IOT Security Issues And Effective Solutions

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Internet of things is the concept that allows the connectivity of one device to another or people with the help of the internet. The internet of things is a huge network of various connected devices and people. These connected things and people collect the data or information, share the data or information, in the same manner, they are used and about the surroundings. There are some examples of the internet of things such as sensors used in the showroom, these sensors help in detecting the most popular area of a showroom and in which area the customers are shopping more items. These sensors are also helpful in detecting which component or item is selling fast. The Internet of things is the most popular topic nowadays and getting more popularity day by day.IOT helps things getting smart and these smart things will work smartly.

Here is a list of some examples of real-life based on IOT:


Imagine you wake at 7 o clock in the morning as your usual alarm wake you up. But something goes wrong as you have to reach the office by 7.45 and it’s raining heavily so you cannot drive the card very fast speed or you can say your usual speed. You need to drive slowly because of the rain. So in this condition, you will be able to reach late for work. If you are having an IOT connector in your alarm then it wakes you up a bit early after calculating the speed time because of the rain. It considers all factors itself and recognizes that how much time you will take to reach the office if it’s raining heavily. It decides the time accordingly after calculating its speed and time effectively. This is an efficient security solution regarding your work that this IOT is offering.


Now you wake up by your alarm and heading towards your work. But tracking the real-time location can be tracked with the help of sensors. As many people work in night shifts and it is very necessary to track their location and this location tracker is enabled because of the Internet of things. There is a component that helps in collecting the data from the sensors and shares this information with the gateway in the car. It sends the relevant data to the platform and we get to know the location with the help of sensors.

These are two real-life examples of how we used the internet of things in our daily life. If you want to know more about the internet of things then you can take assistance from certified assignment writers. These writers are the best and have a professional degree in all specific fields. So stay in touch with these writers and gets all the information about the sensors and the internet of things.

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Security issues and challenges of IOT

There are some security issues and challenges of IOT. The internet of things is the latest technology and every technology has some advantages and some disadvantages.

1.Not sufficient testing and updating

In today’s time, there are around 23 million of internet of things connected devices across the globe and this number will increase in the future and rise to around 30 billion internets of things connected devices by 2020 and over 60 billion by 2025. These all-new gadgets and we have to pay a cost for this huge number of gadgets. In fact, every gadget having internet of things sensors makes the manufacturer too careless. These companies don’t take care of the security risks involved in these new smart gadgets. Most of the devices from most of the companies may not update with time. After the time of use, the software gets obsolete and eventually, devices become prone to hackers. Hackers can easily track the data and information of the un-updated device and make these devices hack.

To protect the customers from such hacking and security threats, each internet of things connected devices need more updates according to time. Each device needs proper and absolute testing before launch. The testing part is very important so that the devices can update themselves regularly.

2.Issue of passwords

There are some reports that filed against the manufacturers about the password issue and challenges. The manufacturers set some credential detail in the devices, some admin as username and password. These devices when purchased have nothing more than some guidelines. These guidelines are not enough for the customers to rest the new admin detail and password. Some manufacturers set the weak credential details that can be hacked easily. These details make the devices and sensors more vulnerable and easy to track. So it is very necessary for the manufacturers and all the businesses to provide all necessary information and guidelines to the customers. Then only they will be able to make a great effort in protecting the customer’s necessary details.

3.Malware and ransomware

As the number of internet of things devices rises and will rise in the coming years so will the number of malware and ransomware will increase and exploit them. While the earlier ransomware depends upon the encryption and decryption coding techniques to find out the secure and safe details. But in today’s time, the malware and ransomware has been merge and produce different kinds of attacks.

The ransomware attack on the data and disable the feathers of the device and steal information at the same time. In simple words, the ransomware steals the data and disable the functions if the devices simultaneously. For instance, if a simple web camera get installed at a place and its duty is to capture and store the information and sensitive data using several locations. It can include various locations like this that capture the footage of some other place as it may present to some other web address. This web address can extract relevant data and sensitive information using the malware access point. This malware relies on the ransom to unlock and disable the feature of the device and collect the data.

If we use the number of permutations and combinations, the IOT devices will give birth to the number of attacks. If you are in doubt still take assignment help assistance.

4.Information and data security

Data security and privacy is the largest concern that all people think of the first in this interconnected world. Data and information are constantly shared, harnessed, transmitted, processing and storing by various big and small companies. These all companies used the internet of things in a wide array like smart TV, speakers and lighting systems, connected printers, HVAC systems, and smart thermostats. Generally, all this data and information shared between the companies or organizations and violating the rules of privacy and data security. So companies and organizations need to stick to compliance and privacy rules.

The above-explained challenges of the internet of things are greatly in use. If you think that you still don’t get the insights about the internet of things then you can take assignment writer’s guidance and achieve all academic success. So stay connected with ArabEssay to get all relevant information and data.

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