E-Commerce in the Middle East


There is a recent boom in the eCommerce market in the Middle East. The competition is really heating up in this part of the world. Last week there has been an announcement that Noon the online retailer which is being launched by Emmar founder Mohamed Alabbar, had signed the agreement in order to buy the products from US and from other international destinations. This will help the argument that there is the UAE consumer which is finally getting the marketplace online and the rival has helped in establishing the brick and the mortar landscape. This is how things are getting heated with the perfect gearing.
Contribution of Noon
Noon is the part of the inventive partnership and this is backed by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. This is once again an eCommerce scenario in the Middle East which is gaining prominence with time. This is again an effort from the eminent gulf investors and this will start from H2 2018, and can fulfill the eBay orders and the items would be directly delivered to the doorstep of the clients in all parts of UAE and Saudi Arabia. The products that you would purchase from Noon will come with the complete refunding option and these will be entirely based on the various terms and conditions.

Evolvement of e commerce|
Noon is offering the clients the quick access to the products and these are not readily available in the various regions, according to Alabbar. He is of the opinion that eCommerce is always evolving. It is guaranteed that Noon will stay at the top of the retailers in the Middle East based on the trends and preferences of the consumer. According to the announcement made by Noon, the eBay partnership will emerge at a time and this is heating up the partnership in the e commerce genre.

The competition is heating up
Things are coming up on the heels of the competition in the eCommerce landscape with the $800m deal between Souq and Amazon. This is moreover backed up by Emaar Malls Group’s 51 percent intake of the fashion retailer Namshi for the sum of $151m. This is happening just in UAE. Based on the recent study as conducted by Gulf Pinnacle Logistics (GPL) earlier in the year 2018, the ecommerce market of the country is expected to increase at the rate of 7.2 percent each year and this can reach to the limit of $23.7bn by the end of the year 2022.

Enhancing of the eCommerce market
In addition to these, in the Middle East market all the vital last mile delivery is expected to enhance ion size in an amount of $3.4bn by 2022. However, based on the comment on GPL chairman Shailesh Dash the region based e commerce market still seems to be desirable in the Middle East periphery. Here you have the group of the GCC consumers and they are still in look for the high delivery performance before things are starting to gear up at the most.

Touching the consumer base
Delivery is in the main area and this is the regions eCommerce ground from where you can touch the consumer base. There is the other expert Sameer Bagul and he is the executive vice president of the Middle East and even the managing director of the region. This is the consumer driven business periphery and this is the value based e commerce outlet that will offer with the bottomless search of the various products. There are others to make the purchase decisions based on the setting of the e commerce site, and these come with the easiest payment solutions.

Price is the key factor
Comparing the price in the genre of eCommerce in the Middle East has always been the key factor. These days you have more eCommerce players available. However, all will encourage the involvement for the improvement of the offerings on the other side of the board. However, no one wants to stay behind in the competition. This is much different from the scenario several years back, and this is an almost complete dearth of the various options as part of the entire process. This is from the selection of the product till the time of delivery.

Pace of the market
The boom in the Middle East market has been slow but steady. However, most of the eCommerce players have come to the real conclusion and this has been locked in the race to the finishing of the battle and they are always trying to woo on the real customers. In this context, the partnership of Noon with eBay is considered to be an attempt to keep up with the pace of Souq and the global store of Amazon, and both are giving the customers the best access to the main items being sold of the various podiums of the United States and the other destinations. This however, keeps the upside clear and distinct.

Vital aspect of the eCommerce market
The competition has been wide and vital in aspect of the UAE’s eCommerce market in the Middle East. The market operates with complete potential and this is however, not the only thing in the big sphere. In the context the customer gets help from the government that is actively working in order to help the several players in the realm of e commerce. For instance, in the last year the Dubai government made an announcement regarding the launching of the Dubai Commerce City, and this is the first free zone meant for the e commerce purpose.

Enhancement of the performance
It is presumed that Dubai Commerce City will enhance the eCommerce performance and this is the vital driver of the sustainable economy of Dubai. According to Dr Mohammed Al Zarooni, and he is the director general of the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority in short known as DAFZA, it is a playing with the organization based on the operational knowledge that will help in contributing to the building on the innovative world class free zone in the Middle East sector.

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