How Digital Learning Changed Education

Digital Learning

As the world is changing, technology embraces the new mode of learning and brings down the substantial changes in the people live. One of the ignite sector comes from it is E-education or web-based learning effectively making education more prominent to impart knowledge to the students. In a couple of years, e-education has greatly influenced the teaching sector enables teachers and students to set their education at pace. This has usher new modelling of links teachers to their students and helps them to improve and personalize learning.

Accepting online opportunities and learning resources known for increasing the productivity accelerating the rate of learning, reduces the costs and known for better utilizing the teacher time. Today technology enables the communication and collaboration that have dreamt in the past. For instance, students of the US learned artic by following the expedition of the scientist team, at times they talked to the team via video conferencing. Hence it can be deduced from this statement, digital learning has turned the face of education and removed the classroom barriers which is depicted in de Voltolina’s illustration (US department of Education, 2019). In this blog, we are trying to elaborate some alluring features of digital learning that might have not covered yet.

The Rise Of Digital Education

With the advancement of technology, countries from overall the globe are now connected with the internet. According to the World Economic Forum, 2020 types of research has shown online learning is increasing the information retention, takes less time in sharing information and changes the meaning of COVID19 stays prediction. As opined by assignment helpers, The distinctive rise of e-learning whereby teaching is undertaken by the e-learning platform worldwide reduces the critical impact due to school and university closure.

Even it has been noted before Covid 19 the rise of technology has become acceptable components with global edtech investments noted US$18.66 billion in 2019 that expected to increase by $350 Billion by 2025(Purdue Online, 2019).

Hence in response to significant demand of the many e-learning platforms also offering free learning resources whereas companies are trying to bolster the capabilities to provide one-stop solution for both teachers and students. But first and foremost responsibility of both of them to get accustomed to various learning and programming platforms. 

Ways By Which Digital Learning Has Changed The Pace Of Education

According to market and market analysis report, 2019, the global market size of MOOC is expected to grow USD 3.9 billion in 2018 to USD 20.8 billion by 2023 at 40.1% CAGR. The growing adoption and penetration of technology have raised the demand for online education via a MOOC platform. Education and trainers at these platforms facilitated the learning understand the modern pedagogical demand of online approaches.

As suggested by, the entire flow of education online has created impact the way learning inheritance back to essay helper traditional methodology.  In the given below section, we have discussed the way by which digital learning changes the pace of education-

  • Increasing Demand For Digital Textbooks

Slowly and gradually all the manuscript are available in the form of e-books that can be accessed online. The textbook is available on Google libraries and Scholar, also a few universities are providing the access to the ebooks to the students

  • Online classes

One of the earliest thing that is observed in this pandemic situation is shifting of classroom online. As we have defined the expected market size of MOOC has grown by 40.10%CAGR, this shows the increased demand for online classes. As suggested by essay writers, These classes are making it possible for both teachers and students to collaborate and interact to share the knowledge and progressing the study even during a pandemic

  • Teaching And Learning Are Personalized

Due to the flexibility of learning and teaching makes it possible for teachers to personalizes the projects and courses whenever they want. Similarly, teachers and students both of them can perceive their education at a different location. If you want to more about how e e-learning and to want to submit flawless assignments, you can ask for instant assignment help from ArabEssay experts whenever you want.

  • Usage Of Media

The blend of education and technology has proven to be an opportunity for students who are isolated geographically. Using multimedia, any age group can access the quality of education without losing time.


Thus it can be concluded from the above information; digital learning has changed the face of traditional education to a great extent. In this blog, we have first discussed how education has greatly influenced the teaching sector enables teachers and students to set their education at pace. Later we defined how the distinctive rise of e-learning whereby teaching is undertaken by e-learning platform worldwide reduces the critical impact due to Covid 19. Even we share the growth rate of MOOC which suggested the on the rising demand of e-learning platform among students. At last, we have discussed the ways by which digital platform is changing the mode of education and supporting students during this pandemic.


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