Endocrine System- Roles and Functions

Endocrine System

In the human body, a plethora of hormones regulated including growth hormones, electrolyte balance, metabolism or reproduction. There is numerous gland located throughout the body that produces hormones. This started with the secretion of releasing or inhibiting hormones from the Hypothalamus that further act upon pituitary gland simulation pituitary to release hormones(Janz, 2000). 

For anybody to communicate or coordinate, the body needs to set up a constant internal environment i.e Homeostasis. That infers neither salt concentration( electrolytes) nor temperatures should not fluctuate in the blood. 

Conversely, hormonal communication based on the release and inhibition of hormone secretion will ensure rapid transmission even in a fraction of seconds. In this article, we are going to discuss the psychological aspects of hormones and what is its role

Hormone And Its Function

Endocrine glands including the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, gonads, pancreas thyroid and parathyroid secrete responsible stimuli and then released them into the blood. Aftermath hormones carried out by the blood and work up the target cell.

The interaction between hormone and receptor triggers a cascade reaction. But a body has to maintain homeostasis in every condition, which means increased hormones could also be problematic.

The hypothalamus located in the brain regions controls all the body functions including eating and drinking, blood pressure, sexual behaviour etc. It plays a pivotal role in terms of regulating body functions(Hiller, 1998). 

In the body hypothalamus secreted hormones get released through the hypothalamic-hypophyseal portal system are common reasons behind releasing or inhibiting hormones. Dopamine a neurotransmitter affects the bone muscle cells and repressing lactation when a child born. 

Pituitary Gland And Its Major Functions

The pituitary gland is segregated into the anterior or posterior gland either simulate the target regions or directly affect the organs. It releases several distinct hormones such as prolactin, ); gonadotropins adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH; thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), also called thyrotropin; growth hormone (GH). Growth hormone is most abundant and plays a pivotal role in controlling body development and growth. GH levels were higher in the early days of childbirth. If you want to know more about growth hormones, get instant help from assignment help in Saham services derived by ArabEssay.

On the other hand, the posterior pituitary gland doesn’t produce its hormones instead known for storing vasopressin and oxytocin. Vasopressin plays a major role in controlling the water economy also reabsorb water during urine filtration

Adrenal Gland And Hormones

The two adrenal glands located above the kidney primarily producing corticosteroids. It helps and controls sugar, monitor lipid and protein metabolism. For instance, cortisol increases the glucose level in the blood thus in turn promotes the formation of glycogens. It protects the body from a deleterious effect. It is noticeable a high amount of corticosteroid provided to patients helps in reducing tissue inflammation (Greenstein et.al, 2000)


Ovaries and testes, these are two major reproductive gland producing germ cell for fertilization. It secretase’s steroid hormones are necessary for the development of the reproductive organ. 

The main role of estrogen is controlling the development of female genitalia which promoting growth of the breast, uterus vagina also controls secondary sexual characteristics(Campbell and Jialal 2019). 

However, the primary function is regulating mensuration and maintain female libido. If you want to know more about estrogen hormones and how does happen when estrogen level drop after menopause, you can also ask for quality assignment help in Adam services derived by ArabEssay.


During a certain phase of mensuration, the body produces progesterone, which leads to placenta formation during pregnancy. It causes changes inlining of the uterus also stimulates the development of the mammary gland.


The principle androgenic steroid is known as testosterone. Its main function is to control the development of male genital and has strong protein activities. Thus promoting increases mass accumulation around genital areas

Thyroid And Its Hormones

The thyroid located at the windpipe produces two distinct hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). It increases the metabolism of all the body tissues helps in generating the energy required for body functioning. It also maintains the calcium level in the body. 

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Parathyroid Gland And Its Hormones

It produces PTH increases the calcium level in the blood, thus maintain the bone quality and controls adequate calcium function inside the body. If the calcium level is suppressed, the lo level of PTH could be identified at that place

Pancreases And Their Hormones

Pancrease acts as exocrine gland produce digestive enzymes and then secrete two major hormone glucagon and insulin.

Insulin promotes glucose uptakes and increases fat synthesis inside the adipose tissues. On the other side, glucogen increases the sugar in the blood and increases the breakdown of glycogen level.


The endocrine system is highly complex and control by a network of hormones released by them. The level of hormones regulated in a straight forward manner by the end it is influenced by the internal and external environment. In this blog, we have discussed the endocrine system role and described produced hormone targeted cells. Some of the roles played by hormones like the primary function of ovaries is regulating mensuration and maintain female libido. Whereas Growth hormone is most abundant and plays a pivotal role in controlling body development and growth.

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Communication Methods : Advantages and Disadvantages

Communication Assignment Help

Introduction To Communication

Communication is considered as the process related with exchanging as well as transfer information as well as ideas and knowledge from one entity to the other within an organisation or in other contexts. In this case we will be emphasizing more on business communication. A business communication can be perceived as the process related with referring information of the organisation and understanding the strategic approach of promoting product as well as services to the potential customers within the organisation (Mentsiev, 2020). Therefore it is the process of interaction among the stakeholder groups as intrinsic and extrinsic to the company. There are most preferred four kinds of communication patterns which are written communication followed by a constant communication as well as verbal and the web-based communication which is the latest format of communication.

Verbal communication is also known as oral communication. This is considered as the process of transfer of information as well as exchange of ideas from one individual to that of the other through an approach that is speaking by mouth or over telephone and even casting over radio. In this context it is important to use an example and highlighting the specimen of a Samsung company it can be highlighted that the company uses radio for advertising products in addition to another format. For evidence recently Samsung S4 was promoted using at FM frequency for advertisement of the product in the country of Oman (Riceet al., 20`7). They’re for this kind of oral infrastructure for communication with external audience help the organisation to acquire more customers for purchasing their product. The source of the content which is a spread over this media is a from the internal and domain of the company which is the marketing department and it is a sent to the radio station. The objective of the information exchange is advertising product by using the medium of mouth like speaking for evidence promotion by people advertising the product by using their mouth to create a gesture and alternating the frequency of speech in such a way so that customers are attracted to the message.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Verbal Mode Of Communication

Advantages Of Verbal Mode Of Communication

It is quite easy to detect the issues which imply that by the use of verbal communication it would be simple and easy in understanding problems where it uses mouth for evidence in helping people in understanding who have conflict among themselves whether among two people or more than two people. Verbal medium of studying messages is easy to solve all these kinds of problems. It is on most cases a one-on-one communication and it is a very critical advantage of verbal communication. Using this form of communication it is easy to talk among people preferably among the managers or employees and remain face to face avoiding fear of anybody person being negative attractions of the message (Birinci, Berezina &Cobanoglu, 2018). For evidence in frontline organisations managers to talk among employees by using this verbal medium so that employees are encouraged to state their problems in the open without having the fear. As per Essay writer in Salalah. This is how manager and employees can interact freely and without the gesture of a fear or secrecy.

