Changing Education Scenario Due To The Internet

Education Scenario

The advent of technology has brought radical changes in educational settings. The increasing usages of IT coupled with growing access to resources are making teachers and students rethink and rebuild a traditional way of learning. 

As the technology advances, learning in future will be based upon first-hand experience and collaboration. Here in this direction internet is the best interactive tools that not only bring out an increased number of job proficiencies but also improve on-campus instruction, distance learning and much more(Johnson, 2018). 

The last weeks have witnessed new strains of Covid 19 in distinct regions of the UK and Italy. As the virus spread at a huge level, many countries are now emphasizing on educating students remotely through technology whether it is about conducting a lecture or accessing students’ profile. Everything goes on the Internet to simulate the new experience in this modern era. Like in this pandemic Internet contribution have source remarkable outcomes, there are still some areas needed to be uncovered where changing education scenario due to the internet have accelerated student’s academic career. Let’s move ahead and explore some amazing facts of the Internet that led us to brighten career. 

The Changing Education Setting Scenario- Are We Ready?

Since Internet commencement in the late 1960s by Tim Berner Lee, the education system has been seen as a significant revolution. Earlier sitting in the classroom and following a timetable was an ideal method of imparting education, but as internet expansion has picked up emulsifying speed, the interaction of ideas, concepts and thoughts automatically get enhanced (Malhotra, 2020). Arabessay provide Content writing services in Tan`am. From the textbook to white paper everything can be stored in a single place that is secure and easy to access both.

But is it possible to keep ourself away from distraction while using the same devices? The ease of using two apps at the same time is dozing of the earlier hours of class. 

As per the perspective of Ding Dong, CEO Chen Hang, to support a large scale remote work platform, Alibaba Cloud has been installed its 100,000 cloud services in just two hours of the previous week for the service expansion and recording rapid capacity. In this scenario, most of the cloud service is aiming to provide significant storage for its every user where targeting group of students is much higher ( Cathy and Farah, 2020). This is because a significant lectures occur online which required wide space for the files. 

Some school district institution is establishing participation like The Los Angeles Unified School District and PBS SoCal/KCET for offering local education focusing on a range of student of different ages. In view of this, the training provided to teachers and students were facilitated with the Internet. However, some institutions are giving pre-recorded section to such that topics taught to students extensively. 

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Trends And Technology Development In Education

These days we have seen profound changes in an education environment. This is because society is adapting the way how knowledge can be enhanced or communication technologies affecting the economies.

Karisiddappa, 2002, have enlisted trends in education paving  radical and transformation changes take place in the education area as well as envisioned global learning infrastructure-

  • Internet explosion has led to an increased number of courses and students’ enrollment
  • Different types of students can interact at the virtual platform
  • Flexible learning arrangement is no longer required central attention of the administration
  • Students inclined towards life long learning process
  • The development of communication technologies have handed over critical solutions
  • Modularization has produced flexible changes in seeing a problem
  • Internet cost is slowing down thus its users are increasing drastically
  • Enables group work problem in a real-life context

Many essay deustch believed, internet learning is active that also implies students don’t need to limit themselves in search of resources or developing competencies consequently.

Internet And Education And Internet Delivered Services

Among all the internet users, mostly university students utilized internet sources for different purposes other than online shopping and enjoyment. According to the report of Deniz and Geyik, 2015, approximately 76% of respondent’s part of the survey is using the internet for getting information, researching, reading mail, messaging their loved ones, chatting and many more. Out of this 24% of the respondents have said, they are using the internet for playing gaming or winning the lottery. This is followed by respondents who are using the Internet just for sending mail.

In this given chart, with the help of instant essay help experts, we have shown relevant distribution students internet using the rate on the behalf of taking the survey by Deniz and Geyik in 2015

Source- Deniz and Geyik, 2015

It has been widely accepted by renowned essay typer and analyst, the early 1960s has displayed the revolution of the World Wide Web. Considering the impact of the education courses offered on the internet can be for full courses or maybe supplementary in which students interact face to face decided how much they have gained (Honnekeri,, 2017). 

The current progress of virtual classroom embarks on the development of Internet infrastructure. But this depicts a decreased importance of OFF campus classroom activities. 

Education with the internet is not only fascinating but also evolving fast. Mastering skills for more than one job, have become easier for professional to be taught. 

For educational purpose, we can say this, using the internet is not luxury, but this is a necessity because if a person doesn’t have thorough knowledge how to accommodate technology, all the efforts might be dumped into vain. 

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Increasing internet access has transformed the way a computer is using before. It is now available in all the territories of the world and offering an impressive medium for communication among academic institution. The birth of the internet has changed the mode of grasping education. In this article, we have shown such highlights like Internet explosion have led to an increased number of courses and students’ enrollment. We have depicted the purpose of using the internet by students. There we have illustrated among all the internet users, mostly university students utilized internet sources for different purposes other than online shopping and enjoyment. Those consist of getting information, research study, email reading, chatting etc. 


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