Implementation Of HR Strategies In Tesco

Tesco HRM Practices


All organisations recruit people with specific and skill set in order to achieve their business objectives. However, attraction of the right people for the right job is not the primary objective. In order to ensure productivity and efficiency of the overall organisation the company should provide critical training and development to the employees. It is important to arrange employees on the basis of their sequence of skill and capabilities and retain them so that the organisation can create sustainable outcomes from them. These are the primary responsibilities of the human resource department of any company (Armstrong, 2005). Ranging from recruitment to retaining customers, the HR department of an organisation does a lot of activities. This research study emphasizes on analysing the scope and strategic approach of managing human resource activities in Tesco. Tesco is one of the largest supermarket chains in the entire world. The company is headquartered in the UK. the eminent activities of human resource Management in Tesco are recruitment and selection followed by induction and training and indulgence in two different motivational strategies (Beardwell et al., 2004). In addition to that the researcher will identify the way of managing individuals and group performance at the company.

Organisational Background

Tesco supermarkets is one of the biggest multinational grocery changes. It is considered as the third largest retail organisation in the whole world by means of their revenue purpose. In terms of the revenue earned, the company can be claimed as the 9th biggest retail market in the entire world. The company started operations since 1919 full stop the current headquarters of the organisation is in London full star recruits about 4.5 million employees (Watch, 2021). The major categories of products sold by Tesco includes grocery, household electronics, fresh food products along with vegetables and fruits, baby food products and so on. It is a renowned multinational organisation. Tesco has its self-owned banking company and their respective mobile network. As it is a market leader it is not easy to reach a position on account of efficiency in management systems only. It requires hard work for reaching that objective.

Process Of Recruitment And Selection At Tesco

Recruitment and selection are one of the most prominent responsibilities of the richer and department of a company. Recruitment of the right candidates for the specific position determines the original level of productivity of the company. In this regard any wrong decision my account for financial loss of the company. Various researchers considered that recruitment is the objective in any company by virtue of which the employees in the HRM department search prospective candidates and stimulates their skill so that they can fit into the job category of the company (Blackwood, 1995). Recruitment on the other hand refers to selecting the right people for the desired job role. Selection of the candidate having appropriate knowledge and skills for a particular job role is important. Tesco is careful about selecting the right candidates for the company. The primary motive of people selection strategy of a score is selection of qualified and skilled employees who have the right set of basic or advanced skills for a dedicated job role (Garrick, 1999).

Advertising Job Vacancy

Tesco is primarily associated with identification of empty positions of all concerned departments. After identification of position the HRM tesco research and development department of the company creates a list of required strength and capability of employees. After that it is possible to find out the necessary qualifications and skills required for all empty positions. After gathering of the detailed information, the company publishes their job advertisement with the help of sources like offline avenues and online avenues (Harrison, 2002). The offline sources are newspapers and television where are the online sources are search engine as well as various job posting websites on the open source internet.

The company is responsible for filtering the applications of people through automated software. in order to apply for position people should go to the respective Tesco website or third-party websites which drives into the job application at that is to website page and send their CV in case if with their job profile is the shortlisted. Test for has a policy of wasting no time to contact interested and deserving candidates. This is the reason why candidates get the opportunity to directly communicate their CV with the hiring manager at the HRM department (Hawkins, 1994). All recruitment drives in the company goes on for a specific date line and when the same is over the company starts itching and shortlisting applicants on the basis of their skill set in the first place followed by their actual qualification and then by their degree and certifications. Tesco recruitment drive is not based on prominent previous experience or actual work experience full step on the contrary the organisation looks out for basic skills which might be transformed into designated working skills in a specific work area (Marchington & Wilkinson, 1996).

Interview Pattern

The personnel from HRM department of Tesco initially conducts a telephonic interview with the Frontline of shortlisted candidates. After the interview over telephone is over Tesco HRM team moves on to the next role which is providing a brief induction of job responsibilities and rights to be enjoyed by the candidate. There is a transparency polishing the nature and environment by virtue of which the company does not want any candidate to join the company having any doubt or confusion against the deliverables and expectations (Mullins, 2005). The service by there is a general discussion involved in the 15 minutes telephone interview where the candidate not only speaks about their educational qualification but also compliments by speaking about the way in which their skill and educational competence will benefit the company. By virtue of this they can speak about their previous job experience and success achieved in that positions or their knowledge about job rights and responsibilities and so on. Every stage disco looks out for the job preparedness of a candidate only. After the telephonic interview it is the time for the final store interview. The final store interview is a predominant type of interview which is applicable for all candidates.

Tesco does not have the propensity of recruiting people directly from external resources in positions higher than executive managerial roles. Tesco hrm practice expect people to internal progress through stages in their course of employment with the company by learning values and expectations so that they become acquainted with the organisational culture of success. This is the reason why the final story interview is very vital (Reader, 1998). On the basis of telephonic interview, the HRM team of is code for words deserving candidates for end interaction with the HR managers who selects applicants on the basis of their interview results in the first round. In the final round the actual knowledge and skill of people are tested. Test for doesn’t expect people to have previous recruitment experience or specialisation training or certification. Nevertheless, if the same comes in handy to create an impression about the candidate’s knowledge about customer service, idea about work experiences specifications, work rights and responsibilities and so on, then the same is invited. It is because these are the elements which the HRM a manager is looking for as an end outcome from the final interview.

Candidate joining

The HRM team has a critical role in this position as well. After the final interview is over it is the responsibility of the HR managers in the company to directly send of a letter to the deserving candidates communicating them with expected date of joining and all other specifications of recruitment (Reid and Barrington, 1997).

Strategic HRM Policy

In the last year the profit margins of a square increased by 20% which to the company to record 2 billion therefore setting new milestone for the business. Tesco takes one out of every three pounds spent in supermarket and more than one of every 8 pounds spend on their High Street business change. The company is considered as the biggest private employer in the UK. The current human resource management strategy of the company is emphasized around the work simplification followed by challenging the non-registered regulation and implementing basic skills by all employees to exhibit better performance (Walton, 1999). Tesco expects all employees to counsel the scope of performance management in association with achieving steering wheel targets. It highlights that the human resource management strategy of the company is closed associated with performance management parameters.

The individual employees and opportunity of understanding their respective to contribute in pursuit of The Core values and purpose in the company. This is the reason why the nature and department of the organisation has recently engineering and innovative induction program catering to different cultures and learning styles and variable commitment towards job. A frontline employee has great value in the company and they are considered as the terminal reflection of organisational values and selling propositions towards customers. However, all employees at all level of hierarchy in the company has very integral role to play in reflecting the core values and maintaining the commitment made by the company to customers on a daily basis (Guest, 1999). To know about Tesco HRM, feel free to connect assignment help driven by Arabessay

One of the primary challenges faced by the company is ensuring that all of their employees are aware of the role that they play as individual and as a greater part of the organisation. The accomplishment of the above-mentioned objective is possible when they apply is able to see their actions reflected in the bigger picture and how they are contributing to the overall business growth. This is the reason why the HRM department incorporates a graphical journey during the induction and skill training of employees which takes them through the history of the company followed by its core objective and values. In the latest stage this journey takes them through the business objectives and financial objectives of the company and explain them in detail the operations and marketing pattern of a score with a manifestation of the commitment made by the company towards customers (Nixon, 2004).

The business strategy of Tesco considers the HRM department to play an integral and leading role to renter competitive advantage to the company over their competitors in a fiercely competitive supermarket sector. The HRM department of the organisation is created the strategic policy with the objective of freeing up store employees so that they can focus on improving the customer service outcome.

