investors take over the company due to a lack of proper decisions within the workplace and the owner of the organization also faces problems due to huge competition within the workplace. It is also enumerated that in some cases the family members like to make arrange a marriage between the boys and girls of a different family to increase their business and to develop the revenue of the organization. It is also discussed that the organization in many cases receives less profit due to the competition among the daily members as they face huge problems while performing their business. The outside investors who don’t have a blood relationship with the family embers also take the business when the business receives less profit and the entire system of the organization gets affected. The fight among the members of the organization also arises in the death case of the main owner. The owner must make a nominee for the business so that no consequences occur among the family members. 


In recent research, it is identified that a maximum number of businesses are family businesses as it generates a huge rate of profit and provides huge support to the country, and increases the gross domestic product of the country. In the U.S the rate of a family business is 19% and it also reduces the unemployment rate of the country as it provides hue support to the candidates so that they can receive a proper job and maintain their standard of living appropriately. In many cases, the assignment help team noticed organization also faces huge problems as the family members fail to perform the business effectively. The entire system of the organization gets affected due to competition among the daily members.

The Challenges That The Family Owned Enterprise Faces Are:

The planning regarding the conversion: In this process, it is discussed what the business means to maintain an equal impression amongst every member of the organization. The owner must provide equal benefits and repayment to all the members of the organization so that the motivation of the employee does not get decrease and in this process eventually the workers are encouraged to perform their task effectively. The owner must not have the partiality problem between a blood relationship and with an outsider employee. Neither it will affect the performance of the organization as well as the motivation of the employee.

Leveraged by out of the goal of the directors: In this process, it is noticed that with the family business the ownership always remains 100 % to the owner to the same cases involves some investors from outside, so that the business can be expanded by increasing the rate of capital. In this process, 51 % share of business goes to the investor and 49% goes to the owner. but eventually due to the outsider investors sometimes the business faces a huge problem for the various discussion taken and in this process, the system of the business is affected.

Family-owned business:  According to university assignment help it has been noticed if a family have more than six children the owner faces a lot of problems have to provide the entire responsibility to their children but eventually this results in the system decoration and the performance of the organization gets decreased, henced the family must engage their children in a different part of the business. In this case, the owner faces a huge problem as all the children demand to become the owner of the same company and this affects the relationship among the family members. This also affects the entire system of the organization as the organization faces bankruptcy when the main owner dies. So, according to this case, the owner needs to maintain a legal procedure to maintain peace among the family members and the owner also needs to provide an equal share to the children so that they feel comfortable and maintain a good relationship with each other.

Regal: In this case, the main owner of the family died, generally the outsider investor or any other family member take advantage of taking the company. So a law has been introduced in their will be a certain age to run a business. Either the whole family of the business. The outside investors think of capturing the running business to receive a huge rate of profit. The outsider investors make the company in his name and this changes the owner of the business and affects the performance of the organization. So, the family members must maintain the business properly by performing in the business. 

The courage of the company: The owner of the business must be concerned about the company’s courage to maintain an equal position to their employees the owner must not different their employees so that their performances get affected. The owner must not provide extra opportunities to the family members as this reduces the motivational power of the non-family members and this increases the rate of lack of employees within the workplace. This makes the company get closed. The employees are the backbone of the organization so they need to maintain their employees appropriately to increase the performance of the organization. It is also enumerated that the management of the organization needs to provide proper support to the employees of the organization. The communication process within the workplace also needs to be maintained appropriately to provide proper information to the employees of the organization. So, that they can perform the tasks effectively.

Separation of business from pressure: This refers that the decision takes a very important role in case of so small business the family member work together with different decision, so the business decision must be taken in the workplace so that no problem arises among the family member. To know more take free assignment help from ArabEssay team

Generations relate problems: In the recent research, it is identified that the new generation is the ones who can serve the best idea to the company through which the company can improve its performance and can expand the business. This also increases the profit margin of the organization. It is also enumerated that this generation can also implement advanced technology within the workplace to develop the productivity of the organization. In some cases, the new generation needs to maintain active listening skills to know about the company clearly and can perform their tasks effectively, and can increase the rate of profit of the organization. The new generation must have a 25% idea regarding the business to perform the business effectively. So, the members must spend some time in the organization to know about the organization appropriately and increase the performance. It is also enumerated that the decisions within the workplace are the most essential element that the members need to maintain to improve the system of the organization.

Succession plan: The financial statement of the organization is the most essential element that the members of the organization need to maintain. In some cases, the new generations fail to perform the business properly as they don’t have proper knowledge regarding the business. The knowledge regarding the business is most needed as it supports the organization to improve its performance and it also supports expanding the business. The profit margin of the organization also increases. It is also explained that the organization needs to provide some training to the new generation to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can perform their assigned tasks effectively and can increase the performance of the organization. It is identified that 40% of family business survives but after second-generation 12% survives. So, family business gets closed very early due to competition among the family members.

