Techniques For Writing A Powerful Introduction

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A powerful introduction is always the key to a strong article. An introduction is mostly responsible to decide on whether the article is going to hold people’s attention or not.

So, in this article we are going to tell you about the creative writing techniques of a powerful introduction, which is going to retain the interest of the readers.

  • The First sentences or the introductory lines should be kept short. Short sentences are likely to be better comprehended, compared to long sentences. Start the article with one or two crisp short sentences that catches the reader’s eyes.
  • You should focus on grabbing the reader’s attention by writing something unusual. The first few sentences should be written in a way; it develops a sense of curiosity in the reader and leads him to read the article in detail.
  • Title should not be repeated in the introduction. Instead the introduction should lead to an interesting body which demonstrates the title of the article.
  • People don’t like wasting time in reading anything that does not retain their interest so the writer should keep the introduction brief which explains the matter of the article as a whole so that the reader knows what he is looking for in the article just by reading the introductory lines.
  • The word you should be used at least once. This personalizes the article. And the reader feels that the author is indicating them in person. So it immediately makes the reader focus at the article. Because the reader feels it is him the author is talking about.
  • Define the purpose of the article in one or two sentences so that the reader understands what the author is trying to say.
  • The message of the author on why the readers should take interest in reading the article should be loud and clear in the introduction itself.It helps to develop a sense of requirement in the reader’s mind which in turn increases the self-interest of the reader to read the article. It should be kept in mind that every reader reads an article with a motive or a purpose. Without any purpose the reader loses interest so the writer should make sure that the purpose is being heard clearly by the readers.
  • The article should refer to a relevant problem and focus on proving the reader with a solution to it. Preferably a problem that the reader can relate to or is currently dealing with. The reader should be able to communicate his awareness of the problem so that the reader does not feel he or she is the only one suffering. And then come up with a solution. Articles that refer to solutions of problems of any kinds gain high readership. Because, people are searching for solutions to their problems all the time.
  • Stories can also work in introduction to develop interest in a reader but there is a way of telling it. It can be critical if not used in the proper manner. Short stories that create spark of curiosity in the readers. Once the readers can relate to the characters they automatically develop interest in the article. Whereas on the other hand long stories can turn the readers off.
  • Inclusion of statistics in the form of facts and figures can add value to the article. In case of news articles the journalists start the article with an interesting statistic or information for that matter which is very new to the reader. This is another way of creating interest.

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Whenever any reader thinks of writing an article a considerable amount of thought should be given into the introduction, So that the article retains public interest. It should compel a reader to read past the introduction.

The writer should make sure that the introduction he is creating is fresh, engaging, and unique for any reader.

The reader is always more interested in reading about himself and looking for the solutions to the problems he is dealing with rather than something else. So, accordingly the article should indicate to a problem that the reader can relate to and offer a solution to it in order to increase readership.

The article should create a sense of requirement and urgency right from the introduction which compels the reader to read after the introduction.

Introductions are tough and the most important part in an article before conclusion. So, writers should not hesitate at all if they feel the need to rewrite an introduction.

To conclude we can say that there are ten steps to write an effective introduction. They are as follows-

  • Keep the introduction short and simple.
  • The title should not be repeated in the introduction. It creates a bad impression.
  • The introduction should be kept short and brief covering the entire matter of the article.
  • The word ‘ you’ should be used at least once so that the article has a personal touch and the readers can connect themselves to the article instantly.
  • One or two sentences should brief the reader on what the article is all about.
  • One or two sentences should explain to the reader why the article is important for him to read and create a sense of urgency in the reader’s mind.
  • The article should refer to a relevant concern that the readers are dealing with or might relate to offering them with the solution.
  • Stories if used correctly can be very interesting in an introduction depending on how it is written. Short relevant crisp stories that the readers can connect to be very good for introductions where as long irrelevant stories can make a reader loose interest.
  • Using of data and information in the introduction of an article that the readers are not aware of is also a great way of writing an article.
  • You should go through the introduction again after completing the article to see whether it is developing interest or not. If required the readers should not hesitate to change the introduction as many times they feel until they are satisfied with the results.

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How Does the Problem-Solving Approach Help In Mathematics?

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There are a lot of countries where it has been observed that the marks of student’s in mathematics have been constantly declining.There are a lot of students who face difficulty in understanding the concepts of mathematics. It often happens because of the way it has been presented in front of the students. The old traditional teaching methods in universities are the main reason why students are under performing in mathematics for several years.

In this article we would be discussing some of the new techniques used to teach mathematics.

The New Problem Based Learning Technique (PBL)

This is an approach which focuses more on students. We can say that it is student-centric. Problem based learning also known as PBL make the use of specially constructed problems. This technique encourages students to learn with the help of real problems.

  • This is an approach which makes students work in small groups.
  • Because the students are learning in groups they actively participate in the lessons and the students also have the opportunity to direct their own learning.
  • Instead of demonstrating materials to the students the teachers choose to facilitate the students in this approach.

Traditional Methods Of Teaching Mathematics (TM)

Traditional Methods of teaching includes the following styles-

  • Lectures- The lessons taught in the form of lectures where the students are buried under massive information from teachers. The teachers show the students the steps of solving a problem and then the students are given similar problems to solve by themselves. The problems are hypothetical situations created which have nothing to do with real life.
  • It’s a lonely way where groups of students or peers are not encouraged.

Why Is Problem Based Learning Approach Successful?