Disadvantages Of Verbal Mode Of Communication

It is quite easy to forget the verbal communication. People might easily forget the words that has been spoken for the way in which the words have been previously framed in order to be put forward in the conversations with people. For evidence it can be highlighted that in a college if you want to speak with a specific instructor the question that was especially ought to be asked might be forgotten. In this case a different question is asked to which is not of that expected level of relevance. This is one critical disadvantage associated with the verbal mode of communication (Siren & Knudsen, 2017). It needs a special area for conducting it as one among the critical disadvantages since the whenever people wanted to establish communication with others it is important to have that specific to an order likes to be able to establish effective influence. It is important to give the employees the scope of practicing and interacting in the same fashion so that the tone of professionalism is maintained. In this case practice helps in eradicating the fear of losing parts of speech which are very relevant and important to convey.

This is a very critical matter to be considered while establishing verbal communication. This is because the majority of the customers in the organisation are attracted by the verbal communication of message. The rendition of specific content and maintaining a proper dialect while providing the context to people should be maintained. This is a verbal communication can help people to be attracted to the messages they get through advertisements in television and Prem idea about a product.

Written Communication

Written communication on the other hand is the process associated with transfer of information by means of writing various kind of documents. This document can be later or email or fax or report. For evidence various front-line organisation send emails and in fact nowadays all big and small companies are actually using email through their laptop or computer which are centralised. In fact exchanger of emails from exterior sources are tracked in order to get information regarding the market where and organisation is competing (Goudeau &Croizet, 2017).

The source of this information might be external or internal two other organisations however especially associated with the IT department which sanctions female. This means that I’m using internet it makes it easy to convey written communication as well to extract ideas about exterior market domain. The objective of this kind of information exchange is helping the people or customers or even their employees to get specific and relevant ideas and getting the ultimate a data from various sources by means of evidence in format of writing for evidence email. In specific cases like when there is a new product and it is important to advertise the same email will be easy medium to get hold of new customers to read about the product and understand the same (Your business. azcentral.com, 2021). Even the existing customers can be refurbished by using email. Email marketing is a direct approach which is the individual feels that the written documentation is especially directed to individual and therefore this individualist approach helps in increasing the brand loyalty in the mind of the customers. To know verbal communication channel mode, you can also ask for Plagiarism free assignment in Sohar from ArabEssay.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Written Form Of Communication

Advantages Of Written Communication Form

One of the greatest advantages of written communication is that it creates and keep proof. It is not easy to exchange information on many occasions as and when required. However if the exchanged information is already written it can be used for difference on any other locations for further communication. Written communication covers lot of data in a free size a segment. While exchanging verbal communication lot of words and figures of speech used to convey only a single piece of information. This is because while writing information can be arranged in a precise way where there is scope for rethinking before documentation of the information on the paper (Oofva.com. 2021). Therefore it helps people in creating formal speeches easily as they have a scope to cover a lot of information or other form of messages to considered in a short span of time and in a precise format. It she walks professionalism and helps stakeholders to cater to different kind of issues as it is not used for get any piece of information if it comes in a precise documented format.

The Disadvantages Associated With Written Communication

The process of conveyance of written communication is not as swift as it is in the case of verbal communication. Writing for it by documentation as well as a proofreading and finally sending information from one person to that of another person takes considerable amount of time. Besides it cannot be assured that the person is immediately listening and reactive with the message when written form of communication is used. Therefore it is important to check the format of transport. For evidence if letters are exchanged it is important to keep a follow through and preferably if it is an official paper of exchange between one organisation and that of other then the following three is very relevant in this case to understand the reaction of the recipient upon reaching of the letter. It is also important to state in this regard that it is more expensive format of communication and hence this should be considered as a disadvantage. Using newsletters therefore can be exchange which is expensive for the organisation. Never the less the same has to be used on specific locations (Allen, 2017). However this regarding all the aspects in should also be highlighted that even to exchange simple information it is important to accumulator items like a pin as well as paper and up prolific mode of sending the same which involves exchange of economy to achieve the objective. These aspects are irrelevant in case of verbal communication. Written communication is very important in order to keep future documentation track. As per Assignment writing in Al Hamra experts it helps people to keep the record from the order documented information. It becomes relevant if the record keeping is in context of purchasing or selling product.

Visual Communication

Visual or onscreen communication is one of the comparatively e more recent form of customer communication. This is a communicating process where communication among people take place by using visual slide drawing air face to face television or smartphone. For evidence in South Africa Samsung is using the MBC station for existing customers or people with a telecast of their product. This information is coming from internal sources of an organisation which is the most usually the sales department which is transferring the information to the television for forecasted and advertisement of the product to reach the greater target audience. The objective of this form of communication is advertisement on most occasions (Konget al., 2017). For that is it can also be highlighted that Huawei is an electronics company which makes maximum use of social network like Instagram or Twitter or Facebook for accumulation of new set of customers as well as keeping the loyalty band of the existing customers and exhibiting their competitors about new product and features a by keeping the market and their domination. Like said by dissertation writing help in Nizwa experts the other two forms of communication the onscreen or the visual form of communication also have its own advantage and set of disadvantages.

Advantages Of The Onscreen Or Visual Form Of Communication

One of the biggest advantages of this form of visual communication is that it acquires greater attraction. Nevertheless in order to ensure the success of this form of communication the content that is portrayed with this mode of communication should be adaptable to attract attention. This means that it should be easy in understanding and the conceptualization should be simple because there is no words however delegation of messages through the expectation format where the television watching is not associated with hearing sounds at the same time to gain address but the reality of the message. On one hand the visual interpretation enables people to gain the message faster rather than any other form of communication. It is also easier in terms of understanding and the impact of influence it has on people. It involves either body language or other forms of nonverbal gestures of individuals if they are portrayed in case of telecasting such messages (Hayhoe& Brewer, 2020). It is evident that Samsung company uses this form of communication as well in addition to simple lovable messages over a radio for communicating with their audience and this is especially used in case of new product launches to demonstrate the lifestyle side of the new products and their adaptability with the new lifestyle trends.

Disadvantages Of The Onscreen Or The Visual Form Of Communication

The cost is the greatest disadvantage of this form of communication. It is evident that in order to convey this kind of a message it is important to telecast the message in television or use the social media network which involves creation of content as well as maintaining a group of its intellectuals who will be able to create message and render the same over various form of paid as well as I am paid media. Therefore when every individual or organisation so want to feature or advertise any element or a product it will cost a lot of money if the same message is to be conveyed as a form of on screen or visual message. It requires more advertising cost compared to radio. Therefore in terms of competition it can be highlighted that the message and the impact that radio is able to create is comparatively more comprehensive and beneficial in terms of product marketing at least (Qinet al., 2019). However assignment help expert said it takes time to understand that by means of visual communication whether people are attracted to the product or not. There for the reaction time that is taken by people against the message conveyed through visual message is much more in comparison to that of verbal messages. At first people takes time to segregate and perceive various fragments of the message and decode the literal sense that the individual or the brand tries to convey by means of the on-screen message. However after this process is accomplished the brands get the perceived benefit of these messages. Nevertheless it is evident that in order to exhibit the larger image of product or brands many organisations use this kind of messages irrespective of the fact that it incurs greater cost.

