Changing Education Scenario Due To The Internet

Education Scenario

The advent of technology has brought radical changes in educational settings. The increasing usages of IT coupled with growing access to resources are making teachers and students rethink and rebuild a traditional way of learning. 

As the technology advances, learning in future will be based upon first-hand experience and collaboration. Here in this direction internet is the best interactive tools that not only bring out an increased number of job proficiencies but also improve on-campus instruction, distance learning and much more(Johnson, 2018). 

The last weeks have witnessed new strains of Covid 19 in distinct regions of the UK and Italy. As the virus spread at a huge level, many countries are now emphasizing on educating students remotely through technology whether it is about conducting a lecture or accessing students’ profile. Everything goes on the Internet to simulate the new experience in this modern era. Like in this pandemic Internet contribution have source remarkable outcomes, there are still some areas needed to be uncovered where changing education scenario due to the internet have accelerated student’s academic career. Let’s move ahead and explore some amazing facts of the Internet that led us to brighten career. 

The Changing Education Setting Scenario- Are We Ready?

Since Internet commencement in the late 1960s by Tim Berner Lee, the education system has been seen as a significant revolution. Earlier sitting in the classroom and following a timetable was an ideal method of imparting education, but as internet expansion has picked up emulsifying speed, the interaction of ideas, concepts and thoughts automatically get enhanced (Malhotra, 2020). Arabessay provide Content writing services in Tan`am. From the textbook to white paper everything can be stored in a single place that is secure and easy to access both.

But is it possible to keep ourself away from distraction while using the same devices? The ease of using two apps at the same time is dozing of the earlier hours of class. 

As per the perspective of Ding Dong, CEO Chen Hang, to support a large scale remote work platform, Alibaba Cloud has been installed its 100,000 cloud services in just two hours of the previous week for the service expansion and recording rapid capacity. In this scenario, most of the cloud service is aiming to provide significant storage for its every user where targeting group of students is much higher ( Cathy and Farah, 2020). This is because a significant lectures occur online which required wide space for the files. 

Some school district institution is establishing participation like The Los Angeles Unified School District and PBS SoCal/KCET for offering local education focusing on a range of student of different ages. In view of this, the training provided to teachers and students were facilitated with the Internet. However, some institutions are giving pre-recorded section to such that topics taught to students extensively. 

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Trends And Technology Development In Education

These days we have seen profound changes in an education environment. This is because society is adapting the way how knowledge can be enhanced or communication technologies affecting the economies.

Karisiddappa, 2002, have enlisted trends in education paving  radical and transformation changes take place in the education area as well as envisioned global learning infrastructure-

  • Internet explosion has led to an increased number of courses and students’ enrollment
  • Different types of students can interact at the virtual platform
  • Flexible learning arrangement is no longer required central attention of the administration
  • Students inclined towards life long learning process
  • The development of communication technologies have handed over critical solutions
  • Modularization has produced flexible changes in seeing a problem
  • Internet cost is slowing down thus its users are increasing drastically
  • Enables group work problem in a real-life context

Many essay deustch believed, internet learning is active that also implies students don’t need to limit themselves in search of resources or developing competencies consequently.

Internet And Education And Internet Delivered Services

Among all the internet users, mostly university students utilized internet sources for different purposes other than online shopping and enjoyment. According to the report of Deniz and Geyik, 2015, approximately 76% of respondent’s part of the survey is using the internet for getting information, researching, reading mail, messaging their loved ones, chatting and many more. Out of this 24% of the respondents have said, they are using the internet for playing gaming or winning the lottery. This is followed by respondents who are using the Internet just for sending mail.

In this given chart, with the help of instant essay help experts, we have shown relevant distribution students internet using the rate on the behalf of taking the survey by Deniz and Geyik in 2015

Source- Deniz and Geyik, 2015

It has been widely accepted by renowned essay typer and analyst, the early 1960s has displayed the revolution of the World Wide Web. Considering the impact of the education courses offered on the internet can be for full courses or maybe supplementary in which students interact face to face decided how much they have gained (Honnekeri,, 2017). 

The current progress of virtual classroom embarks on the development of Internet infrastructure. But this depicts a decreased importance of OFF campus classroom activities. 

Education with the internet is not only fascinating but also evolving fast. Mastering skills for more than one job, have become easier for professional to be taught. 

For educational purpose, we can say this, using the internet is not luxury, but this is a necessity because if a person doesn’t have thorough knowledge how to accommodate technology, all the efforts might be dumped into vain. 

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Increasing internet access has transformed the way a computer is using before. It is now available in all the territories of the world and offering an impressive medium for communication among academic institution. The birth of the internet has changed the mode of grasping education. In this article, we have shown such highlights like Internet explosion have led to an increased number of courses and students’ enrollment. We have depicted the purpose of using the internet by students. There we have illustrated among all the internet users, mostly university students utilized internet sources for different purposes other than online shopping and enjoyment. Those consist of getting information, research study, email reading, chatting etc. 


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Ways To Write A Synopsis For A Dissertation

Dissertation Synopsis

Synopsis is generally the summary of a project that is planned to seek the approval of the authorities. It is important because a synopsis decides whether the authorities will accept the research paper or not. Synopsis writing is very different from the usual essay writing. Arabessay provide content writing services in Sur.

A synopsis is constructed In a way that it gives a clear picture of the research paper to the reviewer at one glance. ( Terrell,2015)  It carries a summary of what the research is all about, and highlights the important points that are to be discussed in the research paper. Most importantly a synopsis describes the importance of the research in detail so that whosoever is reviewing the synopsis will be convinced that the research is necessary and approves the research. In this article, we are going to discuss ways to write a synopsis for a particular research paper. 

Ways To Write A Synopsis Dissertation

A dissertation synopsis consists of a title, hypothesis which is also called statement of a problem, objectives, literature review, and research methodology, references, and official requirements. 