According to the research, it is identified that proper knowledge regarding the organization develops the performance and productivity of the business. It is also enumerated that the financial statement of the organization also plays a very important role as it develops the profit margin of the organization. In a person’s, life family is the most essential thing so they need to be kept protected. In a family business, the relationship among the members gets deteriorated as they feel that the owner does not provide a proper place in the business, and due to this the competition arises among the daily members. The family must not get mix with business as it is different because due to money a person can do anything. As per essay writing help team owner of the organization also faces problems in the case of hiring the employees. The family members desire to have a good place within the workplace but the owner knows who is best suitable for the company and due to this the company also collapses and the profit margin of the organization gets affected. It also has an impact on the performance of the organization. The family members do not follow the policies and the procedures within the workplace and due to that, the entire system of the organization gets affected. The non-family members think that the owner provides better benefits to the family members and this reduces the motivation of the employees and due to this the performance and the productivity of the organization get affected. It is also discussed that the non-family members also demand good benefits from the company and this reduces the profit of the organization and also affects the motivational power of the employees. The employees who are not related to the family members of the owner get demotivated as they think that the opportunity within the organization is only for the family members and this decreases the working ability of the employees and due to this the company fails to perform the assigned tasks effectively. The culture of the organization is the most essential element that the organization needs to maintain to improve the performance of the workplace and to increase the profit margins. It is identified that family members do not follow the culture of the organization properly as they think they are from the family and this has a huge impact upon the entire system of the organization. The strategies and the ideas of the organization also get affected due to the lack of proper culture within the workplace. The owner of the organization needs to provide similar opportunities to every member of the organization to maintain their motivational power and this encourages them to provide their best to the organization while performing their assigned tasks. The communication system within the workplace needs to be maintained effectively so that the members of the organization receive relevant information regarding the company and this encourages them to perform their tasks appropriately. The training classes also need to be held for both the nonfamily and daily members to provide proper knowledge regarding the company. In the case of the family business, the capital is huge as every member of the organization invests in the company and this improves the performance of the organization. The organization needs to observe the day-to-day operation of the business to maintain the profit margin of the organization. In some cases, due to emotional and physical problems, the day-to-day operations of the family business get destroyed and this results in the closure of the business. The decision-making within the workplace needs to be maintained properly so that the perfomnace of the organization remains stable and this expands the business. In the family business, the owner of the business also needs to maintain a legal proceeding regarding who will manage the business after his/her death. In this case, the relationship among the family members remains stable otherwise every member demand share of the business and this affects the performance of the organization. The family business runs according to inheritance as the owners of the business change generation-wise. In the case of the family business, the decision is taken by the owners. The inheritance supports the business after the death of the original owner. The future planning regarding the business needs to be maintained effectively so that the business can identify the problems that may affect the entire system of the organization.

According to the research of term paper help, it is identified that a maximum number of family businesses do not survive in the marketplace due to a lack of knowledge of the candidates. So, the members must stay with the owner and learn some ideas regarding the business to run the business effectively and this may improve the performance of the organization. The financial planning of the business is the most essential thing as this increases the profit of the organization. The financial statement provides a clear view regarding the profit and loss of the business and this increases the productivity of the organization. The members of the organization need to provide the same incentives to develop their motivation and this improves the entire working system of the organization. A family-owned business is the best way to get a proper job and to improve the standard of living. According to the family business, it goes hand to hand with succession plan issues. The planning for the future supports the family business to survive even in difficult situations and earn a huge rate of profit. In recent research, it is identified that a maximum number of daily businesses do not survive after the death of the original owner and this reduces the profit margin of the organization. The financial planning of the organization also needs to be maintained appropriately so that the owner has the idea of where to use the resources and in how much amount. This improves the performance of the organization. The values of the business also need to be maintained effectively otherwise misunderstanding occurs and this has a huge impact upon the organization. The family business is run according to inheritance as the owners change generation-wise. The heirs of the owner become the owner of the business after the death of the original owner. The decisions in the business are also taken by the owner and the difference in the decisions affects the performance of the organization. Get free assistance or coursework help from ArabEssay team


It is concluded that in the above essay the information related to the challenges that the family-owned business faces while performing their tasks are provided. It is also enumerated that how the family-owned business mitigates the problems by implementing new ideas are also discussed in the above essay. The information related to the system according to which the family-owned business performs its tasks is also explained in the above-discussed essay. The family business is the best way to reduce the rate of unemployment in the countries and develop the performance of the country. In the above essay, the information related to how family business maintain their performance are also provided. It is also identified that a maximum number of businesses do not survive in difficult situations as the owner changes generation wise so the organization faces huge problems while performing their assigned tasks. It is also enumerated that the recommendation of how the family business can be developed is also provided in the above-discussed essay. According to the research, it is identified that the competition among the family members affects the entire business as the relationship among the members gets affected and due to that, the business gets closed. In some cases, the investors from outside take over the business when problems arise within the family business. The owner of the business needs to maintain a legal procedure that who will be the owner of the business after his/her death. This supports the business to maintain its performance.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing A Comparative Analysis

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing


There are reasonable differences between digital and traditional marketing practices. Analysing the differences it is important to interpret which type of marketing will suit the requirement of individual marketer. Digital marketing is constantly evolving. However, the trend of basic popularity in traditional marketing compels marketers to choose this option of marketing. This research will delineate the advantage and disadvantage of traditional and digital marketing in multiple contexts (Kayumovich and Annamuradovna, 2020). In congruence with the relevance of different business and the scope of marketing in individual business domain, is research will create a detailed discussion of multiple approaches of digital and traditional marketing demonstrating their respective importance.

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels like websites or social media as marketing tools for establishing communication with external stakeholder groups. Any social media user should have some across advertisements popping up in the mainstream social media profile of the individual. This is a very basic example of digital marketing. On the contrary, traditional marketing involves the use of traditional channels like printed media or billboard or electronic media. Use of electronic media is versatile as it is a sometimes counted among digital marketing medium and sometimes in traditional marketing medium. On a general note, before the introduction of the digital marketing processes, use of electronic media like television was a still counted among the traditional means of marketing. Speaking of traditional marketing assignment writer think about Don draper in mad men who was a brainstorming about TV commercial ideas and a copy for the Coca-Cola company (FIAMMENGHI, 2019). Until the development of internet across the world vehemently since 1990, use of traditional marketing was the only kind of marketing available for organisations.

Analyzing The Difference Between Traditional And Digital Marketing

The primary difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is the use of medium through which the marketing message is conveyed to the audience. On one hand, traditional marketing uses traditional form of media like print media which involves magazine and newspaper. In contrast, digital marketing is based on the use of digital media like social media or paid and unpaid websites.

Traditional marketing should not be considered old-fashioned (Bala and Verma, 2018). In spite of the rapid growth of digital marketing in almost all industry, traditional marketing still has the primary role to play in influencing lives of people, even in the face of ever-growing requirements to step out in the digital world.