  • PBL develops the ability in students to achieve desired results.
  • It creates a positive attitude in students.
  • Problem Solving approach helps to develop interest and high self-efficiency in the subject.
  • Grades measured to analyze the academic achievement in students. Mathematics is a very scoring subject and by applying the problem based learning approach students are able to achieve high grades in mathematics.

The Problem-Solving Approach Help In Mathematics

1.Develops Student’s InterestInterest plays a very important role in the success of any student. The environment in the class room, teacher in person, and teaching style. These are the three main things that helps in cultivating interest in a student for the subject. These three things can both motivate and de-motivate a student. This approach helps in cultivating interest in students for that subject.

2.Attitude Towards The Subject Attitude makes all the difference. A positive attitude towards the subject can create curiosity in a student which helps the student to get into the depth and acquire knowledge. Similarly, a negative attitude makes him push the subject away. A student with a negative attitude tends to ignore the subject and doesn’t find it interesting.

PBL helps the students to keep the right attitude. The students can relate to the problems they solve because they are closer to the real life.

3.Helps To Improve Grades– The problem solving approach in mathematics helps to improve the marks of a student. They teach the formulas in a way that they can be remembered easily and applied. This helps the students score well in the subjects. There are online assignment writers who assist students to improve their grades.

Academic Achievement plays a vital role in the growth of a student. Scores are the best way to motivate any student. Every student’s primary aim is to score well in their exams.

4.Helps Develop Critical Skills In Students– There are different types of students with separate sets of skills. Some students understand the material while others simply memorize the important segments in order to pass. The PBL cultivates higher order thinking skills and critical thinking skills in students. These skills prepare them for their future irrespective of what stream they are choosing to study. The skills are mostly scene in average students. However, it has been observed that logic and reasoning is not directly proportional to intelligence. i.e, even the average students can be good in subjects like mathematics.

Challenges Faced In Applying The PBL Approach

  • Lack of understanding in teachers on problem- solving approach. It has been found that the teachers lack knowledge on how to implement the PBL approach among students.
  • Teachers find difficulty in developing effective problems for the students to solve.
  • The classrooms should include modern equipment for proper implementation of the PBL approach.
  • The traditional curriculums should include the modern ways of teaching.
  • Changes in the time tables and assessment schedules should also be made for proper implementation.
  • The quality of the PBL approach cannot be measured.
  • The teachers should be very good facilitators in order to impart quality PBL Approach among students.
  • PBL approach needs to have proper participation of students. In case the students are not willing to participate, it becomes challenging for the teachers to work using such approaches. There are online assignment writers available who use the latest modern techniques to impart the knowledge of mathematics and other subjects among students.


Thus, we can say that despite having a lot of limitations and challenges the Problem based learning approach proves to be far better than the traditional methods of teaching mathematics.

A lot of universities are implementing these approaches to increase the grades of the students. Online help is also available for students who are struggling to score well in mathematics.

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Countering Coronavirus Epidemic, Hard Lessons To Be Learnt

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There is an emergence of a new virus in China that has also rewind the painful memory of virulent respiratory disease that has wreaked worldwide havoc and struggle for the health ministry to build public trust. According to the China centre for Disease control and prevention coronavirus known as 2019-nCoV has infected. Coronaviruses are big family of viruses that cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses such as common cold (Huang, 2020). However Coronaviruses has emerged thrice in the 21st century from animal reservoirs that cause diseases and global transmission concern.

Coronavirus Disease & How It Is Treated?

Coronaviruses are one of the major diseases which are majorly caused due to cold and other upper respiratory infections. These are zoonoses virus which came from infection of a specific animal and later spread from one to another. Coronavirus infections also spread potentially to humans mainly if specific mutations in the virus occurred.

The symptoms of Coronavirus include cough, shortness of breath, and non-respiratory symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. The young generation has a weak immune system that causes major serious infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and others. The hundreds of Coronaviruses are circulated from various animals such as camels, pigs, cats, and bats. There are seven Coronaviruses that cause human disease out of which four are mild including viruses 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1 (Zhu, 2020).

The scientists across the globe are working hard to understand the cause of the virus and how it can be treated. The health authorities of China have also posted their full genome in an international database. There are no specific approved antiviral for the specific coronavirus so they are treating supportively. The patients with the serious issue are treated with aggressive care in an intensive care unit.

Lesson work: Work With Other Countries

There is a major challenge for China to overcome political and public health crisis. According to Li (2020), COVID-19 is identified in the year 2020 which is studied by extramural and intramural scientist that mobilise to study the virus till today.

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Other government officials also support in minimizing the risk of Coronaviruses disease. The analyst states that the Chinese response that the issue will disappear soon from the spotlight. Investigator has shown that the first infection has appeared in Guangdong Province in the year 2002 and later the scale of China crisis has exposed. Advise has circulated across the hospitals that and director of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that there is poor coordination across the media department.

Lesson Two: Don’t Cover It Up

In the international stage, there is a lack of transparency in China that has caused low economic growth. According to health experts, there is stress transparency as a key factor in preventing the virus from spreading across the world. There is a need for infection prevention measures for controlling the virus. Hong Kong is one of the major hotspots of the virus (Perlman, 2020). The president Xi Jinping has mentioned that the virus is extremely critical and warnings are given to the public.

The government of China has strong control over the flow of information for controlling virus across the country. The president is more focused on protecting the negative impact on the international image of China. However, the information on social media is spreading with hashtag #WuhanSARS.