  • Title

The title represents what the research paper is all about. Therefore the title of the synopsis must be brief, and informative. Students should avoid writing a catchy title when they are preparing a synopsis. The length of the title should neither be lengthy neither should it be very short. Most importantly the name of the institute along with the total number of cases should be included in the title. (Horn,2012)

  • Hypothesis- 

In a dissertation synopsis consists of a hypothesis which is also called a statement of a problem. Here the key problem is described precisely. Based on the problem the aids are constructed by the research student. In short, it is the prediction of the relationship between more than one variable. It shows the necessity of the research that needs to be conducted. It is mostly done after the research student has clearly understood the problem and reviewed the literature keeping other factors in mind. Students should remember that the hypothesis of a synopsis is written in approximately 200 words.

  • Objectives

The synopsis should mention the objectives of the research paper assuring the reader that the objectives will be achieved in the research paper. There must be no more than two to three objectives about the problem mentioned in the research paper. Most importantly while mentioning the objectives in the synopsis students should avoid using the terms like “ the only study” etc.

  • Literature Review

The literature review is a vital part of the synopsis. It is written so that the readers or the target audience can familiarize themselves with the problem stated in the research. It also describes in detail any work done by others on similar subjects and further helps the research students understand the hurdles faced by other researchers. It anticipates the problems that might crop up during the research and finds strategic solutions to those problems. Literature review also assists in modifying the research paper. Most importantly it reflects the depth of knowledge of the research student. Students should write the literature review in approximately 300 words quoting references that are easily retrieved.

  • Research Methodology

The synopsis should also describe the method in which the research will be conducted in about 200 words. It forms the core of the research. Students should keep in mind that the research methodology consists of the design of the research, settings of the research, samples, controls, methods of study that include investigation and examination, data collection, analysis, and ethical clearance. (Thomas , 2007)

  • References

A research paper is written extracting information from already published material mostly. If the referencing is not done correctly the research papers can get rejected on grounds of plagiarism. Students must keep a note of the places where they are extracting the information from along with the date when the information was last visited and list them down in the references section. There are different styles in which the information used can be referenced. The most common and widely used referencing styles are APA and MLA. Students who do not have much experience in referencing a research paper can avoid stepping into the plagiarism trap by seeking dissertation assignment help from ArabEssay. In some cases, students can also add an acknowledgment after the references to especially thank the people who have helped them prepare the research paper on time.

  • Official Requirements – 

The most important part of a synopsis is the section that contains the official information. Any synopsis is incomplete without this section. The official requirements include the name of the research student along with his or her designation, Name and designation of the guide who has helped the student in his research, Name and designation of the concerned HOD either of the department of the institute, full name of the university and finally signature of the officials along with the seal and their registration numbers if any applicable. 


Therefore it can be said that Synopsis is considered to be the most important part of a research paper because it decides the fate of the research paper. Moreover, it is the first official documents that is assessed by officials and based on the synopsis the reviewers decide whether or not to allow the research paper. Therefore it needs to be constructed carefully keeping all the important aspects in mind. Synopsis should briefly summarize the research paper and highlight the importance of the research. Students who lack experience in writing a synopsis for the research paper can enroll in write my dissertation for me and write down a perfect synopsis for their research paper.


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Impact Of Advertising And Promotion On Brand Equity

Impact Of Advertising

Touting the advantages of a product or service alone does not guarantee success. To ensure that a product or service is successful it is important to see whether or not it stays in the memory of the consumers, and most importantly it should have something about it that separates it from the other products and services making it unique. If the product or service offered by the marketers can hold the attention of the target audience and develop a place of trust in their minds the chances of it being successful in the competitive market increases. This can be easily achieved through brand advertising. The main objective of companies promoting their products through advertising is to develop a long-lasting relationship with their consumers based on which they would be loyal to the brand and will coming to their products and services. Therefore we can say that positive advertising has a positive impact on the image of the brand. Here we are going to discuss the role of advertising in developing brand image

Types Of Advertising

Advertising can be categorized into two types mentioned in the image below.

  • Direct Response Advertisements– This kind of advertisement is mainly used by marketers when they wish to collect the responses of their target consumers directly. i.e., here the first-hand experience is collected by the advertisers using digital mediums. The responses of consumers are collected using links, unique numbers, coupon codes etc. In this way, the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign is also analyzed. It is a proven fact that direct response ads result in higher conversion rates and better ROI’s. It is also very cost-effective because the companies that take the help of direct ads to promote their products or services need to pay for the ads only if the required action is taken and not every time the ad is viewed. To gather knowledge on direct response ads students can now avail of instant essay help from ArabEssay.
  • Brand Advertisements– Brand Ads are generally displayed ads that are shown on television, radios, and newspapers. The effectiveness of these ads is difficult to track because target consumers are not to perform any specific action. However, the overall performance of brand ads is measured by looking at its reach and impressions. For example, It can be said that in the case of brand ads how many people have reached out and witnessed the ad is more important than how many people have taken necessary action. The main aim of brand ads is to create an impression on the minds of the people so that an image of the brand stays in the memory of a person for a longer duration. Its purpose is to further build a positive impression in the eyes of the consumers, build a strong relationship with their target audience and help them stay loyal towards the brand that in turn increases the overall demand of the time in times to come.

Impact Of Advertising On Brand Equity

The product or service offered by a company helps in developing the product value that is connected to the name and quality of the product that in turn helps people recognize that particular product, makes the product of superior quality, and becomes the reason why the product or service stays in pubic memory for longer duration is known to be brand equity(Aaker,2009) and Arabessay provide content writing services in Samail

Benefits Of Establishing Positive Brand Equity

  • Establishing brand equity that has a positive impact is that it affects the ROI in a positive sense.
  • Brand Equity helps organizations earn more money than what the competitors are earning when it comes to incurring profits by spending very little money on production and product promotion.
  • The product price can be easily inflated based on the brand and still it would not be affecting the sales because the consumers are already willing to shed higher prices than usual looking at the brand value.
  • On the other hand new products if launched under the same brand that the consumers are aware of will help the product to sail through easily because people have already developed a trust factor towards the band because of which they are eagerly waiting to try the new product.

