Essay on Women Empowerment In The UAE

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Women have and will always be a very important person in the life of developing families. During the time of prehistoric time, women have played the role of as the bread owners and since then women have formed a definite cultural role. Evidences from the past has shown that while men would go for hunting women would leave home for collecting food (Alblooshi and May 2018).

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How New Year is celebrated in the United Arab Emirates

new Year Celebration

The start of a year is not only a time to welcome wonderful winter holidays, but also the time to embrace special moments of the year that is coming to its end. Keeping a positive opinion about the dawning year, you look forward to enjoying yourself better at a New Year celebration and unleash your luck-filled days to come. People want to have a good time and ring in the New Year with the utmost spirit and real merriment. No wonder, United Arab Emirates comes as a top choice among party revelers when it comes to celebrating a memorable and really cheerful event, that is to say, the New Year!
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Why Dubai is known as the City of Gold?


Dubai is the one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The city is known for its luxurious shopping malls, contemporary architecture, and active nightlife. Dubai is crowned as the “City of Gold” because of the city’s dynamic growth from a quiet Gulf port to a global business hub in just a few decades. However, the sobriquet indicates the city’s traders’ and buyers’ penchant for the yellow metal. Dubai has built itself as a major gold trading center by sourcing its raw materials from Africa and selling the finished products to buyers in the expanding economies of India and China. Dubai owns 29% of gold trade market in the world, with almost 1,200 tons of the metals traded in the city’s gold souks.

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