The future of better employee profiling at the company is based on providing a clear way of defining roles and responsibilities for the employees. The current system of human resource management guarantee that all employees should understand their responsibility and accountability is and consult among each other and with seniors and other designated individuals to understand how their job role reflect in the company. The company uses a group of 30 and management techniques for improvement of the core skills of the workforce. The HRM department is responsible for engineering training process involving the management techniques and ensuring that all employees achieve best outcomes through learning of these management techniques (Paauwe & Boselie, 2003). The techniques include the primary set of activities like root cause analysis followed by problem solving as well as the situation and learning and coaching for better performance among other techniques. Tesco has been following a centralised commanding strategy. However essay writer said recently the organisation has shifted to people based this strategy of performance. As a part of this strategy people are considered as the core element of strength in the company and it is rendered that all other assets in the organisation achieve maximum potential in terms of their respective functionality in the hands of the employees who drives them. The importance of this attitude is that employees exhibit hard work and innovation on individual project base is recognising the scope of driving betterment and expansion of the company (Poulter, 2005). There is a scope of organising active quarterly board meeting involving the human resource managers to review the human resource issues in the company and delegating solution for those issues. The company is responsible for tracking human resource information as close as they track financial outcomes. In the future Tesco has an intention of continuing emphasis on increase of skills of their workforce. The first objective is to make learning a part of actual integrated culture which is a very crucial way of developing flexibility and remaining one step ahead of the rivals (Rogers, 2004).

Analysis Of HR Practices At Tesco

Recognising the need of HRM and HR activities in the retail business profile has increased in recent times full studies on outcome of competition from various overseas companies which are trying to create a global retail environment like Tesco as well. In various countries like Japan, Germany or Sweden, there are various retail organisations which are trying to setup alternative competitive markets. In this regard all organisations require continuous investment for increasing strength of their employees also that they can actually my ties with any business environment and the situation in order to drive a stable success. However, the business environment of a country and a specific business environment of the industry has a difficult impact on the selected and strategies of a company. Treen (2000), highlights the difference in hard and soft HRM strategies. The heart and study chamber sizes on the company e related objectives and seldom relates with the individual concern of the employees. Therefore, according to this concept any judgment regarding the effectiveness of Tesco HRM will be based on the criteria of business performance on Vipul star on the contrary soft HRM also regards business performance as the main concern alongside advocating parallel concern for the outcome of the walkers. The appearance of the knowledge-based economy has a prominent implication for elements of growth, organising production and anticipating its impact on employment and the skill requirements (Whitelock, 2003).

It calls for search of new direction by the major and department of the company to tackle employee sustainability in the face of changing political environment and government policies. Recently the political forces in the UK appreciated and encouraged the lifelong learning strategy in the UK to have knowledge which will help employees to compete in the new economy. Tesco has complemented the expectations of the government in learning by introducing learning and training as a part of their strategic process. It can be argued that all companies need new skills to survive in the market (Leroy et al., 2018). However, without new thinking by the nature and team based on complexity and Chaos theory, it will not be possible for them to create a new vision for the company (Barnes, 2011). In the modern retail environment most companies are self-regulating and use open and the whole system. This is the reason why organisations are considered as living system which continuously requires to develop their skill and competence in order to sustain in a dynamic environment. To know more take instant assignment help from ArabEssay anytime,

Tesco has a process of strategic involvement of HRM strategies and their overall business plan. The managers in the department have been observed to utilise different aspects in decision-making aspects critically and align with the need of high commitment to the HRM dynamics therefore attempting to achieve acceptance from employees. The prominent picture of the strategic direction of the organisation is based on employee welfare. It helps the individual employees to understand their association with the company and therefore cover that extra mile to do whatever is required for the company (Karen, 1993). Therefore, the success strategy of the nature and department is placing high individual value on their individual human resource strength by motivating them to operate as a discrete leaving system within the organisation and achieve the best possible success for Tesco as organic entity. By virtue of this objective the organisation has increased to the process of training received by all employees on an individual basis (Kramar and Syed, 2012).

It is the outcome of the strategic objectives recently undertaken by the HR and department of the company. The current HR and department are no longer the administrative department. It works proactively to develop and execute strategies (Meighan and Meighan, 2000). The department of the company has recently emphasized on increasing training priority and the number of employees in the HRM department has been increased in order to facilitate the HRM performance. This practice emphasizes on instrument of growth by maintaining the same on a sustainable basis by equipment of the workforce with skills required in order to accomplish their task. Strategic HRM has gained credibility as well as popularity in the last decade particularly in relation to the impact on their organisational performance (Blum and Wall, 1997). Each employee is considered as a segment of overall strategy therefore instructing on the importance of their role. The training is delivered in a way encompassing the learning of new skills and allowing for cultural differences.

There is increased requirement for higher value to be placed on employees and therefore get the best of performance from the employees. Successful organisations have a strategy of keeping people issues in the front line of the thinking and at the core of their process of decision making and planning. Various researchers also articulate that the companies which get the people study right are likely to achieve better success in future (Hook and Jenkins, 2019). As Tesco is the biggest private employer in the UK States responsibility of people recruitment and management seriously. This attitude is reflected in the training and development policy of the company (Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). This has effect exceeded the government recommendations regarding employee training by successfully integrate in a lifelong learning as a part of their learning culture in the company. If you want to know more about Tesco research and development for your tuition assignment, assure online assignment help in Dubai right now from ArabEssay.


Considering the perspective of people management, a square has been a successful company. The integrated HRM department has left its mark in successful instrument of market share and expansion of retail units in the last 5 years. In conclusion it can be articulated that the integrated and strategic HRM policy is a major role player in the recent success of the company. Other companies can benefit from review of a school and policy. The model implementation of HRM and assimilation of external strategic elements by using the same to the benefit of the company has been A remarkable standpoint from the HRM department of the company. It can also be highlighted in conclusion that the frequent review and update of training policies has helped this quote to manager Global Business and highly profit in terms of better efficacy of employees at all hierarchy from training.

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Explain The Energy Markets Economic Potential

Energy Markets’ Economic Potential


The energy market in the world is at the pace of revolution fueled up by innovation triggered by decarbonization. History says, with increase disposable income, the standard of living, consumption of energy has been increased drastically.  Despite the fact that how many years exhausted in making the whole world fully supplied with energy identified as countless. From medieval times to the 20th centuries reforms in energy supply have met mixed success in achieving greater demand-supply participation. However, in the past 8 years, participation of household and small businesses remains minimal. In 2017, a new market aggregate was introduced to provide FCAS services.

As per the IEA, 2020 report, global energy demand is expected to increase by 4.5% in 2020 supported by rebounding economic activities. A number of factors influence the global energy demand growth of renewable energy nuclear power in the tight spot of non-renewable sources application. Recently demand from non-renewable resources has decreased by 3% among them coal was the hardest hit energy accounted 4.4% drop known as the largest decline made in history. A regressive study is followed in this article to determine the potential energy marketing economic potential. 


The energy market contributes to economic growth in two ways- first energy is creating jobs and value by extracting energy and transforming the goods and service throughout the economy secondly underpin rest of the economies nearly referred as input of all goods and services. For instance, in 2009, the energy industry is accounted 4 % GDP of the USA (Yeager and Sharma, 2019). Some countries who are heavenly dependent on the energy export whose GDP is even higher. 

It’s been a long axiomatic that energy and economic growth is interlinked that means if energy demand increases, economic growth will be increased automatically. That’ been a case since the dawn of industrialization, But in the latest study, demand of the 55 types of energy from the 30 countries reflecting decoupling of energy demand and economic growth. In past decades energy demand and economic growth pronounced even bit higher since there is no region of the world that will be energy-hungry. Indeed energy landscape is poised to be a foundational change from now and 2050. 