Advantages Of Advertising And Promotion On Brand Equity

  • Positive Brand Equity Assures Quality Of The Product– Positive Brand Equity lets customers pay more for a particular product. That in turn leads to higher profit margins. The brand name builds an image that assures the customers of the quality of the brand. 
  • Brand Equity Lets Marketers Spend Less On Advertising– Positive promotion of products helps build a positive reputation of the products because of which the consumers reach out to the products. This is the reason marketers don’t need to spend a lot of money on advertising. It also helps marketers launch a new product in the market under the same brand umbrella. This further helps consumers identify the product easily and relate it to the brand increasing its sales. (Cheung,,2019) 
  • Increases The Product Value-  Brand helps increase the product value and makes customers loyal towards the brand. Because of which the customers keep coming to the brand and make it their first preference when purchasing a particular product or service. 
  • Customers Become Loyal Towards The Brand-  Every organization makes small mistakes that are easily forgiven by customers who prefer the particular brand. Most importantly new products that are launched under the umbrella of reputed brands are more likely preferred by customers when it comes to experimenting. Rather than products under brands that are not known by customers.
  • Brand Equity Increases Stock Price Of A Particular Product-  The stock price can be increased of a particular product with the help of a positive brand equity. 

Listed below are the ways in which advertising positively impacts brand equity 

  • Positive Brand Equity Helps Establish The Identity Of A Brand-  First impression plays a vital role in developing the image of the brand. Brand equity helps establish a positive impression of the brand. This image is formed in the minds of the people by creating a logo of the brand. The color and font of the logo easily creates an impression in a person’s mind and stays in his memory also the digital presence of the brand helps in establishing a brand identity. 
  • Brand Equity Has A Positive Influence On People-  Most importantly brand equity helps in developing a positive influence in the minds of the target customers. This influence builds a trust factor in them which in turn influences them to buy from those brands. Brand advertising helps in building a sense of credibility for the product and inspires them to purchase the particular product or service. Most multinational product companies inject trust in people by showing their target audience that they have industry experts who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with them other companies choose to donate funds to charities that support and resemble their business. These methods are adopted by companies to create a positive image of the brand and boost its image building credibility and trust in people.
  • Brand Advertisements Help Connect Marketers To Prospective Customers– Every marketer wishes to spread their business through advertisements. This is where brand advertisement plays a vital role. It helps connect marketers to prospective customers. It not only connects with customers intellectually but also connects with them emotionally and helps customers develop a personal relationship with the brand.(Srivastava,,1999). This connection is established through slogans that are catchy and hold public attention, and also by hiring popular anchors who speak about the product or service to their target audience in a way that stays in the memory of the people for a long time. These components help make the brand ads relatable helping them connect with the buyers increasing the sale of the product. Therefore it can be said that the impact of advertising has a positive effect on brand image. That is precisely why brand advertising is added to marketing strategies to increase sales. 


To conclude it can be said that there are two types of advertisements direct ads and brand ads both are used in marketing strategies to increase the brand value and profit margins of a particular product or service. Positive brand equity helps establish the identity of a brand, it lets marketers spend less on Advertising, increases product value, makes customers loyal towards the brand, increases the stock price of a particular product, helps in establishing the identity of a brand, has a positive influence on people and most importantly lets marketers reach out to prospective clients. To gather more knowledge on how brand advertisement has a positive impact on brand equity students can now avail of assignment help online from ArabEssay experts.


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Figurative Language And Its Use In Academics

Figurative Language

Language has different forms. The visual form of language that is more dramatic compared to direct statement is termed as figurative language. It hooks the reader to the text by using similes, personification, and metaphors. These abstracts are used to convey ideas and feelings and make the text comprehendible to readers who do not have a hold on language. (Deignan, 2013) In this article we are going to study figurative language and its use in academics. 

Types Of Figurative Language

The language that turns the phrase and gives it a special meaning and helps convey a particular concept in a much more readable and colorful way surpassing the literally meaning of those words giving it an entirely new angle is defined as figurative language.

  • Simile

When we speak English simile is usually used in day to day conversations. In figure of speech it is used to compare two concepts that are nINSot common to each other using connecting words. For example “like”.  Students in Dubai can now avail assignment help Dubai from ArabEssay.  There are a team of experts who assist students understanding the usage of smile.

  • Metaphor

Similar to a simile metaphors are normally used to connect two concepts that are entirely unrelated from one another and completely separate.  Only difference is that the characteristics are common and no connectors are used. Metaphors are used to create images that are strong in language that cannot otherwise be created through direct language.

  • Implied Metaphor

There are multiple forms of a metaphor.  It can be used both to show comparisons that are direct and implied.  For example William shake sphere has used the phrase “seeds of time” in his writing which denotes different moments in life that may have implications in the future or may not.

  • Personification

Personification is a figure of speech that is used to attach human actions and qualities with entities that are non-human.  For example inanimate objects can be attached to elements of the nature that includes animals. Personification is also used in day to day language when we speak English. Arabessay provide content writing services in Saiq.

  • Hyperbole

Hyperboles are ridiculous exaggerations that are used as phrases when we try and express our feelings to something that is in no way connected or resembles the object. ( Gibbs,,2006)

For example when we say  we are so angry we could die or when we compare our pending assignments to a mountain we are using hyperbole.

· Allusion

Allusion is the figure of speech that is used to utilize a common text that refers a place, person or event. Most readers are familiar with the texts used in allusion. (Fussell,,1998)

The figure of speech that is used to extract the non-literarily meaning that is attached to a phrase is termed as an Idiom. Normally these phrases and their non-literarily meanings are known to the common masses as they often use these phrases when they are speaking English.  For example when we say “ it’s raining cats and dogs” the term cats and dogs is used to describe heavy unruly rainfall. It is one of the common most widely used idioms that are known to people. Students can now avail the help of online essay writer from ArbaEssay to gather detailed knowledge on the usage of idiom.

