Is Interstate Water Disputes Leading To Water War?

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Water is an important resource that no individual can live without. And according to experts, the majority part of our planet is covered with water. Currently, this majority part is estimated to be at a total of 71% but only a small 2.5% of that water is drinkable or can be consumed by living organisms without any sort of health issues or trouble. On top of that, the planet earth is also suffering a number of issues in the form of pollution, overpopulation, wastage of precious resources, and many other threatening issues in the natural world. All this has resulted in the balance of the world hanging on just a flimsy thread. Because of this, it is understandable that every party or major group would want to secure its part of natural resources. And this is what that has led to a number of water conflicts all across the globe.

It is important for every political leader and individual to ensure water conflicts major must resolve as soon as possible. And the first step for doing that consists of understanding the reasons behind these water disputes and trying to create more awareness around this major issue. It is not always easy for students to work on essays on topics like water disputes and conflicts. Because of this, it is suggested that a student should hire professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

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Understanding The Meaning Of Interstate Water Conflicts

It is quite obvious from the words ‘water conflicts’  used to describe the conflict that exists between different states or countries over water accessibility. When this conflict over the water resource exists between two states this termed an interstate water conflict. There are many possible reasons why interstate water conflict might arise. According to the United Nations, the primary reasons for a water conflict consist of opposing interests in regards to conventional water uses.  Water conflicts are also not something that has emerged in the past few decades. Instead, water conflicts have existed throughout the history of mankind.

However, earlier the conflicts of the resources of water were more traditional which had some other factor as the main source. Traditional water conflicts were hardly ever about water alone. Some common causes of traditional water conflicts are fights over resources, territorial disputes, and various strategic advantages that any particular water source could provide to any country or nation. It is also interesting to note that a detailed database of water conflicts has been developed by the Pacific Institute. This database called Water Conflict Chronology. That database contains accounts of water conflicts that go back to almost 6,000 years!

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The Reasons For Water Conflict All Across The Globe

If an individual goes over the history of mankind then it is very easy to trace the fact that water is an invaluable resource to mankind and almost all activities of human beings revolve around or are closely related to the availability, quality, and quantity of the water resource. This goes to show that water is an important resource that cannot be replaced by anything.

According to many experts, the main reason for water conflict is simply the exceeding demand-supply of potable and drinkable water. This will put a lot of pressure on the various governments to provide complete access to the required water supply. And all this again translated into more conflict. Another catalyst for water conflicts is only 783 million people have access to drinking water.  A large chunk of this population is present in various developing nations like India.

Causes Of Water Disputes Related To The Trade Or Economy

Apart from the causes mentioned above, there are many other possible reasons that can result in a water dispute. And some of those reasons mentioned below.

  • Livelihood

To fully understand the reason behind the cause of water disputes, it is also important to look over water resources. This commercial resource of water is directly related to the source of livelihood for many individuals and businesses like fishing, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, recreation, and even the extraction of other resources from the water bodies. Hence, it is rather easy to imagine that a shortage of water won’t just play a very important role in crippling a population of a country or nation but it would also cripple the economy and business sector of any particular country or nation.

  • Pollution

Another form of dispute that can occur over water consists of pollution. Earlier, commercial interests used to overpower environmental concerns. However, those days have changed to some extent. And a large number of people are putting more focus on environmental concerns. But still, a large amount of waste dumped into water bodies. This results in water pollution. And when that polluted water travels to other countries and nations then it brings in the concept of human rights as that polluted water is detrimental to the health of every individual living in the country or nation where that water has ended up in.

How To Solve Interstate Water Disputes?

Solving water disputes is not an easy task. It can take a considerable amount of time and money. However, it is important to generate awareness regarding such issues. It is also important to not just pass government bills but also implement them. To know a brief description of measures of water dispute, you can also go for online assignment help services hosted by OmanEssay.

The Conclusion:

Water disputes defined as conflicts that can arise between two parties over any particular source of water. When these conflicts arise between two states termed as interstate water conflict. There are many potential reasons why interstate water conflicts can arise. However, it is important to ensure that these water conflicts must resolve as soon as possible. There are many solutions on which if we work, water conflicts can eradicate soon.

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