Energy Industrialization- A Slow Pace

In the past two centuries, energy tracked with long economic growth and the economy has to lock it off to make the value it creates economies viable. At the same time, wealth creation depended on the burning times. During 18oo, energy come from the fallen biomass, like people burn the fallen tree, but at the end of the 18th century when the USA and Europe begun industrialized creation of enormous energy points up from distinct sources. Like it is said by the assignment writer biomass is highly inefficient as fuel because the entire energy embodied was lost at the time of burning. Before industrialization, energy loss could be bearable but the resulting wealth was not enormous. Similarly, when energy has been converted into electricity, its demand will increase by 1% since 1950 (IREA, 2020). 

In the 20th century, the demand for energy and economic growth both accelerated in different ways. GDP per capita in 1950 was twice that of 1900 in the USA and from that level of wealth creation, burning other forms of biomass would not be sufficient. 

Moving onwards it has been seen in many cases, living standards of people in the west and other advanced economies rising. Those dynamics continued to be expanded as china helped the global GDP rise by 3.7% by the year 2020(IEA, 2020). 

Accessing Economic Impact Of Increased Global Energy Demand

Energy is input to nearly every product and service also underpins the activities at each economic level. In this sense, the power sector continues to attract the majority of new investments. The relationship between the energy sector and the economy questioned a transformed energy system. As we have discussed energy sector contributing to GDP and employment for instance it predicts the national dialogue. 

However, when energy grows, proportionate investment in the energy sector will also get uplifted. In order to analyze the potential benefits the energy sector serves, investors identified to invest large sums of capital towards renewable energy development. Many assignment makers believed investment in the renewable sector has to be increased substantially.

As per IRENA. Org report investment in global renewable sources at REmap Case should be lied in between USD 500 billion to USD 750 billion till 2030. IRENA’s REthinking Energy: Renewable Energy and Climate Change reported investment in power sector reach to at least USD 400 billion in 2020 further needed to extend up to USD 600 billion in 2030. As the report estimated this projection in global power tends to support the investment by 1.8% (Price and Keppo, 2017). Meanwhile, when energy demand meets renewable targets, it would become easier to configure economic benefits for the environment as well. However, the persistent question still produces scepticism whether the potential investment yields satisfactory outcomes or not. Many experts believed the realizing observation of positive macroeconomic factors is equally important in eliminating the investment gap. Current trends show the investment will be likely to be the same as in 2030. Public funding stakeholder investment will behave the same as catalyst fueling investment needs of renewable sources.

How Economic Changes Affects The Global Energy Sector

The investment needs in the global energy sector not only fell when GDP rises even it can be traced at the sectoral level. The general deployment of renewable sources is likely to influence the other sectors but the benefits incur will be largely enjoyed by one produces goods and services at the global level. Few sectors like engineering, construction and manufacturing would likely be impacted largest as these sectors are completely dependent on volatile demand of goods and services investment. In fact, these sectors barely recovered from the financial crisis negatively being affected with covid invasion. If a large amount of investment is done in this sector, the economic output tends to be increased by 1.3% ( Guo, 2019).

The main energy drivers of the majority of Middle East countries are petroleum, coal, natural gases and renewable sources. Globally petroleum and other fuels are including biodiesel and biofuels most prevalent of energy being utilized at a massive level. 

No doubt the energy industry is an engine of growth that serves huge input for goods and services produced, but how energy is utilized differ country to country. The energy sector in economics drives employment transforms and spread goods and services. Jobs are instrumental to achieve the maximum output from the energy sector beyond those core-wide societal goals influenced with economic wide productivity, poverty level, improved sustainability in post conflicts societies. At the global level, online assignment help experts said, the continuous drop of non-renewable sources and their prices have had a serious impact energy sector. Despite this, in many Arabian countries, experts noticed the growing renewable sources seeing as a bright side of employment. But the employment generated from the renewable sector varies greatly like Solar Photovoltaic provides generate more jobs in comparison to the windmill. Currently, it accounted for 4 million jobs across the globe as per the 2014 census. 

World Energy OutLook

The energy sector is one of the largest capital consuming industries in the world. As per the 2011 world energy outlook., IEA, estimated US$ 38 trillion global energy investment will be needed to meet global energy demand in 2035. Also, the investment requirements per worker are higher than in any other sector. For instance sole in the USA, the investment requirement per worker is $ 176,000 in the past 10 years; meanwhile, the compensatory cost is US$101,000 per worker. Hence it can be said, energy sector companies invest at least 70% capital on the worker. Henceforth the flow of capital from the energy industry to at individual level creates additional jobs, increase GDP and tax revenues (Liko, Gentian. 2019). 

Source- IEA, 2020

Determining the impact of the supplier network on the energy sector is also crucial. Countries have energy handling skilled laborers retain benefits domestically. On the other side, the impact on those countries that could not produce skilled labor would be lower. 

Looking beyond energy sector expansion, employment in the border energy sector will be increased in both cases whether huge investment takes place renewable sources or Fossil fuel get disseminate. As per the world outlook, employment in fossil fuel has been decreasing steadily with lowering demand, on the other side, nuclear energy remains stable. 

A High Pattern Shift Of Global Share Into Renewable Energy

Globalization permits the exchange of goods and services at a wider range thereby act a key enabler for economic growth. The past two decades have eyewitness the increase in export in many developing countries including Middle East countries quadrupling 6.3 trillion in 1995 to USD 23.4 trillion in 2014(Brockway, 2019). 

Consequently, the global GDP has increased by 30% in 2014. Assignment help experts of ArabEssay have noticed world fuels exports have increased than any other traded products. An annual growth accounted in these years accounted 12%. Measure in US dollars, energy export was eight times higher in 2014 than in 1995. Henceforth it can be said, in 2014. Global energy trade reported 17% of the whole GDP of the world. Currently, most of the countries are not fuel importers, some countries are exporters benefitted greatly. Countries like CHINA, India, Japan spend 7% of their GDP to import fuel. In this case, a miracle could be happened if these countries make a route towards implementing an ample segment of renewable energy sources.

These values in magnitude are larger enough when compared with public health expenditure. Global opportunities of focusing on installation of renewable sources definitely benefitting all the economies similar enhance the employment rate and meeting the global energy demand will become much easier. 

Overall trade will be higher in 2030, than in today times. The analysis showed the impact of global dependency on renewable sources would be larger enough because every time it is assumed doubling the investment in the renewable sector and decreasing in non-renewable energy by 40 million $. The movement of global energy trade will be impacted largely by three factors defined below-

Reducing dependency on fossil fuels with varying impaction of fossil fuel exportation

The demand for goods and services has to be increased like investment in the renewable energy sector. The impact of demand for renewable energy will be resulted from growing or lowering GDP

Since the capital investment nature of energy is quite alluring, it is usually assumed GDP will be highly influenced by the expansion of the energy system. To know more about recent trends in global energy outlook, take instant assignment help  from ArabEssay


Energy is life of economy or a crucial component nearly for all the goods and services manufacturing industry. To the best compilation of recent trends in energy outlook, this report concluded when energy grow, proportionate investment in the energy sector will get uplifted also In order to analyze the potential benefits the energy sector serves, investors identified to invest large sums of capital towards renewable energy development. It is also defined in this study Jobs are instrumental to achieve the maximum output from the energy sector beyond those core wide societal goals influenced with economic wide productivity, poverty level, improved sustainability in post conflicts societies. Meanwhile, when energy demand meets with renewable targets, it would become easier to configure economic benefits for the environment as well.


