The long term relation between nature and technology development

nature and technology development

Technology development has made life easier and interesting. It has upgraded the standard and the mode of living. With the advent of technology you can have trust on the working of the computers and the mobile phones. This has helped in the process of coordinating life with the rest of the things. There is Technology development in the field of transportation. Now, it is easy for you to reach from one destination to the other with the bet of ease. The advent of technology has made possible emails and this is comparatively the smartest option than sending letter and post cards. In fact, technology has taken communication to the next level.

Technology can be devastating
Technology development is playing the part in the aviation industry. It is contributing in matters of business, medicine and food processing. But you need to think the condition of nature when technology is in the complete action. Can Technology development supersede nature? This is the big question at the time. When there is war between two nations and the advanced weapons are used in consequence there is destruction of life and nature. The usage of the nuclear weapons destroys constructions and causes extensive damaging. This is when nature is on the suicidal front.

Technology makes communication easy
Technology development can help in the mode of better communication. When living in one town you can get to interact with the distant people with the usage of telecommunication. The voice in the natural state cannot travel long distance. This is when Technology development will make you hear sounds and the voices of the near ones even in remote locations. Here lies the magic of technology. These days you can even see people on the web cam when talking to them. Seriously, technology is on the top when communicating with people with the best of ease.

Technology cannot save life
It is suggested by the foregoing that when nature is not in the best of state even Technology development cannot do anything rare. When nature becomes overpowering it becomes difficult for technology to take the important move. For instance, at the time of tsunami the condition of Indonesia was really upsetting. At the point of time even technology could not save the innocent lives. The damages caused by nature could not be compensated with technology. Several lives were lost and technology could only collect the ashes. Here, Technology development could not supersede the nature as such.

Technology cannot manage nature
You may have heard about the ravages of volcanoes. This is once again something that cannot be controlled by Technology development. When the scientists become sure that a volcano is going to erupt they have no measures to apply to put a stop to nature’s event. The government at the point can only vacant the adjacent area and warn the residents regarding the volcanic eruption. Similar is the scenario in case there is a tornado, or in case of a highly destructive wind. In the case, the Technology development can only detect the severity and the timing of the wind. It can do no more.

Technological detection is the only way out
When Technology development can detect that something is going to happen and that nature is going to take a nasty turn, arrangement can be made for the last minute rescue. In the context, the government authorities can arrange for timely evacuation campaigns. The list continues but the fact is when nature is spitting anger, Technology development has to take the back seat. It can only make detection’s and there is nothing else it can do to save the lives of millions. In fact, technology does not have the power to fight against the natural devastation.

Technology making life easy
It is the responsibility of Technology development to make life easy for the common men. It is the component to make existence beautiful and enjoyable. However, technology cannot overpower nature. It does not have the right to do so. Many people have tried to research and discover the wonders of nature to be controlled and managed by Technology development. However, things have never been easy in the case. Remember, planets and galaxies cannot be created by the scientists. We can hear about the discovery of the new and the innovative celestial bodies.

Relation between the two
One cannot deny the long standing relationship between nature and Technology development. Something which is natural cannot be altered by technology. In fact, both have been engaged in the long boxing match down the centuries. Technology development is making the earth dirty. There is no solution to this unless human consciousness can create the difference. The sunset these days are obscured by the selfies. Innumerable toxic wastes are being dumped causing damage to mother earth. Moreover, the advent of wifi is curbing the human rights and there are more things happening to say technology is going against nature.

Position of the both
From the time fire was invented human beings again parts of nature did not look back. Fire is devastating. It stands against the progression of Technology development. It is just like standing between rock and MySpace. Technology is there to help and enrich human brain. Again, the residue of Technology development is making the environment polluted. So when you focus on one you cannot leave behind the other. This is how you need to balance both existence and technology. One cannot supersede the other.

Embracing both the concepts
Scientists are coming up with newest Technology development. They are trying to make the earth the better place to life. Inventions are happening to make life easy. People are getting applauds and they are appreciated for their efforts to make nature sustaining. However, at the same time over populated cities are keeping pace with the Technology development. This is contribution in global deterioration. Advent of mobile phone has made communication easy, but the effects of the technicality are devastating for the new generation. With the discovery of computers people ate becoming rather mechanical. Their physicality is endangered and in the case, technology becomes a curse in the longer run. Thu, you need to balance both the concepts in order to support naturalists and embrace technology at the same time.

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