Significant impact of impactful television commercial and tactile nature of the rolling stone magazine are as important and significance today as it has been twenty years ago, because of the lasting impact it created on the mind of people. On a subconscious level, we are still reminiscent about the impact that it created. We are still attached with the brand on an emotional level implying that the brand loyalty of the company is a still on a high note.

In the same way the aspects of digital marketing equally important. On some cases they are more important than traditional marketing. Digital marketing uses the specific everyday touch points of internet users for reaching customers. An example can be provided. An individual might be searching for best holiday ideas for the upcoming weekend getaway or vacation. There are high level of chances that very soon pop-up advertisement of Sky scanner will show up on the screen (Roncevic, Lukcic and Spoljaric, 2019). Using internet for multiple casual and work purpose is every day, is a a must to do in everybody’s lives. Plagiarism free assignment help suggested Digital marketing uses this window as opportunity bye cleverly integrating marketing communication messages through digital channels to reach the customer just when they are in a need for some similar products.

Selection Of Reasonable Marketing Methods

Most researchers argue that the crux to successful marketing is finding the correct balance between traditional marketing as well as digital marketing. In the year 2021, digital marketing is on the forego. None of the organisations can yet disregard the significance and importance of traditional marketing. Both create a very strong impact in the mind of the audience when used together. The example of Guinness can be taken in this regard. Their television commercials have become very famous because of the uniqueness and highly significant cinematography. After twenty years of development the classic 1999 campaign of Guinness is still considered to be one of the most famous television commercials of all times (Kaur, 2017). Even with the legendary status the organisation still had to incorporate relevance in their marketing process and imbibe digital marketing strategies so that did not miss out in a significant marketing scope and opportunity of appearing to any significant target customer segment. GUINNESS stepped out into the domain of digital marketing in order to create appeal towards brother as well as younger audience therefore expanding the target market. In order to increase the scope of digital marketing, Guinness used video content significantly and disbursed the same over Facebook and Instagram. Rather than simply accomplishing marketing goals like refurbishing television commercials the organisation developed the campaigns as the first social video by composing their shots specially with Instagram and Facebook features in mind. The videos were very critically targeted to the audiences of our Facebook and Instagram separately and respectively (Riedler, 2020). As an outcome of the organisation was able to create a visually stunning and highly influential social media campaign exhibit in Compton cowboys who care for their horses in California. Major team of the researchers called their campaign perfectly trendy and highly shareable feed for Instagram.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Traditional Marketing

The current increase of prominence of social media has led to undermining the importance of traditional marketing methods. However a large number of researchers counterfeit this fact. Traditional marketing still has a critical role to play in everyday life of consumers. In case if companies have the budget to sponsor the campaigns over magazine and television then the campaigns can be very significant. Traditional marketing include outdoor marketing like set up of billboards, posters, vehicle wraps and so on other than that the popular traditional marketing channels include broadcasting of television and radio followed by print release over magazine and newspapers (Minculete and Olar, 2018). Telemarketing with help of phone and text message along with window display and sign is also considered to be critical option of traditional marketing. To know more, get free term paper help from ArabEssay professional team today


Traditional marketing is very impactful. It is also very easy to understand. Visually appealing billboards or very significant television commercials are normal aspect of everyday lives of people. People find it easy to digest them and often find them entertaining (FIAMMENGHI, 2019). This have an impact on their subconscious mind which enables them to purchase the concerned products.

Printed Marketing Materials Have Permanent Impact

If there is an advertisement in any of the issues of New York times, then it will be published and circulated until the magazine is recycled.

Content Of Traditional Marketing Is More Memorable

Seeing something in the real life in comparison to that on the phone is likely to be remembered with more impact. Anticipation of the super bowl advertisements or some impressive window display a likely to stay in the mind more in comparison to any Instagram advertisement which are casually scrolled away by people.


Difficulty In Measuring Campaign

It is very difficult to measure the campaigns over traditional media. There are specific way of measuring traditional campaign like brand cracker however such tool are not highly influential or intelligent like the tools available for measuring the impact of digital marketing (Sherman, 2019).

Often Expensive

If a start-up organisation tries to conduct traditional marketing then it is very viable that it will not have the necessary fund for A4 pages spread advertisement in vogue magazine. The expense of various kinds of traditional marketing is considered to be a critical setback.

Absence Of Direct Interaction With Customers

Unlike the social media and other form of digital marketing, traditional marketing keeps the marketer in the dark regarding the reaction of audience. It makes the aspect of anticipating the outcome of marketing effort difficult in case of traditional marketing.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that traditional marketing has very significant impact. However in contrast we should not forget that we are living in the internet age and currently digital marketing is having very significant and height gauge impact if not greater impact in consideration to traditional marketing. Currently about 60% of global population are about 6 hours and 40 minutes online on an average every day. It is projected that by the end of the year 2021 about the 73% of e-commerce sales will be based on orders placed from digital devices. Therefore it is height and that organisation should you spend significant time and opportunity for clever digital marketing activities (Bailey, 2020). The most important aspect of digital marketing activities is a social media marketing over Facebook or Instagram. As per the instant assignment help professional view, There are other social media channels as well. Website marketing followed by paid and unpaid content marketing constitutes two very important elements of digital marketing. Getting also takes into account the elements like affiliate marketing or inbound marketing. In order to impact pay per click or search engine marketing, it  is also used as a part of digital marketing.


Scope For Engagement

Better scope for engagement is one of the greatest benefits of digital marketing. Use of channels like social media enables physical perception of what the audience things about the brand and the marketing campaigns. The marketers are able to understand that give their content is being repeatedly shared and liked and ushered with significant amount of positive comment, then the campaigns would become fruitful in the long run (Key, 2017).

Easy In Measuring The Campaign Outcome

On the flip side to traditional mode of marketing, the elements of digital marketing tracking is exceptionally into the depth. It makes the learning extremely clear for the upcoming round of marketing initiatives.