Web Based Messages

Web based messages implied that communication with people takes place through transfer as well as sharing of ideas and exchanging data through the online media only. In this case the information exchange becomes relevant when some brand message is exchanged over the web platform. Nevertheless this incorporates and also takes into account to the people-to-people communication that takes place regularly over the web-based platform school stop nevertheless the topics under context should be the message and reception of the same message which is convert from any company website or social media pages of the specific brands (Webbet al., 2017). Their perceived advantage as well as disadvantages of web-based communication process.

Advantages Of Web-Based Communication

One of the biggest advantages of the web-based communication is that it is very easy in terms of utility and it is only as easy as using internet and as beneficial as using the sale. This is because the information will be sent and received almost in a moment. It will be easy to communicate with customers all around The World. It is important to state in this regard that there is no and deception or transfer time associated in this case for stock for the conveyance over radio it is important to transfer the message from the marketing team to the radio broadcasting room and then the messages convert (Goudeau &Croizet, 2017). In case of written documentation it is important to submit the letter or email in a format with and transfers it to the documentation Portal of another individual full study nevertheless in case of a web-based conveyance of messages, the immediate click of a button accounts for direct transfer of the message and portrayal of the same at the same time in the web pages of all individuals who are probably over the internet and interested in the brand or the individual who is sharing the message.

Disadvantages Of Web-Based Format Of Communication

This kind of information can be decoded by hackers using the same format of internet and people might hack back and steal data by means of this form of communication. This is a very limited disadvantage although and web-based information exchange is actually very important when it is important to advertise products over a greater platform and showcasing the importance of a product to the greater audience. Recently platforms of web-based information exchange like Instagram and Facebook has become very popular and product marketing over these platforms has also been popular since people exhibit a greater trend of purchasing product which has been marketed over these platforms.

Telephone Exchanges

Telephone is electrical instrumentation transfer information using the voice system and not speech system. There are both advantage and disadvantage of telephone exchanges.

Advantages Of Telephone Exchange

it is cheaper to use telephone as a mode of exchange compared to other fast network if it is a case of internal information exchange. In case of a product advertising telephone is also becoming popular as a mode of direct product marketing where individuals are directly called up to discuss about the product and its advantages. it is cheap in terms of advertisement benefit in comparison to television advertisement. Hence the monetary aspect related to it is beneficial in comparison to the visual prospect of advertising (Mentsiev, 2020).


Disadvantages of telephone network issues in in large number of areas on account of poor network strength are accountable to disadvantage to a great extent. Online assignment help experts said many weather conditions like that of storm or rain it will be a great issue as the telephone network is not strengthened by the security of wavelength but wired transference.


In conclusion it can be highlighted that there are pros and cons of almost all forms of communication exchange. For evidence in context of written email, the research study has a discussed that information might not be documented or it might take greater time and cost in comparison to another format. In the same way face-to-face communication can also have its own share of negative issues as ideas might be forgotten and feelings might not be properly express. Never the face-to-face communication is having the maximum impact and the most important actions are expressed in case of face-to-face interactions as it is important and possible to track the real time expressions and the reception reaction of people when they get the message. they both written as well as visual and verbal communications are important from their own perspective. in terms of organisational exchanges all these forms of communications are implemented and used according to their own advantage criteria. Now a days it is viable that with wisdom information exchange is on the rise. Many organisations including the discuss the Samsung company is using it more often for increasing their sales ratio. website marketing can also be considered as either form of a visual or written form of communication depending on the kind of content that is shared.

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Introduction To Marketing Management Philosophies

Marketing Management Philosophies

Marketing has two facets First- Philosophy or attitude or management orientation which emphasis on customer stratification. Second marketing is an organization function and set distinct operations for implementing functions.

The American Marketing Association definition of marketing concentrates on the second facet and defined marketing as a set of activities, institutions and process for communicating, delivering and exchanging products and values to the customers. 

David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard off quoted- Marketing is so much important to be transferred solely on the marketing department. Marketing entails a deep understanding of an organization connected all the stakeholders, partners including suppliers, stockholders and distributors.

The marketing concept was first introduced by Mickitterick, Felton and Keith in the writings. Houston believed accommodating customer’s satisfaction should be achieved through a suitable marketing mix. Furthermore, Philips Kotler, one of the famous marketing experts considered marketing as a human activity to meet the needs and wants of the customers (Kotler, 2016). Like this marketing definition, there are several marketing management philosophies always been in a history of marketing introduction which is going to be discussed in the given section-

Product Orientation

A comprehensive discussion has been provided by Barkley, Keith, Wilkie and Moore. During this period, a vast concept has been introduced at a different period. Under this, a product orientation is known as philosophy focuses on internal firms capabilities. 

As per the essay writer view, there is nothing wrong with assessing a firm’s capabilities in fact these assessments are the major components of strategic marketing planning. 

A product orientation period is relatively short as such it doesn’t take into account whether the values of products and services are efficient or ably meet the requirements of customers or not. Apple is always been in news because of its creation, operating system and other gadgetry because they hope to sell the results. But when competitors are week and demand exceeding supply, a product-oriented can survive a long period even prosper.  

Sales Orientation

The sales era began with the 1920s to 1960s when business world associated with sales marketing in most of the domain. The key increases the maximum sales are increasing volume. In this course it can be said, a sales orientation is based on ideas and sales techniques where it is presumed, people will buy more goods and services if rigorous sales techniques have been used. However, intermediaries are also assumed to manufacture goods in that period (Taghipourian et.al, 2017). 

The fundamental problem linked with sales orientation we have figured out is as product orientation took place, there would be a lack of understanding of needs or wants may affect the sales force. 

Marketing Orientation

This is an intuitively appealing process as it describes social and economic justification process of an organization is an existence of needs and wants of customers. According to the following statement, a marketing concept must include the following components-

  • Focus on customers needs and wants in such a way company become able to draw separation line among product’s offered by competitors.
  • Integrate all the organizational activities including satisfying customers needs
  • Achieving long term goals for the organization

Indeed the success recipe to deliver a unique experience to customers must satisfy the intent and preferences of target customers. This definitely requires thorough research of customers needs, enabling the company to execute the plan as well deliver desiring experiences to customers by combining the firm’s resources. If you want to know how firm adopts and apply marketing concept or how they assume sales are not depended in an aggressive sales force, you can ask assistance from ArabEssay essay helpers team today.