  • Idiom

The figure of speech that is used to extract the non-literarily meaning that is attached to a phrase is termed as an Idiom. Normally these phrases and their non-literarily meanings are known to the common masses as they often use these phrases when they are speaking English.  For example when we say “ it’s raining cats and dogs” the term cats and dogs is used to describe heavy unruly rainfall. It is one of the common most widely used idioms that are known to people. Students can now avail the help of online essay writer from ArabEssay to gather detailed knowledge on the usage of idiom.


Therefore it can be said that The visual form of language that is more dramatic compared to direct statement is termed as figurative language. It hooks the reader to the text by using similes, personification, and metaphors. These abstracts are used to convey ideas and feelings and make the text comprehendible to readers who do not have a hold on language. When we speak English simile is usually used in day to day conversations. In figure of speech it is used to compare two concepts that are not common to each other using connecting words. On the other hand the figure of speech that is used to extract the non-literarily meaning that is attached to a phrase is termed as an Idiom. Whereas  Hyperbole are ridiculous exaggerations that are used as phrases when we try and express our feelings to something that is in no way connected or resembles the object and  Allusion is the figure of speech that is used to utilize a common text that refers a place, person or event. To gather further knowledge on the uses of figurative language students can now avail online assignment help from ArabEssay experts.


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Social Media Network Participation in Assignments

Assignment Help

In this Smartphone-obsessed world, social media plays an integral role in the education field. Social media offers innumerable opportunities for learning and collaboration. Students, teachers, and educational institutes can make the most of social media while making learning more engaging and interesting. If truth be told, social media tools have a great potential to promote active learning, communication, and collaboration. When used right, social media platforms can improve the life of students and help them boost their academic performance. (Valenzuela,,2014)

Schools, colleges and universities can harness the prowess of social networking sites and leverage them to provide better educational services, engage with students, make important announcements and share key information. Social media helps students in myriad ways – from getting tips on the latest information for their assignments, getting to grips with complex educational topics, preparing for exams, honing note-taking and learning skills, choosing the right career, and participating in group discussions. In this article we are going to study the benefits of social media for students.

Impact Of Social Media On Education And Students

Social media networks are making student’s life easier, simpler and hassle-free. Whether you are a medical student or an engineering student, social media tools, if used right, can help you improve your academic performance and get impressive grades. Here are some amazing tips and strategies that explain how to use social media for making learning fun and how it can create a positive impact on your academic performance.

Advantages Of Social Media On Students

Makes Learning Easy And Fun

One of the best advantages of using social media tools is providing students with easy and fun ways of learning and memorizing difficult concepts. For instance, students can use YouTube, Vimeo,  Udemy, Ted Talks and different other tools that allow students to watch interesting and engaging videos, anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to get your head around different to understand topics or intricate procedures, adding social media tools to your study schedule makes it easy to absorb a lot of information in an interesting way. Students can take the help of social media platforms to write tuition assignments.

· Serves As A Collaboration And Networking Tool

In this technological world, it has become critically important for students to stay connected to their peers and teachers. With the power of social networking tools, students can build a strong network where they can share valuable ideas, important files, discuss projects, and stay up-to-date on the activities and events happening in their field. (Goeldi,2013)

· Facilitates Group Discussions

Social media websites facilitate communication and provide students with a great opportunity to connect with their teachers, industry experts, professionals and fellow students. Students can participate in group discussions to share their problems with teachers and discuss the details of the projects. Participating in group discussions promotes collaborative learning and engagement, helping students elevate each other’s work. Students can use a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Google Hangouts and a number of other platforms to share their ideas and important information pertaining to their assignments and curriculum. Students can also avail assignment help assistance from ArabEssay experts to facilitate group discussions.

· Helps You Find The Right Career Opportunities

Social media can serve as an amazing tool that helps students find the right career opportunity in their chosen field. Since social media tools offer great networking opportunities, you can connect with alumni, recruiting agencies, potential coworkers and future employers. By connecting successful people in your field and getting insights on the career that you want to pursue, it gives you a clear idea about the industry and helps you reach a well-informed decision regarding your career.

LinkedIn is one of the best social media networks that helps students tap into the pool of internship and job opportunities. You can impress your employer by creating an inspiring profile on LinkedIn. You can capitalize on social media networks to highlight your skills, talents, creativity, and communication and technical skills, which will greatly boost your chances of getting a job in your chosen field. Students can also take the help of ArabEssay essay helpers to find the right career opportunities.

· Helps You Complete Your Assignments

Whether you are a medical student, studying finance, or completing your engineering degree, you can use social media to complete your assignments and homework. Twitter is an amazing social media network that serves as a great learning tool for students. You can harness the power of hashtags to search for information relevant to your assignment. You will find a number of Twitter accounts; websites and referencing tools that will help you complete your homework. Furthermore, you can also use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the field and recent statistics. It will eventually help raise your grades and stay on the right academic track.

From study guide to media sharing, improving practical skills to finding the right job, completing homework assignment to collaboration and communication, the benefits of using social media are immeasurable.


No one can deny the fact that social media is playing a significant role in enhancing learning and making it easier to access valuable information from anywhere, anytime. Teachers and students can easily connect with each other and take maximum advantage of these social media platforms to improve the education system and make studying more collaborative and efficient. Students can make the best use of their study time by integrating social media platforms. Social media makes learning easy and fun, social media tools serve as collaboration and networking tool, it facilitates group discussions, it helps students find the right career opportunities, and last but not the least it also helps students complete their assignments.


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Project-Based Learning | A Brief Overview

Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning also knownis an instructional methodology encouraging students to learn by applying knowledge and skills through an engaging experience. PBL presents opportunities for deeper learning in-context and for the development of important skills tied to college and career readiness. In this article we are going to give a brief overview about project based learning and discuss in details about different project based learning ideas.