Helps In Achieving Clever Targeting

Digital marketing creates a hands-on approach to understand customer preferences. For evidence if an organisation has the tools of specifically targeting and understanding demands of a specific demographic criteria of unit customers well they can easily create perfectly tailor-made content and even perfectly customised products for fitting the requirement of the customers.


Digital Advertisements Are Annoying

It is considered that digital advertisements can be annoying. Sometimes people can simply scroll Facebook home page for perceiving activity of friends. However they will come across a sponsored advertisement for something which the individual has been searching over an e-commerce website or other digital media the last night or day before (Sharma, Sharma and Chaudhary, 2020). It is undoubtedly a disliked activity however in spite of being clever targeting.

Lack Of Permanence

The efforts in digital marketing like use of Google advertisement or promotional email or social media advertisements can be resulting in a fleeting outcome. They are not tangible and this kind of advertisements can be easily ignored. In case if target audience keep on scrolling or clicking on the next page, the advertisement will then be gone from the screen.

Constant Evolution

In order to achieve the major positive impact from digital marketing effort it is important for organisations to acquire greater learning. Individual social media channel needs their own specialist for activities ranging from search engine marketing social media (Roncevic, Lukcic and Spoljaric, 2019). Every channel require professionals to get the best outcome against the content promoted. However grassroots social media marketing campaigns are also a great start for entry level companies.

Competition For Better ROI

Traditional marketing might have evolved in last twenty or thirty odd years. However, all fundamental aspects of traditional marketing remains the same. The marketing techniques used by organisations in the current day depend significantly on the very relevant 4 p’s of marketing. These are product, place, social enterprise. All successful business understands the significance of developing proper sales funnel. Leveraging 4ps of marketing here’s a business to achieve the prospect and customers through any individual sales funnel and perceive the favorable outcomes.

Product: Effective marketing initiatives with proper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of owner product. Any organisation has a good idea regarding whether their product will create high demand in the target market or it will always stay intangible.

Price: Overall cost associated with the product depend on the level of understanding regarding the product. Price always become the determining factor when the elements like supply or demand or profit margin comes into context of discussion (Yang and Jun, 2002).

Promotion: It refers to the strategy for getting the publicity about the product into the market. And helping in promotion of the product and acquiring better visibility comes under the aspect of promotion. Therefore advertisement posted on the billboard is a promotion and setting up Facebook advertisement is also a promotion.

Place: traditional marketing is highly dependent on Getting product in front of target audience at the right time and at the right place. It also imply putting up the right price. In marketing domain, placement has a significant role. Since the product is placed in an ideal location, there is significant chance of converting prospects to customers.

Apparently digital marketing can look different in comparison to traditional marketing in large number of ways. However, it all comes to the differences in the fourth element of the 4 p’s of marketing model, promotion. Digital marketing has great impact as it takes into account the elements in all four p’s of marketing. In fact there is uniqueness in the way digital marketing approaches towards fulfillment of the elements discussed under all four p’s of marketing (Ibrahim, Aljarah and Ababneh, 2020). Researchers state that the way in which digital marketing accomplishes the elements of 4 p’s of marketing is sometimes better than traditional marketing. Get to know more about 4 ps of marketing from essay writing help team of ArabEssay

Downsides Of Traditional Marketing

It is undoubted that traditional marketing still has a very crucial point of impact. It is the biggest platform for immediately taking a product among the largest possible target market. However, researchers nowadays state that with the advent of technology it is possible for marketers to communicate their business with audience in many new opportunities. Investigation of the loopholes of traditional marketing is important. It is now not the only viable opportunity of marketing.

Lack Of Interaction

One of the most obvious and immediate limitation of traditional marketing is that there is seldom any scope of interaction between customers and the medium of marketing used by the marketer. Traditional marketing is undoubtedly the biggest platform for surfacing and broadcasting information towards the target audience (Key, 2017). However the brand building exercise is practiced with the hope of attracting attention of the appropriate people and the wish of converting them into potential customers. It is mostly possible when the medium of marketing used by the market and will have the scope of two-way communication.

Lack Of Control Over Timing

Traditional marketing depends on the promotional methods which has been executed however now cannot be updated. It can be a static release over newspaper or other commercial platform like television. In order to revise the existing information it is important to bring down the previously published information and replace it with a new advertisement. It is not possible to bring about any change or replacement in the old one itself. On an immediate basis it has hardly any impact. In the long run it can however create significant impact. An instance can be in this regard. There can be an organisation which is the running a magazine advertisement for promotion of the latest widget (Riedler, 2020). There can be a major update to the widget which can have significant impact in customer purchase if the same is promoted. However the use of traditional marketing method will make it impossible for the organisation to change the current advertisement which has been on air. In order to do so there will be a huge dent in the marketing budget. It imply that by doing so the organisation will we already incurring great amount of expense.

Higher Cost

Recurring costs in doing traditional marketing can be a significant investment in which you might or might not provide substantial return. The advertisement in local newspaper will be successful and effective if only the target audience see the advertisement on the day when it is published. However there is no algorithm for probability with substantiate that are the target audience will definitely see the advertisement in the newspaper on that specific day. Therefore in order to fill in the gap it is important to put up the advertisement repeatedly which is definitely reason why higher costs are associated with traditional marketing. There is no other alternative also (Sherman, 2019). This is because any organisation would like to ensure that the marketing content developed by them, reaches the maximum possible target audience and creates sales impact. Development and distribution of posters and flyers are considered to be one of the most popular form of traditional marketing. However it is a one-time exposure and again there is a high level of chance that the target audience might not have collected the poster on that specific day. In comparison if the content was published over a website then it would have brought in large number of targeted visitors. Else to know more buy assignment online from ArabEssay to get much detailed information.