Societal Marketing Orientation

 The societal marketing orientation extends the philosophies of marketing concept by acknowledging that there is some product that customers don’t want as it doesn’t stand by their best interest of society as a whole. 

The American association marketing definition highlighted the importance of societal marketing orientation via engulfing society as large (Ringold & Weitz 2007). Over the 30 years, several definitions of marketing have been put forward to receive widespread supports from society. For instance, Coca has committed to reuse or recycle its bottle 100% placed in the market. On that note in 2008, the company has set up the world largest recycling plant located in South Carolina.

Product Orientation

Product orientation philosophy is largely based on how the company focuses on management attention. In 1950,s product orientation was enough popular where the quality of products was chief concerns of the company. Companies believed at that time by putting quality resources and doing marketing research will help them to develop high-quality products. But the major drawbacks we have identified is this philosophy focus least on customer needs and desires.

Holistic Marketing

As opined by management experts, holistic marketing considered as strategic marketing where business entities mull over as a whole. Basically, it is an amalgamation four sectors internal marketing, societal marketing, relationship marketing and integrated marketing.

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We started this blog by defining the concepts of marketing where we have taken accounts various marketing philosophers view who have attributed huge marketing success in today’s era, for instance, Philips Kottler’s who is one of the famous marketing experts considered marketing as a human activity to meet needs and wants of the customers. In the next section, we discussed the characteristics of marketing within the organization which is highly influenced by marketing philosophy. There we enumerated product orientation that focuses on internal firms capabilities, and then we enlist definition of other philosophies like sales orientation, marketing orientation, Product orientation, societal marketing orientation and holistic orientation. All these philosophies are linked with fundamental drawbacks. 


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Effects Of Stress On Cells And Muscles

Cells And Muscles

Whether it is an intrinsic or extrinsic stimulus, the compensatory biological responses to stressors are always based on the type or severity of stimuli. For a long time, researchers have suggested that hormones present just in peripheral tissues responded to these stimuli. But with time, researches are still going on to uncover what dimension of the body actually performed to calculate stress level or how it combats stress.

Around 50 years ago, the effects of stress on endocrine systems were discovered. Many studies have noted down structural changes abundantly when stress suspected at a huge level. Chronic stress leads to decreases in brain size and its weight brings out changes in cognitive memory. However it is not understood according to duration and time, stress causes structural changes of cells, muscles and brain. Therefore it becomes highly important for the researchers to take account effects of stress on cells, muscles and nervous system. In this article, we are going to determine the affinity of stress to biological functions.

Cellular Stress Responses

Cells respond to external stimuli or stress in a variety of ways ranging from pathway activation to signalling or eliciting death cells (HealthOne, 2020). The initial response of cell towards stress is to gear up or helping cell in defending. Depend on the severity and longevity of stress, cells would survive to promote cell survival. 

When a person experiencing stress, it is more likely their energy will slow down. This is resulted due to mitochondria”{Power house of the cell} damages. It activated fight and flight response. 

Stress is responsible for breaking of mitochondrial DNA into bloodstreams that in turn acts similarly as hormones. In a view of essay Deutsch, due to prolonged stress, alteration of DNA may have suspected in patients causing impairment in function or promoting cancerous cell growth, However, some evidence still required in the case of alteration of DNA due to stress.

In an outlook of Yaribeygu et.al, 2017, a high concentration of stress hormones causes declarative memory disorders. When a study conducted on animals, researchers came to know a reduction in spatial memory found to be in an animal as results of hippocampus atrophy. In other case, people having Cushing’s syndrome observed to have atrophy syndrome. 

Stress also has a negative impact on learning. In many cases, it has seen adrenal steroids alter long term potentiating which is a critical component of memory. 

But in many cases, we have found stress is not always decreased memory. In fact in a certain situation, it can improve memory. The conditions include non-familiarities, life-threatening aspects imposed by stimuli. For instance, if a student appears in written examination, in a high-stress level, students would write and try harder to memorize everything related to concepts. But if due to job stress, you are unable to complete assignments on time, then ArabEssay based essay writer is the best option for you as they can give flawless write-ups in no time.

Stress And Endocrine System

There is broad and the mutual relationship has been seen among stress and endocrine system. Stress has a hardcore impact on system operation also at some stance system affects the severity of stress. Stress in both the cases either changes activity of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, gonads, thyroids etc or activates these glands(Picard et.al, 2017). Thierry et al have suggested this would be impossible to separate endocrine functions and stress. In the different location of this blog, we have also discussed the effects of stress on hormones at a border perspective.

Stress And Gastrointestinal Complication

The effects of stress on the gastrointestinal system occur in two aspects. First, it affects appetite and seconds it affects the normal functioning of the GI tract. Stress increases GI system responses also may reactivate inflammation via secreting P substance. A detailed table stress effects on the GI system have been proposed in given below section with help of online assignment help experts-

Stress effects on GI systemArea and receptors being involvedEffects in Details
Modifying AppetiteAmygdala, Ventral tegmental areaReduces food and water intake
GI tract movementCRH-2 and CRH-1 receptorsPreventing stomach emptying  decreases initial part of GI tract
Digestive functionsParasympathetic functionsModify absorption
GI system inflammationT- lymphocytesIncreases inflammation by P substance

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In this blog, we have discussed the effects of stress on cell and brain activity by covering a wide range of research papers. In this context, we can say that stress includes both beneficial and harmful effects. However, in many cases, its harmful effects attributed to more attention for instance stress is responsible for breaking of mitochondrial DNA into bloodstreams that in turn acts similarly as hormones or Stress increases GI system responses also may reactivate inflammation via secreting P substance. Also one of its beneficial impact we have figured out is conditions include non-familiarities, life-threatening aspects imposed by stimuli enhances memory at times.


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Changing Education Scenario Due To The Internet

Education Scenario

The advent of technology has brought radical changes in educational settings. The increasing usages of IT coupled with growing access to resources are making teachers and students rethink and rebuild a traditional way of learning. 

As the technology advances, learning in future will be based upon first-hand experience and collaboration. Here in this direction internet is the best interactive tools that not only bring out an increased number of job proficiencies but also improve on-campus instruction, distance learning and much more(Johnson et.al, 2018). 

The last weeks have witnessed new strains of Covid 19 in distinct regions of the UK and Italy. As the virus spread at a huge level, many countries are now emphasizing on educating students remotely through technology whether it is about conducting a lecture or accessing students’ profile. Everything goes on the Internet to simulate the new experience in this modern era. Like in this pandemic Internet contribution have source remarkable outcomes, there are still some areas needed to be uncovered where changing education scenario due to the internet have accelerated student’s academic career. Let’s move ahead and explore some amazing facts of the Internet that led us to brighten career. 

The Changing Education Setting Scenario- Are We Ready?