 Characteristics Of Project Based Learning

Here are three characteristics of meaningful project based learning activities that lead to deeper student understanding:

1.) Interdisciplinary

Project based curriculum is designed to engage students using real-world problems. This is an interdisciplinary approach because real-world challenges are rarely solved using information or skills from a single subject area. Projects require students to engage in inquiry, solution building, and product construction to help address the issue or challenge presented. As students do the work, they often use content knowledge and skills from multiple academic domains to successfully complete the project.

2.) Rigorous

Project based education requires the application of knowledge and skills, not just recall or recognition. Unlike rote learning to assess a single fact, PBL assesses how students apply a variety of academic content in new contexts. As students engage in a project, they begin with asking a question. Inquiry leads the student to think critically as they are using their academic knowledge in real-world applications. The inquiry process leads to the development of solutions to address the identified problem. They show their knowledge in action through the creation of products designed to communicate solutions to an audience.

3.) Student-Centered

In PBL, the role of the teacher shifts from content-deliverer to facilitator/project manager. Students work more independently through the PBL process, with the teacher providing support only when needed. Students are encouraged to make their own decisions about how best to do their work and demonstrate their understanding. The PBL process fosters student independence, ownership of his/her work, and the development of 21st century/workplace skills. To gather detailed knowledge about the characteristics of project based learning students can avail project based learning from ArabEssay experts.

Reasons To Adopt Project Based Learning Model

Here are 4 reasons to adopt a project based learning model:

  • PBL Is A Multidisciplinary Pedagogical Approach Providing Meaningful Learning OpportunitiesWhile project based learning can certainly be content-specific, it provides a vehicle for integrating multiple subjects into one cumulative project. PBL encourages students to make meaningful connections across content areas, rather than thinking about each subject area in isolation. For example, four teachers from four different classrooms at Huntington Middle School (PA) used their individual strengths in a rotational, project-based model to teach middle school students how to apply STEM to real-world situations. The team included a technology teacher, the library media specialist, math teacher, and science teacher who split the students into four classes and rotated them every three days. During the nine-week project, students were tasked to use STEM and ELA skills to create their own artificial island. They used knowledge from all four teachers to finish the multifaceted, cross-curricular project and presented to their classmates. Online essay writers from ArabEssay teach students about the different learning opportunities that can be availed through PBL.
  • PBL Helps Build 21st-Century Skills Students Need To Succeed– As educators, it is essential to prepare our students to meet the demands of today’s changing global society. With increased engagement, PBL encourages a deeper understanding of content which develops critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, These skills are required for college, work, and life beyond school.
  • PBL Provides Opportunities To Engage Students In Real-World Learning. PBL is arguably the greatest opportunity to engage students in authentic projects or performance tasks tied to real-world careers and experiences.

Challenges Of Project-Based Learning

The Intel Corporation identified several reasons why project-based learning can represent such a radical departure from what we are used to in education. PBL requires you to coach more and instruct less, to embrace interdisciplinary learning instead of remaining locked in single-subject silos, and to be more comfortable with uncertainty and discovery during the learning process.

For many instructors, PBL is a stark contrast to the traditional education they experienced. Change takes time and is seldom without apprehension and challenges. However, when we consider the types of educational experiences we value for our modern learners, it becomes apparent the traditional “sage on the stage” instructional model falls significantly short.

The truth is, though, you can overcome these PBL challenges. Good problems or ideas can come from your students, parents, or community members. Instead of lectures and book learning, teachers can think through the steps required to solve a problem and use those steps as project-learning activities. Instead of planning a massive project, the learning process can be made more manageable by chunking the project into smaller parts, with frequent checkpoints built into the timeline. Instead of a traditional summative exam, authentic assessments can be developed by communicating with professionals in the field regarding what a presentation would look like related to a particular project. Students who wish to overcome the challenges they face while learning the different approaches of project based learning can seek instant essay help from ArabEssay experts.


Project-based learning takes the essential characteristics of what we value most about education and puts them front and center of our formal learning environments. It is a popular and noble aspiration for educators to inspire and develop life-long learners. Undeniably, PBL helps prepare students for the “real world” since that are naturally where their learning occurs. The Intel Corporation identified several reasons why project-based learning can represent such a radical departure from what we are used to in education. The truth is, though, you can overcome these PBL challenges. Good problems or ideas can come from your students, parents, or community members. Instead of lectures and book learning, teachers can think through the steps required to solve a problem and use those steps as project-learning activities. Instead of planning a massive project, the learning process can be made more manageable by chunking the project into smaller parts, with frequent checkpoints built into the timeline. Instead of a traditional summative exam, authentic assessments can be developed by communicating with professionals in the field regarding what a presentation would look like related to a particular project.


DeFillippi, R. J. (2001). Introduction: Project-based learning, reflective practices and learning.

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Best Ways To Complete Homework

Homework Help

Over decades, homework considered as primary and secondary concerns for students, despite it is based both on academic and non-academic purpose. Homework used as learning resources provides student opportunities to improve the learning habits and aiming to achieve academic success. Tsai and Jian (2013) have conducted a study and analyze American students perception regarding homework. They remarked students perceived and enjoyed homework more which is based on the belief “Practice makes a man perfect”. But this can’t be denied, homework assigned inappropriate way impact their educational conditions and attitudes. The academic purpose of homework is to improve students’ skills, students acquire factual knowledge and raise positive attitude among them regarding homework (Dillard, 2008). In the previous literature, it has shown homework helps students to learn concepts and some researchers have done their study to perform a meta-analysis of academic concepts, through this blog, we are going share best ways to complete homework to make learning happening and effective.

Students Attitude Towards The Way Teacher’s Give Homework  

The purpose of homework should be briefly discussed with students before giving them a deadline. The core objective of any homework is to understand the lesson teachers taught, sometimes analyzing the effectiveness of concepts. Contradicting to explaining student’s attitudes, the following chart has been prepared through the study conducted by Prommin Songsirisak and Jutharat Jitpranee.