In case if it would have fallen into hands of wrong target population they would have employed the word-of-mouth publicity to let the target audience know about the advertisement. In this case there is a little controversy. A set of researchers argue that in case of the print campaign over a newspaper or a poster, the same can also be distributed. For evidence, a new elevation model is published by a company. In order to promote the new product the company creates the posters and distributes them on road. Considering the above logic the poster falls into the hands of an individual who has recently purchased a television. It is evident that he is certainly not among the target customers second. For that purpose, it can also fall into the hands of a person who is not loyal to the specific television brand. He might not have the habit of watching television and rather prefer to buy a costly mobile phone or tablet. In that case even if we cannot do word of mouth publicity he can simply pass the newspaper page or the posted to a person whom he might know to be in requirement of the same equipment or product. Therefore the question arises how it is different from digital marketing and house the scope of word-of-mouth publicity in digital marketing is better. Digital marketing offers a scope of sharing content over a very large audience base (Bala and Verma, 2018). In this case a leaflet or a poster might be shared to maximum two or three people. However that also cannot be possible at the same time. Majority of brands provide offers for limited time period. The means of traditional marketing, by the time the leaflet reaches the hands of targeted customer who would be willing to purchase the product, the company might have pulled up the product line or On the offer. In contrast in case of digital marketing people have the ability of sharing specific content with all their social media friend and acquaintances (Kayumovich and Annamuradovna, 2020). In fact, people outside their friend list can also have a look into the content. This is how if the content is shared simply three to four times, it will be able to grab the attention of a larger target audience  in comparison to traditional marketing.


In conclusion, it can be articulated that digital and traditional marketing have their own place of importance. However it can also be summarised that are considering the needs like rapid promotion and faster word of mouth publicity at minimal and negligible cost, there is perhaps no alternative to digital marketing. Therefore it can also be concluded that small businesses will be benefited by using digital marketing in comparison to traditional marketing. Organisations should attempt to digital marketing if they are not finding significant growth through traditional marketing. The research study has clearly articulated the loopholes of using traditional marketing. There is little risk involved in digital marketing however with great return of interest. It ultimately depends on the business and its promotional needs; digital and traditional marketing processes will be used for maximum possible profit.

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Effective Online Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies


Online marketing refers to the marketing principles as well as techniques by means of electronic media as well as other sources some more specifically to be associated only with the internet. The terminology like a marketing or internet marketing or digital marketing or online marketing can be frequently interchanged and mean the same. Online marketing is a generic process associated with the advertisement of brands or any product by means of using internet facilities first of its associated with the direct response of marketing as well as indirect marketing elements and makes utilisation of a great range of various modern technologies for helping in connection of business with the potential customers (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). In conclusion it can be highlighted that online marketing includes all necessary activities of organisation reaches the company conducts by means of world wide web with the absolute objective of extracting the new businesses along with new marketing alongside identification and development of customer relationship and maintenance of the current business. It is also operated with the objective of development of the popularity of the brand. The way in which online marketing helps in achievement of these objective this will be discussed in detail in context of this research-based essay.

Comparison Of Online And Traditional Marketing

When marketing strategies are implemented appropriately the expected return on investment from the online marketing can exceed that of the traditional marketing outcome by a great difference. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar organisation which is called a developed business or a completely concerned online operation internet or online marketing is the only opportunity that can help the organisation to access the domain of digital business world. It can be used as an option for reaching literally to millions of people every year (Kingsnorth, 2019). Currently online marketing is at the front line of redefining the way in which the organisations interact with customers on a regular level.

Analyzing Changes Brought About By Online Marketing

Segmentation Or Targeting

The online customers of a company have various and variable demographic characteristics as well as requirement and acidic behaviour in comparison to the offline customers. These offline customers are also referred to as the traditional customers of traditional marketing. In this regard it can be followed up that variable approaches to segmentation might be needed along with specific segmentation strategy to be selectively targeting the audience. Online marketing currently follows 6 common segmentation options (Micu et al., 2017).

Customer Profile Characteristics

It is also referred to as demographics and it is a crucial standpoint where most business start going online on the basis of the traditional segmentation depending on the nature of the customer which has been recorded in context switch determination of the customer profile. In case of business to customer internet-based retailers it will be incorporated in the elements like age 48 by gender as well as geography. However Dissertation writing help Ajman professional predicted in connection with the business-to-business organisations it will incorporate the present its size of the organisation as well as the industrial sector or the product where the organisation is operating (Roy, Datta and Basu, 2017).

Customer Value

Customer values can be current as well as future. Operators try understanding customers such that they might focus as well as developer loyalty group. On unusual basis it will be divided ad on the basis of customer types into specific and unique groups. These are the most valuable customers who make frequent online purchase followed by the most growth projected customers who are potential customers and have the capability of becoming loyalty customers over the internet forum and in the end there is the below zero customers who are the customers who will not at all be purchasing online. While considering the loyalty-based segmentation it is important to compare current value against the future value (Ducange, Pecori and Mezzina, 2018). For evidence the customer behaviour towards electronic marketing survey made by the various retailer groups can be consulted to understand how the perceptions differ  actually.

Customer Life Cycle Groups

Since the visitors use the various online services they usually do pass through some stages before purchase of products which are also called online loyalty letter. They might feel some of the forms which ask for some specific information like their region or gender or age group and so on. In connection to the retailers encouraging customers to move from the initial purchase to second purchase is a great challenge and then on moving to the third purchase can be a super challenging affair. Sometimes in Proposal writing help promotions as well as discounts are needed for encouraging further purchase.

Customer Behaviour

Customer behaviour in response as well as purchase is critical (Saleh, 2019). Customers interact with online purchase by using advertising email or the pages visited on site and captured and based on that the online marketing agents are able to develop a detailed response as well as purchase history of the customers. From their own they are able to easily track frequency followed by the recently bonnet is d value and category of the products which has been purchased from the customers frequently visiting the website using the calculation of rim analysis.