Lesson Three: Improvement In Medical Response

The medical system of China has taken corrective action for providing a high quality of medical services to the patients. Health officials have reported that the reporting of infectious disease is filing cards by hands and then post it to the central office. Later the government has developed a centralized online system that is linked with hospitals and clinics across the country so the immediate treatment can be done in real-time. China has developed an excellent disease surveillance system including real-time emergency department surveillance so that it can support in determining new cases (Holshue, 2020).

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Thus the hard lesson to be learned for protecting Coronavirus Disease is to develop an effective healthcare system of the nation by health authorities result in protecting the patients against Coronavirus Disease. The government has to take action in protecting the nation with managing the dangerous source of possible new infections. However, the radical measures are taken by china that is beyond WHO recommendation for avoiding a repeat of Coronavirus Disease. The experts have also restricted to visit such cities for stopping the global spread.


Li, Q., Guan, X., Wu, P., Wang, X., Zhou, L., Tong, Y., Ren, R., Leung, K.S., Lau, E.H., Wong, J.Y. and Xing, X., 2020. Early transmission dynamics in Wuhan, China, of novel coronavirus–infected pneumonia. New England Journal of Medicine.

Zhu, N., Zhang, D., Wang, W., Li, X., Yang, B., Song, J., Zhao, X., Huang, B., Shi, W., Lu, R. and Niu, P., 2020. A novel coronavirus from patients with pneumonia in China, 2019. New England Journal of Medicine.

Huang, C., Wang, Y., Li, X., Ren, L., Zhao, J., Hu, Y., Zhang, L., Fan, G., Xu, J., Gu, X. and Cheng, Z., 2020. Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China. The Lancet.

Perlman, S., 2020. Another decade, another coronavirus.

Holshue, M.L., DeBolt, C., Lindquist, S., Lofy, K.H., Wiesman, J., Bruce, H., Spitters, C., Ericson, K., Wilkerson, S., Tural, A. and Diaz, G., 2020. First case of 2019 novel coronavirus in the United States. New England Journal of Medicine.

Employee Engagement = Customer Loyalty

Importance Of Employee Engagement

Investment of time in employee development is one of the most important factors result in improvement in business performance. The organization requires to develop a relationship with employees by conducting employee engagement activities for employees result into increased customer loyalty. Employees act as connecting links between organizations and customers. The quality of services offered by the employees to the business is resulted in developing a positive brand image among the target audience. It is imperative to engage the employees by conducting training and development programs, effective leadership practices, the involvement of employees in decision making, and others result in developing commitment among employees. It is significant for the organization to conduct employee engagement activities result into improvement in business services that help in developing customer loyalty.

Employees are the asset of the business that drive business success by delivering the quality of product and services expected by the business. It results in meeting customer expectations that build customer loyalty. The organization has to develop innovative workplace environment by fostering business core values that help in bringing out best among the employees. The employee performance has direct impact on organizational performance due to accumulated impact on customer experience ultimately on customer perception. The company has to continuously develop employee engagement activities such as training and development program by identifying the need for training among the employees. It results into improvement in employee performance as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.

Growth Of Employee Engagement Programs Across Globe

It is the responsibility of managers to engage the employees by inspiring and connect with them that inspire galvanizes and trust among the team members. According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the Global Workplace report, there are 87% of the employees who are not actively engaged. There is a decrease in employee engagement activities that is again increased in employee engagement activities across the globe,63% employee engagement activities in the 2016 which is further increased by 3%. There are different statistics in each region such as 61% in Africa, 58% in Europe, 64% in North America, and 62% in the Asia Pacific.

Growth Of Employee Engagement Programs In UK

The productivity level increased in the UK which has shown insight into employee participation. Each employee rewarded and recognized for attaining business success. According to the Office for Budget Responsibility report the productivity increased by 1.4% in the last decade. The key highlight of the growth includes:

  • There is an increase in UK productivity growth because 70% of employee adopts new technology.
  • The firms in UK are besting performing because 91% felt value result into an increase in business performance.

Employees are the asset of the business that drive business success by delivering the quality of product and services expected by the business. It results in meeting customer expectations that build customer loyalty. The organization has to develop innovative workplace environment by fostering business core values that help in bringing out best among the employees. The employee performance has direct impact on organizational performance due to accumulated impact on customer experience ultimately on customer perception. The company has to continuously develop employee engagement activities such as training and development program by identifying the need for training among the employees. It results in an improvement in employee performance as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.

Key Factors For Developing Sustainable Workplace Environment

Organizational Culture

The role of organizational culture is an important key driver for employee engagement that helps in engaging employees results in developing a brand image among the target audience. The open communication system motivates the employees to share innovative ideas result in the development of innovative products and services as well as employee engagement. The positive workplace environment is important to factor for business growth and improvement in employee performance.

Core Values

The organization should communicate their core values among the employees result into serving values to the target audience. The employee represents the brand to the customers by interacting with them. So the employee performance direct impact on brand image. I support creating a long-lasting impression to the business that further solidifying the core business values to the customers. It results in developing a sustainable workplace environment that provides a competitive advantage to the business.


There is strong correlation among customer loyalty and employee engagement that impact the business outcome. The employee who are dedicated towards business activities results into delivering high quality products and services to satisfy the customers. The employees should be involved in decision making which motivates the employees to contribute with innovative ideas result into developing high quality of products and services. The employee feels motivated by contributing towards the attainment of business objective. The employees should be involved in decision making which motivates the employees to contribute with innovative ideas result into developing high quality of products and services. The employee feels motivated by contributing towards the attainment of business objectives.