Source- Prommin Songsirisak and Jutharat Jitpranee, 2018

According to the study led by Prommin Songsirisak and Jutharat Jitpranee, approximately 50% of students’ inferred homework assigned to them ably explained by teachers. 23 % are agreed, they got the purpose easily when teachers briefly explained sub-points.

As per essay help USA, some students believed that homework has hidden objectives which aim to measure their learning ability.

Some of the students have also said, I think 30% of teachers tell them homework objectives but rest 70% don’t tell them specific objectives. Henceforth in both the situation, apprehending the requirement of homework is a must.

Effects Of Homework On Students Learning Objectives

Meanwhile, when everything is moving at much faster rate whether we talk about conducting an online examination or giving homework with deadlines, it is necessary to first scrutinize what is its purpose and how it influence students learning objectives (Fernández, 2018). Several qualitative data has revealed students don’t get bored with homework easily, but they find it uninteresting when concepts taught to them are not clear. Again when study followed by Prommin Songsirisak and Jutharat Jitpranee, they found students marked several reasons behind not doing tuition assignments. Out of which the most prominent are listed in a given table

Source- Prommin Songsirisak and Jutharat Jitpranee, 2018

The qualitative research focuses on determining whether students feel comfortable with homework given or not.  As per the online essay writer, the data-driven from the study has shown 28% of respondents have accepted homework improves learning achievements. On that contrary, only 7 % said, it doesn’t have any effects on my learning.

On accounting what makes students irritable, they said, approximately 80% of syllabus they covered from homework, rest 20% from reading texts. Thus it can be said when students practice their homework, it not only makes them able to score high grades, in fact, the cumulative score that they gained in homework enhances their overall grades.

In the direction of briefing about all the facts and figures addressing the relevance of homework, now the time comes to explore some amazing tips via you can do your homework in less time

Best Ways to Complete Homework

Start Early

There are many stances occur when students caught with plagiarism. In the majority of cases when students find homework, they used to copy contents from the internet without summarizing and this entire thing led them into plagiarism trap (Vatterott, 2018). In online assignment help experts’ opinion, students must start early if homework has given to them. Through this step, they can avoid the last-minute cheating situation and get sufficient time to discuss the core motive of homework

Gather All The Necessary Resources

Like as preferences of doing homework changes as per homework style, gathering resources for the homework changes with a topic. For this read the topic carefully, collects all the supplements, journals, articles, text books sooner as the teacher gives you assignments. You may also refer to essay deustch help who will guide to make your homework error-free.

Plan And Organize

Nothing can be systemic if it is not planned. Thence to make homework accurate, error-free all you need is to check resource, notes, consider consolidating multiple types of folders, and must decide how much time you want to spend to complete homework collectively. Take breaks during working hours so that you will keep motivated.

Reward Yourself At Each Step

Homework always comes with enjoyment might be seen as the biggest myth, as nothing is possible without rewarding and motivation. If you reward yourself after finishing homework, your brain will automatically respond when you will get the next assignment. In case you need to submit well proofread and error-free assignments, you may also take assistance from proofreading experts and assignment writers of ArabEssay.


In this blog, we first discussed the academic and non-academic purpose of homework that defines that the academic purpose of homework is to improve student’s skills, make students acquire factual knowledge and raise positive attitude among them.  In the next section we came to know through connecting facts and figures, students believed homework has hidden objectives which aim to measure students learning ability. We even described homework effects on students learning achievements when students practice their homework, it not only makes them able to score high grades, in fact, the cumulative score that they gained in homework enhances their overall grades. At last, we addressed some amazing tips via students can secure best grades from them selves

If you need any sort of assistance for your homework assignments, then ArabEssay based essay typer team is always with you to give an attractive solution at minimum price


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Vatterott, C. (2018). Rethinking homework: Best practices that support diverse needs. ASCD.

The Role Of Promotion In The Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

No matter whether organization produce few goods and services or a large one, to survive in the market place, it is necessary marketers to keep inform, persuade the potential buyers about the importance of their goods and services.

The promotional strategy is considered as optimal strategy shred lights on the organizational goals and objectives respected to marketing mix i.e product, place promotion and price. Aftermath promotional plan referred to as an integral part of the marketing strategy for reaching the targeting market (Todor, 2016). Let’s discuss the ingredients that include sales promotion, advertising, personal selling accompanied to get goals in this blog.

Promotional Mix Impacting Goods And Services Productivity

When more funds are allocated to marketing mix ingredients, the more emphasis was attributed to promotional mix planning. The main function of the marketing mix is all about convincing customers and offering services which in turn provide them with competitive advantages. As per essay deustch this competitive advantage is basically a set of unique features bringing superiority to the target market. For instance, Lexus termed as the competitive advantage of luxury cars in the US.

Now let’s dive deeper to gain insights on promotional marketing mix throughout impacting overall promotional mix for particular goods and services.

Advertising – Almost all the services use advertising to reach their targeted goals, where multi million classified are published in newspaper, magazines, social media sites etc. In this direction, advertising is defined as impersonal paid campaigns in which sponsor of the company get identified (Kumar & Raju 2013). One of the primary benefits of advertising is its ability to communicate a large number of consumers. This provides advantages to reach message having a low cost per contact.

Public Relations- This component of the promotional mix evaluated public attitudes, and identifying areas in which the public are interested and execute plans so that the public will accept the goods easily. It helps an organization to communicate with its consumers, stakeholders, employees in which community operates. As said by essay help USA, marketers use public relation not only to create positive images even introducing new products and supporting sales effects (Nikabadi,, 2015). 

This also generates public favourably. This initiative helped the organization to achieve maximum growth.

