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It is seen that when you write essays regularly, you get bored of going over the same formula. This makes it a challenge to write good essays every time. Is there any way you can improve the quality of your essays from good to brilliant? Certainly, there is.  Try some general essay writing tips that will guide you in writing impressive essays again and again.

Research other people’s work
Reading literature or other people’s work can help develop your personal essay-writing style. You should read a variety of essays on different subjects, not just those related to your subject. Different fields of study might have different ways of presenting arguments or different wiring styles. So, the more you read, the wider is your exposure to possible techniques that you can pick up and apply in your own essays.
Remember, whenever you read other people’s work, don’t skim through it. Read it critically. Find out what you liked or dislike about it. Was the essay persuasive enough? Was the argument a sound one and adequately supported by evidence? Try to find if the writer has used any new writing techniques or style.

Use accurate language
A good choice of words allows you to articulate your thoughts in a precise and clear manner. Readers like short, crisp sentences that convey the author’s intentions accurately. An economy of words is a mark of good essay, why ramble on when you could express the same thing in just a few words.
One good way of ensuring clear communication is an effective usage of vocabulary. A good writer never stops making effort and work continually on learning new words that could aid in expressing an idea more productively. Using good vocabulary demonstrates your intelligence and persuasiveness in essay writing. You can improve your vocabulary by reading widely, referring to the dictionary for new words, learn roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Maintain a vocabulary book containing new words along with their meanings that you can refer to as per the need.

Summarizing your essays
We’ve all know the importance of preparing an outline of the essay before you actually get down to writing one. But, even before you do that, you must know the argument that you want to make. Deciding on a strong argument will give you a head start to write the format for an essay and eventually build it up to an overall conclusion. In order to pack your thoughts into a short, succinct outline that you can use, try to summarize your intentions so that the readers are intrigued to read your essay.
Your summary should be able to impress the reader, making them want to read your essay. Although it sounds simple, it is quite a difficult thing as it compels you to be brutally concise in your thoughts and way with words. This summary will help you in writing your introduction and also help you to achieve clarity in your expression and thoughts while writing.

Inform the readers about other people’s views
It seems contextual here to mention that essays are an opportunity for you to demonstrate to the readers how knowledgeable you are. Make sure you cite other people’s views and original sources with regard to what you’re writing. For instance, if you are writing a history essay on The French Revolution, you could quote original literature related to that topic and also talk about the views of a variety of modern thinkers about the topic. It is necessary that you present contrasting views as it is unlikely that all of them agree on the topic. By doing so, you will be able to show that you’ve vetted all the feasible angles.
Whenever you read a topic, write the names of important people in that area, with an overview describing their background and their views. In this way, you’ll have a database of your own to refer to while writing an essay and have to consult important authors or scholars whose views are worth mentioning.

However, make sure you don’t include too many quotes. Mix quotations with your own views so that you are able to showcase available information and express your thoughts as well. There is no need to conceal your thoughts behind other people’s expressions. You can even choose to disagree with an author’s quote, on condition that you give sufficient reasoning and evidence for doing so. This will show that you have given it a thought and come to a conclusion, instead of just blindly following what that author had said. That way, you are able to demonstrate strong analytical and reasoning skills that are the hallmark of talented students.

Make your essays sound exciting
It might not strike you straight away while you’re reading, but polished sentence structures can make a huge difference to the way you sound. According to the essay writers, it is imperative while writing that you make yourself easy to follow and interesting for the readers. You can achieve this by utilizing a variety of interesting sentence structure. Make use of a mixture of sentence structures, some can be long and some can be short. Avoid very long sentences as they become too difficult to read and follow. Effective grammar rules are vital for conveying your arguments in a persuasive way. No reader would want to read an essay that of full of grammatical mistakes. More importantly, the readers should be able to understand a sentence first time itself, without the need to read it more than once.
Most of the writers have a particular tone of voice that they use for essay writing. The quality of their essay, however, depends on whether or not their tone is exciting and engaging. Examine some of your previous essays and see whether the tone is spellbinding. If not, it could easily be because you’ve yet not found the perfect tone of voice. Essay represents an official, academic document, but does that mean it has to be unexciting. A confident expression shows the readers that you are aware of what you’re writing and assures them that they will enjoy reading the essay.

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