Plagiarism Issues In Assignments And How To Deal With Them

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The easiest way to score A+ grade in assignments is by writing a piece of content that is unique and flawless. Assignments come with a set of guidelines that specifies how the assignments should be written. These sets of guidelines include the format in which the paper should be written, the length of the assignment, number of pages, page margins, referencing styles, and also the tone of writing. But above all the most important rule that needs to be adhered to is that the assignments should be unique, flawless, and free from plagiarism. Plagiarisms are of various types. (Landau et al. 2002) In this article, we are going to discuss the types of plagiarism issues in assignments and ways to avoid them.

Types Of Plagiarism Issues Found In Assignments And Ways To Avoid Them

Plagiarism is a practice where students take other people’s work and place them as their own. In that case, the consequences of plagiarizing a research paper can cost students to give up their degrees. Below mentioned are the different types of plagiarism traps that students tend to fall into because of a lack of experience and ways to avoid them.

  • Paraphrasing The Assignment– Paraphrasing is a process that is used to avoid plagiarism but if students fail to site their information correctly while paraphrasing then they might end up creating plagiarized content. To avoid plagiarism while paraphrasing students should make sure they understand the context of the content clearly, and should not forget to use quotes and proper citation methods while taking references from another paper. Not everything mentioned in the paper needs to be cited. (Bakhtiyari et al. 2014)

Therefore students must have proper knowledge of what needs to sight and what not. To make sure students write assignments using proper citation they can take expert guidance from ArabEssay essay writers

  • Students Should Include An In-Text Citation In Their Assignments– Lack of knowledge among students about in-text citation can also result in plagiarized content. Citation is the method in which students mention the author and sources from where they have extracted the information. There are different styles of citation when it comes to in-text citation. Some common styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago. (Sharma and R 2010)  Students who have little or no knowledge about in-text citations can take online essay help from ArabEssay. They have a team of expert writers who are aware of the citation techniques and help students write non-plagiarized assignments.


  • Referencing The Information Derived For The Assignments– Students need to do proper referencing to avoid plagiarism. The information extracted from the research should be from reliable sources and should be mentioned in the references so that if required it can be traced back. Students should make sure their facts do not mislead readers. They should also keep in mind that while referencing they include the publishing date of the information extracted, the name of the author, title of the content ad source from where the information has been extracted. Similar to in-text citation referencing also includes various writing styles. Team of certified assignment writers from ArabEssay helps students write assignments using the correct referencing styles. They also make sure the sources from where the information has been derived are reliable and authentic and not just made up to support the information.


  • In-Depth Research Before Writing Assignments– Insufficient research can also lead to plagiarized assignments. The best way to avoid plagiarism is by going into in-depth research before starting to write the assignments. The more a student gathers information about the subject the lesser are the chances of falling into the plagiarism trap. Students should not hesitate to take expert guidance from professors, guides, and online experts while working on their research.


  • Lack Of Time And Anxiety– Rushing while writing an assignment can be disastrous for students. Students who are chasing deadlines tend to write inferior quality assignments that are plagiarized. Because the focus is on the deadline rather than the assignment. To avoid plagiarized content students should make sure they start working on their assignments as early as possible. They should have ample time in hand to go through multiple revisions without getting into stress and anxiety. This reduces the chances of creating a plagiarized content for assignments.


  • Forgetting The Key Points-For Students who have recently stepped into their academic worlds and are overburdened with assignments it is not always possible to remember all the small tips that they receive from their professors and guides. Therefore students must get into the habit of taking down notes whenever they are being fed of important information by the mentors that can help them write unique assignments to make sure they cover the points while writing their assignments. They should also get into the habit of writing assignments.


  • Writing Assignments Using The Hit And Trial Method– Students who lack knowledge and experience and lack of writing skills should avoid taking the hit and trial method while writing assignments. For students who have less knowledge of writing unique content, it becomes difficult to point out flaws and they end up believing their content is unique until the assignments are rejected. It not only wastes their valuable time, and energy but also lands up demotivating them. Students should hire a professional writer who has experienced in writing non-plagiarized assignments until the time they are equipped with the required skills to write the assignments themselves. ArabEssay offers plagiarism free assignment help to students who have been struggling to write unique assignments with the help of professional experts.


  • Submit Assignments Without Getting Them Proofread– Students often make the mistake of submitting assignments without getting them checked by someone else. It is difficult to check the assignments for flaws and plagiarism by the students themselves. Because the brain auto-corrects the mistakes while going through them. As a result, students tend to overlook them every time they review their assignments themselves. To ensure that the assignments are non plagiarized and flawless students must get the assignments proofread by third party experts other than their professors and guides before they send the assignments for submission. This also helps them get a second opinion about the quality of their assignments.

ArabEssay has a team of subject matter experts who proofread the assignments and ensure that the assignments are unique, flawless, and non-plagiarized. They also make sure that the assignments are delivered to students much ahead of their deadlines so that students can go through multiple revisions and submit assignments only after they are fully convinced and satisfied.