Since Internet commencement in the late 1960s by Tim Berner Lee, the education system has been seen as a significant revolution. Earlier sitting in the classroom and following a timetable was an ideal method of imparting education, but as internet expansion has picked up emulsifying speed, the interaction of ideas, concepts and thoughts automatically get enhanced (Malhotra, 2020). Arabessay provide Content writing services in Tan`am. From the textbook to white paper everything can be stored in a single place that is secure and easy to access both.

But is it possible to keep ourself away from distraction while using the same devices? The ease of using two apps at the same time is dozing of the earlier hours of class. 

As per the perspective of Ding Dong, CEO Chen Hang, to support a large scale remote work platform, Alibaba Cloud has been installed its 100,000 cloud services in just two hours of the previous week for the service expansion and recording rapid capacity. In this scenario, most of the cloud service is aiming to provide significant storage for its every user where targeting group of students is much higher ( Cathy and Farah, 2020). This is because a significant lectures occur online which required wide space for the files. 

Some school district institution is establishing participation like The Los Angeles Unified School District and PBS SoCal/KCET for offering local education focusing on a range of student of different ages. In view of this, the training provided to teachers and students were facilitated with the Internet. However, some institutions are giving pre-recorded section to such that topics taught to students extensively. 

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Trends And Technology Development In Education

These days we have seen profound changes in an education environment. This is because society is adapting the way how knowledge can be enhanced or communication technologies affecting the economies.

Karisiddappa, 2002, have enlisted trends in education paving  radical and transformation changes take place in the education area as well as envisioned global learning infrastructure-

  • Internet explosion has led to an increased number of courses and students’ enrollment
  • Different types of students can interact at the virtual platform
  • Flexible learning arrangement is no longer required central attention of the administration
  • Students inclined towards life long learning process
  • The development of communication technologies have handed over critical solutions
  • Modularization has produced flexible changes in seeing a problem
  • Internet cost is slowing down thus its users are increasing drastically
  • Enables group work problem in a real-life context

Many essay deustch believed, internet learning is active that also implies students don’t need to limit themselves in search of resources or developing competencies consequently.

Internet And Education And Internet Delivered Services

Among all the internet users, mostly university students utilized internet sources for different purposes other than online shopping and enjoyment. According to the report of Deniz and Geyik, 2015, approximately 76% of respondent’s part of the survey is using the internet for getting information, researching, reading mail, messaging their loved ones, chatting and many more. Out of this 24% of the respondents have said, they are using the internet for playing gaming or winning the lottery. This is followed by respondents who are using the Internet just for sending mail.

In this given chart, with the help of instant essay help experts, we have shown relevant distribution students internet using the rate on the behalf of taking the survey by Deniz and Geyik in 2015

Source- Deniz and Geyik, 2015

It has been widely accepted by renowned essay typer and analyst, the early 1960s has displayed the revolution of the World Wide Web. Considering the impact of the education courses offered on the internet can be for full courses or maybe supplementary in which students interact face to face decided how much they have gained (Honnekeri, et.al, 2017). 

The current progress of virtual classroom embarks on the development of Internet infrastructure. But this depicts a decreased importance of OFF campus classroom activities. 

Education with the internet is not only fascinating but also evolving fast. Mastering skills for more than one job, have become easier for professional to be taught. 

For educational purpose, we can say this, using the internet is not luxury, but this is a necessity because if a person doesn’t have thorough knowledge how to accommodate technology, all the efforts might be dumped into vain. 

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Increasing internet access has transformed the way a computer is using before. It is now available in all the territories of the world and offering an impressive medium for communication among academic institution. The birth of the internet has changed the mode of grasping education. In this article, we have shown such highlights like Internet explosion have led to an increased number of courses and students’ enrollment. We have depicted the purpose of using the internet by students. There we have illustrated among all the internet users, mostly university students utilized internet sources for different purposes other than online shopping and enjoyment. Those consist of getting information, research study, email reading, chatting etc. 


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Ways To Write A Synopsis For A Dissertation

Dissertation Synopsis

Synopsis is generally the summary of a project that is planned to seek the approval of the authorities. It is important because a synopsis decides whether the authorities will accept the research paper or not. Synopsis writing is very different from the usual essay writing. Arabessay provide content writing services in Sur.

A synopsis is constructed In a way that it gives a clear picture of the research paper to the reviewer at one glance. ( Terrell,2015)  It carries a summary of what the research is all about, and highlights the important points that are to be discussed in the research paper. Most importantly a synopsis describes the importance of the research in detail so that whosoever is reviewing the synopsis will be convinced that the research is necessary and approves the research. In this article, we are going to discuss ways to write a synopsis for a particular research paper. 

Ways To Write A Synopsis Dissertation

A dissertation synopsis consists of a title, hypothesis which is also called statement of a problem, objectives, literature review, and research methodology, references, and official requirements. 

  • Title

The title represents what the research paper is all about. Therefore the title of the synopsis must be brief, and informative. Students should avoid writing a catchy title when they are preparing a synopsis. The length of the title should neither be lengthy neither should it be very short. Most importantly the name of the institute along with the total number of cases should be included in the title. (Horn,2012)

  • Hypothesis- 

In a dissertation synopsis consists of a hypothesis which is also called a statement of a problem. Here the key problem is described precisely. Based on the problem the aids are constructed by the research student. In short, it is the prediction of the relationship between more than one variable. It shows the necessity of the research that needs to be conducted. It is mostly done after the research student has clearly understood the problem and reviewed the literature keeping other factors in mind. Students should remember that the hypothesis of a synopsis is written in approximately 200 words.

  • Objectives

The synopsis should mention the objectives of the research paper assuring the reader that the objectives will be achieved in the research paper. There must be no more than two to three objectives about the problem mentioned in the research paper. Most importantly while mentioning the objectives in the synopsis students should avoid using the terms like “ the only study” etc.

  • Literature Review

The literature review is a vital part of the synopsis. It is written so that the readers or the target audience can familiarize themselves with the problem stated in the research. It also describes in detail any work done by others on similar subjects and further helps the research students understand the hurdles faced by other researchers. It anticipates the problems that might crop up during the research and finds strategic solutions to those problems. Literature review also assists in modifying the research paper. Most importantly it reflects the depth of knowledge of the research student. Students should write the literature review in approximately 300 words quoting references that are easily retrieved.

  • Research Methodology

The synopsis should also describe the method in which the research will be conducted in about 200 words. It forms the core of the research. Students should keep in mind that the research methodology consists of the design of the research, settings of the research, samples, controls, methods of study that include investigation and examination, data collection, analysis, and ethical clearance. (Thomas ,et.al 2007)

  • References

A research paper is written extracting information from already published material mostly. If the referencing is not done correctly the research papers can get rejected on grounds of plagiarism. Students must keep a note of the places where they are extracting the information from along with the date when the information was last visited and list them down in the references section. There are different styles in which the information used can be referenced. The most common and widely used referencing styles are APA and MLA. Students who do not have much experience in referencing a research paper can avoid stepping into the plagiarism trap by seeking dissertation assignment help from ArabEssay. In some cases, students can also add an acknowledgment after the references to especially thank the people who have helped them prepare the research paper on time.