Multichannel Behaviour Of Customers

No matter however customers have been offered with online channels, some of the customers have to be offered with only the online portal of communications and however some will only pay for traditional channels. Nevertheless this is a very potential statement followed by digital marketing agents. On the basis of these retailers might be able to determine which specific customers will prefer all activities more and therefore reduced frequency of using the traditional communication channel for those preferred customers (Bleier, Harmeling and Palmatier, 2019). Living cost and create a more project and targeted channel of communication which can also increase the ratio of conversion to final sale.

Customer Persona Incorporating Psychographics

On the basis of the 5 parameters demonstrated above retailers can be easily separating customers into the target groups which will be appropriate and help them in saving lot of money as well as cost from conducting a survey as well as advertisement and still understand exactly what the customers might be demanding. Hence they might offer the appropriate product the appropriate customer.

Differentiation Or Positioning

It is highly variable that the online product of competitors and their service offering can differ in the entire cyberspace. There for development of the appropriate online value propositions is a critical affair to properly formulate strategy of online marketing. Differentiated online offering are critically based on low cost in acquisition as well as retention of online customers which is a strategic position gradually passed on to the customers. The retailers offer reduced price online like or comet get the maximum benefit of this strategic aspect in this regard. The airlines which offer low-cost flight can also be used for example like that of easyJet or Ryanair airlines. The financial services companies which offer highest rate of interest on the savings product as well as lower rate of interest on the credit products such as credit card as well as loans like nationwide or reliance or Leicester can also be used in this regard. at Marking assignment help data have been collected and concluded, the mobile phone network providers or mobile phone network utilities offers low cost sharif as well as discount for the customer account who are managed online avoiding paper building (Steinhoff et al., 2017). For evidence companies like British gas or o2 can be highlighted in this regard. Other options like that of differentiation are also available online for the organisations where the products this sale might be appropriate for online sales like that of high value or complex products. For evidence the fast-moving consumer goods brands sales through online retailers. These organisations might use the online strategy for adding value to brands of products by means of providing added value-based services or various types of experience marketing.

Products Or Distribution

Product based absolutely online will undergo a proper life cycle in the similar and predictable pattern as the products which are marketed through any of the traditional channels. The products which are marketed using online mode will have a primary benefit over the customers which might be actual tangible product having augmentation adding value like insurance or warranty and so on. All the tools can actually specify that product they might be easily adapted for incorporating other aspects like a brand or service of the solutions (Bala and Verma, 2018). For evidence is a popular website where whatever we want to buy will be appearing with the mouse click. We might choose what product will like from where ever in the world as well as wide range of cost for the same product we can get the latest version of the technology as well.

We can get latest version of the technology. We might also get our desire to protect and if we decide on purchasing anything over the website we will have all details and distributions which has been provided by the concerned the seller and not the website which is selling the product. It refers to restrictions like that a brand or insurance or shipping cost included within the charges and so on. In order to illustrate it can be highlighted that iPhone 5c is the newest product of apple incorporation where to buy just technique we can get wide range of data found from china as well as us as well as you can and India and we might be pleased by the quality however tight contact in protecting our rights is a specific information which is also expected to be shared by the organisation on product packaging. This kind of documentations are easily checked over online mode (Müller, 2018). In this case we have better security in terms of getting assurance over the online selling brands.


Price in online marketing is significantly competitive factor. All individual organisations are attempting to reduce their price for attracting the attention of customers to their product range. Price is generally exhibited and listed in the ascending order from various organisations on websites selling online products. Assignment writer said, with better access to the pricing data in a quick as well as well formatted manner it becomes possible to compare prices with absolute transparency. There are significant number of websites that makes comparison as well as contrast of the prices for same as well as similar kind of goods and services offered.

For evidence the is considered to be one of the most popular websites for sales of high quality of smartphones in the country of Vietnam. As well as our clients to shop their products online by reducing prices of the smartphones in comparison to buying the products from their respective store outlet. For evidence, Nokia N8 is listed at 11000 in their stores however on their website and the same price listing on the stores is 11500. Therefore on purchasing the product online it is possible to save about 500 with same product features and warranty and benefits with which the product comes in the 2 formats of sales (Chenet al., 2020). Another very trusted and popular website is which sales and also offers option to buy online after The organisation has distinguished products into specific sections like clothing or electronics or toys or jewellery or books. Simply by click we might find all staff that we need at suitable prices from online retailers.

Usually we get the products at discount of about 20% after 40% while purchasing them from The prize is usually offered at discounted range because of the significant competition in the online marketing format. Purchasing some latest product without going out and exploring the market is the offering of online marketing strategies which is called in business as online shopping and the retailer calls it as electronic marketing. Customer relationship management over the electronic media creates a option for feedback sharing and it is one of the critical process to be accomplished before customers are finished with purchasing online. In terms of online marketing this form of advertising is called email marketing where a simple online purchase is initiated on the basis of advertisement of the new products through email (Sofronov, 2019). Retailers develop customer email with the product features and token appreciation of the customer is documented which helps customers feel that they are specially forward with the offer of dragging the latest product at and interesting price and the retailers send about hundreds or even thousands of similar emails to the customers with one click of a button. In just a few minutes it is impossible to encompass large volume of audience to be attracted towards a latest product at minimal cost and in a minimal time. For evidence, in order to purchase an iPad from we have to fill a form which includes our name, address, country, email address, postal code as well as gender and so on. However these diseases are actually not all the necessary for sales of the specific product never the less the brand tries to establish a confirmation link over the purchase so that in future they can keep in touch with us and keeps prompting us to purchase other products on the basis of the difference of our shopping preferences (Berman and Thelen, 2018). When we want to predict in marketing assignment in Sohar, purchase any product in case of online marketing the sending and grabbing of references are considered to be the initial step in terms of online marketing where if not forced customers are heavily influenced to stay communicated with retailers to get the best buying options. Whenever there is a new advertisement in the market the retailers who already has a record of the digital footprint of customers regarding the previous purchase might send email regarding the same. However by means of website the brands might track frequently how customers are going to the website for searching product and purchasing products so that they can develop the kind of suggestions and recommendations they send to customers.