Brockway, P.E., Owen, A., Brand-Correa, L.I. and Hardt, L., 2019. Estimation of global final-stage energy-return-on-investment for fossil fuels with comparison to renewable energy sources. Nature Energy, 4(7), pp.612-621.

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Homework Hacks: 8 Tips to Get It Done Faster

Homework Help

Pending homework assignments can be the reason for growing stress and anxiety in students. This is because every homework assignment comes with a deadline. And not being able to meet the deadline on time can have far-reaching consequences on students. It can result in low grades, and can also be the sole reason for rejections. Assignment writing is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of concentration, zeal, and hard work. Therefore if an assignment is rejected just because it was not submitted on time can be heartbreaking for students. This is the foremost reason why just the thought of not being able to submit assignments on time gives sleepless nights to students.

Here are 8 tips that can help students complete their assignments on time.

  • Prepare A To-Do List Before You Start Working On Your Homework Assignments-  

The best way to ensure that you complete homework assignments on time is by preparing a to-do- list for your homework assignments. This list helps you prioritize the assignments as per the deadlines and also gives you a fair idea of how much time is required to complete each assignment. Also, students can see the quantum of workload they have on their shoulders by listing them down on the piece of paper. It helps them seek external help in advance in case they feel they won’t be able to complete the task themselves. ArabEssay offers homework help to students and helps in drafting flawless write ups.

  • Keep All Your Tools Handy

The second trick that will help you finish your homework assignments faster is to keep all the important tools handy. For example, if a student is working on an accounting assignment he would need a calculator now and then. Searching for a calculator in the middle of an assignment problem not just distracts you but also takes away most of the productive time. Therefore students should make sure they have all the required tools handy while working on the assignments.  

  • Convert A Cozy Quiet Corner Into Your Study Place- 

Students must be proactive during their studies. And the best way to be proactive is to choose a quiet place, and away from distractions. Therefore for maximum productivity students should ensure they are studying in a place that is quiet and away from distractions. 

  • Keep Your Phones Aside

Checking notifications in between assignments breaks focus; so it is a good idea to keep the phone aside while working on the assignments. There are a lot of students who are addicted to their phones and find it tough to keep it aside even while they are working on their assignments. It is best if they make up their mind to check their phones during their break intervals. This helps them keep their phone aside while they are working. 

  • Listen To Music For Proactive Learning

There is a misconception that music creates a distraction while studying. When the mind is working towards a solution it must not lose focus. In most cases when students are studying for long hours their minds tend to get tired and thus shift their focus from the subject. To ensure that the mind does not lose track students should put on some kind of music preferably soft classical. Music without words does not distract the mind. It refreshes the brain and helps students to focus better. However, the volume should be kept at a level that it does not surpass the thoughts and it should be kept in mind that the music is purely instrumental without any words. Songs that contain lyrics can be highly distracting for students because it transforms the person to another world.

Therefore every time a student sits working for long hours they should not forget to put on soft instrumental music for better concentration.

  • Have Light Food And Drink Lots Of Fluid While Working On Your Assignments.

Long hours of studying burn a considerable amount of calories; as a result, the pressure levels may fluctuate in growing students; For continuous learning, students should get into the habit of having light food. They should also remember to drink lots of water while studying. The long tiring sessions in colleges and universities often drains students mentally and physically because of which they hardly have any energy left for their homework assignments. Therefore students should make sure they take light food and also drink plenty of water before they start working on their assignments and even in between them. It helps to keep them fresh and proactive during their home sessions. If required they can also take instant assignment help from ArabEssay experts. 

  • Take Breaks At Regular Intervals

Continuous working for long hours can also lead to distraction in students leading to low productivity. Because after a couple of hours the mind tends to shift its focus on other unimportant aspects; to make sure that students are proactive while working on their homework assignments they should take breaks at regular intervals. This helps increase the focus on students. It also helps them keep a balance between their academic and personal lives. Regular breaks further help students clear their perspectives and reach solutions much faster. Because the mind works at its best when it is at rest;

  • Appreciate Your Efforts And Don’t Be Overly Critical

Appreciation from peers and professors is very important for students but self-appreciation is equally important when students are working on their assignments. Because it not only makes students appreciate their efforts but on the other hand it also acts as a morale booster for students and gives them the much-needed enthusiasm that helps them completes their assignments on time. Therefore students should never forget to give a pat to themselves after they cross each milestone. 


Therefore it can be said that homework assignments can be a painstaking task for students if they are not planned properly and completed on time. However, students can follow these tips that will help them complete their assignments on time-

Firstly, Prepare a To-Do List before you start working on your homework assignments. This list helps you prioritize the assignments as per the deadlines and also gives you a fair idea of how much time is required to complete each assignment. Also, students can see the quantum of workload they have on their shoulders by listing them down on the piece of paper.

Secondly, keep all your tools handy. For example, all the equipment that a student might require while working on the assignments should be arranged and kept handy. Third, for maximum productivity students should ensure they are studying in a place that is quiet and away from distractions. Fourth, checking notifications in between assignments breaks focus; so it is a good idea to keep the phone aside while working on the assignments. Fifth, every time a student sits working for long hours they should not forget to put on soft instrumental music for better concentration. Sixth, Have light food and drink lots of fluid while working on your assignments. Seventh, Take breaks at regular intervals and finally appreciate your efforts and don’t be overly critical.

 At last online essay help from ArabEssay can help you complete your homework assignments on time. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Write An Personal Essay

Essay Help

Personal essays are very different from formal essays. It is based on a personal narrative. The writer focuses on writing about a personal experience using emotions that provide significance to a lesson learned or is merely just a personal opinion about a subject that interests the writer. In this article, we are going to discuss how to write a personal essay.

Major Elements In A Personal Essay

8 major elements constitute a personal essay

First, Personal essays are always based on personal experiences. The experience should carry insight, moral, or carry a significant meaning. The personal essay can also be based on a life-changing event.

Second, a personal essay is a personal narrative. The writer may start by telling a story, unlike other formal essays where the introduction carries a statement or statistics that define the reason to write the essay. A personal essay may also contain dialogues reflecting imaginary characters in a particular setting.

Third, Personal essays are mostly autobiographical stories where the writer talks about an incident that resulted in personal growth or change in self. 

Fourth, a personal essay is an essay that reflects the life of the writer in his own words. An experience of the writer is highlighted in the essay using scene building techniques.  

Fifth, a personal essay needs not to have to be objective it is written from the writer’s perspective.

Sixth, a personal essay contains self-disclosure and reflects honesty in opinion.

Seventh, a personal essay is mostly true to life.

Eighth, in a personal essay the situation is dramatized using scene building techniques. 

Common Mistakes Made By Students While Writing A Personal Essay

Even though personal essays are simple most students make the following mistakes while writing the essay.

  • Lack Of Organization- Students need to organize their essays before they start working on it. Making a list of things that are required to be discussed in the essay helps save a lot of time and also gives a structure to the essay.
  • Uninteresting Topic- Most students make a mistake of choosing the wrong topic when they are given a choice. Because of which they are not able to write a quality essay. They should focus on the topic that they are genuinely interested in writing a great personal essay.
  • Inappropriate Use Of Lexis-  The language and tone in a personal essay are mostly informal. Students make a mistake of using improper language and terms to add essence to the essay. Even though personal essays are written using informal language use of slangs and cliché should be avoided. It makes the language weak.
  • Lack Of Moral- There should be a moral attached to the essay. Students often make a mistake of stating their point without mentioning what has been achieved from the scenario. Along with the narration of the story the writer should also emphasize how the situation affected the reader and what was gained out of it.

Steps Of Writing A Personal Essay

  • Find An Inspiration-

A personal essay is always opinionated and based on true incidents. Therefore to search, topic students need to find inspiration. The concept, idea, and tone of the essay are derived from the inspiration.