  • Official Requirements – 

The most important part of a synopsis is the section that contains the official information. Any synopsis is incomplete without this section. The official requirements include the name of the research student along with his or her designation, Name and designation of the guide who has helped the student in his research, Name and designation of the concerned HOD either of the department of the institute, full name of the university and finally signature of the officials along with the seal and their registration numbers if any applicable. 


Therefore it can be said that Synopsis is considered to be the most important part of a research paper because it decides the fate of the research paper. Moreover, it is the first official documents that is assessed by officials and based on the synopsis the reviewers decide whether or not to allow the research paper. Therefore it needs to be constructed carefully keeping all the important aspects in mind. Synopsis should briefly summarize the research paper and highlight the importance of the research. Students who lack experience in writing a synopsis for the research paper can enroll in write my dissertation for me and write down a perfect synopsis for their research paper.


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Impact Of Advertising And Promotion On Brand Equity

Impact Of Advertising

Touting the advantages of a product or service alone does not guarantee success. To ensure that a product or service is successful it is important to see whether or not it stays in the memory of the consumers, and most importantly it should have something about it that separates it from the other products and services making it unique. If the product or service offered by the marketers can hold the attention of the target audience and develop a place of trust in their minds the chances of it being successful in the competitive market increases. This can be easily achieved through brand advertising. The main objective of companies promoting their products through advertising is to develop a long-lasting relationship with their consumers based on which they would be loyal to the brand and will coming to their products and services. Therefore we can say that positive advertising has a positive impact on the image of the brand. Here we are going to discuss the role of advertising in developing brand image

Types Of Advertising

Advertising can be categorized into two types mentioned in the image below.

  • Direct Response Advertisements– This kind of advertisement is mainly used by marketers when they wish to collect the responses of their target consumers directly. i.e., here the first-hand experience is collected by the advertisers using digital mediums. The responses of consumers are collected using links, unique numbers, coupon codes etc. In this way, the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign is also analyzed. It is a proven fact that direct response ads result in higher conversion rates and better ROI’s. It is also very cost-effective because the companies that take the help of direct ads to promote their products or services need to pay for the ads only if the required action is taken and not every time the ad is viewed. To gather knowledge on direct response ads students can now avail of instant essay help from ArabEssay.
  • Brand Advertisements– Brand Ads are generally displayed ads that are shown on television, radios, and newspapers. The effectiveness of these ads is difficult to track because target consumers are not to perform any specific action. However, the overall performance of brand ads is measured by looking at its reach and impressions. For example, It can be said that in the case of brand ads how many people have reached out and witnessed the ad is more important than how many people have taken necessary action. The main aim of brand ads is to create an impression on the minds of the people so that an image of the brand stays in the memory of a person for a longer duration. Its purpose is to further build a positive impression in the eyes of the consumers, build a strong relationship with their target audience and help them stay loyal towards the brand that in turn increases the overall demand of the time in times to come.

Impact Of Advertising On Brand Equity

The product or service offered by a company helps in developing the product value that is connected to the name and quality of the product that in turn helps people recognize that particular product, makes the product of superior quality, and becomes the reason why the product or service stays in pubic memory for longer duration is known to be brand equity(Aaker,2009) and Arabessay provide content writing services in Samail

Benefits Of Establishing Positive Brand Equity

  • Establishing brand equity that has a positive impact is that it affects the ROI in a positive sense.
  • Brand Equity helps organizations earn more money than what the competitors are earning when it comes to incurring profits by spending very little money on production and product promotion.
  • The product price can be easily inflated based on the brand and still it would not be affecting the sales because the consumers are already willing to shed higher prices than usual looking at the brand value.
  • On the other hand new products if launched under the same brand that the consumers are aware of will help the product to sail through easily because people have already developed a trust factor towards the band because of which they are eagerly waiting to try the new product.

Advantages Of Advertising And Promotion On Brand Equity

  • Positive Brand Equity Assures Quality Of The Product– Positive Brand Equity lets customers pay more for a particular product. That in turn leads to higher profit margins. The brand name builds an image that assures the customers of the quality of the brand. 
  • Brand Equity Lets Marketers Spend Less On Advertising– Positive promotion of products helps build a positive reputation of the products because of which the consumers reach out to the products. This is the reason marketers don’t need to spend a lot of money on advertising. It also helps marketers launch a new product in the market under the same brand umbrella. This further helps consumers identify the product easily and relate it to the brand increasing its sales. (Cheung,et.al,2019) 
  • Increases The Product Value-  Brand helps increase the product value and makes customers loyal towards the brand. Because of which the customers keep coming to the brand and make it their first preference when purchasing a particular product or service. 
  • Customers Become Loyal Towards The Brand-  Every organization makes small mistakes that are easily forgiven by customers who prefer the particular brand. Most importantly new products that are launched under the umbrella of reputed brands are more likely preferred by customers when it comes to experimenting. Rather than products under brands that are not known by customers.
  • Brand Equity Increases Stock Price Of A Particular Product-  The stock price can be increased of a particular product with the help of a positive brand equity. 

Listed below are the ways in which advertising positively impacts brand equity 

  • Positive Brand Equity Helps Establish The Identity Of A Brand-  First impression plays a vital role in developing the image of the brand. Brand equity helps establish a positive impression of the brand. This image is formed in the minds of the people by creating a logo of the brand. The color and font of the logo easily creates an impression in a person’s mind and stays in his memory also the digital presence of the brand helps in establishing a brand identity. 
  • Brand Equity Has A Positive Influence On People-  Most importantly brand equity helps in developing a positive influence in the minds of the target customers. This influence builds a trust factor in them which in turn influences them to buy from those brands. Brand advertising helps in building a sense of credibility for the product and inspires them to purchase the particular product or service. Most multinational product companies inject trust in people by showing their target audience that they have industry experts who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with them other companies choose to donate funds to charities that support and resemble their business. These methods are adopted by companies to create a positive image of the brand and boost its image building credibility and trust in people.
  • Brand Advertisements Help Connect Marketers To Prospective Customers– Every marketer wishes to spread their business through advertisements. This is where brand advertisement plays a vital role. It helps connect marketers to prospective customers. It not only connects with customers intellectually but also connects with them emotionally and helps customers develop a personal relationship with the brand.(Srivastava,et.al,1999). This connection is established through slogans that are catchy and hold public attention, and also by hiring popular anchors who speak about the product or service to their target audience in a way that stays in the memory of the people for a long time. These components help make the brand ads relatable helping them connect with the buyers increasing the sale of the product. Therefore it can be said that the impact of advertising has a positive effect on brand image. That is precisely why brand advertising is added to marketing strategies to increase sales. 


