Common Writing Advice to Avoid

Writing Advice

In order to write better you need avoid the common writing mistakes. The more you can avoid the pitfall you can really enhance your writing skills. In the sort of descriptive writing, giving an introduction to the piece is utmost important.

Importance of Introduction
This is known to be the kind of throat clearing before the main writing. The intro will tell you regarding the rest of the literature. However, in case of everyday nonfiction writing, the writing advice says that the intro is not so important. This is when you should go straight to the point. There is no need to include and stretch things unnecessarily.

Avoid Using Buzzwords
There are more mistakes for you to avoid when writing an essay. When writing you should avoid using the buzzwords. The impact of the same gets destroyed due to over usage or over exposing of the irrelevant words. In business the use of the buzzwords are like transformative, innovative, revolutionary and the rest. These can spoil the essence of your writing skills. The words lose their authentic impact when everyone is using them at the same time. When you are making a business plan, the writing advice is to make use of the buzzwords intelligently. You should make the right use of the time in writing the explanations vividly.

Using the Acronyms
As part of the writing skills you should assume that the reader knows all the acronyms, and can even identify the people you have mentioned in the text. It is the perfect writing advice that there is no guarantee that your reader will know everything that you use while writing. It is best that you make use of the acronym. This can be a sort of disruptive halt when you are writing, but will compel the reader to think. A writer who is thoughtful can provide with the data in the manner to help with uninterrupted clarity while reading.

Don’t Use Too Much Exclamations
It is usual that when you are writing you keep on using things with little implication. As part of the writing skills it is good to restrict yourself using too many exclamation points. This can spoil the real essence of the literature. This can make the writing sound too immature and over emotional. It is the prompt writing advice not to capitalize the words for emphasis. This signifies that the writer is in rage, and that he is shouting all the time. When you want to emphasize that word or phrase you can make the use of the exclamation point, or you can do the rest of the other things.

Stay Simple When Writing
If you have the perfect writing skills you should know that making the writing complicated does not show your excellence in the field. Here you can follow the writing acronym KISS. This means Keep it Simple Stupid. It is the writing advice to keep things simple and there is no need to exaggerate   things unnecessarily. You just need to write in the manner to maintain the normal flow of the piece. The writing format should be precise and descriptive. You can include the best words to keep the writing short and simple. Unwanted use of the jumbled and the complicated words will make the reader feel bore.

Connection between Subject and Verb should not be distracted
In writing, the common mistake that is made is in matters of subject verb agreement. If you have the best writing skills you should stay alert while writing. “The birds is happy in the nest”. You tend to write so when you are in a hurry. The writing advice is that, you should stay alert while writing and make the right use of grammar skills. A single subject should never be paired or combined with the plural verb. This is a dangerous mistake you should avoid.

Correct Use of Between and Among
If you follow the rules of writing skills you should know the right and apt usage of between and among. Between should be used when you are talking about distinct things. You can make use of among when writing about a group or collection of things. It is the writing advice to make careful use of less and fewer. In order to show the time sequence you should make use of then. Than is used when you are comparing things. You need to use the term loose when describing elasticity of an item. And lose is all about misplacing things.

Avoid making Vague Claims
Don’t make use of vague claims when you are writing. This does not fall in the list of the writing skills. Phrases like “it is a well known fact” or “everywhere you look” are not apt to be used in the form of writing. This can make the structure of the writing weak and unstable. The writing advice is that you should quantify or qualify the claims with the sort of data support and specificity. You should write the argument in the manner that it seems that you are in the court of law.

Don’t put too much Filler
Please avoid using fluffs and stuffs when writing. As part of the writing skills there is no need to make unnecessary use of fillers. Using these fillers will make the email sound unprofessional. This is a form of conversational writing and it is time that you grab the style perfectly. It is the writing advice to use slangs and colloquial terms when you are conversing with friends. You cannot make use of the same when writing something official. This will undermine your professional status. Your reaction should be positive and you should know what things to use where.

No need to make the Writing Decorative
When you are writing there is no need to make use of various fonts and colors. After all your writing is not a garden. To show your writing skills you need to make use of the right words and terms. There is no need to think that appearance of the work will state the quality of writing. It is the writing advice to make the literature look decent and apt. There is no need of applying unnecessary decorations in trying to enhance the appeal of the piece of writing. It should look professional and perfect. It is time to be the creator with the best writing skills.

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