Therefore to conclude it can be said that to make sure students score well in their assignments they must submit assignments that are unique and non-plagiarized. For that purposed the assignments are non-plagiarized students should make sure they paraphrase the content using proper quotation and citation techniques. They should also ensure that the information used to write the assignment is referred using the correct referencing styles as prescribes in the format provided and the assignments are proofread by subject matter experts before they are sent for submissions. Students who lack the technical skills of writing non-plagiarized assignments can take online assignment help from ArabEssay. They have a team of subject matter experts who make sure students get to submit authentic assignments within their deadlines.

Awesome Tips For Writing A Thesis & Term Papers By Assignment Writer

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A thesis assignment can be defined as a type of long essay which requires an individual to conduct some sort of personal research. A thesis assignment can also be written to put forward a theory which needs to be proven or maintained. On the other hand, a term paper is a type of long essay that a student needs to write on the basis of what has been covered during the classes carried out in a college, university, or school. Working on either a thesis assignment or a term paper is usually very hard for a student since he or she would have many other things to do and there is a lot of space for errors when it comes to assignments like thesis and term papers. This is why it is suggested that a student should get some type of plagiarism free online assignment help from the best assignment writer to work on a thesis paper or term papers. However, if a student wishes to work on a plagiarism free thesis paper or term papers without any kind of online assignment help then we also have some awesome tips which those students can follow. Those amazing tips will be discussed in this academic article.

The Best Tips for Writing a Thesis Assignment

If getting online assignment help for writing a plagiarism free thesis paper or term papers is not something which a student wishes to do then he or she should buckle down for some serious work. This is because of the fact that working on a thesis paper or term papers is not an easy task. Even the best assignment writer can attest to the fact. However, there are some tips that one can follow when it comes to writing a thesis paper with some ease. And those tips are mentioned below.

  • Begin with Making a Schedule

One of the most common mistakes which students tend to make while working on a thesis assignment or term papers is planned far too many things within just a small amount of time. This is obviously not good. Hence, it is suggested by the best assignment writer that, if the student is working on a thesis assignment on his or her own then he or she should begin at least 2-3 months the date of submission. The student should plan different tasks for each week or day and then follow that schedule diligently.

For example, the student should set out 2-3 sessions for just brainstorming and research about some new topics. This will also allow the student to judge whether he or she has enough time to complete the thesis assignment on time or not. If the student doubts that he or she might not be able to complete the thesis assignment at the right time then according to the best assignment writer, one must consider getting plagiarism free assignment help from a qualified assignment writer.

  • Have a Basic Idea for Your  Thesis Paper 

One of the most important things which a student requires before working on a thesis assignment or different types of term papers is has some sort of basic idea of what he or she is going to do. However, the best assignment writer suggests going a step beyond that and trying to note down the major details of all the steps which one plans on taking while working on a thesis assignment. For example, if a student is writing a thesis on the current effectiveness of different research methodologies then one should exactly which methods one would like to test, how one would test, and any possible outcome which one thinks might come up. If a student is not able to do so much and gets confused then it is best to get the best plagiarism free assignment help from a dedicated assignment writer.

  • Skip the Introduction Section

When it comes to a thesis assignment or different types of term papers then, one of the trickiest parts of the paper can be to work on the introduction section. This is simply because of the fact that the introduction section would require a student to introduce the topic and further try to make the readers understand why the topic is important for not just exploring the depths of that subject but even for the researcher and the general public at large. This is also one of the things which can make it harder for a student to work on a thesis or term paper and complete it at the right time. This is why it is suggested that students should opt for plagiarism free assignment help if they believe that they are stuck and would want some extra help.

Also, if the student is working on the term paper or thesis assignment on his or her own then it is important for him or her to remember to come back to this introduction section once the main flesh of the assignment has been completed. This would allow the student to have a better understanding of what exactly has been done in the academic assignment and how that can contribute to a better understanding for the researcher and also for other people.

  • Take Breaks and Move Around

When an individual starts working on a thesis assignment or term paper then, it can be very easy to get completely caught up in all the work. This can put a lot of pressure and stress on the student. And this, in turn, affects the physical and mental health of a student in various negative ways. This is why it is always suggested to students that one should also schedule breaks and try to move around. This is also something that a student can do if he or she feels stuck while working on the thesis assignment or term paper. However, if the stress of working on a thesis assignment or term paper is getting too much for a student then the best thing to do is to take some sort of extra plagiarism free assignment help from a reputed academic writing service providing company.

  • Try to Get Feedback

Getting feedback is something that students do at the very end when they are done with their assignments and are only looking for minor changes that need to be made. However, according to many experts, a student should consider getting feedback even on the rough draft of the assignment. This ensures that if a student is doing something wrong then that can be recognized during the starting only and then the student wouldn’t have to waste his or her time coming back to that mistake at the end of the assignment or when the submission of the assignment is getting near.

  • Keep Up with the Reference List

Another important point which all students should remember is to never lose sight of the reference list. One must always keep the reference list with himself or herself and add whatever new material one is using to that list.

The Conclusion

A thesis assignment is a type of long which requires a student to do some kind of research. A term paper, on the other hand, is a type of essay which the student writes on the basis of what has been done in the class or in mentioned in the coursework. Working on these academic assignments is difficult and this is why students can follow some tips like to maintain the reference list, make a schedule, take breaks, and get constant feedback.

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