  • Keep The Basic Composition Of The Essay In Mind- 

Whilewriting a personal essay students should remember to keep the basic structure of the essay in mind. The basic structure comprises the introduction which is the outline of the essay. Students can start writing by using sentences that will grab the attention of the reader and compel the reader to read through it. A body that constitutes 3 to 5 paragraphs depending on the points to be discussed in the essay.

And, the conclusion where the writer states the moral of the essay;

 Students can take the help of professional essay typer from ArabEssay essay writing service to write a compelling essay. 

  • Appropriate Use Of Voice & Verbs For The Essay 

Voice and use of proper verbs is very essential for a good personal essay because it sets the tone of the essay. Generally, active voice is used while writing personal essays. Writers should use a reliable voice while writing a personal essay because it is a work of non-fiction. The correct tone helps to influence the readers easily. In case students are not very familiar with the language they can take the help of ArabEssay assignment writers. They assist students in writing high-quality personal essays ensuring that there are no grammatical errors. 

  • Use The Correct Tense And Have A Consistent Point Of View- 

The entire structure of a personal essay revolves around the point of view of the writer. Therefore the point of view of the writer must remain consistent throughout the essay. Students should also ensure that there are no grammatical errors in the essay.

  • Use Personal Vocabulary-   

A personal essay is best when a person writes it using their vocabulary. While relating particular incidents students should make use of words that they commonly use in general making the essay informal and communicative. The more personal it is, the more are the chances that it will hold value to the readers; 

  • Proofread And Edit The Essay Before Submission- 

Proofreading and editing are extremely important when writing a personal essay to ensure there are no flaws and the essay appropriately covers all the points that the writer wants to depict. Editing helps students make the essay flawless. It is best done by third parties. This is because when a student is writing the essay the brain auto-corrects the minor mistakes while re-checking the essay. That is why most students tend to overlook grammatical errors even after going through the essay multiple times. ArabEssay offers online assignment help to students with the help of professional experts who proofread the essays post-completion to ensure the essays are free from grammatical errors and are unique before they are sent to students for submission. 


To conclude it can be said that personal essays are essays that are written from a personal point of view describing a true-life incident that had an impact on the writer’s life. To write a personal essay student should keep the following points in mind- First, Find an Inspiration.

Second, keep the basic composition of the essay In Mind.

Third, appropriate Use of Voice & Verbs for the essay;

Fourth, Use the Correct Tense and Have a Consistent Point Of View.

Fifth, Use personal Vocabulary. i.e., write the essay using a language that the writer is familiar with, and that comes to the writer easily and finally proofread and Edit the Essay before Submission.

For any essay to score well the essay must be flawless and unique.

Therefore every personal essay should be sent to a third part proofreader for a final quality check before they are delivered to the students. Students can now avail professional assignment help from ArabEssay experts and get their essays written on time. They make sure every essay is proofread by subject matter experts before they are handed over to the students.

How To Get A High Score In The IELTS

Assignment Help

The first hurdle students’ face when they decide to take up a course abroad is the IELTS examination. The full form of IELTS is “International English Language Testing System” which tests the language skills of non-native English speaking students who dream to pursue their higher education in countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK. Other than these countries 140 other countries believe that IELTS is the proof of efficiency in the English Language. In other words, it can be said that this exam is the master key that opens the doors of opportunity for aspiring students who dream to pursue their dream careers. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the essential points that are required to score well in the IELTS exam. 

Key Points To Score Well In IELTS

The IELTS exam is divided into the following sections.

The first section is a listening test. The duration of this test is 30 minutes.

The second section is the reading section which is divided into two parts.

First is the academic reading which is of 60 minutes and the second is the general training reading. The time duration of General Training reading is 60 minutes.

The third section is the writing section which is again divided into two parts. First is academic writing for which 60 minutes is allotted to a student and the second part is the general training writing which again has a time slot of 60 minutes.

 And, the final section is the speaking section. The time slot allotted for speaking is 11 to 14 minutes which is followed by a personal interview, monologue, and a discussion. 

There is a set pattern for the IELTS exam. The best and easiest way to score well is to gather knowledge about how the questions are formed. Students can seek instant essay help from ArabEssay. They have a team of instant essay writers who train students and guide them helping them prepare for their IELTS exam. 

Detail Structure Of IELTS

Above image shows the detailed structure of the IELTS Exam

But apart from knowing about the structure and pattern of the exam, it is also important for a student to brush up their language skills. Below mentioned are the steps a student needs to take before appearing in the IELTS exam to enhance their language skills.

Things A Student Must Keep In Mind Before And During The Listening Test

Before appearing in the listening test students should listen to radio programs, news, and lectures in English to train their ears. They should get familiarized with the language. During the test, they should carefully listen to the instructions. Every student is given 30 to 60 seconds to read the question. They should make the most of the time to read and understand the question within the allotted time before they head towards the listening test. 

Things A Student Must Keep In Mind Before And During The Reading Test

To score well in the reading test students should get into the habit of reading newspapers and magazines in English. They should practice reading to enhance their reading skills. During the reading test, they should read the questions carefully before attempting them. If required they can highlight the key points. Students should attempt to answer all the questions provided to them. In case they are not sure about the answer they can take a wild guess rather than leaving it blank. 

Things A Student Must Keep In Mind Before And During The Writing  Test

Analyzing models, graphs, and charts is an important part of the writing test while appearing in the IELTS. Therefore students should make it a point that they take professional help from certified essay typer who have ample experience and guide students to analyze diagrams. During the writing test, students should make sure their essay does not exceed 350 words and they have at least 5 minutes in hand for revision before they submit their papers. 


Therefore to conclude it can be said that time management is crucial if a student wishes to score well in the IELTS exam. Students in Germany have been greatly benefited by taking the help of essay Deutsch from ArabEssay experts. Any student who wishes to qualify the IELTS exam should keep three things in mind.

First, they should try not to leave any question un-attempted even if it’s a wild guess.

Second, students appearing for the IELTS exam should manage their time in a way that they are left with at least 5 minutes in hand to revise the paper before they submit it.

And, Third and the most important point is they should not step back from taking professional help and guidance from experts while preparing for the exam.

ArabEssay offers the best IELTS assignment help for academic students within their budget. 

Tips To Write Good Dissertation Abstract

Dissertation Assignment Help

Any student who takes up a research assignment needs to prepare an abstract for the research paper. This is important because this is the first piece of document that is being assessed by an examiner. Based on the abstract the person assessing the document decides whether or not to give a go-ahead to the student. So in simple words, it can be said that the abstract defines the worth, value, and importance of the research paper. It summarizes the whole research paper in clear points setting expectations on what should be expected out of the research. It efficiently substitutes the full thesis and dissertation paper when there is a lack of time.

In this article, we are going to share some tips with students that will help them write a good dissertation abstract.

Tips To Write A Good Dissertation Abstract

  • Keep The Purpose Of The Abstract In Mind While Drafting It-

The purpose of the abstract is to summarize the thesis or dissertation paper systematically. Students who are drafting an abstract should keep their purpose in mind.

  • The Length Of The Abstract Should Be As Per The Guidelines-

Usually, a research student is provided with a set of guidelines which need to be strictly adhered to amid writing the research paper. This includes the length of the abstract. Exceeding the specified length can result in rejection therefore students should write the abstract within the length provided.

  • State The Key Points Clearly-

An abstract should be to the point. The key points should be stated clearly keeping it simple within the specifications.