Sales Promotion- A sale promotion consists of all marketing activities stimulate consumer purchasing power and increases dealer effectiveness. This is generally defined as short text needed to simulate immediate demand from the consumers. It also included free samples, premiums, contestants, trade shows and coupons (Cummins & Mullin, 2010). Marketers are nowadays are also used promotional strategies to improve ingredients strategies complement strategies by yielding sales promotions. In case you need any assistance to write an impressive and impeccable assignment on promotional marketing mix, then you can also get essay writing help from ArabEssay.

Personal Selling- Nothing can accelerate much faster than personal selling strategy to influence consumer behavior. Indeed it is important to identify those characteristics that affect consumer decision-making ability to a wider range. Out of which personal selling is a crucial factor which is nothing but purchasing situation involving personal paid communication influencing with each other. 

Personal selling includes a planned presentation for the purpose of making a sale. Whether it is taking place on face to face or over the phone, it attempts to persuade the buyer to accept goods and services. 

On that contrary a relationship selling emphasis on win-win outcomes and aiming to the accomplishment of mutual outcomes set by buyers and sellers equally. But as digitalization is progressing, personal selling increasingly depend on the internet. Nowadays the majority of companies is seeking information to attract potential buyers. 

The Role Of Promotion In The Marketing Mix

  • It is creating awareness typically used to reach goals bringing product launch awareness, sales promotion, rebrand and more
  • The usage of personal selling and direct marketing is utilized to identify the specific need of products
  • This offers information and creates a superior brand image in the eyes of consumers
  • Business use compelling action to provide prospects (Ahmed. 2020) 
  • This is further utilized to influence consumer choices and predicting their behavior
  • This increases sales and creates a loyal brand image among consumers


In this blog, we have tried to elaborate promotional strategies shredding lights on the organizational goals and objectives respected to the marketing mix. After analyzing information, we came to know the main function of the marketing mix is all about convincing customers and offering services which in turn provide them with competitive advantages. We even discussed promotional mix that is advertising, personal selling, public relations and sales promotions. Each component influences marketing strategy to a wide range. Aftermath we discussed the role of Promotion in the marketing Mix that typically exerts influence on creating awareness used to reach goals bringing product launch awareness, sales promotion, rebrand.

In any case, you need immediate assistance from the Arabessay assignment writer team, then don’t think or waste your time in scrolling down web pages. Our writers are always ready to provide flexible and impressive assignments at low budgets.


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Careers In AI And Machine Learning

AI And Machine Learning

AI  or artificial intelligence is constantly in demand and this is why the career opportunities in AI have accelerated recently. Students who intend to take up AI have a promising career in the near future. With the passage of time more and more organizations are incorporating artificial intelligence in their mechanism for better outcomes because of which they are constantly searching for employees with knowledge in AI to fulfill the technological requirements of the organization. Today we are going to discuss about the scope of work and career opportunities in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Difference Between Machine Learning And AI

Even though artificial intelligence and machine learning are correlated to each other there is still a lot of differences. Arabessay provide content writing services in Shinas. Some of the major differences between AI and machine learning are listed below-

  • AI is a bigger concept to create intelligent machines that can simulate human thinking capability and behavior, whereas, machine learning is an application or subset of AI that allows machines to learn from data without being programmed explicitly.
  • The goal of AI is to make a smart computer system like humans to solve complex problems whereas the goal of machine learning is to allow machines to learn from data so that they can give accurate output.
  • In AI, we make intelligent systems to perform any task like a human. On the other hand in machine learning we teach machines with data to perform a particular task and give an accurate result.
  • Machine learning and deep learning are the two main subsets of AI. On the other hand Deep learning is a main subset of machine learning.
  • The scope in AI s wider than machine learning.
  • AI is working to create an intelligent system which can perform various complex tasks. Whereas, Machine learning is working to create machines that can perform only those specific tasks for which they are trained.
  • AI system is concerned about maximizing the chances of success. On the other hand Machine learning is mainly concerned about accuracy and patterns.
  • The main applications of AI are Siri, customer support using catboats, Expert System, Online game playing, intelligent humanoid robot, etc and The main applications of machine learning are Online recommender system, Google search algorithms, Facebook auto friend tagging suggestions, etc.
  • On the basis of capabilities, AI can be divided into three types, which are, Weak AI, General AI, and Strong AI on the other side Machine learning can also be divided into mainly three types that are supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and Reinforcement learning.
  • AI includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Machine learning includes learning and self-correction when introduced with new data.
  • AI completely deals with Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Machine learning deals with Structured and semi-structured data.

Analyzing the differences it is clear that where jobs are concerned AI offers wider and more prospective job opportunities to students.  However opportunities in machine learning are also sufficient for students who wish to build a sustainable career in the field of machine learning. As the demand for AI and machine learning has increased, organizations require professionals with in-and-out knowledge of these growing technologies and hands-on experience keeping the innate need in mind. Interested students can take AI and machine learning courses and seek the help of SourceEssay essay experts who help them clear their doubts in these courses.

Some Of The Most Popular Career Options In The Field Of AI Are-

  • Big Data Engineers– The role of a Big Data Engineer is to create an ecosystem for the business systems to interact efficiently. Their primary task is to build and effectively administer big data of an organization. They also have to carry out the function of obtaining outcomes from big data in a robust manner. Programming languages like Python, R and Java are essential in building your career in AI as a big data engineer.
  • Business Intelligence Developer- The primary responsibility of a Business Intelligence Developer is to consider the business acumen along with AI. They recognize different business trends by assessing complicated data sets.
  • Data Scientist- Data scientists assist in gathering relevant data from multiple sources for the purpose of assessing it to gain constructive inferences.
  • AI Engineer- AI engineers are problem-solvers who develop, test and apply different models of Artificial Intelligence. They effectively handle AI infrastructure.
  • Robotic Scientists-  They manufacture robots to automate the functions of a artificial intelligence specialist.

