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Management plays an important role in the organization or company. It is all about managing the organization. Management of an organization or company is not an easy task. Information management is the study that deals with information technology operations and resources within an organization. It is the process of managing the organization with the help of information technology or with the use of the latest digital technologies. Information technology management is all about technologies and maintaining resources and the company’s associated employees. In this article, assignment writers provide you insights about IT management, functions of management, the role of management and the role of management in an organization. It helps the organization in getting success and achieve all goals and aims. One of the significant figures is it add value and importance to the organization. It makes the management system very effective.

Information Technology Management

Information management is the process in which the managers have to oversee all matters regarding information technology operations and all its resources in an information technology company or firm. Its management helps in utilizing all the resources and its employees utilized properly and in such a way that these values provide great value for the company. It is very necessary to use the IT management system effective.

Effective IT management makes the organization in order to get the optimum benefit from all the resources. It also helps in gaining maximum profit with the limited and optimum use of input resources. On the other side, it helps in organizing the staff and utilize them in a proper way. Its management helps in improving the business process and communication and impose the best practices. Employees working in It management firms must also demonstrate their abilities in management areas such as strategic planning, allocation of different resources and leadership. There are different Roles of management in an organization.

It is the duty of responsibility of IT managers to monitor and regulate the available functions reliably. The responsibility and task of the managers are:

  1. It helps in determining the business requirements for Information Technology systems.
  2. Avail in managing the IT budget and costs.
  3. Keep monitoring all the safety issues and compliances.
  4. Controlling the system and network security.
  5. Aids in implementing the software and hardware within the organization.
  6. It helps in providing the technical and helps desk support.

Functions of management

Management is an integral part of living in some form or another. If you want to achieve something then it is essential for you to apply some management rules in your life and achieve the desired objective. It is important in student’s lives. The basic parts of management are always at play, whether it is our personal life or any organization. Management means to have a set of principles. The principle has different functions such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, and the various other applications of management in order to exercise physical, financial, information resources and human inputs efficiently and effectively to achieve all the desired organizational aims. It is very necessary to have an organized life.

Management is essential in all humans’ lives in order to get an organized life and to run all essential kinds of businesses. Managing life means to get all things done in order to get all desired and achievements fulfilled by making some objectives and aims.  Management is all about managing the various tasks not only in businesses but also in the daily lives of humans. If you are still in confusion, then you must take assignment help on all related topics.

There are five functions of management. These are:

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Staffing
  4. Directing
  5. Controlling


Planning is very time taking and it is future-oriented and it helps in determining the direction of a business. It is also a rational and systematic strategy to make the decisions at the present time and that will affect the coming time of the business. Planning involves various things that help in predicting the coming time of the company and it also helps in attempting to get events done of the business. It is the continuous process in which one has to take correct and accurate decisions to get the best in the future. Also, it provides a  systematical approach and to apply all the possible knowledge for the future of the business. Effective planning is an approach to get the desired output from external and internal factors. The external factors can be anything including resources and the internal factors can be the growth opportunities of the business.


To organize a business, it also needs some formal structure by the authority. The authority has to give the directions and this authority has to make a flow of the work through sub-divisions, arranged all the work in a coordinated way. The authority helps in uniting the sub-divisions in a coherent manner to get the desired output. According to Henry Fayol, “To organize a business is to provide it with everything useful or its functioning i.e. raw material, tools, capital and personnel’s”. There are also some activities that have to be performed under organizing and to reach the organization’s goal. It is necessary to assign these activities to personnel. But the organization is mainly concerned with:

  1. Assign all the tasks to the employee also define their responsibility and duties to them.
  2. Make a connection between the authority and the responsibility performed by the employees.
  3. Coordinate the activities about the tasks.


Staffing means to hire the workforce for the organization. Not only hiring but also managing a suitable workforce in the organization at managerial level and non-managerial level both. There are also some processes that include in staffing are, recruiting, training, developing, compensating and evaluating employees and maintaining the personnel by giving them proper remuneration and incentives. Human management is an integral part of the organization. Hence, it is very necessary to recruit the right candidate with the right personnel. This function is very critical as people are different according to their intelligence, minds, skills, experience, and other physical conditions of the candidate. In order to organize the staff, both the factors are important, the sociological and psychological.


There are various functions that are concerned with directing such as, leadership, communication, motivation, and supervision. With the help of these functions, the employees have to perform activities in the most efficient manner in order to achieve all desired aims, and objectives. The leadership function involves the instructions and guidelines given to subordinates by the authority. As communication is a very necessary part of the organization, one cannot get what the business aim without the process of communication. Communication helps in getting the information and sharing the information from one level to another. Motivation is an integral part of the organization. It helps in motivating the workforce and helps them in showing their excellent performance by following the directions of superiors.


Controlling means to control all the activities of the organization so that the events do not deviate from the pre-arranged plans. It means to set the standard of the company highest in the market. The controlling function involved various points. These are:

  1. Establishing a performance standard should be high.
  2. It helps in measuring the actual and accurate performance
  3. Determining the actual performance with the target standard of the organization.
  4. It helps in taking all the corrective measures to achieve the desired goals of the company.

The conclusion

Management is all about managing and controlling the various activities not only in businesses but also in the daily lives of humans. If you are still in confusion, then you must take the help of our assignment writers.  ArabEssay is the best service provider that can help you instantly and offer you the excellent quality of assignment at the best prices.

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