  • Summarize The Entire Dissertation- 

Students should keep in mind that the abstract doesn’t just highlight the key points. It includes the objective of the research paper, the methodology used to conduct the research, detailed analysis, and conclusions. It gives a detailed summary of what is present in the research paper. Students can take online essay help from ArabEssay essay typers who assist them in writing a well clipped detailed abstract for their dissertation or thesis.

  • The Abstract Should Be Written In An Authoritative Tone- 

The tone in which the abstract needs to be written is normally not specified. However, it is best to write the abstract using an authoritative tone demonstrating a comfort level with the academic register which in turn sets a professional and positive impression on the reader.

  • Distribute The Abstract According To The Marks

Students are provided with a scorecard when they are handed over the guidelines. This mentions the marks provided for each section. It helps students organize the abstract according to the specified marks.

  • The Abstract Should Be Reader-Centric- 

Any reader who goes through the abstract tries to find a reason as to why he should take an interest in the research. Therefore the abstract should be able to highlight the benefits of the research. In other words, it should be reader-centric.

  • Hire A Professional Writer To Write The Abstract

Research paper writing is indeed a tough job. It becomes difficult to write a reader-centric engaging abstract that will keep the readers hooked and retain their interest without proper guidance. Therefore students should take instant assignment help from ArabEssay. There is a team of writers who have ample experience in writing abstract for research students. They make sure the abstract is written keeping the university guidelines in mind within the specified word limit and cross-checked by expert proofreaders before they are handed over to the students.


To conclude it can be said that the dissertation abstract is the most important document in a research paper because it is the first document that decides the true worth and potential of a research paper. Students should keep the following points in mind while drafting an abstract. First, the purpose of the abstract should be kept in mind, second, the abstract should not exceed the specified length, third, the key points should be stated clearly, fourth the abstract should contain the entire summary of the dissertation, fifth the abstract should be written prioritizing the marks allotted for each section, sixth it should be reader-centric and finally if students still have doubts they should hire a professional expert to write the abstract to ensure the abstract meets all the requirements mentioned in the guidelines provided by the university.


Plagiarism Issues In Assignments And How To Deal With Them

plagiarism free assignment help

The easiest way to score A+ grade in assignments is by writing a piece of content that is unique and flawless. Assignments come with a set of guidelines that specifies how the assignments should be written. These sets of guidelines include the format in which the paper should be written, the length of the assignment, number of pages, page margins, referencing styles, and also the tone of writing. But above all the most important rule that needs to be adhered to is that the assignments should be unique, flawless, and free from plagiarism. Plagiarisms are of various types. (Landau et al. 2002) In this article, we are going to discuss the types of plagiarism issues in assignments and ways to avoid them.

Types Of Plagiarism Issues Found In Assignments And Ways To Avoid Them

Plagiarism is a practice where students take other people’s work and place them as their own. In that case, the consequences of plagiarizing a research paper can cost students to give up their degrees. Below mentioned are the different types of plagiarism traps that students tend to fall into because of a lack of experience and ways to avoid them.

  • Paraphrasing The Assignment– Paraphrasing is a process that is used to avoid plagiarism but if students fail to site their information correctly while paraphrasing then they might end up creating plagiarized content. To avoid plagiarism while paraphrasing students should make sure they understand the context of the content clearly, and should not forget to use quotes and proper citation methods while taking references from another paper. Not everything mentioned in the paper needs to be cited. (Bakhtiyari et al. 2014)

Therefore students must have proper knowledge of what needs to sight and what not. To make sure students write assignments using proper citation they can take expert guidance from ArabEssay essay writers

  • Students Should Include An In-Text Citation In Their Assignments– Lack of knowledge among students about in-text citation can also result in plagiarized content. Citation is the method in which students mention the author and sources from where they have extracted the information. There are different styles of citation when it comes to in-text citation. Some common styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago. (Sharma and R 2010)  Students who have little or no knowledge about in-text citations can take online essay help from ArabEssay. They have a team of expert writers who are aware of the citation techniques and help students write non-plagiarized assignments.


  • Referencing The Information Derived For The Assignments– Students need to do proper referencing to avoid plagiarism. The information extracted from the research should be from reliable sources and should be mentioned in the references so that if required it can be traced back. Students should make sure their facts do not mislead readers. They should also keep in mind that while referencing they include the publishing date of the information extracted, the name of the author, title of the content ad source from where the information has been extracted. Similar to in-text citation referencing also includes various writing styles. Team of certified assignment writers from ArabEssay helps students write assignments using the correct referencing styles. They also make sure the sources from where the information has been derived are reliable and authentic and not just made up to support the information.


  • In-Depth Research Before Writing Assignments– Insufficient research can also lead to plagiarized assignments. The best way to avoid plagiarism is by going into in-depth research before starting to write the assignments. The more a student gathers information about the subject the lesser are the chances of falling into the plagiarism trap. Students should not hesitate to take expert guidance from professors, guides, and online experts while working on their research.


  • Lack Of Time And Anxiety– Rushing while writing an assignment can be disastrous for students. Students who are chasing deadlines tend to write inferior quality assignments that are plagiarized. Because the focus is on the deadline rather than the assignment. To avoid plagiarized content students should make sure they start working on their assignments as early as possible. They should have ample time in hand to go through multiple revisions without getting into stress and anxiety. This reduces the chances of creating a plagiarized content for assignments.


  • Forgetting The Key Points-For Students who have recently stepped into their academic worlds and are overburdened with assignments it is not always possible to remember all the small tips that they receive from their professors and guides. Therefore students must get into the habit of taking down notes whenever they are being fed of important information by the mentors that can help them write unique assignments to make sure they cover the points while writing their assignments. They should also get into the habit of writing assignments.


  • Writing Assignments Using The Hit And Trial Method– Students who lack knowledge and experience and lack of writing skills should avoid taking the hit and trial method while writing assignments. For students who have less knowledge of writing unique content, it becomes difficult to point out flaws and they end up believing their content is unique until the assignments are rejected. It not only wastes their valuable time, and energy but also lands up demotivating them. Students should hire a professional writer who has experienced in writing non-plagiarized assignments until the time they are equipped with the required skills to write the assignments themselves. ArabEssay offers plagiarism free assignment help to students who have been struggling to write unique assignments with the help of professional experts.


  • Submit Assignments Without Getting Them Proofread– Students often make the mistake of submitting assignments without getting them checked by someone else. It is difficult to check the assignments for flaws and plagiarism by the students themselves. Because the brain auto-corrects the mistakes while going through them. As a result, students tend to overlook them every time they review their assignments themselves. To ensure that the assignments are non plagiarized and flawless students must get the assignments proofread by third party experts other than their professors and guides before they send the assignments for submission. This also helps them get a second opinion about the quality of their assignments.

ArabEssay has a team of subject matter experts who proofread the assignments and ensure that the assignments are unique, flawless, and non-plagiarized. They also make sure that the assignments are delivered to students much ahead of their deadlines so that students can go through multiple revisions and submit assignments only after they are fully convinced and satisfied.


Therefore to conclude it can be said that to make sure students score well in their assignments they must submit assignments that are unique and non-plagiarized. For that purposed the assignments are non-plagiarized students should make sure they paraphrase the content using proper quotation and citation techniques. They should also ensure that the information used to write the assignment is referred using the correct referencing styles as prescribes in the format provided and the assignments are proofread by subject matter experts before they are sent for submissions. Students who lack the technical skills of writing non-plagiarized assignments can take online assignment help from ArabEssay. They have a team of subject matter experts who make sure students get to submit authentic assignments within their deadlines.

Tips For Writing Scientific Research Paper

Research Paper Assignment Help

Students find it daunting when it comes to writing a scientific research paper. It requires high-level writing skills and technical knowledge to write a scientific research paper because the research papers are often used as a reference documents by other scientists. Therefore the research papers should be at par with their standards.