There are various leadership positions ranging from integrity, courage, dedication, and communication that impact on guiding the employees result into delivering high quality of services.

Regular Feedback

The manager should provide feedback to the employees to guide the employees for contributing to business success. An employee requires regular feedback to meet the job expectation which support in engaging the employees to contribute to developing a competitive advantage.


The business should be reliable and consistent result into organizational success. The company should develop consistency in performing responsibilities for meeting the customer expectations result into increase in revenue. The company should be committed to deliver standardized product and services result into improving business performance.

Relationship Between Employee Engagement And Customer Loyalty

The customer has interacted with employees that impact on the organizational image. If the customer receives poor quality of product and services due to low employee performance result into poor brand image.

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Environmental Influence And Its Impact On Behavior Development

Environment Influence

In the simplest terms, behavior can be defined as the kind of actions or mannerisms which are displayed by different organisms, individuals, artificial entities, or even different systems in response to the different stimuli which might be present in the environment. These stimuli which are present in the environment can include a number of physical objects, other systems, or even other organisms. It is important for an individual to remember that there are many psychologists who believe that behavior can either be conscious or subconscious, voluntary or involuntary or even over or covert.

There is also a specific school of thought in psychology under which it is believed that the focus of the study of psychology should be on what is observable i.e., the behavior of an organism. This school of thought is known as behaviorism. Before learning about the possible environmental influence on behavior psychology, it is important to learn about this school of thought.

Understanding Behavior

As it was mentioned above, behavior can be defined as the kind of action, reaction, or mannerism that an individual, organism, system, or artificial entity displays. Behavior can either be conscious or unconscious, overt or covert, or voluntary and involuntary. A lot of importance has been shed on the topic of behavior by a particular school of thought of psychology. Behavior psychology or behaviorism and it provides individuals with a theory of learning. This theory of learning is based on the basic idea that all behaviors which individual displays are acquired through conditioning. Conditioning can occur through the kind of interactions that an individual has with the environment.

Further, when an individual continues to respond to different stimuli that are present in the environment then he or she is shaping his or her actions. According to behavior psychology, the study of behavior should be the primary consideration of psychology and the focus of psychology should stay away from certain topics like emotions, moods, and cognitions. The reason behind this is that psychology should aim to become more objective and scientific in nature. And since, topics such as cognitions, emotions, and moods cannot be studied objectively in a laboratory. Hence, they should completely be avoided when it comes to studying psychology.

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Looking At What Is Behavior Psychology

Behavior psychology or behaviorism and it is one of the most popular theories of learning. According to a behavior psychologists, learning takes place through conditioning. This school of thought was first established by John B. Watson in 1913 with the publication of his paper titled ‘Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It’. This is also the main reason why John B Watson considered the father of behavioral psychology. From the 1920s till the 1950s, behaviorism grew to become one of the most prominent forces or schools of thought in psychology. During that time, many strict behaviorists believed that all behavior is a result of the kind of experiences or learning which an individual goes through his or her life. Eventually, this popularity of this school of thought subsided to make away for humanism. According to behaviorism, there are two types of conditioning discuss below.

Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning used in behavioral training by experts. In this type of conditioning, a neutral stimulus paired with a naturally occurring stimulus to get a similar type of desired response. The best way to understand this is through the example of the dog experiment. During this experiment, the researcher provided the dog with the food. After viewing the food, the dog would salivate which is the normal response. Later, the researcher started to ring a bell and then offer the food to the dog. Eventually, the researcher observed that the dog has started to salivate when the bell rang.

Operant Conditioning

In this type of conditioning, an individual can learn with the help of different reinforcements and punishments. These consequences of the behavior associated with the behavior because of which the learning takes place. Many students often decide to write assignments on these topics. If you are also planning that but you don’t have the time then it is important to get assignment help from the best assignment writer.

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What Are The Environmental Factors That Influence Behavior?

As it was mentioned above, there are many types of behaviors that one can learn through the environment. And according to experts, there are different environmental factors that facilitate that kind of learning. And some of those environmental factors which influence behavior discussed below.

Parental Influence

When it comes to understanding environmental factors that influence behavior then, the primary factor is the kind of influence that parents or guardian figures generate. A child spends a lot of time with his or her parents or guardian figure.

Peer Influence

Apart from the parental figures, another thing that could influence the behavior of an individual is the kind of friends or peers which that individual has. For example, it is commonly observed that teenagers tend to be significantly affected by the kind of group of friends one has. People also tend to band closer to people whom they have more things in common with. However, this might not always be the case.

Cultural Influence

The culture in which individual lives and growth tend to play a major role or part in the kind of behavior which one exhibits. For example, there are certain behavioral patterns or responses which are more common in certain cultural groups than others.

Media Influence

This is currently the age of science and technology. And one thing which the world of technology has done is made sharing extremely easy. This goes both ways. Now, media outlets can easily target their audience without a lot of effort. And these media outlets can easily influence the behavior of its audiences.

School Environment

School is the second place in which an individual spends the most part of his or her childhood after his or her home. Hence, the school environment can also influence the kind of behavior which one exhibits. Ideally, schools should foster a competitive and hardworking behavior within a student.

The Conclusion:

The behavior defined as the kind of response which an individual gives to some stimuli from the environment. According to behaviorism, psychology as a field of study should focus more on the behavior which an individual display than anything else. This would make the study of psychology more scientific and objective. There are also different environmental factors that influence behavior. Some of those environmental factors include media influences, school environment, cultural influence, peer and parental influences.