To conclude it can be said that there are two types of advertisements direct ads and brand ads both are used in marketing strategies to increase the brand value and profit margins of a particular product or service. Positive brand equity helps establish the identity of a brand, it lets marketers spend less on Advertising, increases product value, makes customers loyal towards the brand, increases the stock price of a particular product, helps in establishing the identity of a brand, has a positive influence on people and most importantly lets marketers reach out to prospective clients. To gather more knowledge on how brand advertisement has a positive impact on brand equity students can now avail of assignment help online from ArabEssay experts.


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Figurative Language And Its Use In Academics

Figurative Language

Language has different forms. The visual form of language that is more dramatic compared to direct statement is termed as figurative language. It hooks the reader to the text by using similes, personification, and metaphors. These abstracts are used to convey ideas and feelings and make the text comprehendible to readers who do not have a hold on language. (Deignan, 2013) In this article we are going to study figurative language and its use in academics. 

Types Of Figurative Language

The language that turns the phrase and gives it a special meaning and helps convey a particular concept in a much more readable and colorful way surpassing the literally meaning of those words giving it an entirely new angle is defined as figurative language.

  • Simile

When we speak English simile is usually used in day to day conversations. In figure of speech it is used to compare two concepts that are nINSot common to each other using connecting words. For example “like”.  Students in Dubai can now avail assignment help Dubai from ArabEssay.  There are a team of experts who assist students understanding the usage of smile.

  • Metaphor

Similar to a simile metaphors are normally used to connect two concepts that are entirely unrelated from one another and completely separate.  Only difference is that the characteristics are common and no connectors are used. Metaphors are used to create images that are strong in language that cannot otherwise be created through direct language.

  • Implied Metaphor

There are multiple forms of a metaphor.  It can be used both to show comparisons that are direct and implied.  For example William shake sphere has used the phrase “seeds of time” in his writing which denotes different moments in life that may have implications in the future or may not.

  • Personification

Personification is a figure of speech that is used to attach human actions and qualities with entities that are non-human.  For example inanimate objects can be attached to elements of the nature that includes animals. Personification is also used in day to day language when we speak English. Arabessay provide content writing services in Saiq.

  • Hyperbole

Hyperboles are ridiculous exaggerations that are used as phrases when we try and express our feelings to something that is in no way connected or resembles the object. ( Gibbs,et.al,2006)

For example when we say  we are so angry we could die or when we compare our pending assignments to a mountain we are using hyperbole.

· Allusion

Allusion is the figure of speech that is used to utilize a common text that refers a place, person or event. Most readers are familiar with the texts used in allusion. (Fussell,et.al,1998)

The figure of speech that is used to extract the non-literarily meaning that is attached to a phrase is termed as an Idiom. Normally these phrases and their non-literarily meanings are known to the common masses as they often use these phrases when they are speaking English.  For example when we say “ it’s raining cats and dogs” the term cats and dogs is used to describe heavy unruly rainfall. It is one of the common most widely used idioms that are known to people. Students can now avail the help of online essay writer from ArbaEssay to gather detailed knowledge on the usage of idiom.

  • Idiom

The figure of speech that is used to extract the non-literarily meaning that is attached to a phrase is termed as an Idiom. Normally these phrases and their non-literarily meanings are known to the common masses as they often use these phrases when they are speaking English.  For example when we say “ it’s raining cats and dogs” the term cats and dogs is used to describe heavy unruly rainfall. It is one of the common most widely used idioms that are known to people. Students can now avail the help of online essay writer from ArabEssay to gather detailed knowledge on the usage of idiom.


Therefore it can be said that The visual form of language that is more dramatic compared to direct statement is termed as figurative language. It hooks the reader to the text by using similes, personification, and metaphors. These abstracts are used to convey ideas and feelings and make the text comprehendible to readers who do not have a hold on language. When we speak English simile is usually used in day to day conversations. In figure of speech it is used to compare two concepts that are not common to each other using connecting words. On the other hand the figure of speech that is used to extract the non-literarily meaning that is attached to a phrase is termed as an Idiom. Whereas  Hyperbole are ridiculous exaggerations that are used as phrases when we try and express our feelings to something that is in no way connected or resembles the object and  Allusion is the figure of speech that is used to utilize a common text that refers a place, person or event. To gather further knowledge on the uses of figurative language students can now avail online assignment help from ArabEssay experts.


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Social Media Network Participation in Assignments

Assignment Help

In this Smartphone-obsessed world, social media plays an integral role in the education field. Social media offers innumerable opportunities for learning and collaboration. Students, teachers, and educational institutes can make the most of social media while making learning more engaging and interesting. If truth be told, social media tools have a great potential to promote active learning, communication, and collaboration. When used right, social media platforms can improve the life of students and help them boost their academic performance. (Valenzuela,et.al,2014)

Schools, colleges and universities can harness the prowess of social networking sites and leverage them to provide better educational services, engage with students, make important announcements and share key information. Social media helps students in myriad ways – from getting tips on the latest information for their assignments, getting to grips with complex educational topics, preparing for exams, honing note-taking and learning skills, choosing the right career, and participating in group discussions. In this article we are going to study the benefits of social media for students.

Impact Of Social Media On Education And Students

Social media networks are making student’s life easier, simpler and hassle-free. Whether you are a medical student or an engineering student, social media tools, if used right, can help you improve your academic performance and get impressive grades. Here are some amazing tips and strategies that explain how to use social media for making learning fun and how it can create a positive impact on your academic performance.

Advantages Of Social Media On Students

Makes Learning Easy And Fun

One of the best advantages of using social media tools is providing students with easy and fun ways of learning and memorizing difficult concepts. For instance, students can use YouTube, Vimeo,  Udemy, Ted Talks and different other tools that allow students to watch interesting and engaging videos, anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to get your head around different to understand topics or intricate procedures, adding social media tools to your study schedule makes it easy to absorb a lot of information in an interesting way. Students can take the help of social media platforms to write tuition assignments.

· Serves As A Collaboration And Networking Tool

In this technological world, it has become critically important for students to stay connected to their peers and teachers. With the power of social networking tools, students can build a strong network where they can share valuable ideas, important files, discuss projects, and stay up-to-date on the activities and events happening in their field. (Goeldi,2013)

· Facilitates Group Discussions

Social media websites facilitate communication and provide students with a great opportunity to connect with their teachers, industry experts, professionals and fellow students. Students can participate in group discussions to share their problems with teachers and discuss the details of the projects. Participating in group discussions promotes collaborative learning and engagement, helping students elevate each other’s work. Students can use a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Google Hangouts and a number of other platforms to share their ideas and important information pertaining to their assignments and curriculum. Students can also avail assignment help assistance from ArabEssay experts to facilitate group discussions.