A common problem with researchers is that they face difficulties in showcasing the results of the research because intense reporting is involved in writing the paper. In this article, we are going to share some tips with students that will help them write a high-quality research paper.

Tips To Write A Scientific Research Paper 

  • The Title Of The Research Paper Should Be Direct

Science is a very complicated and technical subject and generally has a lot of jargon involved. Students should, therefore, ensure that the title of the research paper is clear and direct. It has to be comprehendible for the common mass. The title of the research is very important because it gives an idea to the readers about what the research paper is. Students should avoid using scientific terms in the title because this is the first thing that readers notice while reviewing a research paper.

The title of a research paper has four main objectives. First, It gives an idea to the reader about the subject of the research paper. Second, the title attracts the reader towards the content made him curious, third, the title is consistent with the tone of the paper, and fourth, It contains keywords that help to optimize the paper and increases its visibility especially in online portals.

Students can take online assignment help from ArabEssay to create an interesting title for their research paper that meets the above-mentioned objectives.

  • The Abstract Of The Research Paper Should Be Written Post-Completion

Students often make a mistake of writing the abstract of the paper just after they have finalized the title for their paper. Research papers don’t need to follow a chronological order(Azevedo, 2011). Which means students do not need to write the paper in a particular pattern? The abstract contains a brief of what is being discussed in the research paper which includes the problem addressed in the research, the methods, and the conclusion in short and crisp sentences.

Therefore it is advised to students to write the abstract after they have completed the research paper. It becomes easier to extract the key points from the research to create an abstract. Research paper writers from ArabEssay assist students to write the abstract of their paper by giving them expert guidance.

  • The Key Areas Of Discussion Should Be Included In The Introduction

The Introduction is the most important part of a research paper as it hooks the reader to the research paper and develops a curiosity to read further. Therefore the introduction must cover the key points that are to be discussed in the body. Students can take assistance from professional experts to write a high-quality introduction.

Online essay writers from ArabEssay make sure an Introduction reflects the scope of the research with a brief hypothesis on the methods used in the research along with the reason and importance of the research. It should be a direction map of the research paper guiding the reader.

  • The Research Paper Should Be Interconnected

Writing a research paper is a massive task. There are possibilities that the writer gets deviated in the middle of the paper and shifts focus. To avoid this student should take expert guidance and get their research papers written by online assignment writers. They ensure the content displayed in the research paper is inter-connected to each other.

The Discussions are connected to the results presented and the Introduction is highlighting the key areas giving an overview of the research paper to the reader (Day, 1998). They also make sure that there is clarity in the writing. The methods used in the research are mentioned elaborating on the process of reaching the results. They also pen down the difficulties incurred while reaching the results creating a unique, high-quality research paper.

  • Cite The Paper Correctly

A research paper should be unique, and non-plagiarized. Students should avoid falling into the plagiarism trap by mentioning the resources correctly. The research paper should mention the references in the correct format. In case students lack experience they can take expert guidance from ArabEssay Research Paper Help. Students should get into the habit of taking notes while working on a research paper to ensure they do not miss out on any source. The format of the research paper and referencing style may vary depending on the scope.

Therefore it is advised that students take guidance from experienced professionals, professors, or guides in case they have any doubts.

  • Proper Use Of Quotations

A quotation increases the quality of the research paper if they are used correctly. Quotations also help students convince their readers and agree to their points. There are places where paraphrasing might change the meaning of the sentences and those words cannot be avoided.

This is where quotations are most effective. It helps students add value to the content and also maintains the authenticity of the paper. Students can quote paragraphs if required and avoid stepping into the plagiarism trap by citing the resources. Quotations can also be used to refer to the opinion of the authors, and citing measurements.

  • Avoid Fillers While Writing A Scientific Paper

Scientific papers are lengthy. Therefore researchers who lack experience tend to use fillers. These are words that have no meaning merely used to cover the required length. These can be in the form of jargon, long paragraphs, and word modifiers. It deteriorates the quality of the research paper.

To write high-quality content it is, therefore, necessary that students concentrate on collecting relevant data through extensive research that can be incorporated in the paper to increase its value. Students must shift their focus from the word count to the problem and solution addressed in the paper.

Scientific Research Papers are mostly written keeping in mind the global perspective rather than focusing on a set of people.

  • Get The Research Paper Proofread

Students should make sure they get the research paper proofread by experts to ensure there are no factual errorsStudents can avail Instant assignment help from ArabEssay to get their assignments to proofread.

They have a team of highly qualified and experienced proofreaders who proofread the assignments and ensure that the research paper is written adhering to the quality parameters of the university.


To summarize it can be said that students who are struggling to write a scientific research paper and wish to score well in their assignments can get their assignments done by professional assignment experts from ArabEssay. These assignment Writers make sure the title of the research paper does not carry any scientific terms and is comprehensible. They write the research papers interconnecting the sections to one another along with a well drafted abstract. They also make sure the assignment meets the quality parameters of the university and are proofread by experts before they are handed over to the students. They have won the hearts of many students by giving them expert guidance and helping them complete their papers on time.


Azevedo, L. F., Canário-Almeida, F., Fonseca, J. A., Costa-Pereira, A., Winck, J. C., & Hespanhol, V. (2011). How to write a scientific paper-Writing the methods section. Revista portuguesa de pneumologia, 17(5), 232-238.

Day, R. A. (1998). How to write and publish scientific papers.

Role Of Essay Writing Services In Students Academic Life

Essay Writing Services

Academic writing services have a significant role to play in a student’s life. Students from all over the world travel to pursue higher education in different reputed universities. They face a lot of challenges during their academic years of learning due to cultural diversities which leads to language barriers. As, a result they find difficulties in communicating their ideas, thoughts, belief, and knowledge with their peers and professors.

This is where Essay Writing Service steps in. These online services act as a bridge of communication between the professors and students and make it easier for students to express their knowledge through high-quality assignments. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the role of essay writing services in a student’s academic life.

Ways In Which Essay Writing Services Help Students In Their Academic Lives

Online assignment help services like ArabEssay helps students in the following ways-

  • They develop and polish the analytical skills in students-With the help of these services students get a scope to look at the works of experts which helps them make informed decisions and brush their writing skills. It further helps them analyze the importance of the knowledge they have gained during the learning process.


  • It helps them put their thoughts on the paper- Most students who pursue higher education in foreign countries can grasp the knowledge but are unable to express their views due to language barriers. These online services have a team of expert assignment writers who write assignments for them and give them a chance to express their views on the paper. They make sure the essays are written using the specified styles and techniques that are mentioned in the university guidelines ensuring that they adhere to the quality parameters of the university. This facility spares students the pain of struggling with their words and focus on the research.


  • Writing Services teaches students the different styles of writing- The biggest criterion of scoring well in assignments is to submit an assignment that is flawless, non-plagiarized, and is written in the correct format. Students who have recently joined their academic courses are mostly unaware of the formatting styles and writing techniques. As a result, no matter how well they portray their information on the paper they end up losing marks because of not using the correct format. The essay typer focuses on the writing styles, format, and techniques in which the assignments are supposed to be written. They teach students the different styles of writing they also make sure the information is displayed using the correct formats to ensure maximum marks.


  • Professional Writers help students see a different perspective– For an assignment to be interesting and absorbing it is required that the assignment holds the interest of the reader. One-sided writing normally does not retain the interest of the readers whereas professional writers help students see a different perspective by writing the assignment in a way that there is space for argument. Therefore it develops a curiosity in the readers to think beyond the assignments and derive their conclusions because of which the readers are left thinking about the assignment even hours after they have completed reading it. It creates an impression in the reader’s mind because of which there are high chances that the assignments would be scoring well. It further teaches students to analyze the theories from different angles and derive their conclusions through information from reliable sources based on their understanding. Objective thinking abilities that these services develop in students also help students in their personal lives.