On the other hand some of the most popular career options in the Field of Machine Learning are-

  • Machine Learning Engineer–  An engineer runs various machine learning experiments using programming languages such as Python, Java, Scala, etc. with the appropriate machine learning libraries. Students can take instant assignment help from ArabEssay programming experts to learn these programming languages.
  • NLP Scientist– NLP Scientist basically helps in the creation of a machine that can learn patterns of speech and also translate spoken words into other languages.
  • Business Intelligence Developer–  A Business Intelligence Developer uses Data Analytics and Machine Learning to collect, analyze and interpret large amounts of data and produce actionable insights that can be used to make business decisions by the company executives.
  • Human Centered Machine Learning Designer–  This implies that a Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer develops various systems that can perform Human Centered Machine Learning based on information processing and pattern recognition. This allows the machine to “learn” the preferences of individual humans without needing cumbersome programs that manually account for every conceivable user scenario.


To conclude it can be said that Analyzing the differences it is clear that where jobs are concerned AI offers wider and more prospective job opportunities to students.  However opportunities in machine learning are also sufficient for students who wish to build a sustainable career in the field of machine learning. As the demand for AI and machine learning has increased, organizations require professionals with in-and-out knowledge of these growing technologies and hands-on experience keeping the innate need in mind. Interested students can take AI and machine learning courses and seek the help of ArabEssay assignment helpers who help them clear their doubts in these courses.


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Tips For Adopting The PEEL Writing Strategy

PEEL Writing Strategy

Peel is an approach used in essay writing that is used to force the writer to use a particular format that has an aligned structure. (Humphrey,,2015) It helps the student express their thoughts in an organized way, using a format that can be easily adopted by their readers. Peel writing method is used to provide a deep perception of the thoughts of the students using the strategy. Even if the procedure is complex the techniques of using a peel strategy can be simplified by using certain tips and tricks. In this article today we are going to share tips for adopting the peel writing strategy for students.

The first question that arises in mind when we talk about PEEL method is what is peel?

The answer lies in the question itself. The term PEEL is an acronym for Point, Evidence, Explain and Link. These constitute a part of the paragraph.

  • Point– Point is usually reflected right at the opening of a paragraph. It is vital because the initial first few sentences define the point. The point is then elaborated in the whole paragraph. Therefore students need to state the point clearly in the opening paragraph so that the readers have a clear idea about what is being discussed in the subsequent paragraphs. Students should avoid the use of irrelevant sentences while sating the point so that the readers do not deviate from the topic and get confused.
  • Evidence– Students need to provide appropriate evidence to support the evidence. The evidence can be in the form of facts, analysis, data, events and stats. The evidence need to be extracted from reliable sites, books, research papers, journals, internet, or magazines. That can be referred back in times of need. The evidences provided in the essay helps students believe in the arguments and facts.
  • Explain– The next segment is explanation, where students are told to make their audience understand the points. The facts and arguments presented in the essay hold no water if they are not explained properly. Students are thus advised to explain every fact and argument presented in details. In case they face difficulties in doing so they can seek online assignment help from ArabEssay experts.   
  • Link– Linking the paragraphs to one another is as important as explaining. A connection is established between sentences when two or more sentences are linked to one another. It helps in bringing out a practical conclusion of the paragraph.

A peel writing strategy is generally used to write creative essays. It helps create an essay that is engaging, the introductory paragraphs are made interesting so that it can hold the interest of the readers’ right from the start.

Tips For Students While Implementing The Peel Writing Strategy

  • Plan Your Paragraph- Students often miss out on the need to plan an essay before putting their words on the paper. They must not forget that planning helps save a lot of productive time of students minimizing the chances of making mistakes allowing them more time in hand while drafting the essay. Moreover a planned essay is easily comprehensible for the readers or the target audience for whom the essay has been drafted. (Meixner,,2020)
  • Focus On The Introductory Lines-  Students should ensure they avoid the use of personal pronouns while drafting the introduction. Also they need to highlight the main points in the introduction so that the readers have a clear picture of what the essay is all about and draft an engaging introduction that can hook the readers to the essay and retain their interests. In case students  find difficulties in writing a precise interesting introduction because of lack of experience they can avail instant essay help from ArabEssay experts.
  • Give The Best Suitable Examples To Support Your Argument As Evidence-  Mentioning key points in the introduction is not enough to convince and retain a reader and persuade them to agree to your point. To ensure the readers are also on the same plane it is important that the best suitable examples are being given to support an argument as evidence.  Students should ensure the examples they provide to support their essay are persuasive and compelling in nature. In case students run short of such examples they can take the help of online assignment writers from ArabEssay.
  • Proofread The Essay Before Submission- It is necessary that students get the essay proofread by experts post completion to ensure that the peel strategy has been implemented successfully keeping the university guidelines in mind. It is important that students take the help of expert essay helpers and make them proofread the assignments instead of proofreading the assignments themselves because in most cases the brain auto corrects the mistakes and the students miss out on the small factual errors and grammatical mistakes that affect the quality of the assignment. Therefore to ensure the essay is written with accuracy and is unique, flawless and non-plagiarized it is advised that students hire a third party writing expert who edit and proofread the essay before submission.


PEEL writing is often used while writing an essay and it comes out to be its crucial form. Students must always support their statements with relevant facts and examples by giving extra explanations for them. If you are a student, then you need to focus on various writing techniques by adopting different approaches and adhering to them in the future. Whether you plan to write for some research paper, essay or any other form of writing, make sure that you frame it using the PEEL writing style. To ensure students implement this style successfully they should keep the following tips in mind. First, students should ensure they plan a paragraph before putting their words into the paper. Second, they should focus on the introductory lines and write an introduction that is precise, to the point and engaging and also helps readers analyze what the essay is all about. Third, Students should make sure they support the essay giving the best suitable examples to support your argument as evidence to help convince their target audience to agree to their point. And, finally students should get the assignments proofread by a third party professional expert to make sure the peel strategy has been implemented correctly in the essay and the essay is free from grammatical errors and factual flaws before they are submitted to the students.


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