IOT Security Issues And Effective Solutions

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Internet of things is the concept that allows the connectivity of one device to another or people with the help of the internet. The internet of things is a huge network of various connected devices and people. These connected things and people collect the data or information, share the data or information, in the same manner, they are used and about the surroundings. There are some examples of the internet of things such as sensors used in the showroom, these sensors help in detecting the most popular area of a showroom and in which area the customers are shopping more items. These sensors are also helpful in detecting which component or item is selling fast. The Internet of things is the most popular topic nowadays and getting more popularity day by day.IOT helps things getting smart and these smart things will work smartly.

Here is a list of some examples of real-life based on IOT:


Imagine you wake at 7 o clock in the morning as your usual alarm wake you up. But something goes wrong as you have to reach the office by 7.45 and it’s raining heavily so you cannot drive the card very fast speed or you can say your usual speed. You need to drive slowly because of the rain. So in this condition, you will be able to reach late for work. If you are having an IOT connector in your alarm then it wakes you up a bit early after calculating the speed time because of the rain. It considers all factors itself and recognizes that how much time you will take to reach the office if it’s raining heavily. It decides the time accordingly after calculating its speed and time effectively. This is an efficient security solution regarding your work that this IOT is offering.


Now you wake up by your alarm and heading towards your work. But tracking the real-time location can be tracked with the help of sensors. As many people work in night shifts and it is very necessary to track their location and this location tracker is enabled because of the Internet of things. There is a component that helps in collecting the data from the sensors and shares this information with the gateway in the car. It sends the relevant data to the platform and we get to know the location with the help of sensors.

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Security issues and challenges of IOT

There are some security issues and challenges of IOT. The internet of things is the latest technology and every technology has some advantages and some disadvantages.

1.Not sufficient testing and updating

In today’s time, there are around 23 million of internet of things connected devices across the globe and this number will increase in the future and rise to around 30 billion internets of things connected devices by 2020 and over 60 billion by 2025. These all-new gadgets and we have to pay a cost for this huge number of gadgets. In fact, every gadget having internet of things sensors makes the manufacturer too careless. These companies don’t take care of the security risks involved in these new smart gadgets. Most of the devices from most of the companies may not update with time. After the time of use, the software gets obsolete and eventually, devices become prone to hackers. Hackers can easily track the data and information of the un-updated device and make these devices hack.

To protect the customers from such hacking and security threats, each internet of things connected devices need more updates according to time. Each device needs proper and absolute testing before launch. The testing part is very important so that the devices can update themselves regularly.

2.Issue of passwords

There are some reports that filed against the manufacturers about the password issue and challenges. The manufacturers set some credential detail in the devices, some admin as username and password. These devices when purchased have nothing more than some guidelines. These guidelines are not enough for the customers to rest the new admin detail and password. Some manufacturers set the weak credential details that can be hacked easily. These details make the devices and sensors more vulnerable and easy to track. So it is very necessary for the manufacturers and all the businesses to provide all necessary information and guidelines to the customers. Then only they will be able to make a great effort in protecting the customer’s necessary details.

3.Malware and ransomware

As the number of internet of things devices rises and will rise in the coming years so will the number of malware and ransomware will increase and exploit them. While the earlier ransomware depends upon the encryption and decryption coding techniques to find out the secure and safe details. But in today’s time, the malware and ransomware has been merge and produce different kinds of attacks.

The ransomware attack on the data and disable the feathers of the device and steal information at the same time. In simple words, the ransomware steals the data and disable the functions if the devices simultaneously. For instance, if a simple web camera get installed at a place and its duty is to capture and store the information and sensitive data using several locations. It can include various locations like this that capture the footage of some other place as it may present to some other web address. This web address can extract relevant data and sensitive information using the malware access point. This malware relies on the ransom to unlock and disable the feature of the device and collect the data.

If we use the number of permutations and combinations, the IOT devices will give birth to the number of attacks. If you are in doubt still take assignment help assistance.

4.Information and data security

Data security and privacy is the largest concern that all people think of the first in this interconnected world. Data and information are constantly shared, harnessed, transmitted, processing and storing by various big and small companies. These all companies used the internet of things in a wide array like smart TV, speakers and lighting systems, connected printers, HVAC systems, and smart thermostats. Generally, all this data and information shared between the companies or organizations and violating the rules of privacy and data security. So companies and organizations need to stick to compliance and privacy rules.

The above-explained challenges of the internet of things are greatly in use. If you think that you still don’t get the insights about the internet of things then you can take assignment writer’s guidance and achieve all academic success. So stay connected with ArabEssay to get all relevant information and data.

How Do You Develop Interpersonal Skills?

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In today’s time, interpersonal skills are very important. As it involves the ability to communicate and converse and making a relationship with others. Interpersonal skills are often called people’s skills. It helps you in getting and adopted some personality traits and how you people or students know to handle the difficult and puzzling social situations. It is very important for students and for all people to learn effective interpersonal skills. These skills help in communicating with others. It also helps during the job interview. It also helps in positively making your career. Sometimes, you should know how to impress your teachers or colleagues or interviewer. It helps in making a good impact on your career advancement. Interpersonal skills cover a variety of traits and scenarios where communication and cooperation are mandatory. So it is very important to develop interpersonal skills.

Various examples of interpersonal skills are Active listening, Teamwork, Responsibility, Dependability, Leadership, Motivation, Flexibility, Patience, Empathy and many more. In a work environment or in any school, college or university, interpersonal skills is an asset and it will help you in every aspect to navigate complexity, change, and daily activities. Soft skills are also a character trait that helps in determining the relationship with other people.

