The influence of internet on emotional maturity of student

influence of internet

In this technology driven society, the role of internal has influence the emotional maturity of students to an extent. It impacts on the mental state of students by accessing the information which changes their mindset. Students are learning new things everyday on internet by reading articles, videos and blogs which help in developing emotional maturity among the students.
At teenager stage, every student has different point of view which need emotional maturity to balancing their life. The technology helps to revolutionize an individual in every sphere including physically, emotionally, and morally. Internet acts as a most powerful tool which helps to understand the role of emotions in their life. The study has revealed that the young generation is more influenced by the virtual world which helps them to understand the perspective of every situation. Emotional maturity is defined as the managing of personal life with external reality. Individual those are able to manage the emotional maturity that has integrity to control their emotion. Emotional maturity among the students helps them to take decision by understanding the perspective with deepest thought to take right decision. The students who are emotionally mature, they have their career goals as they are able to understand their emotions and expectation from own self which may sounds judgmental also (Singh, 2019). They are able to right decision and also have the capability to build healthy relationship with others.

In today era of social media trending every individual at teenager has develop emotional maturity by interacting with others and use of technology to develop an understanding regarding every situation faced by the students. It helps to develop understanding regarding the importance of education and their performance towards the achievement of their personal and professional goals. It is founded by the researchers that the students who are able to use different gadgets easily they have more understanding and clarity rather than children who are not interested in using gadgets.  Students are able to join various online sessions and counseling to share the situations faced by them during the age of adolescence which make them string emotional. The students who are reading blogs and findings interesting stuff to resolve their day to day queries related to their personal and career they are more emotionally mature. With the use of technology students are more knowledgeable and up to date rather than students who are only studying books provided by the schools.

The role of social media has increased which influence the individual to improve their physical appearance, remain updated, and improvement in the social behavior of students. At adolescence age, the students are facing a different type of sudden emotions such as anxiety, confusion, and others. They started sharing on social media which helps to resolve anxiety issues by sharing their emotions with others. The emotional maturity has direct influence on the performance of the students. The study has shown that the students with emotional maturity are able to get more achievements than others (Dangwal, 2019). There is a positive correlation between emotional maturity and emotional intelligence which reflects that the student should focus on their studies in order to gain emotional intelligence. Internet helps the student to grow knowledge related to different field which develop understanding and maturity for taking right decision. Internet access helps the students to improve their concepts and knowledge related to their studies that directly increases the academic results. It enables to explore everything related to the technology, day to day life, or any confusion in opting best option among all. Emotional maturity helps to achieve contended and happy life by developing the route towards the achievement of best options. In adolescence age, the students are facing mixed emotional feelings by accessing internet it improves self-concept which enable to develop emotional maturity among the students. By accessing internet the knowledge related to new technologies has developed which improves the standard of living as emotional maturity to deal with every situation.

Students are facing emotional pressure at adolescence age which requires support from family, friends, and guiders to make them feel emotionally strong. Emotional personality should be developed by the students at the age of schooling which helps to balance their personality. Emotions are strongly attached to need, urge and interest. Emotional maturity is influence by the home environment, social group, school environment, and to an extent interesting episodes watch by the students.  The role of internet is important which highly influence the emotional maturity of the students. The study conduct in the University of California has shown that there is significant difference in emotional maturity of students who are accessing internet and others are not (Bhagat, 2016). Emotionally matured individual has satisfaction in their life as they are able to understand different perspective by considering the situation in which they are gone through. They have positive attitude towards the life which improves their academic results too. They are more applicable and understand the concepts faster than others.  It helps to select career goals as per the desires by internet surfing which motivate them to find appropriate route to achieve specific objectives.

Thus the internal influence of the students helps to change the mindset in order to motivate them towards the achievement of high standard of living. It enhances the capabilities of the students to achieve their career goals with the use of selection of best opportunities.  It also helps to compare the options for the selection of appropriate career goals as per your own interest. There is the huge differences between the emotional maturity of students who are living in urban areas as compared to the students living in rural areas. It reflects that the role of internet access is significant in developing emotional stability among the students.


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