Effect of Flexible Working Hours on Motivation

Effect of Flexible Working Hours on Motivation

The major aim of writing this blog is to understand the effect of flexible working hours in motivation. One can say that motivation of employees plays a major role in achieving the success of the organization.
Motivation is a term which is used to praise the employees for their enthusiastic performance shown in their workplace. This creates a positive impact on the employees. The blog talks about the influence of flexible working hours on motivation. Flexible working hours are offered in the organization for the employees to reduce the work pressure of the employees. If an employee is pushed to work for more hours, then he/she will be obviously under stress (Peters 2015).

Benefits of flexible working hours:

  1. Helps in relieving the work stress of the employees.
  2. Allows the employees to follow a proper work schedule.
  3. Flexibility work zone increases the comfort zone of the employees.
  4. Motivates the employees to do more work.
  5. Prepares the employees mind too fresh to get involved in the work activities.

The first benefit talks about the relieving the stress of the employees. On the day to day basis, the employees who are working in the multinational organizations are under great stress since their workflow is high. They are subjected to submit their projects within the given deadline. The great problem faced by the employees in the multinational corporations is that they are not getting time to spend with their family and friends rather than they tend to sit in front of the monitor screen for continuous hours (Herzberg 2017).

The second benefit talks about the following of the proper work schedule. When the flexible working hours are offered to employees, they will make plans on the list of the works to be done by prioritizing the task.

When flexible working hours are offered to the employees, the comfortability working zones of the employees are enhanced. Employees will feel better if they get proper work timings for the completion of their tasks (Steers & Sánchez‐Runde 2017).
Enabling of the flexible working hours motivates and refreshes the mind of the employees.

Motivation and the flexible working hours of the employees:
Flexible working hours to the employees enhances the motivation of the employees. This happens when the comfort zone of the workplace is enhanced with the flexible working hours (Howard et al. 2016). When the working hours are flexible in the work environment, the employees will be highly motivated in doing more work and they will be highly enthusiastic in achieving the goals or the business objectives of the organization. When the working hours are made flexible according to the capacities and the capabilities of the employees, then the employees will be more motivated to work in a comfort zone in reaching the goals of the organization in a more effective way (Lăzăroiu 2015).


The entire blog talks about the impact of flexible working hours on the motivation of the employees. Since the offering of flexible working hours reduces the work pressure of the employees, the employees are motivated to do more work. In this way, flexible working hours have a direct impact over the employees


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