Importance of interpersonal skills

All aspects of work in every field involves communication. Communication is mandatory everywhere, does not matter you are a college-going, school going, office going or university going person. It is very difficult to carry out any business without communication. Most of the jobs needed collaboration and interaction with the other fellow people but without interpersonal skills, people will not be able to communicate and interact with others. If you are still confused then assignment writers are here to help you and in making you understand the importance of interpersonal skills. Here is a list that describes the importance of interpersonal skills.

  1. Self-confidence

Self-confidence is required in the right amount and right quantity. It also opens your door and helps you in gaining recognition. Self-confidence also helps you in dealing with and approaching social life situations. It will also help you in managing all difficult situations of life and how you will take these situations. Whether you can take them negatively or positively but it depends upon your self-confidence that how you will tackle them and take them. If you want to be a successful person in your life then it is necessary to demonstrate your self-confidence at every stage of life, whether you are needed it at your academics or your workplace. Self-confidence also helps you in dealing with challenging situations effectively and efficiently. It also helps you in making new aims and goals in your life.

  1. Workplace ethics

Having a strong command over work ethics is what the recruiters require. But what is the work ethics, it can be divided into three, the first is professionalism, second is respectfulness and third is dependability. Professionalism includes everything from how you present yourself in front of the others at the workplace and that way you treat other people at the workplace. The next is respectfulness. In almost all the places you need to work under pressure and it defines how you race yourself under this work pressure and how you will shine by working under pressure. It does not matter how short the deadline is but you need to work with diplomacy and poise. Employers should know they have some employees under them. Hence, it is very necessary to be on time, and maintain every work policy and rule so that employees get motivated and encouragement by their employers.

  1. Managing the relationships

Making effective and efficient relationships is one thing but managing them is a very hard and difficult task. It is mandatory in all the offices and workplaces from junior most level to management level. At each stage in a business or any organization, it is expecting from you to manage all the relations with clients, colleagues, and partners and with others. This is the most important point that comes under interpersonal skills. To manage the relationships, it is necessary to have respect and mutual trust with each other.

  1. Feedback

You should be receptive to feedback, it will help you in developing both professionally and personally. In order to take the feedback positively, you must listen to others carefully and properly. Don’t give them an immediate response, just listen to them properly before taking any step. Use this feedback in a positive way so that it will help in improving your performance and productivity further.

  1. Body language

Two types of communication are there, one is verbal and the other is non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is frequently overlooked or ignored by the people but at workplaces, it is the most required thing. Your facial expressions can describe your feelings and thinking. You should maintain your posture, gesture, tone, eye contact. These all help in making the impression on others and people start liking the way you present yourself and you will get more recognition.

  1. Listening

The best communicators are the one who listens carefully and properly without interruption in between. If you don’t listen to your manager’s instructions properly then it will lead to disastrous consequences. It is very important to listen to your manager because if you fail you interpret it wrong and pass the wrong information to the client or others. The others and the client will respond inappropriately.

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration effectively and interaction effectively help in developing a good team and work productively. This effectiveness helps in delivering the outcomes positively for the clients and customers. If you have respect towards each other than this ability helps you in making better collaboration with the team. Most of the recruiters seek those candidates who are having a good track record of working well in a team. They are willing to hire those candidates who are cooperative and compromising in delivering exceptional work. The great selling point is that you can work under challenging situations and being able to collaborate well with others. You need to present yourself in a good manner and you should know how to speak well and enthusiastically for your team members.

  1. Showing appreciation

In almost all the organizations and businesses, employers seek those candidates who show their appreciation. This is very simple, you need to present a thank you when someone has helped you in your work, in your project, with your client and any difficult situations. Showing an appreciation is that you are letting know your colleagues, partners, employees, employers, managers, teachers, professors and all others that you value their assistance and guidance. If your teacher or professor gave you some challenging assignment or task to complete and you are not able to complete it then you can take help from online assignment writers. These writers can help you in every challenging task and you can show your appreciation towards them.

  1. Positive attitude

Attitude matters a lot in every field, in all situations and mostly in difficult and challenging situations. If you carry a positive attitude then you can handle all the challenging situations positively. Be positive if you are writing a covering letter of any assignment and until you get very good grades. Never say anything negative about your past and previous assignment and your teacher or professor. Even if you feel like saying some bad words then never say anything bad about your previous failures and marks. Students who have a positive attitude are more likely to treat others positively and take their work positively. A Positive attitude helps in developing a good relationship with the teachers or professors also. If you think you are still confused about the interpersonal skills then cheap assignment writers can assist you.

Cultural Diversity And Its Impact On Employees Satisfaction And Commitment

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With the advantages of various technologies and globalization, it is easier for an organization to reach various nations and build a presence in not just some nations but across the globe. This might seem something that can be said easily but it is a humongous task. And to achieve this task, it is important to understand what cultural diversity is and use it to one’s advantage.

As the name indicates, cultural diversity can be defined as the quality of different cultures or the quality of diversity. This concept and reality of cultural diversity are in contrast with the concepts of monoculture, homogenization of culture, a global monoculture, or cultural decay. There are also many experts who define cultural diversity as the practice of having different cultures respect one another culture and their differences. Apart from that, there are also many experts who use the phrase ‘cultural diversity’ to refer to different human societies and cultures which might exist in a specific region or in the world as a whole.

