How to elaborate a descriptive essay thesis statement?

descriptive essay

A descriptive writing enlightens the reader on a particular topic. Some topics are easier to write than others because there is not much to talk about them. However, there are many topics that are extensive and writers can choose a small segment of that topic to discourse on.

If your topic is so narrow that you need only a few paragraphs to tell the readers everything about that topic, then the thesis sentence can be one simple sentence that describes the topic.
However, if you have chosen a broad topic, you could elaborate on it in several pages with the intention of covering as many aspects as you can. In such a situation, your thesis statement can be a complex sentence that names the topic, as well as, describes your argument. You can use the word ‘because’ to join multiple sentences in the thesis statement to restrict how much you state and keep you close to the topic while essay writing.

A descriptive essay should appeal to your readers. You can achieve this by making use of figurative language, lots of adjectives, and sensory details. It all comes down to how you describe and not just what you describe in the paper. If you have great imagination and creative skills, you can easily write the body paragraphs of descriptive essays. Nevertheless, writing the thesis statement and the introductions part may be somewhat tricky.
A thesis statement acts as a concise and specific declaration that guides the readers from beginning to end of your paper. This statement allows you to affirm your view and sum up what the entire essay will be about. Most of the time, it is rather difficult to compose an excellent thesis statement for your essay writing. Source essay experts suggest that you should present your argument like any other essay but, make sure that your impress on the issue rather than just objectively analyzing it.

Here are some guidelines that you keep in mind while composing a thesis statement for a descriptive essay:
Think about your topic
Reflect on your topic and the object of explanation. Consider what you will focus on in your paper and what type of arguments do you have in support of the topic. Choose an interesting topic. Brainstorm for it unless you find a meaningful topic that is relevant to your field of study. Once you have the right topic in mind, you can create an effective statement and state what you intend to say.

Try to find the reasons
In order to compose a strong argument, you need to give reasons for why your view is like this. What you like about the topic, why you chose that topic and how the topic affects your field of study.  When you find out the basis for writing your paper, you can come up with a few sentences describing the topic.

Come up with your thesis statement
Now, picture all the reasons and the topic together in your mind. You must provide lots of details in your essay but the introduction part is where you prompt on the ideas or views that will be further described in the paper. Formulate a statement that does just that for you. Your thesis statement should be laconic. If your topic is specific, the statement will help the readers decide whether they want to read it or not. They can find out if the topic is useful or of their interest by reading the statement. Remember, it is necessary to have a specific topic so that you can focus precisely on it and devise a brief argument.
It is recommended that you present your statement in the introduction section. Do not use any rough words at this stage.

Review your thesis statement
Check whether your statement represents an opinion or viewpoint on some issue. Remember, it should be your own view and not someone else’s. If you were asked to write a descriptive essay on some specific topic, mention the keyword of your topic in the statement. You should be argumentative in your approach. Do not reveal the conclusion in your statement. Let the people find out how you have approached the issue by reading the essay. Present an argument that is relevant in the current scenario and people would want to read more about it.
However, you need to ensure that your statement is one or just sentences long. Its purpose is to introduce the topic. Stay focused on the topic and your writing style.

Include details
Don’t settle assuming that your thesis statement will be sound as it is. You need to make it even better by including some descriptive details. You can insert some adjectives and figurative details to add finesse to the statement.

Do not draft a general statement
Avoid writing a general statement if you don’t want your piece to lose its significance. Your text should be bound, i.e. you should be able to write what you want in a limited number of pages. Writing vague things will not help. Make sure you write your own views only. Try avoiding the use of general terms like society, values, culture, difficult, unusual, exciting etc. These words do not describe anything special but, give rise to confusions.

The main purpose of a descriptive writing is to assert your view about a particular topic. In a nutshell, it represents a crisp outline of the selected topic. When you have to write a statement, you must articulate your thoughts and put them across to the readers so that they can know the prime motive of writing your thesis. The importance of this statement is demonstrated by giving the readers a clear idea so they can understand what the content is about. Regardless of how good your essay is, if you failed to compose a fabulous statement, your essay will lose its impact. Once you have crafted a thesis statement, make sure that your all the other parameters in terms of above said guidelines are met. Now complete your statement.

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