  • Allows time to focus on the Research- Online services like ArabEssay saves time for students and allows them to focus on their research. Assignments come with a set of guidelines which includes using a specific set of format, and the assignments should be unique, and flawless. Students who are not aware of the basic structures of writing an assignment and ways to avoid plagiarism end up wasting their time and energy using the hit and trial method which leads them to fall into the plagiarism trap multiple times. Professional services like ArabEssay essay help write assignments for students adhering to all the quality parameters provided by the university which saves a lot of time and energy of students which they can efficiently utilize in the research work to gather in-depth knowledge on the subject.


  • They help students get a second opinion on their assignments- Research students need to get their thesis and dissertation papers proofread by experts to ensure that the research assignments are written using relevant information derived from reliable sources and do not contain any factual errors. Professional essay writing services make sure the research assignments are proofread by subject matter experts before submission and are flawless.


  • Consistency in the quality of writing– For students to score well throughout their academic careers they must submit high-quality assignments and maintain the quality parameters of the university. However, it is close to impossible for students to maintain consistency in their writing quality because there are subjects that they are very good at and there are subjects that do not interest them much as a result the quality of writing differs from subject to subject depending on the student’s knack on it.

However, with a little help from online essay help from ArabEssay, it is possible to maintain consistency in the quality of writing in every subject. Because they have subject matter experts in every subject who ensure students submit high-quality non-plagiarized and flawless assignments. Consistency in the quality of assignments further leads to consistency in the grades of the students.

  • Students Get Continuous Support through a Strong Customer Support Team- Unlike college lectures that are time-bound, these online services are connected to students 24/7 round the clock to give them an instant solution to any kind of assignment problems and expert guidance. Students can reach out to experts and seek help at any time of the day. Therefore it makes them comfortable and provides dedicated support. They also equip students for their exams and interviews by offering them expert suggestions and making them go through mock interviews and solve sample papers.


  • Essay writing services ensure students never miss their deadlines– Every assignment whether it is a research paper, a case study, or classwork comes with a deadline. Late submission can hamper the impression of students and lead to low grades. An instant essay writer from ArabEssay ensures students submit their assignments within their deadlines. Every assignment is delivered to students on time after they are thoroughly proofread by subject matter experts. This helps students build a positive impression in the eyes of their professors and also leaves ample time in their hands to go through their assignments multiple times before they send them for submissions. They guarantee better grades and 100% student satisfaction.


To summarize it can be said that online essay help from ArabEssay has become a one-stop solution for academic students. They have become an integral part of a student’s life. These services not just help students overcome their barriers and submit high-quality unique assignments, but also make sure that the assignments are written adhering to the university guidelines with 100% accuracy and are delivered to students well before their deadlines.

So that students have ample time in hand to do multiple revisions and submit their assignments only after complete satisfaction.

These services have won the hearts of several students by securing their grades and preparing them for their future. They have developed the required skills in students that have made them better individuals and helped them carve the path to a sustainable career without getting into excessive stress and assignment anxieties.


How To Prepare A Macroeconomics Assignment ? 4 Tips To Follow

Macroeconomics Assignment Help

Economics is broadly divided into micro and macroeconomics. Macroeconomics deals with the performance and behavior of an economy. It mainly focuses on the changing patterns and reasons for the change affecting the gross domestic product, growth rate, unemployment, and inflation. It is used to analyze the factors and indicators that influence the overall economy of the country. Economic strategies and policies are developed by public and private organizations on the models based on macroeconomics (Brown et. al, 2019).

It is an interesting subject that opens new avenues for students in the field of economics. However, students undergo various problems while writing assignments on economics because of the obvious reason that macroeconomics deals with data analysis.

In this article today we are going to share 4 tips that can help students prepare an assignment on macroeconomics with ease.

Tips To Prepare Macroeconomics Assignments

  • An assignment on macroeconomics comes with different structure of questions. It can ask about how a particular problem occurred, it can also ask to evaluate the causes of the problem or might also want a person to state a solution through a mode of discussion. Depending on the frame of the question asked it is essential for students to pick up a method of reaching the solution. Therefore students must have complete clarity about the question asked in the assignment. Since macroeconomics deals with data it is important that students stick to the relevant question and the answers should be accurate, unique, and flawless and should reflect the understanding of the student. A student should seek professional guidance from either their professors or seek online essay help from professional experts in case they have doubts in understanding the question. A clear concept leads to high-quality content.


  • Students should focus on the conceptualization rather than the technicalities. They must break the technical jargon into simple language for others to understand. They should make it Keep short and simpleas stated in the above point the write up should express clarity of thought. The sentences should be short and kept simple. And students should make sure they do not cloud their writing with too many concepts. To create high-quality content students must have in-depth knowledge of the particular subject. In case they lack the required knowledge and expertise they can always hire an assignment writer to write the assignments for them. These professional writers not only write high-quality assignments for students but also help them gather knowledge on the concepts of macroeconomics and make sure their assignments are written adhering to the university guidelines and are flawless and non-plagiarized. They extract data required for the assignments from reliable sources and deliver assignments on time. ArabEssay offers the best macroeconomics assignment help for students who are facing difficulties in writing assignments.


  • The concepts of macroeconomics are way beyond the thought process. Whether it is about describing the inflation rates or reasons for unemployment. It is important students take their research work seriously. The deeper they dive into the subject the easier will it be for them to simplify the concepts of macroeconomics. It is a subject that is full of technical jargon that needs to be broken down into terms that can be easily comprehended by the common readers. Some assignments require a student to describe a situation and analyze its causes using diagrams and graphs. Diagrams and graphs help represent data in a better way. It adds value to the content created and also acts as justification to the points mentioned in the assignment. It is a representation of the depth of knowledge and helps convince its readers. Therefore students should make sure they support their arguments with relevant statistics represented in the form of graphs and diagrams. In case they face difficulties they can seek expert guidance from instant essay helpThere is a team of expert essay typers who assist students in converting the raw data into presentable statistics in the form of pi-charts, bar-graphs, diagrams, etc.


  • The biggest criterion of writing an assignment on macroeconomics is representing your point of view on the topic which is done by evaluating the research topic. Students must represent their unique point of view. Students must assess the extracted information and derives their conclusions. The question should be answered keeping a balanced view presenting your ideas. This can be achieved easily by joining a forum or study group. These forums allow students to command their opinion on a particular subject and analyze their depth of knowledge through discussions with peer groups. It helps students tackle questions in a much more strategic way and answer utilizing their conceptual understanding of the subject. Essay Writers can help them write their assignments using the correct formats in case students face language barriers.


Therefore it can be said that macroeconomics is a subject that requires a sheer understanding of concepts and clarity of thought to create a quality assignment. Because it generally represents the ideas and values of the writer whosoever is writing the assignment. The four tips that can help students prepare macroeconomics assignment are listed below-

  • Students should make sure they support their arguments with relevant statistics represented in the form of graphs and diagrams. In case they face difficulties they can seek expert guidance from ArabEssay experts.


  • Students should focus on the conceptualization rather than the technicalities. They must break the technical jargon into simple language for others to understand.


  • Students should make sure they support their arguments with relevant statistics represented in the form of graphs and diagrams. Online essay writer from ArabEssay help students prepare the diagrams and graphs.


  • Students should be able to represent their ideas and views through the assignments.


Brown, C., & Narasimhan, S. (2019). Principles of Macroeconomics. Economics, 2020, 300.

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