Elderly patients malnutrition causes and treatments

Elderly patients malnutrition



The main purpose of the assignment is to determine the causes of malnutrition among the elderly patients and also to determine the appropriate kind of treatment for the purpose of treating such kind of patients.

Causes of Malnutrition

  1. The most important reason for the malnutrition among the elderly patients is known as the anorexia which is considered to be the main reason for the lack of appetite which in turn is influenced by a great number of reasons. It has also been determined the loss of energy in an individual usually takes place with the rise in the age of that particular individual which in turn gives rise to the lack of micro nutrients in the body of that elderly patient (Hickson 2006).
  2. The loss of taste and smell is another reason causing malnutrition among the old age population, as it leads to the decline in the appetite of that particular individual because of the reduction in the taste of the food. Moreover the loss of taste and smell becomes more aggressive with the prevalence of any kind of an illness or by the intake of any particular kind of medication (Hickson 2006).
  3. The dental health of an individual especially that of the elderly patients influences the level of nutrition intake of that particular individual and it also worsens with the increase in the age of that person (Hickson 2006).
  4. Another important reason which gives rise to the process of malnutrition is known as the Dysphasia which in turn also reduces the level of nutrition intake of that particular individual. Moreover that elderly patient who has problem in swallowing their food suffers from a great level of malnutrition, in the case of those patients who was suffering from stroke (Hickson 2006).
  5. Low level of income is another reason for malnutrition as the elderly patients have a stable income which they spend on their medications and are unable to afford healthy foods for themselves.
  6. The elderly patient who is usually isolated and eats isolated loses interest in cooking and eating. However depression is another reason which leads to the loss of appetite of an elderly patient.
  7. Alcohol is another major cause for malnutrition as it decrease the level of appetite of the concerned patients.


  1. Healthy food habits should be promoted among the elderly patients such as fruits, vegetables, complete food grains and meats. Moreover an elderly patient are required to take a lesser amount of salt, sugar and fat in their diet to promote good health (Familydoctor.org 2019).
  2. An elderly patient should take adequate snacks at regular interval of time as they often feels heavy after having their complete meals.
  3. An appropriate amount of taste should be added to the food intake of the elderly patients but the spices containing excessive salt should be avoided (Familydoctor.org 2019).
  4. An appropriate supplement should be added to the diet of such elderly patients.
  5. An appropriate kind of an exercise should also be promoted among the elderly patients to make their bones and muscles strong (Familydoctor.org 2019).


In this assignment main consideration has been given to the reasons for the malnutrition among the elderly patients and the appropriate treatment for the same has also been determined.


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