Online Marketing Communication Strategies

in this regard the social media has a very crucial role to play. Social media is accomplishment of some internet-based applications for sharing and accomplishing blogs or networking or content community development or undertake project on collaboration or help in playing virtual game and therefore communicate and connect with the audience on any scale using any variable means possible. It is important to use these parameters to develop the ideology as well as the technological foundation using web 2.0 enabling creation as well as exchange of a specific user generated content. increase in use of this form of media and network has created scope for development of new opportunities for marketing of products. Researchers highlight that The uptake of social media usage as a tool for marketing is extremely high on the rise (Kozlenkovaet al., 2017). Essay writing help service got it from rigorous research, Currently Facebook having over 400 million active users and Twitter over 50 million active users prove to be very potential source of marketing communication. high potential of the social networking websites has enabled organisations to realize their importance and enable new and innovative opportunities of reaching the potential customer base. Researchers also highlight that social media applications are able to attract specific people and groups as well as organisations. This is a reason why the brands marketing their product over social media should always be cautious and active over the internet forum. current research reviews that about 78% of client organisations are making heavy use of social media and only about 41% of they are having strategic social media communication strategy. in this regard it can be analysed that it is definitely beneficial to use social media however to gain the maximum benefit and make the content reach out to the maximum possible ways of audience it is important to have a robust strategy of communications incorporating elements like active presence or quick reply for establishment of communication with quick offers and discounts in a limited time proposition and so on.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process related to identification as well as fine tuning of elements and keywords over websites for improvement of traffic so that it is possible to reach the maximum possible visibility from the search engine. Assimakopouloset al., (2017), highlights the fact that SEO tools try capturing users who looked out actively for data regarding products associated with a specific organisation which substantially convert them into group of potential clients who express their requirements openly. Therefore for the modern organisations, SEO based marketing is the first option to take out and it is worth remembering that half of the online purchase initiates with a Google or other search engine search. There for search engine optimisation is to be considered as a potential equipment for creation of brand awareness and increase unit visit to the website. These are very crucial accomplishments of online marketing activities. Highest-ranking over search engine might enable organisations to attract more visitors to their website. Researchers are so articulate that about 50% of visitors come from search engines rather than direct links over other websites. In case you are facing difficulty in understanding SEO technicalities, you can ask for plagiarism free university assignment help at ArabEssay anytime.


In conclusion it can be articulated on the basis of the above finding that turn online marketing is now playing the role with an upper hand in general marketing context. On one hand it is creating even better scope for traditional marketing activities in terms of segmentation targeting as well as differentiation or positioning in addition to product and price and also in terms of managing customer relationships. So far as the convenience as well as style selling proposition of online marketing is concerned it is far better and profitable in comparison to going around and looking for the products by customers. Therefore it is worth mentioning that it not only saves time and money of the operators and the product selling brands but the customers as well. On the basis of the changes that has been brought about by the introduction of internet in marketing it is important to state that online marketing has to play non-exhaustive role in terms of developing innovative strategies to fulfil the demand of customers and therefore suggest or uphold better products before them which can be purchased. Till the date online marketing has always been successful and it is evidently proven by popularity of websites like or google or

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The Role Of Promotion In The Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

No matter whether organization produce few goods and services or a large one, to survive in the market place, it is necessary marketers to keep inform, persuade the potential buyers about the importance of their goods and services.

The promotional strategy is considered as optimal strategy shred lights on the organizational goals and objectives respected to marketing mix i.e product, place promotion and price. Aftermath promotional plan referred to as an integral part of the marketing strategy for reaching the targeting market (Todor, 2016). Let’s discuss the ingredients that include sales promotion, advertising, personal selling accompanied to get goals in this blog.

Promotional Mix Impacting Goods And Services Productivity

When more funds are allocated to marketing mix ingredients, the more emphasis was attributed to promotional mix planning. The main function of the marketing mix is all about convincing customers and offering services which in turn provide them with competitive advantages. As per essay deustch this competitive advantage is basically a set of unique features bringing superiority to the target market. For instance, Lexus termed as the competitive advantage of luxury cars in the US.

Now let’s dive deeper to gain insights on promotional marketing mix throughout impacting overall promotional mix for particular goods and services.

Advertising – Almost all the services use advertising to reach their targeted goals, where multi million classified are published in newspaper, magazines, social media sites etc. In this direction, advertising is defined as impersonal paid campaigns in which sponsor of the company get identified (Kumar & Raju 2013). One of the primary benefits of advertising is its ability to communicate a large number of consumers. This provides advantages to reach message having a low cost per contact.

Public Relations- This component of the promotional mix evaluated public attitudes, and identifying areas in which the public are interested and execute plans so that the public will accept the goods easily. It helps an organization to communicate with its consumers, stakeholders, employees in which community operates. As said by essay help USA, marketers use public relation not only to create positive images even introducing new products and supporting sales effects (Nikabadi,, 2015). 

This also generates public favourably. This initiative helped the organization to achieve maximum growth.

Sales Promotion- A sale promotion consists of all marketing activities stimulate consumer purchasing power and increases dealer effectiveness. This is generally defined as short text needed to simulate immediate demand from the consumers. It also included free samples, premiums, contestants, trade shows and coupons (Cummins & Mullin, 2010). Marketers are nowadays are also used promotional strategies to improve ingredients strategies complement strategies by yielding sales promotions. In case you need any assistance to write an impressive and impeccable assignment on promotional marketing mix, then you can also get essay writing help from ArabEssay.

Personal Selling- Nothing can accelerate much faster than personal selling strategy to influence consumer behavior. Indeed it is important to identify those characteristics that affect consumer decision-making ability to a wider range. Out of which personal selling is a crucial factor which is nothing but purchasing situation involving personal paid communication influencing with each other. 