If a student wishes to learn about cultural diversity and how it can have an impact on the satisfaction and commitment levels of employees then students will need some kind of help. This is because of the fact that learning these topics is rather time-consuming. Hence, it is suggested that students should hire online assignment help from the best assignment writer.

Significance of Cultural diversity

There are many academic professionals who believe that globalization has impacted cultural diversity in a negative manner. However, it cannot be denied that cultural diversity is a beautiful and interesting thing. Thankfully, people and organizations alike are trying to understand the importance of cultural diversity day by day. There are many academic professionals trying to learn how cultural diversity is related to the satisfaction and commitment levels of employees in an organization.

It is important for a student to know that if he or she decided to learn about this topic then that can mean that he or she won’t get enough time to work on assignments. Students should not worry about this and hire professional online assignment help from the best assignment writer. This assignment help from the best assignment writer should help the student get the best marks or grades possible.

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The Ways in Which Cultural Diversity Impact the Satisfaction and Commitment Levels of Employees

Within an organization, there are often thousands of people working together. This means that people are bound to come from different cultures or backgrounds. This is especially true in the case of international or multinational companies. Hence, cultural diversity holds a special place in those organizations as it allows the employees to experience a proper level of satisfaction and commitment towards the organization. This increases the productivity of the employees and provides benefits to not just the employees but also to the organization. Hence, it is safe to say that there are different ways in which cultural diversity can impact the satisfaction and commitment levels of an employee who might be working in an organization.

  1. The Studies Showing Greater Productivity

Employees are the backbone of any organization or even the business world. It is important for an organization that the productivity level of its employees and the overall organization should never go down. And if cultural diversity is present in an organization then that helps in increasing the overall productivity levels. For example, a company can try to learn about the experiences and knowledge of all employees. This can help the company in knowing about the specific roles which would suitable for their employees and this will also make the employees feel valued.

  1. The Increase in the Level of Creativity

When people belong to different cultures within the same organization then one can expect to get better and different ideas. This increases the overall level of creativity which exists in an organization.

  1. The Increase in the Amount of Profits

According to various studies, it has been found that organizations with better diversity generate a lot more profits compared to other organizations. This is not surprising considering the fact that cultural diversity generates better productivity and a level of creativity.

  1. Improving the Overall Level of Employee Engagement

Best ways in which the employees of an organization engages is through learning about their background, skills, and life experiences. This would motivate the employees to work harder and further feel more committed to the organization.

  1. Reducing Employee Turnover

It can cost an organization a certain amount of effort and money when they have to replace employees. However, if a company values cultural diversity then greater number of potential candidates would apply for an opening. This allows the company to make the best possible choice in regards to employees growth.

  1. The Reflection on the Reputation of the Company

Cultural diversity improves the overall reputation of the company and works in the benefit of every party involved. Cultural diversity can have an impact on the satisfaction and commitment of employees. If a student is facing difficulty in completing assignments then he or she should hire professional assignment help . This assignment help from the best assignment writer would help the student in getting the best possible marks or grades.

The Conclusion

Cultural diversity is a concept define in a number of different ways by many academic experts.  Most commonly used definition refers to the acceptance and appreciation showed to different cultures and practices related to that culture. This is of high importance in international and multi-national organizations. Cultural diversity can have an impact on the satisfaction and commitment levels of an employee.

Some of those ways include better levels of productivity, higher levels of creativity, increase in the amount of profits, the overall engagement level of employees, reduction in employee turnover, and a better reflection of the reputation of the company.

Why fostering creativity in a Classroom is important ?

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Creativity can be defined as the procedure through which an individual comes up with some sort of new or novel idea. This novel idea is of certain importance. It is important for a student to understand that creativity can either include the creation of something intangible like a musical composition, joke, scientific theory, or an idea. It can also include the creation of some sort of physical objects like an invention, literary work, or a painting. There are many subjects or fields of study in which professionals are interested in the professional study of creativity. Some of those fields of study include psychology, cognitive science, business studies, engineering, education, technology etc.

Because of the study in these fields, there are many theories that correlate creativity with various mental processes, personality types, general intelligence, artificial intelligence, and many other topics. There are also many theories that focus on creativity exercises for students and the role which a guardian or teacher can play in fostering that creativity. It is important for an educator to be aware of all those methods so that students can receive the best possible education. This can also mean that the student might not get enough time to work on assignments. If that is the case then students should hire online assignment help.

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Why is Creativity Important in Life and Within a Classroom?

As it was mentioned above, creativity can be defined as the procedure through which an individual comes up with novel and valuable ideas. Creativity holds a lot of importance in not just various fields of study but it is also important for students. It is important for the success of a student that he or she should be creative. One student can differ from another student in terms of the extent of creative capabilities. There are many reasons why it is important for a student to be creative. And some of those reasons are mentioned below.

  • Ensures Lifelong Learning

It is often considered that students do not need to learn when their period of academic learning ends. However, that is far from the truth as it is important for a student to know that learning should never stop. One must always continue to learn about anything and everything new that one encounters in his or her life. One way to ensure that this happens is by fostering creativity in students at a very young age. This will allow the student to develop a drive for learning.

  • Creates an Innovative Mindset

One cannot be creative without having an innovative mindset. And an innovative mindset is not necessarily something that one is born with but is rather something that a student can develop. There are many exercises which students can practice to have an innovative mindset. Sadly, sometimes this leaves no time for a student to work on assignments. Hence, it is important for students to get online assignment help from the best assignment writer in those cases. This assignment help from the best assignment writer will ensure that the student gets the best possible marks.