· Helps You Find The Right Career Opportunities

Social media can serve as an amazing tool that helps students find the right career opportunity in their chosen field. Since social media tools offer great networking opportunities, you can connect with alumni, recruiting agencies, potential coworkers and future employers. By connecting successful people in your field and getting insights on the career that you want to pursue, it gives you a clear idea about the industry and helps you reach a well-informed decision regarding your career.

LinkedIn is one of the best social media networks that helps students tap into the pool of internship and job opportunities. You can impress your employer by creating an inspiring profile on LinkedIn. You can capitalize on social media networks to highlight your skills, talents, creativity, and communication and technical skills, which will greatly boost your chances of getting a job in your chosen field. Students can also take the help of ArabEssay essay helpers to find the right career opportunities.

· Helps You Complete Your Assignments

Whether you are a medical student, studying finance, or completing your engineering degree, you can use social media to complete your assignments and homework. Twitter is an amazing social media network that serves as a great learning tool for students. You can harness the power of hashtags to search for information relevant to your assignment. You will find a number of Twitter accounts; websites and referencing tools that will help you complete your homework. Furthermore, you can also use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the field and recent statistics. It will eventually help raise your grades and stay on the right academic track.

From study guide to media sharing, improving practical skills to finding the right job, completing homework assignment to collaboration and communication, the benefits of using social media are immeasurable.


No one can deny the fact that social media is playing a significant role in enhancing learning and making it easier to access valuable information from anywhere, anytime. Teachers and students can easily connect with each other and take maximum advantage of these social media platforms to improve the education system and make studying more collaborative and efficient. Students can make the best use of their study time by integrating social media platforms. Social media makes learning easy and fun, social media tools serve as collaboration and networking tool, it facilitates group discussions, it helps students find the right career opportunities, and last but not the least it also helps students complete their assignments.


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Project-Based Learning | A Brief Overview

Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning also knownis an instructional methodology encouraging students to learn by applying knowledge and skills through an engaging experience. PBL presents opportunities for deeper learning in-context and for the development of important skills tied to college and career readiness. In this article we are going to give a brief overview about project based learning and discuss in details about different project based learning ideas.

 Characteristics Of Project Based Learning

Here are three characteristics of meaningful project based learning activities that lead to deeper student understanding:

1.) Interdisciplinary

Project based curriculum is designed to engage students using real-world problems. This is an interdisciplinary approach because real-world challenges are rarely solved using information or skills from a single subject area. Projects require students to engage in inquiry, solution building, and product construction to help address the issue or challenge presented. As students do the work, they often use content knowledge and skills from multiple academic domains to successfully complete the project.

2.) Rigorous

Project based education requires the application of knowledge and skills, not just recall or recognition. Unlike rote learning to assess a single fact, PBL assesses how students apply a variety of academic content in new contexts. As students engage in a project, they begin with asking a question. Inquiry leads the student to think critically as they are using their academic knowledge in real-world applications. The inquiry process leads to the development of solutions to address the identified problem. They show their knowledge in action through the creation of products designed to communicate solutions to an audience.

3.) Student-Centered

In PBL, the role of the teacher shifts from content-deliverer to facilitator/project manager. Students work more independently through the PBL process, with the teacher providing support only when needed. Students are encouraged to make their own decisions about how best to do their work and demonstrate their understanding. The PBL process fosters student independence, ownership of his/her work, and the development of 21st century/workplace skills. To gather detailed knowledge about the characteristics of project based learning students can avail project based learning from ArabEssay experts.

Reasons To Adopt Project Based Learning Model

Here are 4 reasons to adopt a project based learning model:

  • PBL Is A Multidisciplinary Pedagogical Approach Providing Meaningful Learning OpportunitiesWhile project based learning can certainly be content-specific, it provides a vehicle for integrating multiple subjects into one cumulative project. PBL encourages students to make meaningful connections across content areas, rather than thinking about each subject area in isolation. For example, four teachers from four different classrooms at Huntington Middle School (PA) used their individual strengths in a rotational, project-based model to teach middle school students how to apply STEM to real-world situations. The team included a technology teacher, the library media specialist, math teacher, and science teacher who split the students into four classes and rotated them every three days. During the nine-week project, students were tasked to use STEM and ELA skills to create their own artificial island. They used knowledge from all four teachers to finish the multifaceted, cross-curricular project and presented to their classmates. Online essay writers from ArabEssay teach students about the different learning opportunities that can be availed through PBL.
  • PBL Helps Build 21st-Century Skills Students Need To Succeed– As educators, it is essential to prepare our students to meet the demands of today’s changing global society. With increased engagement, PBL encourages a deeper understanding of content which develops critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, These skills are required for college, work, and life beyond school.
  • PBL Provides Opportunities To Engage Students In Real-World Learning. PBL is arguably the greatest opportunity to engage students in authentic projects or performance tasks tied to real-world careers and experiences.

Challenges Of Project-Based Learning

The Intel Corporation identified several reasons why project-based learning can represent such a radical departure from what we are used to in education. PBL requires you to coach more and instruct less, to embrace interdisciplinary learning instead of remaining locked in single-subject silos, and to be more comfortable with uncertainty and discovery during the learning process.

For many instructors, PBL is a stark contrast to the traditional education they experienced. Change takes time and is seldom without apprehension and challenges. However, when we consider the types of educational experiences we value for our modern learners, it becomes apparent the traditional “sage on the stage” instructional model falls significantly short.

The truth is, though, you can overcome these PBL challenges. Good problems or ideas can come from your students, parents, or community members. Instead of lectures and book learning, teachers can think through the steps required to solve a problem and use those steps as project-learning activities. Instead of planning a massive project, the learning process can be made more manageable by chunking the project into smaller parts, with frequent checkpoints built into the timeline. Instead of a traditional summative exam, authentic assessments can be developed by communicating with professionals in the field regarding what a presentation would look like related to a particular project. Students who wish to overcome the challenges they face while learning the different approaches of project based learning can seek instant essay help from ArabEssay experts.


Project-based learning takes the essential characteristics of what we value most about education and puts them front and center of our formal learning environments. It is a popular and noble aspiration for educators to inspire and develop life-long learners. Undeniably, PBL helps prepare students for the “real world” since that are naturally where their learning occurs. The Intel Corporation identified several reasons why project-based learning can represent such a radical departure from what we are used to in education. The truth is, though, you can overcome these PBL challenges. Good problems or ideas can come from your students, parents, or community members. Instead of lectures and book learning, teachers can think through the steps required to solve a problem and use those steps as project-learning activities. Instead of planning a massive project, the learning process can be made more manageable by chunking the project into smaller parts, with frequent checkpoints built into the timeline. Instead of a traditional summative exam, authentic assessments can be developed by communicating with professionals in the field regarding what a presentation would look like related to a particular project.


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