Personal selling includes a planned presentation for the purpose of making a sale. Whether it is taking place on face to face or over the phone, it attempts to persuade the buyer to accept goods and services. 

On that contrary a relationship selling emphasis on win-win outcomes and aiming to the accomplishment of mutual outcomes set by buyers and sellers equally. But as digitalization is progressing, personal selling increasingly depend on the internet. Nowadays the majority of companies is seeking information to attract potential buyers. 

The Role Of Promotion In The Marketing Mix

  • It is creating awareness typically used to reach goals bringing product launch awareness, sales promotion, rebrand and more
  • The usage of personal selling and direct marketing is utilized to identify the specific need of products
  • This offers information and creates a superior brand image in the eyes of consumers
  • Business use compelling action to provide prospects (Ahmed. 2020) 
  • This is further utilized to influence consumer choices and predicting their behavior
  • This increases sales and creates a loyal brand image among consumers


In this blog, we have tried to elaborate promotional strategies shredding lights on the organizational goals and objectives respected to the marketing mix. After analyzing information, we came to know the main function of the marketing mix is all about convincing customers and offering services which in turn provide them with competitive advantages. We even discussed promotional mix that is advertising, personal selling, public relations and sales promotions. Each component influences marketing strategy to a wide range. Aftermath we discussed the role of Promotion in the marketing Mix that typically exerts influence on creating awareness used to reach goals bringing product launch awareness, sales promotion, rebrand.

In any case, you need immediate assistance from the Arabessay assignment writer team, then don’t think or waste your time in scrolling down web pages. Our writers are always ready to provide flexible and impressive assignments at low budgets.


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Marketing assignments can be very strenuous for students who do not have a clear understanding on the subject. Students who are unable to cope with assignment stress can seek professional assistance. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of seeking marketing assignment help for students who are struggling with their assignments

The student who is intending to write a quality marketing assignment should keep the following points in mind-

  • Information gathering is the first step to write a marketing assignment. The student should gather sufficient information in order to build the foundation of his assignment. The extensivity of research will decide how enriched the assignments are . Shallow research may lead to poor-quality assignments.
  • In order to generate a quality content a student needs to invent new or lesser known ideas and facts related to the topic of the assignment. This makes the content unique.
  • The assignment should be a reflection of the in-depth knowledge of the students acquired during the period of study.
  • Every marketing assignment comes with specific sets of instructions which are mandate. A good quality marketing assignment adheres to the set of instructions given by the university.

A student may find it difficult to meet all the requirements and create a high-quality marketing assignment on his own. This is where it is best to seek professional guidance for students who want to leave a mark in their academic careers. This is exactly where essay writing help comes into the picture.

Benefits Of Marketing Assignment Help

  • Online services like assignment help have a team of marketing experts who write assignments for students. They are highly qualified PhD holders who have extensive knowledge on marketing and are well-averse with the techniques of writing quality assignments. The experts spare the students from getting into the complexities of the subject and analyze the assigned work themselves by collecting the information required through sources that are reliable. They have years of experience in writing assignments. They make sure every assignment is unique and non-plagiarized.
  • The assignments are further customized according to the student’s requirements. The essay writers are aware of the financial upheavals that a student goes through in his academic life. So, the payment structure is made flexible based on the student’s requirements to save money.
  • There are a team of expert editors and proof readers who cross check every assignment after they are completed in order to make sure the assignments do not contain any flaws, discrepancies or errors and are free from plagiarism.

Therefore, if a student is stuck in the middle of a marketing assignment the safest option is to avail professional help rather than wasting time in taking the hit and trial method.

ArabEssay offers students with the best marketing assignment help.

Over the years it has gained a lot of popularity in the eyes of the students. The main reasons responsible for its overnight popularity among students are their certain features that are rarely offered by other online services.

  • They have a team of more than 600 assignment writers who write assignments on more than 50 different subjects along with marketing. Their extensive reach has helped thousands of students to build their career over the years.
  • High-quality assignments are the surest way to success in the academic world. The qualified and experienced writers ensure that every content created is well-researched and unique adhering to the set of instructions given by the university. They write the best marketing assignments with zero plagiarism and grammatical errors. This builds an image of the students in the eyes of the professors smoothening their road to success.
  • The biggest reason of their popularity is their punctuality. Their team of committed writers believe that work not done on time is no work done. So, they ensure that students never miss their deadlines. Every assignment is delivered much before the deadlines so that students can go through multiple revisions till, they reach their level of satisfaction. This has helped to build trust in the hearts of the students for the organization leading it to where it stands today.
  • Students often step back from seeking professional guidance owing to financial restrictions. ArabEssay witnessed the problems and designed a customization assignment module for students. So that students don’t need to restrain themselves from seeking guidance. The rates are pocket-friendly and fit in their budgets easily. It is mostly dependent on the amount of assignment work to be done in order to save money.
  • ArabEssay understands the mental condition of students undergoing stress and so they provide students with 24*7 customer support round the clock. They make sure to stay connected with the students all the time and has solution to all their assignment problems. Even after they deliver the assignments to students, the students can go through multiple revisions and get the answers to all their queries till the time they are fully satisfied. This not only helps them submit their assignments on time but also relieves them of their assignment stress.


So, we can say that assignment writers help students overcome their barriers and assist them in writing their marketing papers easily through online marketing assignment help. Thousands of students are getting benefitted by this service. The main reasons of ArabEssay to gain popularity among students are-

  • They have an extensive reach with their team of writers who write assignments for students.
  • They make sure students don’t miss their deadlines and deliver assignments on time.
  • The rates are highly affordable and pocket friendly which fits easily in the budget of the students.
  • They provide multiple revisions to ensure student satisfaction.
  • They give round the clock customer support to students.

Marketing assignment help is not only helping to achieve their goals but are also helping them lead a stress-free fruitful life. Students are now being able to maintain a work-life balance and dedicate time to inculcate hobbies and extra-curricular activities which is helping them grow into better individuals.

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