  • Provides and Creates Future Opportunities

A creative student won’t just be able to grasp future opportunities for himself or herself successfully but will also ensure that one is able to create those future opportunities. This will allow the student to not just wait around for success but have the mindfulness to ahead and grab that success. This further ensures that students are able to develop independent personalities from a very young age. This also allows the student to know when to take extra help and when not to. If a student is facing academic difficulties then he or she should hire assignment help from the best assignment writer.

How Teacher’s Shocking Behavior Helps in Fostering Creativity through Education in Students?

There are various methods through which teacher’s behavior can foster creativity in students.

  • Allowing Students to Question Every Single Time

There are many educators who believe that the only way through which creativity can be fostered is by allowing the student to always ask questions. This habit of asking the question would ensure that the students are always able to understand the world completely. It is important for the teachers to reward and promote that kind of open and friendly environment for students. And if a student is facing difficulties then it is important for the student to get professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

  • Encouraging Students to Form Ideas Constantly

There are many experts who encourage teachers to dedicate a fixed hour or some sort of period of time to specifically encouraging students to form new or novel ideas. It is important for teachers to consider creativity to be some sort of muscle that can only grow if one constantly practices and works that muscle. This would ensure that the student is able to grow and develop more holistically. If a student faces any difficulty in working on assignments then it is important for students to hire professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

  • Asking Students to Constantly Develop New Skills

One major aspect of creativity is of developing important skills. These skills would ensure that the student would be able to turn those creative ideas into something more productive. This would also allow the student to develop a better and unique perspective. This is something that can keep a student very occupied. And this can mean that the student would become extremely busy. This means that the student would not be able to finish assignments at the right time. In such cases, it is important for students to hire proper assignment help from the best assignment writer. This would allow the student to get the best possible marks or grades.

  • Applying the Jigsaw Classroom Method

The jigsaw classroom method simply dictates that the teacher applies all sorts of different activities within the classroom. These activities primarily work on improving the creative skills of a student. These activities can be very time-consuming. And this means that the student would not be able to always complete assignments at the right time. In this case, it is important for a student to hire professional assignment help from the best assignment writer.

Creativity Exercises for Students Which Teachers Can Practice in Class

There are many exercises which a student can practice to improve his or her creative skills. Some of those creativity exercises include the incomplete figure test, the test in which one looks away from what one is creating, looking at things from an upside-down perspective, focusing on quantity test, and making treasure from trash exercises.

The Conclusion

Creativity is the procedure of coming up with new or novel ideas. There are many benefits that one can have by being creative and some of those benefits include ensures lifelong learning and having an innovative mindset. The shocking behavior of many educators has also been successful in fostering creativity amongst students. Some of those behaviors include promoting students to question everything, encouraging students to create new ideas, and implementing various creativity exercises within the classroom.

Things You Need To Know About Benefits Of Online Mock Tests For Students

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E-learning or online learning has become one of the most powerful platforms to access education. The benefits of online learning is increasing day by day. E-learning is flexible and time-saving.  Mock tests provide a clear picture of the actual examination in the mind of students. This is the best way to train a student’s mind with all aspects of the actual examination.

Time and management

Time management is the most difficult task for students if it comes to passing an entrance exam. Attempting all questions in the provided time is a complicated job for students if consider the time given and a number of the question given in the exam paper.

One has to practice a lot to attempt all questions within the stipulated time. So, the online mock test is the best possible solution for students to practice and to score high scores.

There are many students who are preparing for competitive examinations. As many of them are pursuing different courses or employed somewhere.

So, it is difficult for them to manage their schedules as per the offline mock test. But, online mock tests save time and trouble of commuting from one place to another. Students can schedule their test according to their free time. So, it is a convenient and easy way to access online mock tests at any time.

Instant result and feedback

In the offline tests, students have to wait for some days or weeks, but in an online mock test, candidate gets immediate result. Hence, it is an effective way of learning.

Students can analyze their performance on the basis of the first test only and can increase their productivity from the second test onwards. But in offline after giving the first test, students have to wait and it creates a breakage in their further preparation.

In online mock test, students immediately get feedback with an explanation of all the correct answers and incorrect answers. Students don’t have to open books and search answers of all incorrect questions. Hence, students save their precious time and can utilize this time in improving their mistakes.

In offline tests, students cannot retake one exam but in online mock tests, students can retake one already attempted test. This is a great help for students to improve the learning curve.

Online mock tests help in developing confidence as it gives result immediately and student don’t get divert from their goal. Immediate result and feedback accelerate students’ preparation.

Answers can be changed easily

In traditional exam or in offline exam, student need to be very careful while marking the answers as it cannot change once the bubble of answer get filled. In online mock test, students don’t have to worry about changing the answer. The answer can be changed without leading any discrepancy. It save student’s time as well.

Accurately designed and legible evaluation

These mock tests are designed by highly qualified and successful assignment writers. These experts are very well aware about the pattern and syllabus of the main examination, and designed the mock test in the same way as main examination. These experts are the pioneers of this industry. Designing mock tests in not new for them as they are having years of experience in it.

There are many students who have availed the benefit of online assignment help. These students are 100 % satisfied with the evaluation and the work done by the proficient assignment writers who are well aware of every topic. Assignment help provides the students best content and unique mock tests.

Online mock test can help you in getting good grades. It also helps students to track the progress. Tracking progress helps in finding the weak areas and one can work on it anytime as online mock test are easy to access. Online assignment help is available round the clock.


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